Author's Notes: I dedicate the first multi-Chapter true KINGDOM HEARTS adventure Fanfiction I have Posted Online to the now Account-Deleted Mirriem and to Myaru, two of the truest friends that a person could hope to have, whose friendship and whose writing are among the largest reasons I'm the person and the writer I am today.

The title of this Fanfiction is taken from the title of what is, by far, my favorite piece of music in my entire life, be that music historical or classical, such as Johann Sebastian Bach or Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart or Ludwig Von Beethoven or Peter Ilich Tsaichovsky, or contemporary or modern, such as Yasunori Mitsuda or Hitoshi Sakimoto or Yoko Shimomura or Motoi Sakuraba. That piece is Yasunori Mitsuda's Track Six from Disc Three of the CHRONO CROSS Original Soundtrack, from the Role-Playing Game CHRONO CROSS, 'The Girl Who Stole the Star.'

This Fanfiction will be a sizeable multi-Chapter adventure story sequel to KINGDOM HEARTS: SHATTERING EGG OF DREAMS that treats all the Games of the KINGDOM HEARTS Dark Seeker Saga, with the possible exception of the parts of KINGDOM HEARTS: UNION CROSS that weren't released before KINGDOM HEARTS III: RE MIND was and KINGDOM HEARTS: DARK ROAD – which began getting released after KINGDOM HEARTS III: RE MIND was but which I might consider part of the KINGDOM HEARTS Dark Seeker Saga – as canon. But none of the Games in the Second Phase of the KINGDOM HEARTS series, including the forthcoming KINGDOM HEARTS: MELODY OF MEMORY, take place in the same canon as this Fanfiction or the one-shot Fanfiction story that precedes it.

I'm not sure that I'll be finishing KINGDOM HEARTS: THE EMBRACE OF THE INFINITE VOID this week after all, or even any time soon. I might choose to focus on this story rather than on finishing that one, though I will finish it sooner or later. I believe in completing all of my Fanfiction stories. For those who were hoping to read the third and final Chapter of THE EMBRACE OF THE INFINITE VOID sooner or later this week, I'm sorry for that.

As with my other Fanfiction stories, I highly recommend you listen to the same Soundtrack pieces or MP3s that I am as I'm writing each scene to get the full mood of each scene. The piece for the Prologue is 'Promised Pain' from the XENOSAGA Episode Three Original Sound Best Tracks, and it can be found in the KINGDOM HEARTS Insider MP3 section of the corresponding name.

Lauriam crashed into the Sunset-bleached dirt of the wasteland amidst the ancient Keyblades Luxu's colleagues had once wielded millennia ago, his wicked pink scythe flying from his hand to spin through the air and crash into the ground nearer to a number of those Keyblades than to Lauriam himself.

"Don't you dare to touch him again, you treacherous slimeball!" Elrena snarled, hurling a kunai at his eye-patch blind spot to attempt to distract Luxu and give her the time she needed to run over to the fallen Lauriam and shield her with his body.

Luxu snorted in amusement, stepped to the side of the kunai with ease – he'd been battling for untold millennia, did she honestly believe his guard wasn't up against a simple trick like that? Elrena was clearly desperate now – and raised No Name and pointed it horizontally at Elrena.

He was treacherous!?

Luxu had a very thick skin, but there were some insults even he wouldn't tolerate.

Play with the kiddies was over.

Space and gravity contracted before No Name's tip in coalescing concentric arcs of black and amethyst and sapphire and cerulean, and then space and time bent in a wormhole of rippling clear air between No Name and Elrena.

She was yanked off her feet into the wormhole to hover suspended in midair with her face pointing in Luxu's direction.

Without even moving his eyes to look in Lauriam's direction, Luxu shifted No Name slightly so it was aiming a little at where Lauriam had fallen, and then another similar contraction of space and gravity and another clear rippling wormhole had yanked Lauriam into the air to hover suspended next to Elrena with his face confronting Luxu, too.

"I'm the traitor?" he questioned Elrena mildly, not letting any of the sheer blinding fury boiling inside him at what Elrena had just said show in his words or face or body. "Last time I looked, girly, I've been faithfully acting out my lines without even needing to rehearse it. You and Lauriam, on the other hand, keep attempting to ad lib. First Castle Oblivion, now this.

"And your roles aren't even that big. You're just supporting actors. So just quit yapping and dance to your tunes. I don't have the time for your nonsense."

Elrena bared her teeth at Luxu, and Lauriam gave him a look of such utter hate and fury that Luxu wondered how Lauriam had been willing to so much as pretend to bend his leg before Xemnas, never mind Xehanort.

"I told you," Lauriam spoke through clenched teeth. "I remember my purpose for existing in this World. I have no further intention of taking a single order from anyone."

