From the moment I smelt her, I knew she was mine. You see, I have never craved for someone like I did for Isabella Swan. I have never felt lust for anyone like I did for Isabella Swan. Most of all, I have never had these dark thoughts for someone like the ones I had for Isabella Swan. I couldn't hear a thing from her mind and it was driving me off the edge. She was my poison and my antidote. My thoughts were littered with different scenarios of me claiming her and drinking from her. I was obsessed and I knew I would have her.

"Hello," I introduce myself to her as soon as she sits down. I couldn't help but notice the way her body swayed in the most sensual way to her seat.

"Hi," Isabella says rather breathlessly, and in her haste to respond she somehow manages to fall into her seat dropping the contents of her unzipped backpack onto the ground. She gasps and promptly ducks her face into her right hand. I smile to myself, oh little lamb you need me to come to save you.

"Great," I hear Isabella mumble to herself in a voice too low for human ears. As she begins to bend down, I quickly gather all her belongings and present them to her like a gift. She jumps back a bit startled.

Hmm, perhaps I should ease up on the theatrics. No matter how much I wanted to impress her, I had to be sure to keep our secret long enough for her to be mine.

Isabella takes a moment to compose herself before responding; "thanks" and sits down before turning to me to follow up with an, "I'm Bella".

"Isabella," I reply. I let her name roll off my cool tongue, perhaps even being a tad too melodramatic once again. She shivers, good I've excited her! "I'm Edward Cullen," I say in my tone that I know will dazzle the human girl. She looks at me, her big warm chocolate eyes inviting and mind blank. Oh, how many mysteries do you have my dear? Before I can continue the bell rings and the teacher begins his lecture. I'm immediately annoyed. I was just getting to know my beloved and this no-nothing idiot has to interrupt us? I look to my love and can't help but notice her heart rate increase when she notices me staring. My love, if you could only know much I truly desire you, in every way. She fidgets and I wonder if she can feel the sexual tension between us. I stare harder at the girl my erection straining to bust open the seam of my jeans. Yes, my dear, I know why you fidget, I can't read your mind but I know you want to feel me deep inside.

The class seems to take forever and to no avail, my desire does not diminish. Isabella struggled to not look in my direction, the few glances she did steal towards me were quickly returned to the board when she saw me looking. Don't play shy my love. I groaned lowly thinking about how submissive she'll be when we finally consummate our union. I saw her stiffen up. She heard me, and I smile at her when she glances towards me with inquiry in her eyes.

As the hour comes to an end, I see her prematurely start to pack her things. My love, I don't blame you, out of the dozen or so biology instructors I've had over the years, this one is by far the most incompetent and boring. When the bell finally rings, Isabella bolts out of her seat and towards the door. I make sure no one is looking before going too quickly to the door to open it for Isabella. Her heart rate spikes and for a second I worry she's going to faint. She smiles, and utters out a seductive, "thank you" before hurrying to her next destination. Don't worry my love, this won't be the last you see of me, not by a long shot.