I think season 1 will always, always make me fall so hard for the show all over again. It reminds my why I love it so much and why I got into writing- hell, why I went to Uni. Fucking love em.

Tag to Salvation, season 1. Hurt vision Sam, protective Dean.

I don't own anything, warning of swears.

Summary: Sam's vision hit him hard, but it was anything but fast. If anything it felt like it was stuck, permanently burning into his skull. Hurt Sam, to the rescue Dean.

The second wave left Sam swaying where he stood, his head ringing in his hands. Eyes pained but focused he blinked furiously side to side.

Fumbling with his backpack he shoved away the lists of families in his notebook back into the pack and then with shaky fingers he unzipped the front pocket.

"Train..." Sam breathed strongly out through his mouth against the pain pounding in his skull, he pulled out the map of Salvation.

Following the train tracks along the map, Sam counted the houses he'd need to check that fit.

There were four.

Determination and fear temporality outweighed his pain as it dragged him forward with urgency, Sam jogged ahead as he followed his thumb on the map, twisting it as he turned the corner.

As Sam neared the houses he slowed, checking the map again as the train tracks changed course. His backpack slid off his shoulder and pulled his arm down and the sudden momentum topped his balance. The world tilted and Sam fell forward, a cry caught in his throat.

Another onslaught of pain hit him as if it was a punch and the breath whooshed out of him as he pushed at is forehead, eyes tight. The pressure built again and his head buzzed. He'd thought it was over.

His vision swam, and the concrete suddenly beneath his knees was wet and grey flashing to a nursery and a baby, a woman in a house.

His breath hitched. Eyes seeing the path he'd been walking on blur in front of him.

Another flash blinded him along with the pain and he bit his lip. Fear pulsed through him like cold water.

His visions had never done this before, they always quickly flashed into his mind like he was looking into a strobe light and being hit on the head but this...

Sam winced. This was different.

The pain came in waves instead of jagged and all at once, like it usually did. It was normally hard and fast with the headache slowly ebbing away after. But this...this was torture. Sam couldn't stand the long drawn out pulse of agony that threatened to fall on him like a crashing wave at any moment. He could feel it, just there, as if it was waiting.

Something tightened in Sam's gut. It was like the vision was keeping hold of him, like he was a hostage forced to watch this one slowly, the pictures he saw jumbled and out of frame like it was in the wrong order. Usually it was the flashes so fast with pictures Sam couldn't make much out, and then Sam saw whatever it was he was seeing happen in real time, before the super fast recap and then it flashed out. This time Sam had only seen as far as the flashing stills and he knew it wasn't over.

The flashing suddenly cut off, the pain lingering behind and the path re-focused before Sam.

Looking around, he was thankful no one was watching him and he straightened, pulling his jacket tighter around him he readjusted his shoulder strap.

Wiping at his brow as if he was pushing the pain away Sam set his jaw and carried on.

Looking up at the intersection, Sam stopped cold as he caught the house across the street. Drawn to the window, knowing that this was the house from his vision. Like he knew about their old house in Kansas.

Flooded with urgency from his vision and now seeing this house, Sam's eyes caught the shape moving into his line of sight on the sidewalk.

The woman from his vision.

Sam winced, his eyes shining with emotion. Even though he hadn't seen it all yet, he knew what horror he would witness and he could feel the woman's terror even through his vision.

He had to do something.

Feet moving of their own accord, Sam crossed over.

Reaching the woman pushing her stroller and juggling with her umbrella, Sam stepped forward.

"Hi..." Sam said softly. "Here, let me help, looks like you don't need that anymore."

"Oh, thanks." The woman laughed sweetly, folding away the umbrella and readjusting her bags.

Sam smiled as he held the stroller, looking down to the baby tucked in it.

"She's gorgeous, is she yours?" Sam asked, eyes friendly as he softened his voice.

"Yaah." The mother agreed, grinning with pride.

"Aw wow... Hi..." Sam said, hiding the hurt. Knowing it was this woman and child the demon would come for. The panic stole his voice a moment.

The woman moved to push off and Sam stepped with her, worry forcing out his words.

"I-I'm sorry, I'm rude." He side stepped with her. "I'm Sam. I-I just moved in up the block." He made the easy lie sound kind in his mouth and held his hand out, smiling to the woman.

She beamed a smile back at him.

"Oh, hey..." She said excitedly. "I'm Monica..."
"Monica." Sam repeated.

"This is Rosie..."

"Rosie...hi Rosie..." Sam smiled at the baby girl.

"So, welcome to the neighborhood."

"Thank you." Sam said genuinely, still grinning at the well behaved little girl.

"She's such a good baby..." Sam said in admiration.

"I know! She-I mean she never cries. She just stares at everybody. Sometimes she just looks at you and I swear-" Monica giggled at the silliness. "It's like she's reading your mind."

The comment threw Sam. Something cold and tight gripped him and he forced a smile out.

"What, what about you Monica, have you lived here long?" Sam asked easily.

"Uh, my husband and I bought our place just before Rosie was born." Monica confirmed what Sam already knew. So it was her house, it was Monica and Rosie he saw.

Sam swallowed, mapping the connections in his head. He had to be sure.

"And-how old is Rosie?" Sam made his voice sound casual.

Monica smiled at him happily. "She's six months today."

Pain gnawed at Sam, his head and his heart. The Demon would come after Rosie.

He couldn't speak.

"Big right." Monica continued. "Growing like a weed."

"Yeah..." Sam nodded, finding his voice. He couldn't let Rosie grow up without her mother, he couldn't-

"Monica..." Sam rushed.

"Yeah...?" She frowned, sensing Sam's unease.

"Just uh..." Sam couldn't find the words. You're in danger. Something is coming for Rosie, I've seen it happen, please..."Just...take care of yourself okay?" Sam smiled sadly.

"Yeah, you too Sam." Monica nodded. "We'll see you round..."

"Yeah, definitely." Sam whispered. He might not be able to tell them, but he could save them.

As Monica strolled off she waved at a car pulling up to the house.

"Oh look, here's daddy!" She sing-songed to Rosie.

Sam hurried back across the street, turning to see Monica smiling with her family, arms stretching out to hug her husband.

Sam's breath caught. His heart in his throat. He wasn't going to let anything to them. He couldn't.

Sam's ears rung suddenly and a flash like lightening flickered behind his eyes.

Subconsciously backing up away from the house Sam stumbled.

"Ngh-" Sam's voice caught

Light flared behind his eyes again and Sam gasped. His head burned from the white hot pain. Sam squeezed his eyes shut against it, hands reaching for his head. Sam felt his knees threaten to give out when his head stabbed at him again. Another flash.

He desperately pressed the heel of his hands into his eyes against the onslaught.

The wave of pain rode over him so fast he didn't feel his body for a second until his back hit something solid and his fumbling hand backed out to grapple at rough bark.

The tree at his back anchored him a moment and he felt his boots sink into the damp earth at his feet.

Daring to crack his eyes open Sam saw dark dirt before him, not carpet or mobiles, and the wet dark green of grass and felt the cold splash of rain hit the top of his head. Sam winced as he looked up under the massive oak he leant against.

Closing his eyes and leaning back into the tree Sam caught his breath. He could feel the pressure build in his head again.

This wasn't over.

Heaving in a fresh cold breath Sam pushed himself forward on shaky legs, further onto the dirt path. His shoulders hunched with tension, Sam wiped at his forehead as if he could push away the lingering headache. He ducked passed a wooden park sign as he fell under the shadows of trees.

Breath catching again, the floor before him flickered.


Pain sliced into his skull.

Sam's hands shot out as he lost his balance. Pain began to build again behind his eyes.


Fumbling to his pocket, Sam pulled out his phone.

It blurred in his hands as he pried his eyes open.

That was okay, Sam thought.

Fingers working blind but familiar over the keypad to Dean's number Sam held it to his ear in a death grip.

A wave rushed at Sam again and he doubled over, phone still tight to his ear, his other hand shot out to try to grab anything and hit something solid. Whatever it was, Sam fell into it as he half propped himself up. Breaths coming out in a ragged mist.

He heard the number connect and counted the rings to take his mind off the pain.


Sam grit his teeth. His breath caught in his throat.


Pushing his back into the hard surface Sam locked his knees and tipped his head back.


Pain bloomed in Sam's head so sharply his breath cut off with a hiss.


His vision whited out as the flashes started. This was it. Sam bit his lip. The pressure in his head building and building.

Sam longed for the pain to finally stop. He could feel it start to climax. It was time for the super fast action role play sum up.

"Hey, you know how boring it is looking through paper records when their systems are down? Man, tell me you got something before I gouge my eyes out..."

"Dean." Sam choked.

"Sammy!?..." The sarcasm in Dean's voice disappeared instantly.

