Harley was done, for real this time. She had enough of Joker's abuse even though she knew she had said this every day but, this time was for real. She had it! Infact, she felt herself growing with less of an attachment to Joker.

She never dreamed of Joker or even felt close to him anymore. Infact, she'd dream of, well, her friend Ivy. Going places with her, watching stupid stuff on T.V, and even, cuddling.

She would feel good when she woke up from those dreams just to a rude awakening from Joker planing something and not being next to her when she woke up.

It made her so mad, infact she stopped being in the bed with him. She rather visits Ivy at night. They had fun, they'd talk for hours.

This time she'd ask Ivy if she should just give up on love. Ivy of course could get anyone she wanted to, she was magical.

Harley felt her face heat up as she makes it to Ivy's place. She nervously knocks on the door.

"Is that you Harley darling?" called that magical voice, it was like poison.

"Yes." Harley seemed more quiet than normal, what did Joker do now? Ivy slowly opened the door. "Come in love, take a load off, and tell me what he did now?"

Harley hugged her friend "I wanna give up, I don't love him anymore."

Ivy felt those words sing to her ears like music. Ivy infact felt something for Harley that she never could tell her friend. It's killing her like a wicked plant. A rose with sharp thorns even.

She knew, well thought, Harley was to head over hills for Joker and it sucked. She wanted Harley to see how useless Joker was and she could do it better then he can.

"Ivy? Do ya think he cares about me? He's my puddin."

"Harley, he's a bad man, you need to understand the difference between a red rose and a black," Ivy said softly.

"It's not fair, I put all my time into him. I quite a good job for his love." Harley just sobs.

"Love is blind, that's for sure." Ivy pet the sobbing Harley.

"What if I'm not good enough?" Harley asked. "What if I'm not pretty enough? Strong enough? Smart enough?"

"He's not a good person my dear. You are smart enough, good enough, pretty enough, and strong enough. You are nieve is all." Ivy felt her heart racing in anger. She wanted to kill Joker, this is the worse Harley has ever been. She could tell Harley was done for real.

"Infact Harley, you are a queen, a star, a rose petal, a dream, a friend, and the best woman I know," Ivy said a smile crossed her lips.

"Ivy, you really mean that?" Harley asked, blushing a bit.

"Harley, I know this is bad timing but, I've always wanted to tell you something." Ivy sounded nervous.

"Yes? Anything."

"I love you." She pulls Harley's chin to her face and presses her lips to Harley's.

Harley was surprised but not only accepted the kiss but without haste, she kissed back.

Ivy's lips were soft as the petals on her perfect roses. They tasted so sweet like honeysuckles.

Harley's lips were soft as well and pure, sweet like sugar, and tasty as the perfect candy.

Ivy pulls back "Now, stop worrying about Joker and be with me, Harley.


"I will!" Harley seemed then just a second ago.

They both tell each other an I love you and Ivy promises to house and take care of Harley and that's just what she does.

After a while, Harley even forgets Joker and doesn't even dream of going back. She was happy.