Chapter 4

Kuno, Shampoo and Dork?!?

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Chibiusa twirled around while humming a random tune that just popped into her head. It was a bright and beautiful day, and the first day of school was the only day to be excited. Her shoes lightly tapped on the street with Ranma's following right behind her. She was trying to do everything she could to forget about her home, because it didn't look like she was going back anytime soon.

"No more humming." Ranma said plainly as he followed the cheerful pink haired girl. She turned around and looked at him. "What?" He asked. "Nothing!" She smiled and turned back around now skipping down the road.

When they got to the school she giggled, put her hand on her forehead to block the sun as she looked up at the spacious blue sky. "Today should be fun" She thought to herself, but she really had no idea. There was a dot in the sky falling down. "Look Ranma-kun!" Chibiusa pointed at the sky. "I'm not falling for that agai--" Ranma was cut off when Kuno landed on him. Chibiusa just tilted her head. "Why hello! My name is Tendo Chibiusa!" She smiled and looked at Kuno. He then forgot about Ranma and ran up and held her hand while kneeling. "Hello my beautiful maiden." He kissed her hand. She giggled. "Wow people in this school sure are friendly." She then walked over to Ranma. "Ranma-kun?" She paused. "Your going to be late for school...." She grabbed his arm and dragged him into Furinkin High.

By the end of the school day she had already made friends even though Nabiki was trying to teach her the value of a dollar. Many people were also talking about her at the end of the day too. Most people thought that she was like Akane since she already had Kuno head over heals for her just like the "Pig-tailed girl", but Chibiusa, of course, didn't have much of a temper. The other person she was described as was the famous ice-skater Azusa, very bubbly, happy and ditzy.

Chibiusa was sitting in front of the school waiting for Ranma, since Nabiki went over to her friend's house, so that she could get back to the dojo. She sighed and took another glance at the scenery. Sunny days were always nice to have. 30 minutes passed and she assumed that he just wasn't coming, she was going to have to find her own way home.

The streets were filled with people of many sorts and she wasn't paying that much attention, when she bumped into a purple haired girl. "Gomen nasai!" Chibusa yelled out as she helped the girl up. "Now all things scattered on ground!" The girl cried. "Oh!" Chibiusa got on her knees to pick some of the items up. It seemed like things that you had used to make soups, there were spices and chopsticks among most of the things.

After everything was picked up, Chibiusa smiled at the girl and offered to help her. The girl had only smiled back at her with a simple "yes".

When they got to the girls final destination Chibiusa set all of the items down and realized something. "Shampoo." The girl looked at her and smiled. "Thank you for help." She bowed. "Chibiusa." Chibiusa replied and gave off a smile also.

"Dinners ready!" Kasumi chimed as she set the newly made food on the table. "Good I'm starving." Ranma walked in and sat on one of the pillows. "Has Chibiusa come home yet?" Genma asked as he also walked into the room. "No, I haven't seen her." Kasumi looked at him.

"I found it!!! I finally found it!!!" Chibiusa yelled while bursting through the door. "Where were you?" Nabiki asked her. "Well, I kinda couldn't find the dojo..." She trailed off. "Damn, I was supposed to get you home huh?" Ranma said while popping out from the dining room. "Yea, kinda" She sighed. "I'll getchya a map next time." He popped back in and began to eat his rice. She sighed, now because she was trying to contain her anger. "I'm going to go to bed now." She headed up the stairs. "Aren't you going to eat?" Kasumi asked as she walked up. "I'm not that hungry, but you can save it for tomorrow if you want." She smiled.

The next day it was raining. "Well I guess this is the pay for a nice day." Chibiusa looked up at the sky. Ranma was trying his best to avoid all of the rain and stay undercover. "What's wrong Ranma-kun? It's just a little rain." She looked at him from her spot in the middle of an uncovered road. He remained silent. "Hm..." She just shook her head and continued to walk towards Furinkin High.

When Chibiusa got to school she was surprised when somehow Ranma had gotten there before her and was now talking with his friends. She walked up to the group. "Ranma-kun, when did you get here? I thought that you were scared of the rain." He looked back at her. "Yea well..." "Chibiusa-chan!" One of her new friends Saori called out, cutting Ranma off. "Saori-chan, Konnichiwa!" She ran over to Saori and walked off to her first class. Ranma sighed.

Today was Friday, and since Japanese students only got every other Saturday off, it was a day to be happy, no matter what the weather. "la la la" Chibiusa twirled around in the rain. "You get less wet if you walk in the rain ya know." She commented. "Oh that's great." Ranma said expressionless. Chibiusa suddenly stopped abruptly. "It's the piggie!" She squealed. "What are you doing here?" Ranma asked. "I'm looking at the piggie." She looked at Ranma. Ranma sighed. "Forget it."

"Do you think piggies take baths?" Chibiusa asked when they got to the dojo. "No, they hate water and any owner who tries to give them one makes the pig mad at them. "Oh. Well then is there such thing as black piggies?" She looked at P-Chan. "You have one right now don't you?" He plopped off his shoes. "Well then you take care of dork-chan because I have to take a bath." She handed P-Chan to Ranma. "Dork-chan?" He looked at her. "Yes dork, I decided to name him dork-chan" She smiled.

When she got out of the bath, the first thing she did was gone to her room to change. After that she went downstairs to see "Dork-chan" and heard some odd noises.

"Get back here Ryoga!" One said. "squeall squeaaaaaaaaaal." The sound of water splashing could be heard.

Chibiusa walked down the stairs. "What's going o--oh Konnichiwa Hibiki- kun." She waved at him. "Are you and Ranma playing a game, because I need Dork-chan back now Ranma. "He ran off." Ranma replied. "Me and Ryoga-kun were trying to catch him." "Oh, okies then!" She went back up the stairs and back into her room. "This place is weirder than I thought...wait was Hibiki-kun just naked!?"

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