"I-I need..." Sam struggled, throat bobbing.

"Sammy, hey! Hey what's going on?" Sam could hear Dean snatching up papers, voice dropping low.

"N'd you... t' get me." Pain choked Sam's words as he tried to speak. The flashes grew more intense and he winced. Eyes tight.

"Sam? What happened? What's wrong!?" The waver in Dean's voice let Sam know he was walking and fast if his tone was anything to go by.

"V'sion..." Sam ground out.

"Shit. Shit...where are you? Sam? Now!" Sam heard the impala's door squeak.

"Park." Sam choked. "Train tracks...D'n...ah..."


"S- s'not over..."

Sam held his breath, lips tight. A cry threatened to breach his lips.

Sam's legs shook, his head pulsed as the final wave came.

"Shit. Sam...stay put-I'm coming..." The engine revved over the line.

"Hurry..."Sam whispered, raw. "Please..."

"Stay with me Sam. I'm coming, I'll find you..."

Sam heard the squeal of tires, through the phone. His fingers tightened over it so hard he heard the plastic crack.

Sam was aware he was breathing too fast as his breath fogged around his face but he didn't care about that, Dean was coming and he was gonna' be okay.

Tensing suddenly as if electricity struck him, Sam choked off a scream, his head slamming back hard against the rough surface.

His legs gave way and Sam slid down, the world turning into blood and fire and shadow.


As the final part of the vision played out, the pain exploded in Sam's skull like nothing he had ever felt before. It felt like he was drowning in agony and he couldn't reach the surface.

A tinny voice screamed his name at his feet and Sam was dimly aware, his brother was still shouting at him through the phone he'd dropped as he clutched his head.

He didn't have the energy to pick it up, he didn't even have the energy to speak right then.

Sam felt the claws of the vision start to detach painfully and the pressure at least eased in his head. The pain lingered savagely, like he knew it would. But at least it was over.

Dean found him with his head in his hands, awkwardly bent forward against a tree, half his jacket pulled up behind him.

He ran over to him, big brother alarm bells ringing.

Sam's hair covered his face.

"Sammy!" Dean growled protectively.

Throwing himself in front of Sam, he denied his urgency with the most gentle touches, like he knew Sam's brain was fried and he was on sensory overload.

He wasn't wrong.

"Sammy..."Dean gasped, hands ghosting above Sam's shoulder, on the nape of his neck.


It was so faint he barely heard him.

"Hey...hey..." Dean softened the fear out of his voice with authority, easing closer to Sam.

Glancing around, no one was in sight. A good chunk of trees hid them from the main road the park skirted where Dean left the car.

Ducking toward Sam, Dean tipped his brothers head up slowly under his skin.

Dean searched Sam's face as he struggled to open his eyes.

They were unfocused and glassy, but that wasn't new with Sam's visions. The pain he saw on Sam's face was though.

Dean set his jaw. Concern blazing in his eyes.

"Can you stand?" Dean mouthed the words as he lowered his voice to a whisper, Sam still flinched. Dean wasn't sure if it was the suggestion of moving, or Sam's headache, but it didn't matter.

"D'n, the-" Sam shuddered out a breath. "S'coming..." Eyes pinched and frantic, he sagged into Dean's hands, clutching at him.

"Hey, after." Dean said, half promise, half order. "Right now I need to get you out of here." Dean nodded down at Sam, displaying the conviction in his eyes.

Sam swallowed.

Dean didn't miss Sam breathing out through his mouth as Dean readied to stand.

When he got Sam vertical he knew why.

Sam fisted his hands in Dean's jacket as they leant against each other, his breaths coming in sharp, ragged bursts.

"Sam?" Dean asked, all serious.

"Guh..." Sam choked, face scrunching in pain.

Sam's fists tightened in his brother's jacket.

Trying to calm his breathing Sam took as deep a breath as he dared and let it out slowly through his mouth, he did it until the pulses of pain in his head began to ease. Leaning his head forward onto Dean, Sam breathed in Dean's leather and the lingering bitterness of black coffee.

The familiarity calmed him.

"Sammy...hey, speak to me..." Dean mouthed into his hair.

"M'head..." Sam whispered, muffled into Dean.

Dean understood.

"I've got something in the car for that, c'mon...Let's get you home."

Dean wrapped his arm around his brother and lead him back towards the Chevy, her engine rumbling fondly, as if she was waiting for them.

Whatever, Sam thought. He was safe. He had Dean and they were going home.

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