Lawyer-suit man: I want the truth

Rogue Solus: The truth, the truth... YOU CAN'T HANDLE THE TRUTH.

Lawyer-suit man: Out with it or We, the people of Justice, will take away all your Anime

Rogue Solus: gasps Yyyou can't do that

Lawyer-suit man: Try us.

Rogue Solus: Fine than. I, the magnificent and super-cala-fragle-listic- itspi-ala-docious Rogue Solus, Does not I repeat, DOES NOT own Yu Yu Hakusho…yet.

1st Change: Betrayal

She had been walking for fifteen minutes and the darkness of the forest was officially freaking her out. Why she ever agreed to meet with that moron was beyond her. And why did he pick the middle of the night to ask to meet with her anyway?

The girl finally reached her destination as she saw a clearing open up within the forest sanctuary. There in front of a small pond stood the object of all her worries. This idiotic, pea brained, numskull spirit detective. The love of her life. They stood, for what seemed like days to the girl, in silence. Her patience worn thin, she spoke first.

"Why did you call me here?"

"I needed to talk to you"

"Yusuke, I...I can't do this any more. For months we've been together but what does that matter when we have to hide it from our friends. I'm sick of the lying and the sneaking around. I'm tired"

"You're right you know. The way we're going now, somethings gotta change. This has gotta end. That's why I asked you here."


"I love you Botan."


The Spirit Detective silenced her by placing two fingers to her lips. "I love you Botan, nothing else matters except that. The others will accept it with time. And even if they don't, we'll have each other and that'll be enough." Yusuke leaned down towards the ferry girl and lightly kissed her lips. Botan, stiff at first, soon leaned into his mouth, finding it to be as tasty as nirvana itself.

The Hironika Park is known for its beauty. It's a small paradise where lovers can be together in isolation. That is if you chose the right spot. Maybe these two should have been more careful. A bush slightly shook and the two lovers broke from their embrace and gazed at the last person either of them wished to see.

A lone figure watched the scene unfold from a nearby tree branch. Golden eyes returned to their normal emerald green hue. With a smirk, the figure left its hiding place. It whistled a happy little tune while walking off towards home. Its job was done.
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