Luxu held up his free hand and opened and closed his fingers rapidly, miming a puppy opening and closing his mouth.

"Yap yap," Luxu sneered. "But you know that you're wasting your time. You couldn't even take on Xemnas without Sora and Namine. And you just saw how easily I yanked you back into your strings. If I hadn't needed to let Xehanutcase use No Name so he could play his part – and, for your information, Xehanort and Xemnas weren't supporting actors, they actually had a reason to be here in reality. Aww, did I hurt your frail egos? – and to pretend to wag my tail for him, I could have flattened him into the ground with my hands and my legs tied together and my back turned to him. Up until Elrena called game over, I've just been amusing myself letting your heads swell up so I could pop you more effectively. You don't stand a chance at biting me.

"And even if you did somehow defeat me…" Luxu looked around with a smirk at Ira and Invi and Aced and Gula, all standing around the three of them and ready to step in and watch Luxu's back if it looked like he was beginning to have problems combating Lauriam and Elrena. "I have plenty of buddies here willing to stick your muzzles back on, itty bitty doggies."

Lauriam and Elrena didn't even turn to look at the other Foretellers.

Elrena gave Luxu a glare of seething hatred of her own.

"You. Are. A. Dead. Person," she bit out. "Period. I'd rather become the old geezer's heart tank all over again than do a single thing that you want me to."

Luxu shrugged. "Whatever.

"But are you willing to do this?"

He gestured with No Name, and though Elrena and Lauriam struggled to move their own arms and legs and bodies to prevent it, Lauriam's scythe flew back into his hand and one of Elrena's kunais slid out of one of her sleeves between her fingers.

Then the clear rippling waves twisted them towards each other with the kunai almost pushing into one of Lauriam's eyes and Lauriam's front scythe edge against Elrena's mouth.

They froze.

"Here are your options," Luxu informed them. "Roll over. Now. Or you can sink your feral fangs and claws into each other's necks and hands."

Lauriam and Elrena didn't say anything, but after a few seconds, Luxu could clearly see defeat manifest in their eyes and in how they held their faces and bodies.

Luxu grinned. "'Bout time."

He gestured slightly with No Name, and the wormholes disappeared, unceremoniously depositing them on the ground.

But Luxu kept No Name pointed roughly in their direction with the concentric waves coalescing. Just in case.

Luxu gestured with his other hand, and an ovoid dark corridor sprang into being behind them.

"Arendelle. Now," Luxu said to them in clear tones of, 'Sit. Stay.'

Elrena gave Luxu another glare of pure hatred as she got up, but Lauriam didn't even acknowledge Luxu. He just got up and turned towards the dark corridor.

But when both of them walked into it, they kept their footsteps strong and confident, their postures straight, and their heads held high and proud.

The dark corridor closed behind them, and Luxu snorted.

Like he cared about their idiotic independent streaks, so long as they acted out their parts.

Luxu was surprised when Ira gave him a small look of misgiving.

"You didn't need to threaten them with murdering each other," Ira said. "That was a little too harsh."

Luxu shrugged and rolled his shoulders and cracked his neck to work out a number of the kinks he'd gotten during the skirmish.

"Then go ahead and muzzle the next stray dog who strains his or her leash the next time it happens yourself," he recommended his colleague. "What matters to me is that stray dogs stop barking."

"He's right," Invi spoke to Ira. "The new balance is too fragile. We need to do whatever we can to ensure that it, as well, doesn't teeter."

Ira still looked uncertain, and Aced did as well, but Luxu just ignored them.

Riku and Kairi had finally cheered Sora back onto the field, so it was time to end the rehearsal and for the real performance to begin.

That was what mattered. Nothing else.

Luxu's surrogate father and teacher and Master and the creator of the first Keyblades, Keyblade Master Yozora, otherwise known as Vanitas, would return from where he'd vanished unto the void and reassume all of the memories he'd lost when Xehanort had ripped him out of Ventus' heart as well as his true form.

And then all realms, all worldlines, all reality, all existence, the Alpha and the Omega, the first and the last, the beginning and the end, no beginning and no end, imaginary time and nightmares, all hearts and Kingdom Hearts itself, would at last be given the ability to eternally break free from the never-ending spiral of hate and rejection and despair and darkness unto reincarnation unto further hate and rejection and despair and darkness that had plagued all hearts, all life, since the never beginning inception of the World and ascend unto the welcoming embrace of everlasting, blissful dreams.

At long last, after two Keyblade Wars and untold millennia, this was the end of the beginning.


"Yes. You are a man who has lived a life without regret. You truly are a worthy actor to decorate the final stage."-Wilhelm

XENOSAGA: Episode 3: