Paradise City was in absolute chaos, literally. Different Duel-monsters were moving or flying around the city while unleashing attacks and so destroying buildings and streets. People are running around in panick and fear. Mysterious people in different colored uniforms were dueling the people of Paradise City who try to defend themselves, and when they were beaten, they got turned into cards. Kids, teenagers, adults or senior citizen, no one was speared. And Morgan and Lynn are in the middle of all of this. Both girls are currently on the roof of a hospital and are facing the girl Celina for the first time.

"So your name is Celina yeah ?" Lynn asked.

"Yes. And you are Lynn and Morgan." Celina replied.

"How do you know who we are ?!" Lynn asked.

"I´ve been watching you two for a while now since I entered this world." Celina replied.

"You have been watch-... you come from another world ?!" Lynn shouted with surprise and shock.

"Yes, I come from another world. Just like you, Lynn."

Morgan narrowed her eyes. "How do you know about all of this ?"

"I was teached all of this. We know about the existence of all worlds since years now." Celina replied.

"There are five worlds out there, each with a main Summoning method. The Fusion World where I come from, the Synchro World where you come from..." Celina pointed at Lynn before continuing. "The Ritual World, the Xyz World, and the core world where we are right now, the Standard World. Considering the names of the worlds you two can surley imagine which Summoning method belongs to which world. However, for some reason this world can use all Summons, including a completly new Summon, the Pendulum Summon."

"Why are you from the Fusion World here, and why are you attacking my world ?!" Morgan asked.

"Also, what are you doing to the people ?! You turn them into cards ?!" Lynn added.

"We are on a mission and that mission is to invade all other worlds and seal as many people as possible into cards... and then to use their life energy to power up the Arc Area Project."

"Arc Area Project ?" Morgan and Lynn replied confused.

"The Arc Area Project is our master´s wish, the wish of creating an ultimate world by merging all five worlds into one world. And to power that, we need a huge amount of energy, much more then our world alone can produce." Celina explains.

Morgan couldn´t believe what she just heard. She balled her right fist in anger. "That is the reason for all of this horror ?! How can you sacrifice houndreds of innocent lives just to fulfill your own goals ?!"

"You have to pay a price for everything. And if the lives of a few is the price for creating a peacfull world for thousands, then we are willing to pay that price." Celina replied.

"You guys are sick !" Lynn snapped back in anger. Celina remained calm despite the angry mode of Morgan and Lynn. "I´m also here for a different matter. Me and my best friend Ren are here to find and capture our siblings which are scattered in all worlds. In other words, I´m here to capture you two."

"Wha... siblings ?!" Morgan and Lynn shouted with shock.

Celina nodded. "That´s right. My friend has four brothers and I have four sisters. And two of them are you."

"And what do you want with us ?" Morgan asked.

"The master keeps the real reason a secret, even for us. I only know that we are meant to serve the master as elite fighters in the new world." Celina said.

"Screw that ! I´m no one´s servant !" Lynn yelled back. "Me neither !" Morgan added.

"You two don´t have a choice. It´s our destiny. Now you have the decide. Come with me to the Fusion world willingly or I´m gonna use force." Celina said.

"Never !" Both Morgan and Lynn yelled back.

"Fine." Celina said and then activated her yellow Duel Disk with the black holografic blade. "Then I´m going to capture you two."



"Hey ! Hey !

Can you feel the power ?!

You vs. me competition for the victory, (Wull !)

I could be the best one day and make history (Go !)

Swing into action, are you ready to play ? (Come on !)

Challenge anyone, anywhere (Go !), any day (Come on !)

You wanna take a chance ?

Go ahead and rool the dice (OK !)

See if it´s in your cards, if you´ll pay the price. (Wull !)

Activate the Spell, let your powers come to life. (Go !)

It´s showtime, who will win the fight ? (Wow !)

I am ready to duel, go ahead and make your move.

( Go ! Go ! Go ! Go !)

I´ll win this Duel,

You can´t beat my moves.

I´m in that groove.

I know I cant lose.

Your turn, your tricks.

Now what will you choose ?

Can you feel the power ?!

I´ll win this Duel,

You can´t beat my moves.

I´m in that groove.

I know I can´t lose.

Your turn, your tricks.

Now what will you choose ?


Yu-Gi-Oh Arc V Evolution

Episode 18. The War begins - Departure into another World !

"Lynn, I don´t like this. Let´s better avoid a Duel and get out of here." Morgan whispered.

"Not happening !" Celina held up her Duel Disk and the words "Hacking Mode" appeared on the screen. "Come on, Lynn !" As Morgan tried to run away she got an electrical shock. She creamed in pain before she sunk to her knees.

"Morgan !" Lynn yelled as she ran over to her. "Automatic Duel activated" A computer voice said and Lynn´s Duel Disk activated. "What is going on here ?!"

"This stopes you from running off." Celina replied. "You can´t run away, well, not unless you want to keep getting electrical shocks. But the more you run, the more painful it is. Now duel me !"

Lynn gritted her teeth. She looked at Morgan who was still on her knees. Lynn knew Morgan couldn´t duel like this so she made her decision. "Don´t worry, Morgan. This time, I´m the one who will get us out of this mess."

"Be careful." Morgan replied as she stood back up, still a bit in pain from the electrical shock she just recived.

"Duel !" Both Celina and Lynn shouted together.

TURN 1 Celina LP 4000 Hand 5 / Lynn LP 4000 Hand 5

"I start ! Appear Lunalight Blue Cat !" Celina said and a tall female like cat appeared. She has white and blue skin and a golden plate over her left eye.

Lunalight Blue Cat ATK/1600 DEF/1200 Dark/Beast-Warrior/Effect/Lv. 4

"I set two cards and end my turn."

"So you follow that master of yours without any doubt ? You blindly follow him. How can you be sure that he isn´t just using you ? That he won´t just give up on you if you fail him in his plans ?" Lynn said.

"Your words aren´t going to change me. You can´t destroy the bond me and Ren share with the master. He is basically our father. Now make your move." Celina replied back.

TURN 2 Lynn LP 4000 Hand 5 / Celina LP 4000 Hand 2

"I think you´ve been brainwashed by him somehow. My turn, I draw !" Lynn looked at her hand. "I normal summon Windwitch-Ice Bell !" The monster was a witch with long purple hair and wearing a white witch dress, a purple witch hat, and holding a white wand while sitting on a blue broom.

Windwitch-Ice Bell ATK/1000 DEF/1000 Wind/Spellcaster/Effect/Lv. 3

"If this card is normal summoned, you take 500 points of damage !" Ice Bell launched a strong cold breeze from her wand which hit Celina. She shielded her eyes as the damage hit. Celina LP 4000 (-500) 3500

"Lucky hit." Celina said.

"I activate the Spell, Double Summon ! I can normal summon once more ! Appear Windwitch-Glacier Bell !" A pink haired female, wearing a white witch dress and riding a dark blue broom came onto Lynn´s field.

Windwitch-Glacier Bell ATK/500 DEF/500 Wind/Spellcaster/Tuner/Lv. 3

"A Tuner ? Let´s get this fun started then. I play my Trap !" Celina said.

"So a Trap already ?" Lynn said.

"It´s a powerful one ! Dimensional Barrier ! I declare a Summoning method and for the rest of this turn, neither one of us can special summon a monster of that method ! You see, we know a lot about the energies of the different Summons, well except Pendulum, so this little card could be made. Ren and I are the only ones who currently have it, a prove that the master trusts us. I choose to declare Synchro Summoning !"

"I guess Synchro is off the table for this turn. Okay, then I just do this ! I use Glacier Bell´s effect ! When normal summoned she inflicts 400 points of damage !" Lynn said with a grin while Celina got hit by another cold blast. Celina LP 3500 (-400) 3100

"Next I play the Equip Spell Freeze Wand and equip it to Ice Bell ! She gains 800 more attack !" Ice Bell´s wand disappeared and a long spiky crystal wand appeared.

Ice Bell ATK/1800

"Now Ice Bell, wipe out her Blue Cat !" Ice Bell lifted up her new wand and shot down an icy breeze which destroyed Blue Cat.

Celina LP 3100 (-200) 2900

"And when a monster equipped with Freeze Wand destroys a monster, you take 500 more points of damage !"

"Stupid effect damage." Celina said as she was once more hit by a cold blast of ice. Celina LP 2900 (-500) 2400

"Not bad. But I expected nothing less from my sister."

"I´m not your sister !" Lynn yelled back. "I set a card and end my turn." She now sounded confident since she just took a good 1600 points of Celina.

TURN 3 Celina LP 2400 Hand 2 / Lynn LP 4000 Hand 1

"Don´t get cocky now. I draw !" Celina looked at her hand and picked up a card. "I play Polymerization, fusing the two Lunalight Black Sheep in my hand !" Two female dressed in black clothing with ram horns on the back appeared. The two entered the blue and orange Fusion whirlpool. "Fusion Summon ! Appear, level 8 ! Shadow Alpha of the Lunalight Beasts !" A large werewolf-like monster with indigo and white fur and scars over its eyes appeared. It wears black clothing with suspenders hanging from the waist area and belts around the thighs, torso, waist and the underside of its black gauntlets, and black sleeves with silver metal soles on its feet. It wears sleek goggles on its head, it has two blades that resemble scissor halves on its gauntlets and a big sword stored slanting to its right on its back due to its tail.

Shadow Alpha of the Lunalight Beasts ATK/2800 DEF/2000 Dark/Beast-Warrior/Fusion/Lv. 8

"If you´re trying to intimidate me with your Fusion Summon, then you´re greatly mistaken." Lynn said.

"Then maybe this will ! When I use Black Sheep for a Fusion Summon, I can bring it back to my hand from the graveyard !" Celina said.

("That´s two cards...") Lynn thought and Celina added the two cards from her graveyard to her hand.

"I play my second Trap, Lunalight Calling ! I can bring back Blue Cat !" A blue portal opened up on the field and Blue Cat returned. ( ATK/1600 DEF/1200 ) "When Blue Cat is special summoned, I can double the attack points of a Lunalight until the end of my turn ! And guess who I double !" An aura passed from Blue Cat onto Shadow.

Shadow ATK/5600

"5600 ? You´re not bad at all." Lynn said, she seemed to be enjoying the Duel.

"I trained hard. Now I use Shadow´s effect ! I tribute Blue Cat !" Celina said and Blue Cat disappeared. Lynn was surprised. "Why that ?"

"When I tribute a monster via Shadow´s effect, I can attack all monsters you control twice ! But the monster isn´t destroyed on the first attack."

Lynn took a second to work out what Celina was playing at and then her eyes opened wide with shock. "That way you will inflict more damage !"

"Correct. Now go, Shadow !" The werewolf howled and charged forward.

"I activate my Trap, Urgent Tuning ! I tune during the Battle Phase !" Lynn yelled.

"Cheat." Celina replied in annoyance.

"I tune level three Glacier Bell with level three Ice Bell !" Glacier Bell shot into the air and became the Synchro rings. Ice Bell quickly followed. ( 3+3 = 6 ) "Appear Windwitch-Fire Bell in defence mode !" A witch with long yellow hair and blue eyes, sitting on a dark red broom appeared. She wears a red witch hat and dress.

Windwitch-Fire Bell ATK/2100 DEF/1300 Fire/Spellcaster/Synchro/Lv. 6

"When Fire Bell is Synchro Summoned, you take damage equal to all the monsters attack points which was used to Synchro Summon her !" Lynn declared and Celina got an electrical shock from her Duel Disk which made her sunk to her knees. "That´s 2300 points of damage !"

Celina LP 2400 (-2300) 100

"Way to go, Lynn !" Morgan said from the sidelines. "Damn you." Celina said as Shadow hit the new monster with one of the blades on his arms once and caused no damage. It went in for a second attack and destroyed the witch, causing no damage to Lynn.

"You aren´t all that." Lynn said.

"Capturing you and taking your free will away from you will be such a pleasure." Celina said. "I use Lunalight Calling´s second effect ! I banish it from my graveyard and I can attack with a Lunalight once more but damage is halved ! Go, Shadow ! Direct attack !" Shadow launched forward, this time grabbing the sword on its back. It slashed Lynn, sending her backwards. Lynn LP 4000 (-2800) 1200

"That hurted." Lynn said and Celina smiled. "You got too confident which is a fatal error on the battlefield. I end my turn. Shadow´s attack returns to normal."

Shadow ATK/2800

TURN 4 Lynn LP 1200 Hand 1 / Celina LP 100 Hand 2

"My turn ! I play Monster Reborn and bring back Fire Bell !" A portal opened in the sky and Fire Bell flew out of it. ( ATK/2100 DEF/1800 ) "Next I summon my Windwitch-Glass Bell in defence mode !" Appearing on Lynn´s field was a girl with green hair, wearing a dark blue witch hat, a light purple outfit and is sitting on a blue broom with a yellow bell at the end.

Windwitch-Glass Bell ATK/1500 DEF/1500 Wind/Spellcaster/Tuner/Lv. 4

"When summoned I can add a Windwitch monster from my deck to my hand ! I add Windwitch-Snow Bell ! And since I currently control two Windwitch monster, I can special summon it onto the field !" Lynn said and a silver like Bell with yellow stripes and white wings appeared.

Windwitch-Snow Bell ATK/100 DEF/100 Wind/Spellcaster/Tuner/Lv. 1

"Two tuner monster ? Interesting move." Celina said.

"I´m not finished yet ! I tune the level one Snow Bell with the level six Fire Bell !" Lynn yelled and her bracelet begun to light up. Her two Windwitch monster started to perform the Synchro Summon. ( 1+6 = 7 ) "Fast as the midwinter wind. Make snow and ice become power to your beautiful fighting skills ! Synchro Summon ! Come forth, Yin-Yang Windwitch Girl !" Lynn chanted and her ace monster appeared on her field.

Yin-Yang Windwitch Girl ATK/2500 DEF/2000 Wind/Spellcaster/Synchro/Lv. 7

While Morgan was watching, she noticed a glow coming from her belt´s deckholder. She opened it and took out her Lightning Mage which was glowing. "Lightning Mage... what´s wrong ?"

As Windwitch Girl lowered onto the field, she looked directly into the eyes of Celina´s monster. All three bracelets then begun to glow causing all three girls to clench their chest and sunk to their knees. "What is this..." Celina said. She, Lynn and Morgan then seemed to enter a blurred vision, similar to what Morgan and Brody had entered some time ago. Their vision was clouded but they could hear the sound of Dragons roaring loudly. The Dragons sounded angry and at the same time it sounded like they were attacking someone or something. The vision then changed to a blurred image of a girl with long brown hair along with a blonde haired girl. They appeared to be defending themselves from the Dragons by using some kind of magic. The vision begun to get more blurrier but just then they could see an orange haired female along with a red haired female. Finally a marron brown haired female also appeared. The vision then went black.

The girls returned to the here and now and they stood back up. However, something was different. Celina then begun to laugh. "You have fought well, sister. But look at our monsters, yours isn´t strong enough. You can´t win this turn !" She smirked and opened her eyes which were slightly glowing purple.

"I hate this side of you, sister... always mocking me and thinking you´re stronger than me..." Lynn replied as she opened her eyes, they were glowing slightly green. "I use Windwitch Girl´s special ability ! I target a Windwitch monster in my graveyard and you take damage equal to its level X200 ! I target Fire Bell and this means 1200 points of damage... more than enough to beat you !"

"I am stronger than you ! I use Shadow´s second effect to negate your monster´s effect !" Celina said with a smirk.

"Damn you. I end my turn." Lynn growled.

TURN 5 Celina LP 100 Hand 2 / Lynn LP 1200 Hand 0

"Time to end this. I draw !" Celina looked at her card and smiled. "Perfect." She looked back at Lynn who took a firm stance. "I won´t let you capture us !" Lynn said.

"You don´t have much choice ! I send my two Black Sheep to the graveyard in order to activate the Spell, Lunalight Hunt ! Now for each monster I have sent to the graveyard, one monster I control gains 1000 attack points !" Shadow got surrounded by a purple aura and howled into the sky. Shadow ATK/4800

Lynn gritted her teeth. "An attack of 4800..."

"This is your end, sister ! Shadow, attack-"

"Please stop this, sister ! You´re going to far !" Morgan´s firm voice was stopping Celina´s move. Celina looked at Morgan and saw her eyes were slightly glowing pink. Celina smiled. "There you go again, always stopping our fun. But this time it won´t work." Celina then glared at Morgan. "Now if you value your girl´s safety, sister, then stay out of this !"

Morgan sighed and closed her eyes. "What happened with you..."

Celina looked back at Lynn. "Shadow, wipe out her Windwitch Girl and end this !" The werewolf grabbed the sword from his back and charged forward.

"I won´t go down ! I use Windwitch-Fire Bell´s second effect in my graveyard ! I banish it and give up half of my lifepoints, now your attack is negated !" Lynn yelled and a force field protected her and Windwitch Girl. Lynn then cringed in pain as she got an electrical shock.

Lynn LP 1200 (-600) 600

Celina gritted her teeth in frustration. "I end my turn." Shadow ATK/2800

TURN 6 Lynn LP 600 Hand 0 / Celina LP 100 Hand 0

"I need to win... I will win !" Lynn yelled as she drew. She looked at the card. "Okay, this will be risky but I have no other choice."

"Running scared, sister ?" Celina teased.

"I´ve had enough of you." Lynn said and played the card. "I play Roaring Snow Storm ! You draw a card and if it is a monster, then all monsters you control lose their attack points until the end of the next turn. If not then all monsters I control lose their attack points."

"Yes, it´s a risk, for you. Very well. I draw !" Celina looked at her hand and gritted her teeth while getting an angry expression. "You were saying ?" Lynn grinned.

"I drew Lunalight Crimson Fox." Celina said, revealing the card to Lynn who smiled. "Now your Shadow´s attack points are lost. End this, Windwitch Girl !" Lynn yelled. Shadow ATK/0

"Damn you !" Celina yelled. Windwitch Girl glowed with all her might and aimed her hand at Shadow. She unleashed a white energy beam which hit and destroyed the werewolf, causing an explosion that sent Celina flying backwards.

Celina LP 100-0 / Lynn WIN

Celina ended right at the edge of the roof. The girls bracelets and eyes stopped glowing. Lynn and Morgan both groaned as they held their heads. They then walked over to Celina. "You lost. Now we want you to stop this !" Morgan said. Celina stood back up but felt weak. "You won this Duel... but I will duel you again. And I will capture you." A purple portal appeared behind Celina and she looked at Morgan. "And the same goes for you, Morgan."

Morgan glared back at her. "We will see about that." Celina didn´t replie and just walked into the portal which then vanished.

Meanwhile on a bridge in Paradise City

"Go Odd-Eyes ! Spiral Flame Strike !" Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon unleashed a dark energy beam and blasted away three female teenagers with white uniforms. They landed on the ground and glowed purple before vanishing. Three cards dropped onto the ground.

"Whirlwind Hell Dive Slasher !" Ryan yelled and his Clear Wind Synchro Dragon slammed into another group of mysterious people with yellow uniforms. Their lifepoints dropped to zero and they vanished in a blue light.

Ryan and Brody were on their way to the central district, using Ryan´s D-Wheel when this mysterious figures appeared on the bridge and started attacking the people and then turn them into cards. The boys summoned their Dragons and were able to fight them off.

"I wonder where the hell those guys come from." Ryan said.

"I don´t know but look around. There is absolute chaos all over the city." Brody replied. Odd-Eyes and Clear Wing then craned their heads into the air and roared. Brody narrowed his eyes. "Something is not right. They are acting strange again."

"Now look at what we have here !" A male voice shouted. Brody and Ryan looked in the direction of the voice and saw a male with spiky yellow-blonde hair and blue eyes. It was Ren. He wears a crimson red hairband, a short sleeved hodded black sweater, long dark grey pants and black sneakers.

"He..." Ryan said. "Has the same face as us." Brody said.

"My name is Ren. Hello... brothers !" Ren said with a smirk. "Brothers ?!" Brody and Ryan both shouted shocked.

"Oh right, you two don´t know that." Ren said. He then told them the same thing Celina had told Morgan and Lynn, leaving Brody and Ryan speechless.

"Now, be ready to duel, both of you." Ren said, activating his Duel Disk.

"You want to capture us, well that´s not going to happen !" Ryan said and activated his twin bladed Duel Disk that was attached to his D-Wheel. Brody activated his.

"We will duel in a two vs. one. No battling or drawing on the first turn and I take 5000 lifepoints. You will share the same field and with 4000 lifepoints. Fair ?"

"Whatever." Ryan said. "Let´s do this." Brody said and Ryan nodded.

TURN 1 Ren LP 4000 Hand 5 / Brody and Ryan LP 4000 Hand 5/5

"I shall go first. I summon Crystal Lizard in defence mode." Ren said and a rather large black lizard appeared on his field. Except the tail, its whole body was covered in silver armour and purple crystal spikes came out of the back.

Crystal Lizard ATK/1500 DEF/2000 Dark/Reptile/Effect/Lv. 4

"What are you up to ?!" Ryan said as he clenched his fists.

"Wait Ryan. We need to play this right." Brody said with a touch of calmness. Ryan only glared at him. "Nonsense ! I will not be captured !"

"And we won´t, just as long as we play this right !" Brody snapped back.

Ren laughed at this. "This really is a battle of different personalities. I end my turn with a set card. Remember, no battling or drawing on the first turn."

TURN 2 Ryan and Brody LP 4000 Hand 5/5 / Ren LP 4000 Hand 3

"I shall go next. Appear Speedroid Razerang !" Ryan said. A humaniod-machine like monster appeared. Each arm was a very large, sharp yellow blade while the bottom part was one single yellow blade. Speedroid Razerang ATK/2000 DEF/0 Wind/Machine/Effect/Lv. 4

"Razerang´s effect ! I can bring out a Speedroid monster from my hand open its normal summon. I special summon Speedroid Den-Den Daiko Duke !" The monster appeared in attack mode.

Speedroid Den-Den Daiko Duke ATK/1200 DEF/600 Wind/Machine/Tuner/Lv. 3

"A Tuner already ?" A surprised Brody asked. ("Here it comes.") Ren thought as he folded his arms and continued to watch Ryan´s move.

"I tune Daiko Duke with Razerang !" Daiko launched into the air and became three grin rings. Razorang flew through them. ( 3+4 = 7 ) A card in Brody´s hand glowed along with Ren´s extra deck. Both looked surprised, Ren then smirked. "Here it comes."

"Synchro Summon ! Appear ! Clear Wing Synchro Dragon !" Ryan´s mighty white Dragon flew into the sky and sparkled. It then floated down in front of Ryan and roared.

Clear Wing Synchro Dragon ATK/2500 DEF/2000 Wind/Dragon/Synchro/Lv. 7

"Oh yes ! Very good !" Ren said with a smirk.

("Why is he getting so excited ?") Brody thought as he looked at Ren.

"I also set two cards and end my turn." Ryan then looked at Brody. "Don´t mess this up."

Brody shook his head. "I won´t. This people from the Fusion World, they turned innocent people into cards, they won´t get away with this."

TURN 3 Brody and Ryan LP 4000 Hand 5/1 / Ren LP 4000 Hand 3

"New worlds, new Summons, people who look like us, all of this suddenly came into mine and Morgan´s lives, and we are ready ! I set my Pendulum Scale !"

"Pendulum. Let´s see what this Summon is like." Ren said.

"Something that will show you that you shouldn´t mess around with us ! Scale 1 Stargazer Magician and Scale 8 Timegazer Magician !" Brody shouted and both magicians arose in the Pendulum pillars.

Stargazer Magician 1 - 8 Timegazer Magician

"I Pendulum Summon Action-Buddy Silver Claw and my Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon !" Two beams shot from the sky and Silver Claw appeared first. Next was Odd-Eyes who unleashed a loud roar upon its summon.

Action-Buddy Silver Claw ATK/1800 DEF/700 Dark/Beast/Pendulum/Lv. 4 -Scale 5

Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon ATK/2500 DEF/2000 Dark/Dragon/Pendulum/Lv. 7 -Scale 4

As Odd-Eyes appeared, Clear Wing seemed to sense it and threw head high into the sky and roared as loud as it could. Odd-Eyes followed suit and roared as well. Both Dragons seemed to be resonating once more. Ryan and Brody both looked at their dragons and then felt a sharp pain in their chests. They both were slightly out of breath by the feeling. "This... feeling..." Brody stuttered.

"What is this ?!" Ryan asked with pain before looking at Ren and saw that he was also holding his chest. But he smirked. "What´s so funny ?!"

"This whole situation ! Soon, it will happen !" Ren replied.

"What will happen ?!" Brody demanded.

"The great plan of our master. The plan which involves all of us !" Ren said and Ryan gritted his teeth. "What do you know ?!" Ryan shouted with anger.

"He doesn´t tell us but I know what he´s planning is going to be glorious !" Ren said and he smirked once more. "While we all will serve him as elite fighters, at the same time, you will all fear and serve me because I´m gonna be your leader cause I´m the strongest !"

"I have enough of you !" Ryan and Brody said at the same time. Ren was caught out by this. Brody and Ryan were still in pain but fought it off.

"I end my turn with a set card." Brody said and then looked directly at Ren. "I will convince you Ren, that this is wrong !"

"Wrong ? That´s what you think." Ren replied. Brody shook his head, he knew he couldn´t change his mind at the moment and refused to answer back.

TURN 4 Ren LP 4000 Hand 3 / Brody and Ryan LP 4000 Hand 0/1

"I draw !" Ren shouted and drew a card. "I play the Spell, Poison Counter. I reveal any number of reptile or plant type monsters in my hand and for each one I show, I can place one poison counter on that many monsters you control !"

"What good will that do ?" Ryan asked.

"Just watch ! I reveal one, Red-Scar Lizard." Ren showed his card and then pointed at Silver Claw. "Now I place a poison counter on Brody´s Silver Claw !" A purple arrow struck itself into the wolf´s back, making him growl in pain.

"I now summon Red-Scar Lizard." Ren played the card and a large lizard with red scars on its body and over his left eye appeared.

Red-Scar Lizard ATK/1200 DEF/700 Dark/Reptile/Effect/Lv. 3

"I use his special ability ! It can perform a Fusion Summon with itself and a monster on the field with a poison counter !"

"No ! My monster ?!" Brody said.

"Right you are ! I fuse your Silver Claw with my Red-Scar Lizard ! Two lizards with dangerous hidden abilities. Now become one and form an even stronger dangerous being ! Fusion Summon !" Both monsters then spun into the orange and blue fusion whirlpool. Ren smirked once again. "Appear ! Poisonous Dragon with hungry fangs. Level 8 ! Starving Venom Fusion Dragon !"

Brody and Ryan had to shield their eyes from the bright light which formed in front of them. Odd-Eyes and Clear Wing roared once more. A large violet colored dragon appeared from the light. It had a white head with horns, dark green eyes, a very long tail, a pair of white wings with shredded ends, and around its body were numerous glowing red orbs. It unleashed a loud roar across the field.

Starving Venom Fusion Dragon ATK/2800 DEF/2000 Dark/Dragon/Fusion/Lv. 8

"Now this is a real battle !" Ren shouted with a huge grin. Brody and Ryan unshielded their eyes and saw the Dragon in all its glory. All three Dragons now roared simulately. "Amazing !" Both Brody and Ryan said while their eyes started to slightly glow red and green. Ren´s eyes also begun to glow, in a slightly purple light.

"...Become..." Ryan said.

"" Ren said.

"...we shall..." Brody said.

"RETURN AND BECOME ONE !" All three boys yelled at the same time and their Dragons roared as loud as they could.

Same time in the Central District of Paradise City

"Go Lighting Mage !" / "Go Windwitch Girl !" Both Morgan and Lynn shouted and their Ace monsters unleashed their attacks at another group of Fusion Fighters, sendinng them flying onto the ground. They all glowed and vanished, a few cards dropped onto the ground.

"This is... crazy... you take three of them down and five come after." Lynn said, breathing a bit fast. She was quite exhausted after taking on Celina. And now they have to fight those students. She wasn´t so sure how long she could keep this up.

"I know. But we have to find Brody and Ryan before Celina´s friend does. And if it means we have to take all of them down by ourselves, then it is so." Morgan replied, taking some deep breathes after. She was slowly getting exhausted too. Lynn nodded in agreement. Both then were about to go...

"That´s not going to be easy." A male voice said, making both girls turn around. There they saw two other Fusion Fighters with activated Duel Disks. Two boys which looked to be between 18 and 20 years old. They both wore a yellow uniform.

"Great... another bunch of that Fusion idiots." Lynn groaned. Morgan rolled her eyes at Lynn´s choice of words and then glared back at the students. "Who are you two ?!"

"We´re Omega-red ranked students. We are much more stronger and dangerous then that pathetic Gamma-white ranked students you just took out." One of the boys said.

"Now you two, prepare yourselves to lose and become a card !" The other boy said with a smirk. "That will not happen !" Morgan said, activating her Duel Disk, Lynn did the same.

"Lynn, we have separate lifepoints but... let´s share our field, okay ?" Morgan asked.

"Sure." Lynn replied. Morgan smiled and then pushed a button on her Duel Disk´s screen. "Let´s show them my world´s dueling method. I activate the Action Field, Crossover !" The surroundings became a slightly darker color and blue plattforms appeared all around.

"What is this ?!" One of th boys demanded. Morgan and Lynn only smirked. "What´s wrong ? Running scared already ?" Morgan asked.

TURN 1 Morgan/Lynn LP 4000/4000 Hand 5/5

Omega 1/Omega 2 LP 4000/4000 Hand 5/5

"I begin !" Morgan shouted while taking two cards from her hand. "I set the Pendulum Scale with Scale 1 Yuna The Melodious Angel and Scale 9 Action-Buddy Lightning Witch !" A pillar of light appeared on either side of Morgan and Lynn´s shared field. Yuna rose up in the right pillar while in the left pillar rose up a young girl with shoulder-length brown hair and blue eyes. She wears a sleevles yellow top, a short black skirt, short brown boots and a yellow witch hat. In her left hand she holds a brown broom and in her right hand she holds a yellow wand that is shapped like a lightning.

Yuna The Melodious Angel 1 - 9 Action-Buddy Lightning Witch

"I Pendulum Summon ! Come forth, Spirit The Pendulum Wolf !" A wolf with ornage-gold fur, green eyes, a white fur tail and a white fluffy-spiky mane on its neck appeared.

Spirit The Pendulum Wolf ATK/2500 DEF/1000 Light/Beast/Pendulum/Lv. 7 -Scale 5

"Now thanks to Lightning Witch´s Pendulum Effect, all monsters on our field gain 500 attack points !" Spirit howled loudly as he powered up.

Spirit ATK/3000

"So that´s the Pendulum Summon Ren and Celina have been talking about." Omega 1 said.

"It doesn´t matter. We will beat them anyway !" Omega 2 said.

"I set one card and end my turn." Morgan said.

TURN 2 Omega 1/Omega 2 LP 4000/4000 Hand 5/5

Morgan/Lynn LP 4000/4000 Hand 1/5

"Then I shall begin your end ! My turn !" Omega 1 said. "Appear, Ancient Gear Hunting Hound !" A green armoured robot hound ran onto the field.

Ancient Gear Hunting Hound ATK/1000 DEF/1000 Earth/Machine/Effect/Lv. 3

"Ancient Gear ? Never heard of that monster type before." Lynn said.

"Hunting Hound uses his effect ! Im my opponent controls a monster, I can inflict 600 points of damage ! Thanks to you, the girl gets it !" Omega 1 said, pointing to Morgan.

"Because of me ?" Morgan questioned.

"Yes ! I shall inflict this to the other girl !" Hunting Hound fired a dark beam from its mouth which hit Lynn.

Lynn LP 4000 (-600) 3400

"And now I attack ! I shall pick you again !"

"I use Yuna´s Pendulum effect to half Hunting Hound´s attack and defence !" Morgan shouted.

"Don´t think so ! When Hunting Hound attacks, Spell and Traps don´t work until the end of the damage step !" Omega 1 replied with a smirk and Morgan gritted her teeth. Hunting Hound ran up and bit Lynn in the stomach. She rolled across the ground before slowly getting back up.

Lynn LP 3400 (-1000) 2400

"Sorry Lynn. Are you okay ?" Morgan asked.

"Yeah, I´m fine. Thanks for trying." Lynn replied with a small smile.

"I set two cards and end there." Omega 1 said.

TURN 3 Lynn/Morgan LP 2400/4000 Hand 5/1

Omega 1/Omega 2 LP 4000/4000 Hand 3/5

"My turn !" Lynn drew. She looked at the card and added it to her hand.

"Lynn, we share our field, use my Scales." Morgan said, looking at her.

"But only you and Brody are able to use Pendulum." Lynn replied, looking unsure.

"Try it. I have the feeling it will work." Morgan said with a smile.

"Alright. With the already set Pendulum Scale, I Pendulum Summon !" Lynn shouted. The Pendulum portal opened and two green beams shot onto the field. "Appear Windwitch-Ice Bell ! And the Tuner monster Windwitch-Snow Bell in defence mode !" Both monsters appeared and Lynn smiled. "Amazing. It really worked !"

Windwitch-Ice Bell ATK/1000 DEF/1000 Wind/Spellcaster/Effect/Lv. 3

Windwitch-Snow Bell ATK/100 DEF/100 Wind/Spellcaster/Tuner/Lv. 1

"Thanks to Lightning Witche´s Pendulum Effect, my monsters gain 500 attack points !" Lightning Witch pointed her wand at the two Windwitch who then glowed.

Ice Bell ATK/1500 / Snow Bell ATK/600

"Next goes Ice Bell´s effect ! When special summoned, she inflicts 500 damage !" Ice Bell pointed her wand at Omega 1 and fired a cold stream.

Omega 1 LP 4000 (-500) 3500

Lynn grinned. "Let´s battle ! Spirit The Pendulum Wolf, wipe out Ancient Gear Hunting Hound !" Spirit unleashed such a loud roar that a shockwave was sent to the monster. Hunting Hound was hit and destroyed.

Omega 1 LP 3500 (-2000) 1500 "Next is Ice Bell ! Direct attack !"

"I play the continuous Trap, Ancient Gear Reborn ! I special summon an Ancient Gear destroyed this turn and it gains 500 attack ! Appear Hunting Hound !" Omega 1 shouted and Hunting Hound returned to the field with sharper teeth. Hounting Hound ATK/1500

"And my second ! Go the continuous Trap, Ancient Gear Spark Shot ! If I special summoned one Ancient Gear, you take damage equal to half of the monster summoned ! You take 500 points of damage !"

"Yuna´s Pendulum effect halves your monster´s attack and defence ! And so the effect damage also halves !" Lynn shouted.

Hunting Hound ATK/750 DEF/500 A brown cannon appeared and fired a shot at Lynn. She took the full hit but stood firm.

Lynn LP 2400 (-375) 2025

"Damn you. Regardless, damage is damage." Omega 1 said.

Lynn ignored that comment. "I break up Ice Bell´s attack and end my turn." Hunting Hound ATK/1500 DEF/1000

TURN 4 Omega 2/Omega 1 LP 4000/1500 Hand 5/3

Lynn/Morgan LP 2025/4000 Hand 4/1

"Then I go !" Omega 2 said. "I summon my Ancient Gear Hunting Hound !" A second Hunting Hound appeared on the field.

Hunting Hound ATK/1000 DEF/1000 Earth/Machine/Effect/Lv.3

"Another one ? They´re going to repeat the same move." Morgan said.

"Right you are. Now your friend takes 600 more damage !"

"Not this time !" Lynn yelled as she jumped up some of the blue platforms. She grabbed the Action Card she found. "I activate the Action Spell, Flame Guard ! This negates the effect damage !" The dark beam which got shot from the hound was deflected by a wall of fire. Lynn returned to the ground.

"Sneaky move. I play Polimerization and Fusion Summon with both Ancient Gear Hunting Hounds on our field !" Both machine monsters spun around in the whirlpool.

("I wonder what hell they´ll create.") Morgan thought.

"Mechanical hound who carry on the ancient spirits, flock together and become one with new power ! Fusion Summon ! Appear now ! Double Ancient Gear Hunting Hound !" A larger twin headed Hunting Hound appeared.

Double Ancient Gear Hunting Hound ATK/1400 DEF/1000 Earth/Machine/Fusion/Lv. 5

"Next I play Limiter Removal and use it on Double ! This doubles my Machine monster´s attack, but it´s destroyed during the end phase !"

"No !" Morgan said as she looked at Lynn who gritted her teeth. Double Hunting Hound ATK/2800

"Attack that witch monster !" Double Hunting Hound ran up and leapt onto Ice Bell. She was quickly destroyed. Lynn sunk to her knees as she felt the damage via an electrical shock. Lynn LP 2025 (-1300) 725

"I set a card and end my turn. Double Hunting Hound is now destroyed." Omega 2 said and his monster shattered.

TURN 5 Morgan/Lynn LP 4000/725 Hand 1/4

Omega 2/Omega 1 LP 4000/1500 Hand 3/3

"It´s my turn ! Draw !" Morgan looked at her card and played it. "I play the Spell, Magic Economies ! I target up to two Spell or Trap cards on the field and destroy them ! I take out your two Traps !" She pointed at Omega 1 and his two continuous Trap were destroyed. Omega 1 gritted his teeth in anger. "Damn you !"

Morgan held up her hand. "Now I Pendulum Summon ! Appear, Valkyrie Knight Eri !" A red beam shot from the sky onto the field and the female monster appeared.

Valkyrie Knight Eri ATK/2300 DEF/1000 Light/Fairy/Pendulum/Lv. 5 -Scale 2

"Now I tune level one Snow Bell with level seven Spirit The Pendulum Wolf !" Snow Bell became one green ring and flew up into the sky. Spirit then jumped up and flew through the rings. He turned into seven white orbs and a bright light flashed. ( 1+7 = 8 )

"Synchro Summon ! Appear, Synchro Spirit - Sky Dragon of Reunion !" The mighty white and blue dragon appeared. It had blue eyes and blue armour on its arms and upper body. It roared upon its summon.

Synchro Spirit - Sky Dragon of Reunion ATK/2800 DEF/2000 Light/Dragon/Synchro/Pendulum/Lv. 8 -Scale 4

"Lightning Witch´s Pendulum Effect activates once more ! All monsters on my field gain 500 attack points !" Morgan shouted and her monsters glowed.

Sky Dragon ATK/3300 / Eri ATK/2800

"This is for hurting Lynn ! Sky Dragon, direct attack !" The Dragon unleashed a powerful white energy beam which hit Omega 2 and sent him flying.

Omega 2 LP 4000 (-3300) 700

The boy quickly got up again and pushed a button on his Duel Disk. "I play my Trap ! Ancient Gear Rust ! If I took battle damage this turn, I can destroy one monster on the field and the controller takes 800 points of damage ! I take out your dragon !"

"Not happening ! Let´s go, Sky Dragon !" Morgan jumped onto her dragon´s back and it started flying around the Action Field. She then saw an Action Card and grabbed it as her dragon flew past the platform. "Action Spell, Candy Coat ! I target a monster on my field, for this turn it is unaffected by your Spells and Traps, and it also cannot be destroyed in battle !"

"I use Double Ancient Gear Hunting Hound´s effect in the graveyard ! It lets me re-activate the effect of a Spell or Trap !"

"No !" Morgan shouted.

"I use Ancient Gear Rust once more and take out your Valkyrie Knight Eri !" Omega 2 yelled and this time Morgan wasn´t fast enough to grab an Action Card so Eri was destroyed and Morgan took the effect damage. Morgan LP 4000 (-800) 3200

Sky Dragon landed back on the ground. "I end my turn." Morgan said and then gritted her teeth a bit. ("Dammit. They are good.") She thought.

TURN 6 Omega 1/Omega 2 LP 1500/700 Hand 3/3

Morgan/Lynn LP 3200/725 Hand 0/4

Omega 1 put his hand on his deck. "My turn ! I summon Ancient Gear Hunting Hound and use its effect to hit the girl with 600 points of damage once more !" The machine monster fired a dark beam, sending Lynn backwards and landing on her back. Morgan helped her back up.

Lynn LP 725 (-600) 125

"I play Ancient Gear Double Imitation. I can special summon up to two Ancient Gear from either player´s graveyard with their effects negated ! I bring out the other two Hunting Hounds from my partner´s graveyard !" A portal opened and two Hounds ran out of it. "Next I use the second effect of my Hunting Hound ! I can Fusion Summon 1 Ancient Gear from my extra deck by using monsters on my field or hand as Fusion Material ! Now I fuse the three Hunting Hounds together ! Fusion Summon ! Appear now ! Level 7 ! Triple Ancient Gear Hunting Hound !" A large three headed Hunting Hound appeared, ready to strike.

