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Chapter 1: Lies

Nessie's POV

I hated pretending. I hated acting like everything was okay when it wasn't. My entire life was a lie and I was sick and tired of continuing to pretend that I didn't know the truth. Putting on an act was something that I did though. I was an expert at it. After I'd been a professional actress since I was seven years old. Over the last ten years my career had grown far past anything my so-called parents had expected. They'd already had big expectations for me from the time they'd adopted me and I had surpassed them. I've starred in everything from big budget movies to TV shows.

I had more money than I knew what to do with. But money doesn't equal happiness and I was far from being happy. I'd known all of my life that money was all that mattered to my adoptive parents. I'd never felt an ounce of real love from them. The only love that I ever received from another living creature was my dog. My beautiful black German shepherd named Bruno. He was also my co-star on my hit TV series Super. It was about a girl and her dog who get superpowers after a freak accident and now together they're always saving the world. Our show had the highest ratings out of all the shows on television right now.

But I was sick and tired of it all. I just wanted to live a normal life. Not one that was devoid of love and filled with work. I was tired of rushing from set to set. I hated that I couldn't have any normal relationships with people. I had yet to make an actual friend who just wanted to be friends with me. Every friendship I'd ever had was fake. They were always after my money. As for a boyfriend? I had to date my co-star Lucas Bowman. He played my love interest on Super. The studio made us sign a contract saying that we would date each other for as long as our show continued to be on the air. They said it would help bolster the ratings. Lucas hated it as much as I did. But we did what we were good at. We put on act for the public.

I hated my life. The final nail in the coffin came two months ago. I had woken up in the middle of the night because I had to use the bathroom. That was when I overheard my parents talking.

"Look at how much money Vanessa has made us. More than we ever imagined. I knew we were onto something when we chose that abnormally cute girl," my 'mother's said. "Since we couldn't have our own children and we couldn't adopt paying for a kidnapped girl was the next best thing. I knew she'd be a real money maker when I first laid eyes on her,"

"Yes paying those kidnappers was the best thing we ever did. I still wonder how they made those kids forget their true origins," dad said.

"I still can't believe her parents named her Renesmee. It's a good thing we were able to change it,"

In that moment I'd felt my entire world crumble around me. All of my suspicions were confirmed. They'd never loved me. They loved the money I brought them. Worse than that was that I had been stolen from another family. A family that probably did love me the way parents were supposed to love their children.

I made a decision that night. I was going to leave. I could no longer continue living there. I'd been getting things in place for the last two months. My first stop had been meeting with J Jenks in Seattle. I'd found out about him through another colleague who had other aliases for his more illegal businesses. Secretly meeting up with Mr. Jenks had been quite a challenge. I had to alter my appearance enough that most people wouldn't recognize me. My parents had always died my hair black and forced me to wear colored contacts even though I didn't need them. Now I knew that they were trying to alter my appearance just enough that my real family wouldn't recognize me if they saw me on TV. Before my meeting with J I used a special hair dye to remove all the black hair and I simply refused to wear the green contacts. I was so happy as I much preferred my bronze hair color and brown eyes.

Once I'd gotten the fake passport, Driver's License, school and vaccination records, and my fake papers establishing myself as an emancipated minor I really got to work. I used the paperwork to rent a house in Chicago and start getting myself established at a high school.

It was all perfectly executed. Now was the time. I was all alone in my Beverly Hills mansion as my parents had a meeting today. Bruno and I were supposed to be heading to the set of Super but instead we'd be heading for the airport. I couldn't leave my doggy friend behind. I'd be miserable without him. He'd be unhappy without me. Nobody cared about him the way I did.

Nobody recognized me when I got to the airport. It was a relief to know that by removing the hair dye and the contacts nobody would recognize me. My plan was going off without a hitch. I felt giddy thinking that I would actually pull this off. But it wasn't until the airplane touched down in Chicago that I felt truly free.

I was free from Hollywood. Free from those people that only used me for money. Free from those people who actually purchased me knowing that I was stolen from my real family. Taken away from parents that probably did care about me. I didn't have any obligations to fulfill.

After I got Bruno from the airline I had a cab take me to the house that I would be living in. It was a small house. Not even a fraction of the size of the Beverly Hills mansion I lived in before but I didn't care. It was beautiful and perfect for us. I couldn't stop smiling as I entered my house. It was already fully furnished. Right away Bruno went to lay down on the couch. Even he seemed so much happier now.

The news of my disappearance broke several hours later. Pictures of Bruno and I flashed across the TV screen. I switched the channel to some movie that was playing. I knew I was going to be on the news 24/7 now that it had become known that I didn't show up to film either my TV show or a movie that I had just started working on. I didn't want to see the news coverage.

But unfortunately I couldn't escape the news coverage. As soon as the movie ended it switched over to the news. When I shut off the TV I heard a what sounded like a wolf howling outside. I walked out and saw something that made my jaw drop. There was a huge horse sized wolf pacing back and forth on the street.

I gasped. This animal was familiar to me. Though I had only seen him in my dreams before. When I was younger I used to dream about a huge reddish brown wolf exactly like this one. The animal looked at me startled.

Maybe it was stupid but I couldn't help myself. I couldn't stop myself from approaching him. I held out my hand toward and he quickly closed the distance between us. I rubbed my hands through his fur. I could feel his nose against my body. Sniffing and inhaling my scent. When he looked up at me there were tears in his eyes. He whimpered softly.

"You're real," I mumbled. "I used to dream about you,"

Tears the size of baseballs fell from his eyes. I didn't stop him as he started licking me. His warm tongue continued to lick my face. He continued to cry as his tail wagged furiously. For the first time in my life I truly felt happy and at peace.

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