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Previously on Change of Pace……

"So who is this fire demon of which you speak." Hiei asked eagerly. Already devising a thousand ways to destroy the male if he even thought of saying yes to the silly proposition. And he could tell. He was a telepath after all.

"Oh he's closer than you think."

"Is that right little sis? Mind letting us in on the secret?" Shizuru inquired. Yukina just nodded her head and said. "Sure, in fact, I was going to ask him right now anyway." Yukina turned to face the only fire apparition in the room. Barraging him with six little words that struck fear into his heart.

"Hiei. will you mate with me?

3rd Change: Secrets Reveled…

One engagement is cool, but two is better

Somewhere in South America……

"Come on kids, time for dinner." It had been a long, hard day full of work. She cooked, cleaned, and cooked some more that her job as a maid required her to do. Only to have to come home and do it all over again did not make her a happy camper.

"Mama, mama!!" yelled Julia, her youngest daughter. "La Lorona (the crying women) is coming to get me." There, outside her home, sat the women's father and her children. Once again, her father had indulged the children and was entertaining them with a story.

"Oh chica (girl) now, La Lorona is just a story." She said as she rubbed the girls back. Her gaze shifted to rest on the old man sitting on the ground. "Papi (dad), must you insist on telling these foolish old tales? If they wake up at night screaming about crazy women it'll be your fault. Besides, La Lorona does not exist. Now, the rest of you, go and eat before your food gets cold."

"No mama, we won't have any nightmares and we were almost done with the story. Just let abuelo (grandpa) finish, por favor (please)?" begged the rest of the kids.

"Fine, but then straight to the kitchen" she commanded as she turned to go inside.

"Muchachos (kids) don't listen to her. Of course the crying women exist."

"Papi, it's time for them to grow up. Stop it with these tall tales" the mother called from inside the house.

"Si (yes), she does girl, you have just forgotten how she wails" he called back to her. "Now where was I…….." the old man pondered while tapping at his chin "Oh yes and La Lorona (the crying women) continues to scream for her lost ninos (boys) in the river below. If you listen carefully, you can hear la mujer (the women) right now…" The old man cupped his hand to his ear as if listening out for a sound. The old stories were true. His daughter might not believe anymore, but he did. All he had to do was wait……


"See chica (girl) I told you la lorona existed." The old man told his daughter as she rushed outside towards the sound.

"Si (yes) papi, yes you did. Children get inside before La Lorona gets you." Needless to say the kids went to the kitchen without argument.


"Nnnnnnnaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo." (translation: nani, no)


"Damn-it little bro, it's not that serious. I need my ears you know" with that said, the orange-haired teen fell unconscious to the floor. "Now, back to the good stuff…. Hiei this is your mission should you choose to accept… Hiei…. Hiei????"

Shizuru was quite stunned. Surely the great shadow would have thrown some retort back at her by now. Or at least shot a projectile at some vital organ on her person. But alas, it was not to be… for Hiei, the great and all powerful, was in shock.

His body sat immobile for the first few minutes and then it happened. The twitching. First his right foot began to tap on the floor in spontaneous bursts. Then his sword hand, also on his right side, began the dance of discomfort. Finally it reached his glazed over eyes. His left eye more precisely. The twitching was slow in the beginning; then it began to beat in tune with his heart. Which at this point, was pounding its way out of his chest.

Slowly, so as not to disturb the already disturbed pyro-kinetic, Yukina used her index finger to poke the demon. "Hiei poke" no response "… Hiei-san poke, poke… are you alright?"

Still no response.

"Okay," she piped "I shall take your silence as a yes."

That got his attention. His once glazed eyes returned to their deadly glare. Although most of the twitching disappeared, his left eye still jerked in random bursts.


Seeing the hurt look in Yukina's eyes, he struggled to explain himself… somehow. Clearing his throat "I mean, no… I can't do that."

"Why not?" the ice apparition inquired.