Triple Ancient Gear Hunting Hound ATK/1800 DEF/1000 Earth/Machine/Fusion/Lv. 7

"I play Limiter Removal to double Triple´s attack points !" Triple ATK/3600

"Futuremore I play the Spell, Ancient Chaos Banishing ! For each Ancient Gear monster I banish from my Graveyard, I can draw one card ! I banish all three Hunting Hounds from my graveyard to draw three cards !" Omega 1 took three cards from his deck. He looked at them and smirked. "Triple Hunting Hound can attack up to three times as long as the extra attacks are on monsters ! And when it attacks, you cannot activate Spell/Trap cards until the end of the damage step !"

"Then I play my Trap now !" Morgan shouted. "Light of Friendship ! I tribute one monster I control and choose one player, that player´s life points increase by the tributed monster´s current attack points ! I tribute Sky Dragon of Reunion and increase Lynn´s life points by 3300 !" Sky Dragon disappeared and Morgan placed his card... into her extra deck.

Lynn LP 125 (+3300) 3425

"Morgan, why ?" Lynn asked, looking at her friend.

"I can´t have you getting carded on my watch." Morgan raised a smile to Lynn. A smile found its way to Lynn as well. "Thank you, Morgan."

"Damn you ! Fine ! I attack you as punishment !" Omega 1 yelled and Triple ran towards Morgan and hit her, she flew across the ground. "Morgan !" Lynn shouted worried. Both boys started to laugh with pleasure. "She lost. Now she will become a card !"

"You stay away from her !" Lynn growled back.

"It´s okay, Lynn. I´m still in this Duel." Lynn turned around and saw Morgan back on her feet with a smile.

"How did you survive that ?!" Omega 1 demanded.

"When I was flying around the field with my dragon, I did found a second Action Card. It couldn´t help me preventing Valkyrie Knight Eri´s destruction, but it helped me now. The Action Card, Restore. Before damage calculation, this card gave me 1000 extra lifepoints."

Morgan LP 4200 (-3600) 600

Morgan´s smile hen turned into a grin. "And since neither me nor Lynn have monsters on our field, your Fusion monster´s effect is useless !"

"You will regret that. I send one card from my hand to the graveyard and set two cards." Omega 1 took one of the cards in his hand and placed it into his graveyard slot. Morgan narrowed her eyes at this but sayed nothing. Two face down cards then appeared and vanished again a second later.

"I end my turn and Triple Ancient Gear Hunting Hound is now destroyed. This is the end for one of you !"

"The end ? I guess, one of your Traps must have something to do with inflicting damage to me or Lynn." Morgan said. Both boys only shrugged with their shoulders. "Maybe, maybe not."

Lynn and Morgan gritted their teeth. They looked at each other and nodded. Lynn then placed her hand on her deck. "I´m not scared. Dra-"

"Not yet !" A male voice suddenly shouted.

"Who´s that ?!" The Fusion fighters yelled as Morgan´s friend Ethan ran onto the field. "Ethan ?!" Morgan says, shocked and surprised.

( Intrusion Penalty - Deduction of 2000 lifepoints )

TURN 7 Morgan/Lynn/Ethan LP 600/3425/2000 - Hand 0/4/5

Omega 1/Omega 2 LP 1500/700 Hand 0/3

"Hey Morgan, Lynn." Ethan said with a grin. "I draw !"

"Why you !" Omega 1 shouted.

"That cheek ! And he gets to draw as well !" Omega 2 said.

"What are you doing here, Ethan ?! It´s dangerous !" Morgan said.

"I was in the shopping mall together with my parents when it started. I saw many people getting turned into cards, including my parents while I hid away. I know it´s dangerous but I couldn´t bear it to watch anymore ! I play the Spell, Cost Down ! I discard one card and then all the monsters in my hand have their level reduced by two. I send the monster Carboneddon to the graveyard and bring out the now level four, Black Tyranno !" A large black Tyranno Saurus Rex appeared. It had sharp red claws and teeth.

Black Tyranno ATK/2600 DEF/1800 Earth/Dinosaur/Effect/Lv. 7- 4

"Next I tribute my Black Tyranno and bring out Ultimate Tyranno via its effect !" Black Tyranno dissolved and a mighty Dinosaur appeard in its place. It was a large one and also seems to share some little appearance points of a dragon. It had black scales, long yellow claws, and three yellow horns on its head.

Ultimate Tyranno ATK/3000 DEF/2200 Earth/Dinosaur/Effect/Lv. 8

"You´re all defenceless ! I atta-" Ethan tried to declare an attack but was stopped.

"We´re not stupid, boy ! I use the Trap Fusion Trench ! Now only Fusion monsters can attack !" Omega 1 shouted and a blue wall appeared in between the duelists.

"Dammit. Nice try, Ethan." Morgan said.

"It´s not over yet ! The Quick-Play Spell Card, Mystical Space Typhoon ! This destroys a Spell or Trap ! Wipe out Fusion Trench !" A blue hurricane appeared and destroyed the face-up Trap, making Omega 1 angry. "No !"

Ethan then pointed at Omega 2. "I attack the one with 700 lifepoints directly !" Ultimate Tyranno charged forward and then spun around. Like this, its tail then hit the boy in the stomach and sent him flying. Omega 2 LP 700-0

"Yes ! Way to go, Ethan !" Lynn shouted. Omega 2 landed on the ground and disappeared in a blue light.

"Damn you ! Now he will be turned into a card upon his return !" Omega 1 yelled.

"He turned innocent people into cards... it´s his own fault !" Morgan replied firmly.

"This is our victory now !" Ethan shouted and Morgan and Lynn smiled back at him. Their opponent however smirked. "I was waiting to use this on one of the girls but you will pay instead !"

"What do you mean ?!" Lynn shouted.

"My other Trap ! Ancient Gear Breaker ! I banish a level five or higher Ancient Gear from my graveyard and hit you with 400 points of damage times it´s level ! I banish level seven Triple Hunting Hound !"

"That will be..." Morgan said.

"2700 points of damage !" The Fusion boy added. A metal cannon appeared and the three headed hound entered it. The cannon fired at Ethan who was caught in shock. "NO!" Morgan yelled. She was powerless to do anything. Ethan was hit by the Fusion monster and sent across the floor. He landed and some smoke appeared from the ground.

Ethan LP 2000-0

Morgan ran towards Ethan and fell to her knees. "Ethan... why... ?"

"I told you. I wanted to do something. I took one out anyway." Ethan smirked.

"How touching." The boy from the Fusion World said as he touched his Duel Disk screen and a purple light glowed from it. Ethan slowly turned into a purple light and dissolved, much to Morgan´s shock. "NO!" She yelled while a card with Ethan´s image appeared on the ground.

Morgan then balled her fists in anger and stormed back to the field. "I have enough ! Let´s end this, Lynn !" The Synchro girl nodded with a caring expression. She prepared her turn.

TURN 8 Lynn/Morgan LP 3425/600 Hand 4/0 / Omega 1 LP 1500 Hand 0

"My turn. I draw !" Lynn drew a card from her deck and added it to her hand. She then took two cards. "I use the already set Pendulum Scale to Pendulum Summon ! Appear my two Windwitch-Ice Bell !" Two beams shot from the sky and both monsters appeared.

2X Windwitch-Ice Bell ATK/1000 DEF/1000 Wind/Spellcaster/Effect/Lv. 3

"Lightning Witch´s Pendulum effect gives both Windwitch 500 attack points !" 2X Ice Bell ATK/1500

"When special summoned, one Windiwitch-Ice Bell inflicts 500 damage. I summoned two which means 1000 points of damage !" Both Ice Bell pointed their wands at Omega 1 and he was hit by two streams of ice. Omega 1 LP 1500 (-1000) 500

Lynn pointed at the boy. "Now I attack you directly !"

"The card I put into my graveyard earlier, I now activate it ! Ancient Revenge ! I banish it to special summon one Ancient Gear Token and it gains attack and defence equal to the combined attack and defence of all monsters you control ! And it is also unaffected by your card effects !" A rusty robot version of Lynn´s Ice Bell appeared.

Ancient Gear Token ATK/3000 DEF/2000 Earth/Machine/Token/Lv. 1

Lynn´s attack was still occuring and her Ice Bell fired a stream of ice. The robot Ice Bell did the same, and its stream of ice destroyed Lynn´s Ice Bell.

Lynn LP 3425 (-1500) 1925

Lynn gritted her teeth. "I set one card face down and end my turn." She looked at her friend. "Sorry Morgan. It´s up to you to end this."

"It´s okay, Lynn. Not your fault. And I will win." Morgan replied.

"Not when I finish you of first !" Omega 1 replied and then drew. "I place one card face down. Now my token takes out your Ice Bell !" The robot shot an ice-beam at the real Windwitch-Ice Bell and destroyed her. Lynn had to shield herself with her arms.

Lynn LP 1925 (-1500) 425

Omega 1 smirked. "I end my turn. Now come at me if you´re brave enough !"

TURN 10 Morgan/Lynn LP 600/425 Hand 0/2 / Omega 1 LP 500 Hand 0

Morgan placed her hand on her deck. She took a deep breath. "It´s all or nothing. Let´s finish this ! I draw !" She looked at her drawn card and smiled. "I play the Spell, Pendulum Scale Change ! I destroy my already set Pendulum Scale and set a new one with monsters from my deck and/or extra deck !" One card came out of her deck and another out of her extra deck and Morgan grabbed them. She then revealed them. Both monsters vanished from the Pendulum Scale. "With Scale 2 Valkyrie Knight Eri and Scale 9 Stella Fairy of Earth I set the Pendulum Scale !" Morgan slammed the cards onto her Duel Disk and the new Pendulum Scale formed. The numbers 2 and 9 appeared beneath them.

Valkyrie Knight Eri 2 - 9 Stella Fairy of Earth

"Pendulum Summon ! Return, Sky Dragon of Reunion !" The Pendulum portal opened and a white beam shot out of it. Sky Dragon returned and roared.

Synchro Spirit - Sky Dragon of Reunion ATK/2800 DEF/2000 Light/Dragon/Synchro/Pendulum/Lv. 8 -Scale 5

"That move was against the rules ! That dragonn is a Synchro monster ! You can´t summon him back like this ?!" Omega 1 yelled.

"No. My dragon is a Synchro/Pendulum hybried. When destroyed it is sent face up into my extra deck. When I have a high enough Scale, I can then Pendulum Summon him from the extra deck." Morgan replied.

