It was a warm and sunny day. The shadow of a woman and child were sitting under a large tree on a field full of flowers.

"Alright, young princess. What brings you to me in such an early hour ?" The woman asked, sounding amused.

"I want to ask you if you could tell me the story of our world." The child replied with excitment.

"Oh sweatheart, I know a lot of stories, you need to be a bit more specific."

"I mean the story of the past of my family. A lot of people say that it is nothing but a mere myth, but me and my friends don´t want to believe that. My mother says that she always has, and still believes in that legacy which brought us together and gave us our strenght. It is also the reason why she gave me that name. I came to you because my mother says that you are the keeper of its secrets, so can you please tell me. I want and need to know who I am."

"Alright, I will tell you the story. It is a very long one so why don´t you make yourself comfortable ? And I garantue you... everything you will now hear... is the truth and nothing else."

"How can you actually be so sure about that ?" The child asked.

The woman laughed. "I know it is true... because I have been there myself." She looked up into the sky. "It all started a long time ago..."


Lightning strikes brightening through the dark sky...

Fire rages everywhere...

Battle cries are heared all over the land...

A huge explosion takes place in the middle of a destroyed village, forming a huge crater. The area was then clouded in smoke. Once the smoke cleared a bit you could see five shadows on the left edge of the crater, but due to the amount of smoke in the air it was hard to tell what this shadows are. They appear to be some kind of big creatures with wings. Their eyes are glowing in different colors... red, green, yellow, blue and orange.

On the right side of the crater facing them where five humen like creatures which also had wings. Each one of them was glowing in a different color... pink, blue, green, yellow and purple.

For a moment there was nothing but deep silence...

"I never thought that you and your brothers would went this far..." Came the female voice of the shadow who was surrounded by the pink light and stood in front of the other four.

"Me and my brothers will send you and your sisters to where we have send all the others..." The big creature who stood in front replied. The four shadows behind it growled in agreement.

"So there is no other choice but to do it this way, huh ?" The female shadow said with sadness. She then held out her right arm and a silver sword appeared in her right hand.

"That´s right." The shadow creature started to glow red. "This world will burn... and turn into nothing but dust !"

"Not as long as we are around !"

Both frontstayers then jumped into the air. They clashed against each other and a bright white light devoured everything...

( "There were magic creatures and magic itself when I was a girl. Where all of that went, only a few know... However... our story... changed the world forever !" )


"Born from the dicovery of implementing mass into Solid Vision, Action Duels ! Duels where the field, monsters and Duelists´ become one, pulls the crowd into the maelstrom of crazed excitment !"



"Hey ! Hey !

Can you feel the power ?!

You vs. me competition for the victory, (Wull !)

I could be the best one day and make history (Go !)

Swing into action, are you ready to play ? (Come on !)

Challenge anyone, anywhere (Go !), any day (Come on !)

You wanna take a chance ?

Go ahead and rool the dice (OK !)

See if it´s in your cards, if you´ll pay the price. (Wull !)

Activate the Spell, let your powers come to life. (Go !)

It´s showtime, who will win the fight ? (Wow !)

I am ready to duel, go ahead and make your move.

( Go ! Go ! Go ! Go !)

I´ll win this Duel,

You can´t beat my moves.

I´m in that groove.

I know I cant lose.

Your turn, your tricks.

Now what will you choose ?

Can you feel the power ?!

I´ll win this Duel,

You can´t beat my moves.

I´m in that groove.

I know I can´t lose.

Your turn, your tricks.

Now what will you choose ?


Yu-Gi-Oh Arc V Evolution

Episode 1. With new Rules starts a new Story

It was night. The calm sound of a japanese okulele rung through the air. A japanese shrine with three red bridges connecting to it on different points. Numerous blooming trees were all around, its pink flowers blowing all around.

On one of the bridges stood a teenage boy with short spiky blonde hair and green eyes. He wears a black football shirt, short white pants and black sneakers. Attached to his left forarm was a black device also known as a Duel Disk. It is light, is about twenty-five centimeters long, has a touch screen, and a black holografic blade with a white border appeared from it. It has two slots on the side which points to the user, and safely securred and half sticking out on the right side is a bunch of brown cards. It was a deck, most important part of the world-wide known card game Duel Monsters.

In front of the boy was a large black dinosaur with sharp teeth and red claws. The boy looked serious as he held up a card. "I tribute my Black Tyranno via its effect ! And now appear my Ultimate Tyranno !" The dinosaur disappeared only for a bigger one to appear and take its place. This one also shares some little appearance points of a dragon. It has black scales, long yellow claws and three yellow horns on its head.

Ultimate Tyranno ATK/3500 DEF/2200 Earth/Dinosaur/Effect/Lv. 8

"Alright Brody ! Now show me what you can do against my Ace Monster !"

"As you wish, Ethan ! It´s showtime !" A male voice said and seconds later, a shadow jumped up onto the roof of the shrine and stood up straight. It was a teenage boy with spiky red hair and dark blue eyes. He wears a red short sleeved summer sweater, long grey jeans, black sneakers, a silver dragon shapped necklace and a red Duel Disk with a holografic black blade with a yellow border.

"Time for a little Dragon-party ! I activate the Quick-Play Spell, Dragon Carnival !" The boy, Brody, said and he pushed the image of a face-down card on his Duel Disk touchscreen. At this, three Dragon Token appeared on the field. A small blue, green and red Dragon, dressed in carnival outfits. They flew around the field while singing in small roars.

3X Dragon Token ATK/0 DEF/0 Earth/Dragon/Token/Lv. 1

"Come on, Ethan ! Try to catch my little friends !" Brody said with a grin.

"Since I know what they can do, I think I better pass attacking this round. I end my turn." Ethan said.

"Come on, boys. This is way to boring for an Action Duel." Said a female voice. Brody looked to his right and there sat at the edge of the shrine´s roof was a teenage girl. She has long brown hair, bond into a ponytail with a blue ribbon and has a pink strand going through her hair on the right side and blue eyes. She wears a white tank top, a long sleeved black jeans-jacket, a short orange skirt, a white belt with a deckholder and white sneakers. On her left forarm is a orange Duel Disk with a black holografic blade with a pink border, and on her right wrist is a silver bracelet which overlaps and has a pink jewel in the centre.

Brody grinned. "Oh don´t be like that, Morgan. It´s your birthday and this is still a hundred times better than sitting in stupid math class now."

"That´s true. As growing teenagers, we still want to have some fun." Morgan replied as she stood up. She smiled. "Okay. Then let me turn up the heat in this Duel !" The boys in response grinned. "My move ! Dra-" Before Morgan could finish her sentence, she could see the shrine glitching under her. The shrine begun to fade in and out of the Duel Field. Morgan looked around and saw that the trees and bridges were also fading. Brody opened his mouth, not knowing what was happening. "What is going on ?!" He shouted.

A robotic woman voice could be heard across the field. ("Action Field - Terminated")

"Oh no." Morgan said as the shrine along with the rest of the field disappeared. As the field disappeared, both Morgan and Brody were in mid-air for a millisecond before they knew they were going to fall. They both along with Ethan returned to a big open room with green fences around. The floor was covered in black glass like plates, and under them is a large, cylinder like black machine. Brody and Morgan fell onto the black floor and groaned in pain.

"Someone must have shut down the system." Morgan said as she rubbed her head. She then quickly looked at the boys worried. "Which means..."

Brody gulped. "We should better make a run for it."

"To late." A female voice said and both Brody and Morgan got a nervous but also frightened expression as someone placed a hand on their shoulders. It was a young woman, about twenty-eight years old. She wears a long sleeved dark blue jacket over a white T-shirt, short light blue jeans shorts and long brown boots. She has long dark brown hair and blue eyes.

Ethan now also looked nervous. The woman smirked. "Shouldn´t you three be in school right now ?"

"Hey sis. We um... we can explain that." Brody said as he turned his head to look at the woman with a sheepish smile.

"There is no need. I kind of now know where my keys to the school have disappeared to." She replied with her arms crossed. Brody sighed. "Don´t be mad. It´s Morgan´s birthday and we just wanted to have some fun. The examens are already over anyway and summer break starts in less then two weeks. It´s no big deal if we skip some classes."

"I´m sorry, Emma. We only wanted to enjoy the chance to have the Duel Field for us alone. You know how the other students are like sometimes." Morgan said.

Emma sighed but then smiled. "Alright, I forgive you three. However, you will never do this again or there will be consequences. School is important, birthday or not. Understood ?"

"Yes." All three teens replied.

"Okay. Now go and get out of here. You all wanted to go to the beach, right ?" Emma said with a smile and the teens nodded before quickly leaving the room. Emma sighed. "I love them but they can be a pain from time to time."


It is year 2027. Paradise City is a very large modern city which is very technically advanced. With a big river channel flowing through the city, and train routs around and through the city, there is also a large shopping mall in the centre along with a huge amusment park and a giant hospital. In the south of the city is a large beach called Paradise Beach. Two elementry schools and three middle- and high schools along with two colleges are scattered in the city. The residentel areas consists of mainly family houses and multi-stored apartments, along with some parks and small shops. In the east of the city is also a large forest and a mountain with a popular hiking trail.

Paradise City is also the home of the headquarters of Harper Futuristics, a huge company that developed many things for the city, including Real Solid Vision, a technology which gives holograms mass. In other words, the holograms are real enough to be touched and even climb them up. This is also called Augmented Reality Combat System, or short ARC-System.

This leads to another point which should really be mentioned. Since years the card game Duel Monsters gains high popularity from all over the world. However, thanks to the development of Real Solid Vision by Harper Futuristics, the normal card game evolved into an amazing and breathtaking sport. The Action Duels were born. Duelists take on each other on different designed fields while interacting with their monsters. Scattered across the Action Fields are the so called Action Cards. Each player can search for them, pick them up, keep them in hand and then when needed use them as a Quick-Play Spell.

