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Chapter 1

The lil rich girl

Rini's parents were the most richest people in the world but one thing Rini wanted was a normal family. When your rich its hard to find a man who doesn't want you for your money or that is too stuck up (A.N. Rini's NOT stuck up okie) "Rini" a voice said "Yeah Mom" Rini said back. "you know how you're father just died." Rini's Mom said as she sat down on Rini's bed "Yeah" Rini said "Well how do I say this...he wasn't you're real father." Her Mom said while laughing nervously. "NANI!"

~*~*With all the Ranma People*~*~

It had been 2 months after Akane's death, no one had known why or how she died all they knew is that they found her body.(A.N. EVIL AKANE you can tell I don't like her ^.^) Soun (or Mr. Tendo) had gathered his two daughters to tell them something that seemed important. "Girls" he said seriously "well um...your sister is coming to visit." He said while putting his hand behind his head. "Wait, we have another sister." Nabiki said. "Well yeah only she looks a little...different." Mr. Tendo finished. "How different" said Nabiki with a blank tone.

~*~*In Rini's LIMO*~*~ (A.N. how come she gets one *pout*)

Rini let out a soft sigh as the limo drove her to meet her real dad. She had all these questions swarming in her head, but her music was a bit too loud...ok it was up almost all the way but, that's not important. The limo drove through the streets to get to the desired area. Rini's heart was pounding. She sat wondering while singing to the music "Once upon a time in Kyla park where they live life fast and they scared of dark there was a little nigga by the name of Chris no one paid him any time no one gave a --- -." (A.N. what I like that song. If ya font know the songs Gossip Folks) She was interrupted by the driver "We're here Miss" The driver said. Rini's heart pounded while she stepped out if the limo.


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