Lynn looked at Morgan in awe. ("Amazing. Like this she can summon almost every type of monster back, ignoring its normal summoning conditions.") She then closed her eyes and smiled. ("Now I know that she will win. Just to be sure...") She pushed a button on her Duel Disk screen and her face down Trap rose up. "I activate the Trap, Synchro Barrier. Now monsters on our field cannot be destroyed by battle."

Morgan smiled. "Thanks, Lynn. This was the last thing I needed."

"What good will that do ?! Your Dragon isn´t strong enough to beat me." Omega 1 shouted with a grin.

"True. Sky Dragon, attack the Token Ice Bell !" Morgan said. The dragon fired a white energy beam from its mouth. Since the Token Ice Bell was stronger, a force field deflected the attack and Sky Dragon was hit.

Morgan LP 600 (-200) 400

Omega 1 laughed. "As I said, you can´t beat me !"

"I activate Stella´s Pendulum effect ! One monster I control gains 1000 attack points and can attack once more. I also use Eri´s Pendulum effect ! During my battle phase you can´t use Spell or Trap cards !"

"No way ?!" Omega 1 said once he realized what that meant.

"You have one chance. Surrender now and you will face justice here without becoming a card !" Morgan said firmly. Sky Dragon started charging up an energy beam in his mouth. Sky Dragon of Reunion ATK/3800

"Never ! Even if you beat me now, victory is far away for any of you ! We from the Fusion World will continue ! We will create an ultimate world ! And all humans which are weak or disloyal will perish !"

"I heard enough." Morgan said and then looked at her dragon. "I´m sorry you had to take that hit. Now end this !" Sky Dragon unleashed an energy beam that hit the boy and sent him flying.

Omega 1 LP 500-0 / Morgan and Lynn WIN

The boy vanished in a blue light and the Action Field dissolved. The girls deactivated their Duel Disks.

"He was right with one point. We are far away from ending this." Lynn said.

"I know. But we have to try. They have no right to do what they are doing. However, they seem to be so loyal to their master that it will be hard for us. It will be very hard for us to convice them to stop." Morgan replied. Lynn nodded and then noticed something all to familiar. "This can´t be a good sign."

Morgan turned to her and Lynn held up her right hand, showing her green glowing bracelet. Morgan looked at her bracelet and of course it was glowing as well. The girls nodded to each other and then ran of. They felt their bracelets guiding them.

Back on the Bridge

Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon, Clear Wing Synchro Dragon and Starving Venom Fusion Dragon still growled at each other loudly. Brody, Ryan and Ren looked at each other, their eyes still glowing in different colors.

"I use my effect ! I gain the attack points of one monster my opponent controls until the end of this turn !" Ren shouted.

"Not happening !" Ryan replied with a smirk. "I use my effect ! I negate and destroy a monster who uses his effect on a level five or higher monster !"

"No !" Ren replied as Clear Wing crunched itself up and then threw his body wide open. It glowed in a silver light and a beam then hit Starving Venom, wipping it out. "Clear Wing gains the destroyed monster´s attack until the end phase !" Ryan added and his dragon roared. Clear Wing ATK/5300

Ren smirked. "All for nothing. When I leave the field, all cards on my opponent´s field are destroyed and you take 500 points of damage for each !"

"Damn you !" Ryan said. Purple streams came out of a portal on the ground and head towards Odd-Eyes and Clear Wing. The streams hit and destroyed the dragons as well as Brody´s Pendulum Scale, and his and Ryan´s Trap cards.

"That´s 2500 points of damage !" Ren yelled and two more streams shot out of the portal and hit Brody and Ryan.

Brody and Ryan LP 4000 (-2500) 1500

All three boys then stared at the ground and their eyes stopped glowing. Now that their dragons left the field, they seem to return to normal. "My head..." Ryan groaned. "What the hell happened ?!" Brody said.

"Whatever happened, it doesn´t matter. Both of you will soon come with me to the Fusion World. I end my turn." Ren said.

TURN 5 Ryan and Brody LP 1500 Hand 1/0 Ren LP 4000 Hand 2

"My turn !" Ryan yelled and he drew a card from his deck. "I play the Spell, Clear Light ! When I control no monsters, I can special summon one monster from my graveyard with its effects negated ! Return, my dragon !" A green portal opened next to Ryan and Clear Wing flew out of it.

Clear Wing Synchro Dragon ATK/2500 DEF/2000 Wind/Dragon/Synchro/Lv. 7 "Next I activate my Trap !"

"But my Dragon´s effect should have destroyed all of your cards ?!" Ren said back, a bit shocked.

"This set Trap card cannot be destroyed by your monster´s effects ! I play Assault Mode Activate ! Thanks to this, my dragon evolves !" Clear Wing flew high into the sky and glowed brightly. As the light faded away, the Dragon now had golden armour over his upper body. It landed back on the field and roared. "That´s my Clear Wing Synchro Dragon/Assault Mode !"

Clear Wing Synchro Dragon/Assault Mode ATK/2800 DEF/2300 Wind/Dragon/Effect/Lv. 7

"Clear Wing´s new effect activates ! He can attack two times each turn, and when he battles a defence position monster, he inflicts piercing damage ! Now my dragon, wipe out Ren´s little lizard monster !" Clear Wing unleashed a green energy beam from its mouth which hit and destroyed the lizard. Ren shielded himself with his right arm.

Ren LP 4000 (-800) 3200

"When Crystal Lizard is destroyed while he is in defence position, you take 400 damage !" Ren said.

Ryan and Brody LP 1500 (-400) 1100

"Nothing compared to what comes now ! Clear Wing, direct attack !" Ryan shouted and the Synchro Dragon fired another beam. The attack hit Ren and he was pushed backwards, but he was able to remain on his feet. Ren LP 3200 (-2800) 400

"You´re not bad." Ren said.

"I don´t need your praising ! I end my turn." Ryan snapped back and then looked at Brody. "Now is your chance. End this !"

Brody nodded. "I will." He placed his hand on his deck. "This is for everyone who was turned into a card, and for threatening us and our friends !"

"With our friends you mean Morgan and Lynn, right ? Are you worried about them ?" Ren asked with a strange tone. Brody narrowed his eyes. "And what if I am ?"

"Then you´re to late. My friend Celina already found them. Right now your precious friends are captured and are brought to my world."

"What ?!" Brody and Ryan shouted.

"You heard me. Your friends are gone ! And soon they will lose their free will and serve our master !" Ren replied with a smirk.

"NO!" Brody and Ryan shouted together and their eyes lit up once more. This time they are fully out of control. Brody´s body begun to be surrounded by a black darkened aura and his eyes glowed in an even darker red. The pupils of his eyes are a reptilien slit again. Ryan´s eyes appeared the same as before. Both gritted their teeth and started to breath faster and faster. "Morgan..." Brody growled. "Lynn..." Ryan growled. "WILL BE AVENGED !" Both shouted at the same time. A green light then flew from Ryan towards Brody´s deck and extra deck.

TURN 6 Brody and Ryan LP 1100 Hand 0/1 Ren LP 400 Hand 2

"Draw !" Brody yelled. He looked at the card and smirked. Ren looked directly at Brody´s eyes and started to take a step back in fear. Brody´s smirk grew. "Why run ? The fun is just getting started !"

"I´m not running away !" Ren snapped back.

"I activate Miracle Pendulum Draw ! A random Pendulum monster is sent from my deck to the extra and I draw cards equal to its level !" A card poped out of Brody´s deck and he showed it to Ren. "It´s the level four Xiangsheng Magician. I get to draw four cards !" Brody sent the monster to his extra deck and took four cards from his deck. One of the cards glowed. "I activate the Spell, Return of the Dragon to bring back Odd-Eyes Pedulum Dragon from the extra deck !" A red beam shot from the sky and the Pendulum Dragon appeared from it. He roared upon his return.

Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon ATK/2500 DEF/2000 Dark/Dragon/Pendulum/Lv. 7 -Scale 4

"Next I normal summon the Tuner monster Tuning Magician !" A girl with long pink hair, dressed in a white magician outfit and holding a staff-like tuning fork appeared.

Tuning Magician ATK/500 DEF/500 Dark/Spellcaster/Tuner/Lv. 1

"A Tuner monster ?!" Ren shouted with shock. He didn´t expected this to happen.

Brody continued to grin. "Right you are ! When summoned, I take 400 points of damage and you gain 400 lifepoints !"

Brody and Ryan LP 1100 (-400) 700 / Ren LP 400 (+400) 800

"Now I tune level one Tuning Magician with level seven Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon !" Brody yelled and the Synchro Summon begun. Tuning Magician became a green ring and Odd-Eyes jumped through it and became seven white orbs. A bright white light flashed. ( 1+7 = 8 )

"Synchro Summon ! Come forth ! Odd-Eyes Wing Dragon !" Brody shouted.

"A Synchro/Pendulum hybried ?!" Ren replied as a large dragon appeared. It shared a similar appearance to Clear Wing. It has a white and black body with a few glowing blue plates, glowing blue wings, no feet, a long tail and one red and one green eye.

Odd-Eyes Wing Dragon ATK/3000 DEF/2500 Dark/Dragon/Synchro/Pendulum/Lv. 8 -Scale 10

"This is your end." Brody said, still smirking. His new dragon unleashed a roar that sent shockwaves along the road. Ren looked at the new dragon in awe and then gritted his teeth in anger. "Dammit. I didn´t expected him to gain the power to Synchro Summon." He pushed a button on his Duel Disk screen. "I play my Trap !"

"Nothing can save you." Ryan said.

"No, not this Duel anyway. I play the Trap, Fusion Addition ! By banishing a Fusion Dragon-type from my graveyard, I can add a Spell from my deck to my hand. I banish Starving Venom Fusion Dragon and add the Spell, World-Gateway !"

"What does that do ?!" Brody said.

"It´s not what the card does in the game, it´s what it does outside of a Duel !" Ren replied and then held up the card. A purple portal appeared behind him. "I go home for now but I will find you again. This is only the beginning !" Ren then jumped into the portal and it vanished.

"Coward." Both Ryan and Brody said before their eyes returned to normal. Brody´s dragon, however, remained on the field.

"I guess he returned to his world." Ryan said.

"And we need to follow him ! We have-" Brody said but stopped by a familiar voice.

"Brody !" The boys turned around and saw Morgan and Lynn running towards them.