During the last years, many Duel Schools have changed from teaching basic Dueling to now teaching different styles of Action Dueling. For example there is the Action-Duel Style of Martial Arts Duels where the Duelists focus on intercepting their opponents from picking up Action Cards using martial arts, or the so called Divination Duels, by "divining" the opponent´s actions, the Duelist counters using Flip Monsters.

Paradise Beach, 1pm

Morgan, Brody and Ethan were in the change rooms of the beach. Morgan had changed into a black bikini-top and a pair of orange shorts. As she put her normal clothes, phone and Duel Disk into a locker, she could her someone calling out to her. "Hey Morgan !" A girl the same age as Morgan ran into the girls change room. She has long blonde hair, blue eyes and wears a red tank top, brown shorts and long white boots.

Morgan smiled. "Hey Stacey. I´m glad you could make it."

"Yeah, sorry I´m late. I just didn´t wanted to skip school like you and the boys." Stacey said as she quickly changed into a white bikini.

"It´s fine, you didn´t miss much. Emma caught us." Morgan said while clossing her locker and putting the keyband around her left wrist. She then grabbed her orange beach towel and a bottle of sun milk and water. "But we managed to get away with it... well, this time. Anyway, let´s go. The boys are probably waiting already." Stacey nodded and closed her locker. Both girls walked out onto the beach. It was wednesday, so the middle of the week but the beach was as crowded as always. ( Paradise City is very similar to Hawaii in terms of temperature. Even in the winter season it is pleasantly warm ). The boys then joined them. Ethan wore knee lenght black trunks while Brody´s were dark red with a yellow flaming pattern. Eventually the four friends found a good place and put their towels down.

"It sure is crowded today." Ethan said as he looked around.

"Nah, who cares. Let´s go and have some fun ! Last one in the water is a stinky old dragon !" Brody yelled as he raced of towards the water. The other three laughed before chasing after him. In the water they started playfully pushing each other into the water and splashing each other.

"Hey, how about a little swimming contest ? Towards that group of surfers and then back here." Brody suggested, pointing to a group of surfers which were riding the waves in the distance. "Sure. Why not." Morgan said.

"I had sport class today so I rather pass. But I will be the referee." Stacey said. The others nodded and then lined up. Stacey held up her right arm with a smile. "And... start !" With that the race begun. Ethan was a bit in the front while Morgan and Brody were on the same level, however, as the three made their way back, Brody and Morgan had catched up to Ethan.

"And... goal !" Stacey shouted while also laughing as her friends reached her. "It´s a tie."

"What ?! Oh man, even though I gave everything I had." Morgan said as she catched her breath.

"It doesn´t matter. I will win the next one for sure. Come on, Brody !" Ethan said before taking off, getting himself a head start.

"Wait ! That´s not fair !" Brody yelled as he went after him as fast as he could.

"Boys and their contests of strength." Morgan said with a smile and Stacey nodded.

The boys race ended in a draw so they did another one, but it also ended in a tie. "Sorry, boys. Another draw." Stacey said.

"Seriously ?! Oh come on !" Ethan moaned while he let himself fall backwards into the water.

"Hey, you four ! Come on over here !" Someone then shouted and the teens saw Emma standing at the water´s edge and waving to them. They left the water and joined Emma who was holding a volleyball.

"A little volleyball match. I would like to see how much your teamwork has grown. What do you all say ?" Emma asked with a grin, tossing the ball to Morgan who easy catched it. The friends were all for it so they walked over to a volleyball net. It was Brody and Morgan against Ethan and Stacey. Emma was the referee. She even had a whistle.

"Alright. Here you go !" She tossed the ball into the air. It begun flying around in every direction as the kids punshed it when it came their way. Ten minutes later it stands twelve to ten for Ethan and Stacey. "Okay. The next point will decide it." Emma said before tossing the ball into the air once more. Stacey made a big jump up and punshed the ball downwards towards where Morgan was standing.

"I got it !" Morgan shouted as she leapt up into the air to get the ball. Unfortunately, Brody did the same and they both ended up crashing into each other and then falling towards the ground. Out of pure instinct, Brody grabbed Morgan and held her close so only he landed a bit harshly on the sandy ground.

"I guess the point and win goes to Stacey and Ethan. But still... a cute picture." Emma said with a smile. Morgan needed a moment to understand what had happened. She then looked down at Brody who was still holding her and within seconds they both blushed a great deep of red. They quickly separated and stood up.

"I´m sorry !" Brody said quickly.

"Ah n-no... it´s fine..." Morgan said back, still blushing while looking to the side. Ethan and Stacey couldn´t help but laugh.

One hour later they all sat on their towels and ate ice cream. While the boys and Emma were talking with each other, Morgan was reading through a website of a special Duel Monster contest on her smartphone. Stacey, who had went to the lockers to get something, walked back over to them and sat down next to Morgan. She smiled and held out a small red box with a pink loop. "Hey Morgan. Since it´s your birthday, this is from us all."

Morgan took the present and opened it. Inside were a small computer chip and a card with a code. "No way. Did you really managed to do it ?"

Stacey nodded and smiled. "Yep. After two long years of work I finally found a way to programm the software of Real Solid Vison so that you can now create the Action Fields and monsters with your Duel Disks."