"Yes Hiei, inform us as to why you declined this offer" asked a soft spoken voice.

Turning into the direction of its owner, Hiei was not pleased to see his supposed red-haired friend asking this. Though it was to be expected. Kurama was always bugging him to tell Yukina they were brother and sister. The hypocrite. He won't even tell his nigen mother he's a youkia!!!

Oh yeah, Kurama was somehow involved with this, Hiei just knew it. And he would pay. All he had to do was…

"Hiei-san" said Yukina, knowingly drawing back Hiei's attention to her, " you haven't answered my question. Why not?" She asked again deliberately going to her hands and knees to crawl towards Hiei. Ice burned in her eyes. She was a female on a mission and nothing was going to stop her.

"I…I.. just can't" he answered while making a retreat backwards. Still facing his sister, he scooted backwards every time she came forward. Demons, assassins, and other worldly spirits he could handle, but having his little sister stalking him with that kind of look in her eyes was just plain and simply wrong!

"Why not?" she said again. Everyone's gaze was solely set on him.

"Yeah Hiei, why not?" a voice snickered.

So now the spirit detective was in on it. Great, just great. This wasn't fair. This couldn't be happening to him. He was Hiei. The shadow. The darkness. The freakn' Dragon of Destruction and Terror!!!

Oh what the hell. If he was going down, he wouldn't go down alone.

"I'm sorry Yukina" a very familiar smirk gracing his lips "but I'm already bonded to another. Please forgive my decline to your offer." Just as quickly as it came, the smirk left once he saw the way Yukina lowered her head in face of the rejection.

Yukina's mind was in slight turmoil at his reply. Crap, this wasn't part of the plan. Bonded?!!??? Who in Kami-sama's name had the guts to bond with her brother???????? Quickly, the ice apparitions head shot up, leaving her face to face with her twin. "And just who, pray tell, is your lovely mate?" She was still on a mission. This whole mate thing was just a slight set back.

Oh my. Her glare. It was.. it was magnificent. The way it shined with malice and just a hint of bodily harm. Never had he been so proud of his sister than at this moment. "Why my love is sitting here. Right next to me." Payback time.

"Where? I don't see her." Yukina was confused. So was everyone else for that matter. The reason being that there was no one sitting next to Hiei except for Kurama.

"Oh, I never said it was a she now did I. Isn't that right dearest." Hiei replied. Gazing lovingly at the unprepared red haired fox. Payback was a beautiful thing. For not only did the attention immediately shift to Kurama, but so did the twitching. Oh it felt so good to be evil.

Lucky for Kurama, he was used to these types of situations happening. Well, not exactly this type… more of on the lines of not being predicted before hand. Letting that aged-old calm surround him, and a slight gold glint enter his eyes, Kurama looked towards his friend who had currently attached himself to his arm. "Get the hell off me."

Not in the slightest disturb by this "Oh come on kitsune. Don't you love me anymore?"

His mistake for talking. Everyone enlarged their enhancement on the picture they were seeing before them. Allowing Hiei's form attached to Kurama's in the un-holist of ways to be added to the scenario. The concept was there but it was just too wrong to be true. Yeah, they hung out together sometimes and it was known that their friendship was closer to one another than anyone else in the room but… well, it would explain why the fire demon always snuck into the foxes window. But still…them…together and… bonded!?! It was one of those things that your mind just wanted to suppress instantaneously.

And it was all it took to break an ice girl's heart.

"Why? Why do you work so hard to delude me… us. Am I so repulsive to not be acknowledged by you? Why must I conspire with my friends on ways to get you to confess? Is my weakness so unbearable for you to accept me?"

A flare of power ignited into the room. A purple hue surrounded the jagon in response to its owner's anger. Someone had told. Someone in this room had dared his wrath and told what was better left unknown. That someone was about to pay severely. Silence filled the room. It hung thick in the air with a suffocating quality to it. "Don't get pissed at them. I've know for some time now. The eyes were a dead give-away." Hiei stared at his sister.