"Morgan ! Lynn ! You´re okay !" Both boys shouted with a smile, reliefed that Morgan and Lynn were safe and sound. Brody´s dragon seemed to sense the girls and started to roar loudly. A bright white light then shined from its body, starting to blind the boys. Brody then looked at himself and saw his body starting to vanish. He looked up at Ryan and saw the same thing happening to him. Brody turned to the girls. "Morgan ! Stay back !"

This made Morgan and Lynn stop. Morgan then gritted her teeth worried. "Brody...?!"

"Stay away, Morgan ! Please !" Brody yelled back and the light got stronger, now blinding the girls as well. The boys vanished more and more and Brody gritted his teeth before he spoke again. "Morgan, listen to me ! No matter where we are, we will always be together ! Don´t forget that !" The light then shines even brither, and then it slowly begun to fade away. Once completly gone, both Brody and Ryan have disappeared.

"No !" Morgan said as she ran over to the point where the boys were just a moment ago. However, the only thing left there was Brody´s dragon shaped necklace which lay on the ground. "No... they´re gone..." Morgan sunk to her knees and picked up the necklace.

"Morgan..." Lynn said as she kneeled down next to her and placed a hand on Morgan´s shoulder.

A few minutes passed without the girls saying anything. Lynn then heard footsteps in the distance. She stood up and looked to the left. She narrowed her eyes as she saw another group of enemies coming towards them. "Dammit. Another group of them." She turned to Morgan. "Morgan, we have to go !"

Morgan didn´t replie as she grabbed the necklace tight. ("Dammit. There has to be a way to stop this. Someone... somehow... please help !") She thought with sadness and tightly closed her eyes. Her bracelet then lit up once more and Morgan gasped as she felt a pulsation coming from her deck. She stood up and opened the deckholder on her belt. She then pulled two glowing cards out. One was her Lightning Mage while the other was a female monster she didn´t recognized.

Morgan starred at the cards before she placed them on her chest. "Yes, I can feel you. Please lend me your power." Morgan then turned to Lynn with a serious expression. "Lynn, get behind me."

"Ah...okay..." Lynn was unsure but stepped behind Morgan.

Morgan closed her eyes and took a deep breath. She then opened her eyes and her pupils were slightly glowing pink. She then held both cards up into the air. "Brave warriors who fought in an ancient time, please lend me your power and help me save this world. Come forth, Fate The Lightning Pendulum Mage and Sakura The Pendulum Warrior !" Morgan´s Duel Disk activated and Morgan slammed both cards onto the blade. Lightning Mage appeared along with another female warrior. It was a young woman about 22 years old with hip-length spiky pink hair and brown eyes. She wears a white hairband, a sleevless dark/purple shirt, a short black skirt and a dark white scarf as a belt. She also wears sleeves in dark red but they aren´t attached to the shirt, long brown boots, and over the scarf-belt she wears another brown belt with a sword attached on the right side.

Lynn looked around in awe as streams of yellow-golden colored energy from all around the city started to flew towards them. The energy gathers inside both female warriors and soon they are surrounded by a glowing golden aura. Both warriors then crossed their swords and pointed them into the air.

"Now go !" Morgan then said and the warriors unleashed the gathered energy into the sky. The energy separated and went as shockwaves over the whole city. All Duel monsters in the sky and on the ground which were summoned by the Fusion Fighters shattered as the waves hit them. The Fusion Fighters themselves then all glowed in a white light and vanished. This made the residents of Paradise City, who tried to fight them off, stop the battling. They all looked around, feeling confused and relieved alike. A loud noise then came from the sky as a clear golden dome formed above the city.

Morgan looked up into the sky and smiled a bit. She looked back at her monsters. "Thanks, you two. Now get some rest." Both warriors nodded and vanished again. Morgan´s pupils stopped glowing and she held her head while breathing fast. Now she felt exhausted, more then ever before. She was about to sunk down but Lynn came over and supported her. Morgan gave her a weak smile. "Thanks Lynn."

"The situation seems to be save for now. Let´s get back to the school." Lynn said and Morgan nodded.

Two hours later at You Show Duel School

Night had now fallen. You Show wasn´t spared in the attack. Some holes were in the walls while some windows were smashed. A lot of the students fell and got turned into cards when they tried to protect the school and the younger students. Morgan and Lynn were resting on the couch in the common room. Stacey was also with them. She hided herself inside the school during the attack. She typed away on her laptop while talking to her friends.

"We really lost Ethan ?" Stacey asked. Morgan sighed and nodded. "Yeah."

"And Brody and Ryan also disappeared. We guess they were sent to one of the other worlds somehow. Hopefully, not the Fusion World." Lynn added.

Morgan then looked at Stacey. "Have you found out something ?" Her friend nodded and turned the laptop so Morgan and Lynn could see what she found. It showed a picture of the city with the clear golden dome above. "Whatever you did, it released a huge amount of your pendulum energy. It extended over the city and destroyed the Duel monsters while also sending those Fusion Fighters back to their world. And it also formed a strong energy dome above the city, preventing people from one of the other worlds to enter our world."

Stacey turned the laptop back to her and typed on it once more. "As it seems like, we are save for now. However, I doubt that this dome will hold forever."

"Which means we have to do something. But to be honest, I have no idea where we should start." Lynn said.

Morgan didn´t know either. ("Dammit. First we are attacked, then we lose Ethan, and then Brody and Ryan also disappear.") She balled her fists in anger before standing up. "I... I go home. I want some time alone to think." Morgan said in a hurted tone and then walked out of the school with her head down. Stacey and Lynn could only look at each other with a sad look.

Some time later in the Kamiya Apartment

Lynn and Stacey were sitting at the kitchen table while Morgan was sitting on the balcony with her head on her arms. The girls wanted to give her some space but refused to leave her completly alone.

"Man, this gotta be tough." Lynn said, looking towards her friend with a sad look.

"Morgan and Brody know each other since they were babies, they basically grew up together. They were always together, learned everything together, how to swim, how to duel, how to handle the sometimes hard school life, those two are the best of friends and they always care for each other. Sometimes I´m pretty sure that they see each other as even more than friends, but they would never admit that." Stacey replied with a small chuckle, refering to the last part. "Her brother Junior who disappeared three years ago without a word, on the other hand, was the one who raised her. He was the one who gave her a home, a family. She loves him very much. And now that she is separated from them both... let´s just say, it hurts. It hurts her a lot which is why we should leave her alone for the moment."

"I understand. I just wish I knew a way to help her." Lynn said.

"I might know a way to help her." A female voice said. The girls looked towards the hallway and saw Emma walking into the living room.

"Hey Emma." Lynn and Stacey said together. Emma smiled back at them and then walked over to the balcony. She opened the door which made Morgan look up. Seeing Emma made Morgan look to the side with a sad expression while holding Brody´s necklace out towards her. "I´m sorry..."

Emma smiled gently and took the necklace. She then sat down next to Morgan. "It´s not your fault, Morgan. Don´t blame yourself." Morgan didn´t replie so Emma continued. "Morgan, you know my brother, don´t you ? You know that he is strong. He won´t go down that easy."

"I know. But that doesnt make it any easier." Morgan mumbled.

"Morgan, I don´t blame you for Brody´s disapperance. No, in fact, I really admire you for trying to protect him. And I´m sure you will find him."

Morgan continued to look at the ground depressed but Emma wasn´t going to give up. "Come one, Morgan. This isn´t you and you know that. You are very brave and kind. You always try to help your friends and others, no matter what the problem is. You try to understand them and their feelings. You´re a person who keeps her promises and fights for what is right. That´s what makes you an amazing person. You´re someone who never gives up, so you shouldn´t give up now." Emma grabbed Morgan´s hand and sequeenzed it gently. "Hey Morgan, do you remember the day when Brody lost his deck and wanted to give up when he couldn´t find it ?"

Morgan closed her eyes with a small smile. ("Oh yeah...")

/ Flashback, eight years ago /

Young Brody wore a half red and white short sleeved sweater with blue pants and his necklace, and young Morgan wore a pink shirt, plue pants and her bracelet. The two were sitting on a hill which was beside a flowing river.

"I give up !" Brody said, slamming his small fists onto the ground.

"Are you sure you looked everywhere ?!" A determined Morgan asked.

"I looked ! My Odd-Eyes Dragon is gone forever !" Brody begun to tear up and Morgan gritted her teeth. "Enough !" Morgan said as she went walking away. Brody was surprised at this. "Where are you going ?"

"What do you think ? I´m going to find this deck !" Morgan replied.

"But we searched everywhere ?" Brody replied.

"We´ll search again ! Until we find it ! Where did you last see it ?" Morgan said as she looked around the hill.

"Just over there, remember ?" Brody replied, pointing at the top of the hill.

"But I don´t see it ! Are you sure you didn´t pick it up ?!" Morgan said.

"I know I didn´t !" Brody stood up and he could feel a weight in his pocket getting lighter and lighter. Brody looked down and he saw cards falling out of his pocket. He saw his Action-Buddys, his Stargazer and Timegazer Magician and then Odd-Eyes Dragon fall out until none were left. "Oops."

"I told you !" Morgan said as she ran back to him. "You dummy." She picked up the cards and handed them back to Brody.

Brody smiled. "Thanks Morgan."

Morgan smiled back. "Your welcome."

/ End of Flashback /

"You see Morgan, back then you were able to help Brody through a hard time. You were able to get him believing that he would find his deck again and you did. I know that this is a much harder and scarier event but you´ve proven time and time again that you don´t give up. You can´t start now, you can do this." Emma said.

Morgan took Emma´s words to heart and looked up at her. "Emma, I´m sorry we didn´t tell you sooner, but Brody and I are-"

"Connected to all of this. Yes, I know. I guessed for a while now that something strange was going on between you all." Emma said with a smile, surprising Morgan. "Morgan, your team spirit and your willingness to not give up, that´s important. Yes, you and Brody are connected to whatever is going on, but you´re also much more than that."

Morgan then smiled and stood up. "You´re right, Emma. My friends wouldn´t want me togive up. Brody would never forgive me if I did."

"That´s the spirit." Emma then placed her hands on Morgan´s shoulder. "Morgan, wherever you might go now, never forget for what you fight. Do this for everyone !"

"Thank you, Emma. I promise, I will bring Brody and everyone home." Morgan said. She and Emma embraced in a hug as Stacey and Lynn smiled.