"You know, you could be a good competitor for Harper Futuristics developer." Morgan said with a smile.

"Well, I know that Harper Futuristics is also working on finding a way to do that, but until then, this is all ours." Stacey replied. "And that card is your perticipation code for that Duel-Rule contest."

"Thanks. You guys are the best." Morgan said and her friends smiled at her.

"Ah right. Isn´t that the popular contest that is on the internet since over a year now ? You four have mentioned it a few times before. What was it about again ?" Emma asked.

"Duelists can work on their own ideas for rules for the game. They film themselves while using thier ideas in a Duel and then puplish it on that website. It´s mostly for the fun, but a contest is still a contest." Brody said. Emma nodded, understanding what he meant.

"I have nothing against the current rules of Action Dueling, I just think that with my... I mean our rules we all could level up the action even more." Morgan said. "But I also wanna try it out because of the fun."

"Hey. The day is still long, and since the beach is getting more and more filled, why don´t we try it out. We have our rules and the card with the participation code." Ethan said.

"And as luck would have it, I have my camera with me." Emma added.

"Alright then. Let´s get changed and then meet up at the park." Morgan said and the others nodded.

A while later inside a big park

Half an hour later, the four friends and Emma arrived at a large park where you can freely duel. Emma was sat at a small table with a laptop and a camera which pointed to the field. Ethan and Stacey stood next to her to watch the Duel. Morgan and Brody activated their Duel Disks and put the computer chips Stacey gave them into them. The words Action Duel Mode - Standby appeared on the touch screens of both Duel Disks.

"Okay, we´re ready over here." Emma said as she looked up from the laptop. "All you need to do now is explain your rules and then go on in a friendly Duel."

Morgan and Brody nodded and Morgan with a smile turned to the camera. "Alright. Hello everyone ! My name is Morgan, and this is the idea of me and my friends to evolve Action Dueling to a higher level ! Our rules are simple, but still different and will definitely increase the action ! And here are our rules !

- We players can now have 50 cards in our Decks

- Both players start with 4000 lifepoints and five cards in hand

- The player who takes the first turn cannot draw or attack during that turn

- Each player can Normal Summon up to two times per turn, and that doesn´t include a Tribute Summon while you can only Tribute Summon one time each turn except when an Effect allows you to do more. This makes the total number of Normal Summons each turn three.

- The Tribute rules for level 5 or higher monsters still count

- You can Special Summon as many times as you wish

- Card Effects still stand with the "Once per turn" condition

- And when you duel on an Action Field you can only have one Action Card in hand."

Morgan held up her right hand. "See ? Pretty simple. However, the increase in allowed Normal Summons should make quite the difference. And now to show you all how it goes !" She turned back to Brody. "I preffer the Action Field Crossover. Is that okay ?"

"Sure." Brody replied with a grin. "Okay then." Morgan switched through different images on her Duel Disk screen and then pressed one. Glowing pixals started to fly around the area and numerous blue platforms appeared all around and in different hights.

Morgan then put the card with the participation code into her left Spell/Trap card slot and a white light went over the holografic black blade of both Duel Disks.

"Now we can freely duel with our rules while the card saves the data." Morgan said and then smiled. "Let´s do this. Duelists locked in battle."

"Kicking against the earth and dancing in the sky alongside their monsters, they storm through this field !" Brody said.

"Behold. This is the latest and greatest evolution of Dueling !" Morgan continued.

Ethan and Stacey then each held up a hand. "Action..."

"Duel !" Both Brody and Morgan shouted with a smile.

TURN 1 Morgan LP 4000 Hand 5 / Brody LP 4000 Hand 5

"Ladies first." Brody said with a grin and Morgan rolled her eyes while smiling. "I Normal Summon two monsters, Shana The Flame Haze and Action-Buddy Helpprincess !" Morgan said, slamming the cards down onto the black holo-blade of her Duel Disk. The first monster who appeared was a girl with long red hair and grey eyes. She wears a brown dress-like jacket that goes a bit over her thigh, a black cape, long black knee socks and black boots. In her right hand she holds a katana.

Shana The Flame Haze ATK/2000 DEF/1200 Fire/Warrior/Effect/Lv. 4

The second monster was also a girl, with purple hair bond into pigtails, purple eyes and a small golden crown on the head. She wears a long purple dress and holds a green staff with a white hand on top of it. Action-Buddy Helpprincess ATK/1200 DEF/1200 Earth/Warrior/Effect/Lv. 4

Morgan looked at her Duel Disk screen. "No error massage. It really works ! Now I set one card face down and end my turn." She put a card into the Spell/Trap card slot and on the screen appeared the image of a set card. The hologram of the face-down card then appeared in front of Morgan´s feet and vanished again.