"Do you hate me that much?" The pain in her eyes was about as much as he could bare.

Suddenly a ball of burning black light flew threw the temples wall, settling itself in the middle of the room where all could see. It began to shift and mold itself into a hideous mirror of dark intent. The glass then began to glow until an image appeared.

Orange-red hair covered half her face, while the singular seen eye glared with power. "Okay, I'm going to say this once so listen carefully my beloved. Bring me sweet snow….NOW!!! Oh, and tell your little sister I said hi and it's high time she came over for a visit" And with that the mirror shifted back into a ball of black darkness and left as quickly as it had came.

It was said. Like a forbidden fruit tasted for the first time. The secret, that was not so secret at all, was laid bare to all. Not being the type of youkai to let others know his heart. Not even, dare one say with nigens included, his friends. His conversation with his sister went on the level were only twins could communicate safely. Just because one could speak to others in thought didn't mean that their communication lines were safe. Certain frequencies were sometimes being used by other parties. Leaving all connected hearing the others thoughts. But being twins had its perks. Easy access line.

It is not you who is unworthy or should be hated, but I. I the murderer. I the assassin, the thief,… the forbidden. You are too pure to be connected in anyway to one such as foul as I am.

As he talked to her, pieces of his life flashed in her mind. The fall off the mountain, the beatings from various demons, bright swords drenched in blood, a machine drilling into his forehead draining power from his body as he cried her name for strength, and on and on it went until she gave him what he truly deserved. Launching at him with all her strength, making them crash unceremoniously unto the floor, she hugged her brother for all that she was worth.

BAKA!!! Have you forgotten what I am? I too am youkai and know the horrors of our home. If anything, I am honored and proud to be related to you. When did you get this thought that kindness was considered a great thing to be treasured in the Makai. You are my inspiration, my idol. You should spit on me as others have at my weakness. But you don't and I love you more for that.

And for the first time in his life Hiei cried. It was alone in its journey as its owner had been all his life. And before it left his face it solidified to become a stone not so unlike his sisters. Only his was black with a purple shine. Just like him.

In the living room…

As touching as the twins scene was, no one was there to see it. Respectful of their friends, the gang left as soon as the twins begun conversing in their own unique way. So they all sat and waited in a peaceful silence. Each secretly glad that they could now acknowledge the siblings relation.

"So… what was up with Mukuro and that sweet snow thing?" Various members shrugged their shoulders at the spirit detective. The Makai Lord had never been to the human world, so when would she have had the chance to eat ice cream.

"What I want to know is why she called short stuff beloved?" Shizuru answered back calmly while she smoked on a cigarette.

"There have been rumors" the ninja stated.

"Damn it Touya! Don't get everyone all interested and then suddenly stop explaining. It's irritating."

"What's truly irritating is your big mouth!!" The pink haired master screamed "Now shut up dimwit and let Touya continue." Her rant at her pupil finished, Touya continued.

"As I said, there have been rumors about the only female Makai lord and her successor. And that their relationship is not simply a teacher student one. Recently, Mukuro has been exhibiting some…unique characteristics."

"That's mildly putting it Touya." The twins having finished their talk were now standing in the doorway hand in hand. It was a good sign that everything had gone smoothly. The twins would be a good influence on each other from now on.

The shadow calmly swept his gaze over the occupied room. Making sure his deadly glare reached all. "Yukina has informed me that none of you had a hand in breaking your vow to me. For that, I won't kill any of you… today."

Taking a chance that Hiei was a demon of his word, "So what's really up over in demon land?" Shizuru asked.

Giving in to the urge to roll his eyes, Hiei took a seat with Yukina silently following behind him. Once comfortable he set off to explain. They were going to find out sooner or later anyway. "I did not lie when I said I was bonded to another, only who it was with. As for the sweet snow, I brought my stash from the ningenki over to the Makai. Mukuro found it, ate it, & liked it so much that she sent me here to retrieve more for her."