"I know you guys will. Now you have the night to rest and get ready. And also, Morgan..." Emma put the necklace around Morgan´s neck. "Take my brother´s necklace with you. This way you have a bit of Brody to keep you going."

"Thank you, Emma." Morgan smiled and then turned to her friends. "Okay then. Lynn and Stacey, take the night to rest. Tomorrow at sunrise we will depart into another world."

Midnight at the Kamiya Apartment

Lynn and Stacey were asleep on the couch while Morgan sat on the railing of the balcony. She was thinking. "I really wonder why the master of the Fusion World wants to capture me, Lynn, Brody and our lookalikes ? Why does he wants us ? Why are we so special ? So much questiones and so little answers. Now that I´m about to actually travel to another world, I start to feel scared a bit."

("It´s fine to be scared. But we will be there to bare that burden with you. We will protect you.") A female voice said. Morgan was surprised at the sudden voice. She then got shocked as her Lightning Mage appeared right next to her. She looks transparent as if she was a spirit. Morgan wanted to scream out in shock but her warrior quickly covered her mouth with her hand. ("It´s alright. Please don´t be scared.")

Morgan nodded and Lightning Mage removed her hand. "Lightning Mage... you... can talk ? How ?! What are you ?!"

("Please calm down, Morgan.") Lightning Mage replied with a smal smile. ("I´m a Duel Spirit, as are also some of your other monsters. You have magic powers which alow you to see and comunicate with us.")

"How comes I couldn´t speak to you when I was younger ? And why are you here and... why now ?"

("Years ago, a magic seal was placed on us spirits, preventing us from appearing. However, when we are under the care of a human with magic powers, the seal can start to break.") Lightning Mage explaines before holding up two fingers. ("There are two reasons why I didn´t appear sooner. One was that your magic needed time to grow and stable itself. The other was that you had and still have a happy life and I didn´t wanted to interupt that. You could take care of yourself so I never felt necessary to appear in the form you see right now. That changed at the day where you fighted for your brother.")

Morgan narrowed her eyes serious at the mention of her Duel against Strong Ishijima. "Weeks ago at my Duel with Strong Ishijima, when I unlocked the Pendulum Summon, all of this started. Do you might know why all of this is happening ?"

Lightning Mage looked to the side and then back at Morgan. ("Yes, I know. However, I refuse to speak about this... yet. It´s not the right time yet. I´m very sorry. I know it´s unfair for you, you´ve been through a lot during the last weeks and you want answers, but I ask you to trust me in this, please.")

Morgan looked a little bit angry. She wanted answers. But looking into her warrior´s eyes... Morgan sighed and smiled a bit. "Alright, Lightning Mage. I trust you." Her smile then turned into a grin. "But you owe me something for that."

Lightning Mage laughed a bit. ("Alright, deal. Thank you, Morgan. I promise that you will get your answers. And now you should get some rest. A huge adventure awaits you.")

"That´s true." Morgan said before walking to the balcony door. She bit her lip and waited for a moment and then turned back to her warrior. "Lightning Mage... we will do this together... right ?"

Lightning Mage nodded. ("Of course. Just like we always did. And Morgan...") She now smiled. ("You´re my friend. You can call me Fate.")

"Alright. Thank you... Fate." Morgan smiled back and then went to her room to get some sleep. Lightning Mage still smiled as she faded away.

Paradise City, next day, 7am

Smoke from broken buildings and the streets slowly faded away and the true extent of the damage from the attack was revealed. Paradise City had suffered major damage. Streets had numerous pot holes, shops and homes were destroyed, and losts of cards were laying all around, having the images of the city´s residents.

Morgan, Lynn and Stacey had a hard time to bear that sight while walking through the city. Sadly, right now they couldn´t do anything to help them so they had to keep going. Stacey wore her usual clothes while Emma provided new ones for Lynn and Morgan.

Lynn now wore a long sleeved white shirt under a short sleeved, light green jeans-jacket which goes just a bit over her chest, blue shorts and light green sneakers. Morgan wore a dark pink tank top under a new long sleeved orange jeans jacket, a short black skirt, long white knee socks and short brown boots which you also could good run with. Her hair is bond into a ponytail with an orange ribbon, she also wears a brown belt with a deckholder, short fingerless black gloves, her silver bracelet with the pink jewel, her brother´s silver and blue pendulum wrapped around her right wrist right next to her bracelet and Brody´s necklace.

The tower of Harper Futuristics was damaged in the attack as well. There were a lot of holes and cracks all over the tower. A lot of windows were smashed too. As Morgan and the others reached the entrance, five young adults were standing there, and once they saw the girls approaching, they activated their Duel Disks.

"This is as far as you go. Who are you and what do you want here ?"

The girls stopped. Stacey raised an eyebrow. "They don´t know who Morgan is even through she´s the new champion ?"

"They are just careful after that attack. I would do the same thing." Lynn said back.

Morgan walked towards them. "We´re not here to cause any trouble. We know how to sort out what happened yesterday, but for that we need to speak to Mr. Harper."

"Not happening. Now go or we will use force." One of the boys replied firmly.

"Enough Brendan !" A female voice shouted which made all of them look towards the entrace. Standing there was Avery who wore a white shirt under a black blazer jacket, a short dark red skirt and long dark brown boots, and Drake who wears his usual clothes. "Let them through. They are friends."

"As you wish." Brendan replied and he and the others let Morgan, Lynn and Stacey through.

Morgan smiled and shook hands with Avery who also smiled. "It´s been a while, Avery. Glad to see you and your friends are okay. And I also see that a certain thing happened as well."

Avery nodded. "Yes, I´m the new CEO of Harper Futuristics. I was really looking forward to this, but I never thought I would have to deal with something like what happened yesterday right from the beginning."

Morgan´s face got more serious. She looked up at the tower. "Looks like you weren´t spared by yesterday´s attack either."

"Yeah. The tower was quite damaged by the attacks of those Duel monsters. It will take a while to repair that. We also lost some of our students and workers. Thankfully, someone created this dome over the city and stopped the attack."

"Funny thing now. That person... was me." Morgan said with a small sheepishly smile. Drake and Avery looked very surprised and Morgan hold up her right hand. "It´s a long and very complicated story. We may go inside for that." Avery nodded and pointed inside. They all went inside and closed the doors. The five young adults got back to their guarding points.

The group entered the office of the CEO which now belonged to Avery. Morgan then spoke up. "I´m happy that you´re the CEO now. It´s best for this company and our city. However, what happend with your uncle ?"

"See for yourself." Drake said, pointing to a table that was beside the office desk. Laying there were several cards with images of teenagers. Also among them were Max Harper and his right hand man Nakajima.

"Okay, Max Harper was not always a good man, but not even he deserves that." Morgan said.

"I agree to that." Avery said. "Now, please explain what you know."

Morgan nodded and then started to explain what she and her firends know so far. Ten minutes later, to say that Avery and Drake are shocked, was an understatement. "Okay... I expected a lot, but this is clearly something you don´t hear every day." Avery said.

"So those people from the Fusion World are starting a war, invading the other worlds to turn people into cards and so use them as energy to power their project to create an ultimate world by combining all five worlds." Drake recalled and the girls nodded. "And for some reason they also want to capture you two as well as Brody ?" He looked at Morgan and Lynn who nodded once more.

"Yes. The master of the Fusion World wants to capture us so we would serve him as elite fighters in the new world. Why exactly us, we don´t know." Morgan said.

Avery and Drake looked at each other. "So now what are you going to do ?"

"We have to fight and stop the Fusion World. We are conected to this mess. If we don´t fight then all worlds and the people living there will be lost." Lynn said.

"However, entering a war without support is suicide. We must head to the other worlds first and gain support. We must win peoples turst, explain everything to them and then ask them to join us in the battle. We also need to find our counterparts before Fusion does." Morgan said.

"In that case, me and Drake will stay here and explain the situation to the remaining residents of the city. We will also train and prepare as much Duelists as we can. Once you´re ready in the other worlds, we will be ready too." Avery said.

"Alright. Here you guys will be safe. The dome I created prevents people from other worlds to enter our world. It won´t hold forever but for a while so use the time wisely." Morgan said.

"Have you decided which world you want to go first ?" Drake asked.

"I think I can control the Pendulum Gateway now. I will go to the Ritual World first. It´s the only world which I wasn´t in any contact since all of this started." Morgan replied and everyone else in the room nodded.

A few minutes later, they all were standing on the tower´s roof.

"I will stay here and try to figure out a way to turn carded people back to normal." Stacey said. Morgan and Lynn nodded and Morgan then stepped forward. She looked at her bracelet and then felt a hand grab her left hand. Morgan looked to the left and saw Lynn smiling at her. Morgan smiled back and then held her right hand into the air. "Pendulum Gateway, please open us the path to the Ritual World !" Morgan´s bracelet begun to glow and the four different colored cracks appeared in the sky. They connected to each other and a bright light flashed. Once it faded away, a glowing blue portal appeared right in front of the girls. They smiled, but suddenly, another portal appeared right next to the blue one. This one was glowing green.

"What does that mean ?" Morgan asked.

"That looks like the portal which brought me here." Lynn said.

"But I only asked for the Ritual World." Morgan replied with a troubled expression.

( "Your voice said Ritual, but the voice of your heart was something different. Remember the promise you made with Lynn ?") Fate´s voice said inside Morgan´s mind.

("Of course !") Morgan thought and then smiled at Lynn. "You should go home for now."

"You want to split us up ?" Lynn asked surprised.

"Yes, like this we can work in two worlds simulately. And... I promised you I would find a way to get you back home, remember ?" As answer, Morgan was pulled into a hug by Lynn. This made Morgan smile gently.

"Thanks Morgan, I will go. And when I´m lucky enough, I might even stumble over Brody and Ryan there." Lynn said.

"If so then try to stay together. Once I´m finished in Ritual I will come to Synchro." Morgan said back. The girls then broke the hug and their bracelets lit up for a moment.

"Stay safe." Morgan said.

"You too." Lynn replied. She then walked into the green portal which seconds later vanished. ("Take care of yourself, Lynn.") Morgan thought and then turned to her friends. "I´m going now." She said and her friends nodded.

"We await your return. Good luck and take care of yourself." Avery said with a smile. Morgan nodded and then walked towards the blue portal. She had a determined expression. ("Alright. Let´s go then.") With that she walked into the portal and it vanished.


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