TURN 2 Brody LP 4000 Hand 5 / Morgan LP 4000 Hand 2

"My turn ! I draw !" Brody drew a card from his deck. "I summon Action-Buddy Whip Snake and Action-Buddy Spikeagle !" He took two cards from the six in his left hand and slammed them onto the blade of his Duel Disk. Appearing on his side of the field are a purple cobra-snake wearing a purple top hat and a red bird with a blue bowtie and spiky hair with shades on. Action-Buddy Whip Snake ATK/1700 DEF/900 Earth/Beast/Effect/Lv. 4

Action-Buddy Spikeagle ATK/900 DEF/900 Wind/Winged Beast/Effect/Lv. 4

"I use Whip Snake´s effect ! Once per turn I can switch the ATK and DEF of one monster on your field ! I change your Shana !" Whip Snake swung the metronome on its tail, making the female monster glow for a second. Shana ATK/1200 DEF/2000

"Now I attack your Shana The Flame Haze with Whip Snake !" Brody shouted and the snake jumped towards the female monster. Morgan started jumping up some of the blue platforms and then saw an orange card with an black A on one of the platforms. She picked it up and after a quick look at it, placed it into her left hand. She then pushed the image of her Trap. "I activate my Continuous Trap, Speed Escape ! Once per turn, one of my monsters cannot be destroyed by battle and I take no battle damage !" Her face-down Trap card rose up and glowed. Whip Snake wrapped itself around Shana but then got shot away by an energy field.

"My Spikeagle attacks your Helpprincess ! And I also activate the Quick-Play Spell, Double Party ! This doubles Spikeagle´s attack until the end of the Battle Phase !" Brody said. Spikeagle ATK/1800 Spikeagle beats its wings, sending sharp feathers towards Helpprincess. Morgan held up the orange card she had found. "I play the Action Spell, ChoiceChoice ! I can either negate Helpprincess´ destruction or the battle damage. I negate the battle damage !" The feathers struck the female monster, making it shatter.

Spikeagle ATK/900

"I actually expected you to save your monster. Very well. I set one card and end my turn." Brody said. Shana ATK/2000 DEF/1200

TURN 3 Morgan LP 4000 Hand 2 / Brody LP 4000 Hand 2

"My turn !" Morgan drew while jumping down from the platform. She now stood back on the ground. "I sacrifice Shana in order to Tribute Summon ! Appear, Valkyrie Knight Eri !" Shana disappeared and a new monster appeared on the field. A girl with shoulder-lenght blonde hair and blue eyes. She has a pair of small white wings on her back and wears a long sleeved short white kimono with red markings and long white boots. In her left hand she holds a red trident.

Valkyrie Knight Eri ATK/2300 DEF/1000 Light/Fairy/Effect/Lv. 5

"Next I summon Action-Buddy Ghost Warrior !" A female green ghost-like creature appeared, dressed in a short kimono and holding a sword.

Action-Buddy Ghost Warrior ATK/500 DEF/1000 Dark/Warrior/Effect/Lv. 2

"Ghost Warrior´s effect lats her gain 500 ATK for each Warrior-type monster in my graveyard. And now she attacks your Spikeagle !"

Ghost Warrior ATK/1500

The warrior ghost charged forward and slashed the bird in half with her sword, making it explode. Zarc had to shield himself with his right arm.

Brody LP 4000 (-700) 3300

Morgan pointed her hand forward with a smile. "Now Valkyrie Knight Eri, attack Whip Snake !" And the second monster charged forward.

Brody held out his right arm. "Let´s go Whip Snake !" Whip Snake wrapped itself around his arm and Brody grabbed the tip of its tail like a handle. He then threw Whip Snake like a rope and used it to swing himself to one of the higher platforms. There he saw a card and played it. "I play the Action Card Evasion ! Your attack is negated !"

Morgan looked to her left and saw an Action Card right on the platform next to her. She went over and looked at the card. She looked up with a smile. "I end my turn."

TURN 4 Brody LP 3300 Hand 2 / Morgan LP 4000 Hand 1 + 1 Action Card

Brody was still on the platform as he drew. Looking at the card, he grinned. He grabbed another card from his hand. "I summon Odd-Eyes Kuriboh !" A brown fluffy ball with tiny green arms and legs and one red and one green eye came to the field.

Odd-Eyes Kuriboh ATK/200 DEF/1000 Earth/Fiend/Effect/Lv. 1

"Now I sacrifice both Odd-Eyes Kuriboh and Action-Buddy Whip Snake !" Brody jumped down from the platform and both of his monsters vanished. "I Tribute Summon ! Appear the rare dragon with two different colored eyes ! Odd-Eyes Dragon !" A large red dragon with one red and one green eye appeared. He has two large white spikes on his back and the clawed fingers on his hands are placed in a circle shape.

Odd-Eyes Dragon ATK/2500 DEF/2000 Dark/Dragon/Effect/Lv. 7

Brody landed on the dragon´s back and smiled. "Now the real fun can begin !" Odd-Eyes roared, showing he was ready for battle.

"He was the first to summon his ace monster." Ethan said and Stacey nodded.

Brody played another card. "But first I also summon Action-Buddy Coin Dragon !" A yellow dragon with green hair and a big golden coin on its forhead appeared next to Odd-Eyes Dragon. Action-Buddy Coin Dragon ATK/1700 DEF/1000 Water/Dragon/Effect/Lv. 4

"Coin Dragon´s effect activates ! All Dragon-type monsters I control gain 500 ATK !" Both dragons glowed.