Well, who would of thought. Things were looking up for the fire demon. Got his sister back, found a new love… he deserved it too for all the shit his been through. Its times like these that bad things tend to happen. Mufferys law, seeing how too much good was going on, decided to make itself known in





"Hey!!!! Why the hell is shorty sitting all nice and comfy next to Yukina?" a shrilled voice screamed. "You aren't seriously gonna go through with this right?"

That's right ladies and gents, Kuwabara was back and conscious. Funny how karma always made sure the human spirit detective was always somewhere else when Yukina's and Hiei's relation was talked about. It was going to take some time to get the information to stay in his head.

"Don't worry my love, I'll protect you from this vile villain." A red faced love struck Kuwabara said while clasping Yukina's hand within his. Unfortunately, his back was facing Hiei who was preparing to unleash serious physical harm on the boy.

Oh yeah, it was going to be a long night.

Yukimora residence…… or really, really, close to it….

The day had been fun despite her fears of decapitation. In fact, it still surprised her that no blood was spilt. Trying to convince Kuwabara of the truth was no easy matter. But it was accomplished. Bursting into a full blown smile, Keiko reminisced on the many humorous ways the explanations went.

Finally she reached her home. She was about to open the door when she found a letter taped to it with her name on it. It was written in a finely printed hand. Her father's handwriting.

Dear Kieko,

I hope you had a nice time out with your friends tonight. There are some things that we need to discuss. Unfortunately they cannot be answered here. Please come to the following address as soon as you get home.

Your Loving Father

P.S. Don't forget to bring a jacket!—Mom

Okay… this was strange. With a jacket already in her possession, Kieko looked further down the note at the address she was to go to. Crap!!! This place was a whole hour away. It was just her luck to finally get off the bus, only to have to get right back on it. She hoped it was important.

An Hour and 25 minutes later……

It was a nice house. A nice big house. A strangely calm, warmy, nice, big house. So why the hell had she been standing on the front porch for the last ten minutes, to scared shitless to even knock on the door???

Why??? Because all that training with Genkai came in handy when dealing with bad situations. And this was a bad situation. She just knew it. But Genkai had also taught her to face challenges like this. So she knocked on the door. When it opened, she was looking straight at her mother.

"Hello mom" she chirped.

Giving her daughter a loving hug, Mrs. Yukimora guided her only child into the living room of the strange house. There she saw her father seated on a couch. Across from him, seating on another couch sat a rather remarkable lady.

Dressed simply, there was an air about her that screamed kind & gentle person. Her luscious midnight hair was pulled back into a tight bun, leaving out her bangs to encircle her face. Her emerald- green eyes sparkled and a caring smile graced her lips. She reminded Keiko of someone…… for the life of her, Keiko couldn't remember who it was though.

"Please child, have a seat near your father." Her voice was as gentle as her smile.

"Thank-you" Keiko replied as she and her mother sat down with her between her two parents.

Yep, she was right. Something was going down and she was stuck in the middle of it. Literally. Before any proper conversation could be initiated, the chime to the door went off. Announcing that someone had just entered into the house.

"Ah, he's here." Said the green eyed woman.

Walking up behind the mysterious lady, came a red-haired angel straight from heaven. Or more precisely…. a demon.

"Ku--ah…. Minomino-san!!! What are you doing here??" Keiko exclaimed.

Giving her his oh-so-adorable, trick everyone into thinking your harmless smile, "Why I live here, Yukimora-san." He replied as he gracefully sat down next to his mother.

"Shuichii, do you two know one another?" The women inquired. Kurama just nodded his head yes. "Good that will make this easier for you both. Hoo-ow, how can I explain this….. Yukimora-san will you do the honors" she asked.

Keiko's father cleared his throat, stood up and carefully chose his words. With a sweep of his hand towards Kurama, Mr. Yukimora gave his daughter the shook of her life.

"Keiko, say hello to your new fiancé."

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