Odd-Eyes Dragon ATK 3000 / Coin Dragon ATK/2200

"Futuremore I activate my face-down Trap, Stamping Destruction ! Since I control a Dragon-type, I can destroy a Spell or Trap you control ! This is the end for your Trap !" Brody said and the Continuous Trap shattered. But Morgan remained calm. "Now Odd-Eyes, take out Action-Buddy Ghost Warrior ! Spiral Flame !" The dragon gathered fire in his mouth before he unleashed a power stream of fire towards the warrior monster.

"I activate Ghost Warrior´s second effect ! I can banish a Warrior monster from my graveyard and negate its destruction ! I banish Helpprincess !" Morgan said. A force field blocked the stream of fire but Morgan could still feal the heat.

Morgan LP 4000 (-1500) 2500 / Ghost Warrior ATK/1000

"She saved it but at the cost of it getting weaker." Ethan said.

Odd-Eyes roared again and Brody smiled before looking at Morgan. "He´s waiting. Now come at us with everything you have !"

TURN 5 Morgan LP 2500 Hand 1 + 1 Action Card / Brody LP 3300 Hand 0

"I will !" Morgan replied. She placed her hand on her deck. "My turn, I draw !" She smiled at her drawn card. "I activate the Spell Card, Mimiclay !"

Brody was a bit surprised. "What is that ?"

"A new addition I made to my deck. Now I change Ghost Warrior to defence..." The female ghost kneeled down to one knee. A brown clay then appeared on Morgan´s right palm. "And now I can summon Mimiclay as an effect monster with the same name, attribute and effect as a monster on the field."

"So you want to copy one of my dragons ?" Brody asked.

"No. It can only copy the monster which changed to defence which means it will become another Ghost Warrior." Morgan said and she threw the clay to the ground. The clay then changed its shape so that it looked like a completely brown version of Ghost Warrior. Morgan then grinned. "Now let´s say goodbye to my two Ghost Warriors and welcome my main star ! I Tribute Summon !" Both Ghost Warrior shattered and a yellow bolt of lightning shot down from the sky. "Come forth ! Fate The Lightning Mage !" The bolt of lightning bursted and revealed a girl with long blonde hair bond into pigtails and burgundy eyes. She wears a black cape, a black top, a short dark pink skirt, short black fingerless gloves, black knee socks and short black boots. She holds a silver and black trident shapped staff which is the hilt for an yellow energy blade.

Fate The Lightning Mage ATK/2500 DEF/2200 Light/Warrior/Effect/Lv. 7

"I activate the Action Spell, Extreme Attack ! This doubles the attack points of one monster I control until the end of this turn ! You can surley imagine which one I will double." Morgan said with a smile before she started jumping up the platforms on the left side. Her two monsters followed her.

"Oh I know who you will double !" Brody said with a grin. He jumped onto his dragon´s head and Odd-Eyes threw him onto one of the higher platforms.

"I double Lightning Mage´s attack !" Morgan said as she stood up on a platform once she took the Action Card which lay there.

Lightning Mage ATK/5000

"Now I attack your Odd-Eyes Dragon with Lightning Mage !" The female warrior charged down towards the dragon. Brody had also found an Action Card. "I play the Action Spell, Battle Lock ! Your Lightning Mage cannot declare an attack this turn !" A strong wave of wind then stopped Morgan´s monster and Brody begun to search for another Action Card since Morgan could still attack one more time.

Morgan looked at the Action Card in her hand. ("This one can´t help me right now. Well, lets try another attack, although I have the feeling that he will dodge it as well.") She thought and looked back up. "Valkyrie Knight Eri, attack Action-Buddy Coin Dragon !" The fairy went down to attack.

Brody had returned to the ground and now stood next to Odd-Eyes. He held up another Action Card. "I was more lucky than you this turn, Morgan. I activate the Action Card, Big Escape ! This ends the Battle Phase !"

"Knew you would dodge it." Morgan said, also returning to the ground. Her monsters landed in front of her. "I end my turn."

Lightning Mage ATK/2500

TURN 6 Brody LP 3300 Hand 0 / Morgan LP 2500 Hand 1x Action Card

"Then I´m up again. I draw !" Brody took a card from his deck. "I banish Odd-Eyes Kuriboh from the graveyard and so activate its effect ! One monster you control losses 800 ATK ! I pick your Lightning Mage !" The female warrior lowered her sowrd a bit. Lightning Mage ATK/1700

"Coin Dragon attacks your Lightning Mage !" The yellow dragon unleashed a blue stream of fire from its mouth. Morgan quickly played the Action Card from her hand. "Go Evasion ! Your attack is negated !" The warrior monster jumped up and the blue fire stream hit the ground instead.

"Go Odd-Eyes, take out Valkyrie Knight Eri !" Brody commanded. Odd-Eyes unleashed his attack so fast that Morgan didn´t had the chance to go for another Action Card. Eri was hit and destroyed. Brody grinned. "Odd-Eyes´ effect activates ! Since he destroyed a level 5 or higher monster, the battle damage is doubled !" Morgan LP 2500 (-1400) 1100

"Eri also has a special ability. When she is destroyed and sent to the graveyard, I can destroy one monster you control ! I choose to destroy your Odd-Eyes !" Morgan shouted. A portal opened on the field and the red trident shot out of it and towards the red dragon.

"That won´t work ! As long as Coin Dragon is on my field, Dragon-type monsters I control cannot be destroyed by card effects !" Coin Dragon destroyed the trident with his fire breath. Brody smiled. "Since an Odd-Eyes monster dealt you damage, I can activate the Spell, Odd-Eyes Spirit Ball ! This lets Odd-Eyes Dragon attack once more !"

"What ?!" Morgan said before she gritted her teeth. She went jumping around on the platforms once more and Lightning Mage followed her.

"End this, Odd-Eyes ! Spiral Flame !" The dragon jumped high into the air and fired his attack. However, Morgan found an Action Card at the last second. "Go the Action Spell, Survival ! This increases my lifepoints by 2000 before damage calculation and I get to draw a card for each monster that was destroyed during this Battle Phase !" Lightning Mage tried to block the attack with her sword but it didn´t work. She got destroyed and Morgan barely managed to stay on the platform due to the attack´s shockwave.

Morgan LP 1100 (+2000) 3100 / Morgan LP 3100 (-2600) 500

"Phew. That was close." Ethan said.

"True. If it wasn´t for that Action Card, Morgan would have lost since Odd-Eyes´ effect had doubled the damage." Stacey said.

Morgan returned to the ground and took two cards from her deck.

"Good work Odd-Eyes and Coin Dragon." Brody said. He was satisfied with how his turn went. And he was also excited that Morgan had managed to avoid a defeat. That´s what makes Action Dueling so much fun. "I end my turn. Now show me if you can turn things around."

TURN 7 Morgan LP 500 Hand 2 / Brody LP 3300 Hand 0

"She lost her strongest monster. That´s not going to be easy to turn around." Ethan said.

"It´s fine. In an Action Duel there is always a chance for a comeback." Morgan said as she placed her hand on her deck. "My turn, I draw !" Ethan and Stacey appeared behind her and looked at her hand. Their expressions turned into a mix of sadness and something that means That´s not what we hoped for. In Morgan´s hand were a level three monster and two Spell Cards.

"Brody has 3300 lifepoints. Even with supporting Spell Cards, her monster won´t be able to deal enough damage." Ethan said.

"She could go for an Action Card, but so can Brody." Stacey said.

"You two need to learn this. It isn´t always as it looks." Morgan replied with a smile. She then played one of her Spell Cards. "I activate the Spell, Recovery Force ! I shuffle three Warrior-type monsters from my graveyard into my deck and draw 1 card !"

"Wait... warrior-type ?" Ethan said. "You mean..." Stacey added.

"Exactly !" Morgan said, still smiling as she looked at them for a second. Three cards came out of her graveyard slot and she showed them to Brody. "I shuffle the warriors Shana The Flame Haze, Action-Buddy Ghost Warrior and Fate The Lightning Mage back into my deck !" She placed the cards on her deck which then shuffeled.

"Lightning Mage is back in the deck !" Ethan said.

"Right, if she can draw her ace again, she might turn this situation around... but can she..." Stacey said.

Morgan looked on with tension as she placed her hand on the top card of her deck. She took a deep breath. "Come ! My ace !" She drew and then showed Brody the card with a proud smile. It was her Lightning Mage.

"She recovered her Ace !" Stacey cheered with a smile.

"She actually drew it ! Amazing !" Ethan said, he seems quite amazed.

("That´s Morgan for you.") Brody thought with a grin.

"I summon Action-Buddy Ferocious Wolf !" Morgan said and a wolf with salmon colored fur and blue eyes appeared. It has a spiky purple mane around its neck, sharp white teeth and sharp grey claws. Action-Buddy Ferocious Wolf ATK/1800 DEF/1500 Dark/Beast/Effect/Lv. 3

"Ferocious Wolf counts as two monsters. I now release it... and Tribute Summon ! Return, my main star ! Fate The Lightning Mage !" The wolf jumped into the air and vanished. The female warrior returned in all her glory.

Fate The Lightning Mage ATK/2500 DEF/2200 Light/Warrior/Effect/Lv. 7

"I play the final card in my hand, the Spell, Miracle Advance ! I target one monster you control and then one monster I control gains 500 ATK times the targeted monster´s level ! I target your Odd-Eyes ! He´s level seven, and that times 500 makes a power boost of 3500 !" Lightning Mage glowed brightly as she increased in power.

Lightning Mage ATK/6000

"Lightning Mage, take out Odd-Eyes Dragon !" The female warrior charged towards the Dragon. Brody went to get an Action Card and so did Morgan. Brody was the first to find one, and he played it. "Action Spell, Damage Banish ! This reduces the battle damage to zero !"

"Not happening ! I use the Action Card, No Action ! This negates your Action Card !" Morgan shouted with a smile. "Your chance, Lightning Mage ! Riot Zanber !" Her warrior slashed across Odd-Eyes´ chest with her sword, making him explode. Brody needed to shield himself from the explosion´s shockwave.

Brody LP 3300 (-3000) 300

Morgan jumped down to the ground so she stood next to her warrior. "Time for the final ! Lightning Mage´s effect ! When she destroyes a monster in battle, my opponent takes 100 damage times that monster´s level !" Lightning Mage held up her sword and a bolt of lightning shot dow from the sky and hit Brody.

Brody LP 300-0 / Morgan WIN

The monsters and platforms disappeared and the Duel Disks deactivated. Both Duelists approached each other. "It´s your victory this time." Brody said with a smile.

"Thanks for the Duel. It was fun." Morgan smiled back and they both shook hands.

"And cut ! Good work. You two were wonderfull." Emma said with a smile. "However, sometimes I wish you would be like this at the school."

"Why should we if our students mostly pay not attention anyway..." Morgan mumbeled back, a hint of anger in her voice.

"Those two are very even." Ethan said.

"Yeah. I´m sure they will rock this year´s championship." Stacey said back.

"Hey guys. How about we go and get something to eat ?" Emma then asked. "Morgan, it´s your birthday so you can decide where we go."

"Okay. I know the perfect place. I´m sure you all will like it." Morgan replied with a smile.

"It´s decided then." Brody said, also smiling. They all quickly packed their things and then went of.

One hour later in the large shopping mall

It was now 7pm and the five friends were sitting at a table outside of a pizza restaurant. Ethan was scrolling through Apps on his phone and then looked up. "Hey Stacey. How was the name of that website again ? I wanna check how many likes our video got so far."

Stacey sighed as she took his phone. "I doubt that it has that many likes yet. I only puplished it twenty minutes ago-" However, she then spit out her ice tea in shock, causing the others to jump in surprise. "What the... so many likes already ?!"

The others joined her and looked at the phone. There they could see that the number of likes on their video already reached over ten-thousand, and it was still growing.

"Amazing. Our video is already on place one !" Ethan said with a happy grin.

"The hard work from the last weeks payed of." Morgan said as she and Brody smiled at each other.

"Just take a look at all that positive comments." Stacey said in awe.

Emma watched the excited teens with a smile. ("I don´t know why but this summer just promised to get a lot more exciting.") She thought.


Exelion Heart : "Hello. Yes, I am re-writing again. It will mostly stay the same, I just changed Zarc to Brody and corrected a few tiny things"

"And here are once more the rules of how I will write."

My story is my own version of the story of the writer HereIcome as well as the original Anime of Yu-gi-oh Arc V. But it will also be a slightly crossover with parts of the anime show "Fairy Tail", its movie "Fairy Tail Dragon Cry" and the movie "How to train your Dragon - The Hidden World".

WARNING ! - If you already know the story of HereIcome then there is a bit of spoiler warning for my story but no need to worry. I think I wrote enough changes into my story so the fun will still be there. At least I hope so...hehehe :)

1. I will use already existing cards, but it will happen that I change their effects a bit or maybe even completly give them new effects. I will also use cards I created on my own.

2. I will try to explain the appearances of the monsters as good as I can so that you get a good mind-picture of how they look. I will also only write down the appearances from time to time. For example, if I write the data and apperance of a monster in chapter 1 then the next appareance explination will come a few chapters later. I´m sorry for this but it just takes to much time and space to write the appearances down each time the monster appears.

3. The appearances of all the main characters you can always read again in my profile. I write it down there once they appear for the first time. If something important changes then I will give a little info away at the end of the newest chapter. Like this no one will miss anything.

4. I try to update every week. At first it will go that way but it could happen that the waiting will become longer. I have a private life as well, and since I also work part time I only have a few hours each day to write. So at this point please show some patience.

5. I will try to write chapters which have a good lenght. But since I already wrote some chapters it could happen that they are not so long yet. Writing on paper and writing on computer has quite a good space difference.

6. Everything that is writen inside a bracket are thoughts of the characters, or when they speak with (?).

7. Now to the Reviews. I really look forward to read your Reviews, no matter if they are good or bad, but they shouldn´t be insulting. I will learn from everything. The only thing I will defently not do is using other characters then my own ! I already planned the whole story through with all needed characters. However, I gladly look forward to you if you might end up having ideas for cards. I´m a bit stuck by the decks of a few main characters and the enemies so I really wont mind reading through ideas if any of you have. And this consists not only Monster cards but also Spell and Trap cards. I also won´t mind ideas for Action Fields and Action Cards. So feel free to give away as much ideas as you want, but please don´t forget the appareances by monsters and Action Fields.

If I will use them I decide of how they fit in.

8. In my story, the monster type "Action-Buddy" is spelled in english in all languages ! The same goes for the name of the female Standard main character´s Ace-monster. The name is "Fate" and it is spelled in english in all languages ! And this also counts for a card named "Spirit the..."

That are all information which I think are important to know before reading my story. Everything that is writin here is also on my profile. If any of you has any questions, be free to ask in a Review.

Now I wish every reader a lot of fun while reading my story ! :)