I did always want to do a little bit more with this one but never knew which direction I wanted to take it in, and cos a few people asked and I rewatched that episode, here is part 2. Takes place from where chapter 1 left up to the hotel room with their dad before Meg called.

Hope you like the extension!

Warning: Hurt Sam, protective Dean and some concerned but annoyed John. Probably some swears too...


"Sam?" Dean asked, all serious big brother.

"Guh..." Sam choked, face scrunching in pain.

Sam's fists tightened in his brother's jacket. He tried and struggled to calm his breathing, Sam took as deep a breath as he dared and let it out slowly through his mouth, he did it until the pulses of pain in his head began to ease. Leaning his head forward onto Dean, Sam breathed in Dean's leather and the lingering bitterness of black coffee.

The familiarity calmed him.

"Sammy...hey, speak to me..." Dean mouthed into his hair, barely audible. Sam still heard the worry and urgency in Dean's voice though.

"M'head..." Sam whispered, muffled into Dean.

Dean understood.

"I've got something in the car for that, c'mon...Let's get you home."

Dean wrapped his arm around his brother and lead him back slowly towards the Chevy, her engine rumbling fondly, as if she was waiting for them.

Whatever happens, Sam thought. He was safe. He had Dean and they were going home.


Sam didn't notice the grass beneath his feet turn to sidewalk until Dean was gently cradling him to his chest and cupping a hand over his head as he lowered Sam slowly into the passenger seat.

Sensations on overdrive Sam kept his eyes shut tight against the suddenly too bright grey day, the impala's rumble was familiar but the feeling shoved in with his screaming head and then the car rocking as Dean got in was too much stimuli for his raw nerves.

"Ugh..." Sam groaned, leaning forward to shove his face into his hands.

Gentle hands rubbed on his back as he felt Dean's presence shift closer, some of the brightness blocked.

"Take these Sammy." Dean spoke softly, careful not to be too loud or move Sam too much.

The kid was practically vibrating under his touch. Keeping himself calm despite his own pulse thundering he stayed close and watched Sam intently. He'd not seen a vision take Sam down this bad ever before and it shook him.

Sam was so pale, his breath rushing like he was still in the tight grip of a vision.

Sam's fumbling fingers found the small plastic tub and water bottle and he gratefully swallowed some pills and slowly sipped at the water. Eyes still clenched shut.

Dean didn't miss the way Sam's fingers shook holding the water, like a breeze could take him down. He was too vulnerable like this- anything could have happened to him in that park before Dean got to him. He couldn't defend himself when the vision left him a shaking mess and Dean had to grind his teeth at the flare of panic that thought caused.

When Sam was done he felt the weight of the water taken from his shaking fingers and Dean's warm hand gently push him back against the seat.

Something soft cushioned the back of his head as Sam leant back, his eyes still closed in a pained frown. Dean's presence stayed with him, one warm hand on his knee keeping a steady and calming pressure.

Sam focused past the rushing of his blood in his ears, on the weight of Dean's hand on his knee. It was warm, like he could melt into it. He let his breathing slow down until he could feel the soft effects of the painkillers start to pry the tightness from his head and he let his shoulders drop a little. The tight lines smoothed a little around his eyes.

Dean watched with fierce green eyes how the tremor to Sam's body stilled and the tightness in his jaw relaxed.

Still, Dean kept his voice low. "Hey, just let yourself come round. Let the pills take the edge off." Dean knew they would work fast and he didn't mind sacrificing some of the good stash if it meant taking that pained look off Sam's face.

He saw Sam give the slightest nod in return.

After a few more deeper breaths, awareness and the normal level of sensation started to come back and rouse Sam.

He first felt the car, rumbling gently under him and then he tuned into the steady vibration, not like the deafening roar it was before. He felt the breeze from the gap in the passenger door, noticed Dean must not have shut it properly to save his too sensitive hearing. There was still a ringing in his head but nothing like the sirens from before.

Sam noticed next, Dean. The smell of the what must have been a bundled up jacket as his pillow, the scent of Dean all over it. Suddenly very aware he could feel how close his brother was, how he could feel his gaze on him.

Sam swallowed and dared to open his eyes, just a slit at first.

"Sammy?" Dean spoke gently as soon as he saw Sam's lashes flutter open, the tense pain lines on his forehead still visible.

Sam swallowed again, everything he wanted and needed to tell his brother suddenly stuck in his throat.

"D'n-" Sam choked, his voice raw.

"Hey, just take a minute, okay?" Dean squeezed his knee to make a point.

Sam stubbornly shook his head, frowning and squinting as he opened his eyes the rest of the way.

"No." Sam whispered. "The demon. S'coming...tonight..." Sam locked eyes with his brother, the pain and fear shining clearly in them.

Dean tried not to let his own fear break through the big brother mask.

"We have-have to...guh..." Sam groaned, tipping his head back into his make shift pillow, his hand darting to his head.

"Sammy?" The panic was clear in Dean's voice.

Sam's hand kneaded at his temples as if he could push the headache away. "Ugh...m'okay...just a headache...we need to go..."


Sam swallowed a few times before he answered. His hand moving to cradle his head before he slowly opened his eyes to look across at Dean.

Dean softened his hard eyes as he looked his little brother over. Kid looked drained.

"S'getting better..." Sam whispered. "Dean..."

Dean didn't look convinced.

"I know. You even okay to move?"

Sam nodded.

Reaching across Sam, Dean shut the passenger door as gently as he could and gunned the engine. He never took his eyes off Sam for long.

"It's never done this to you before Sam..." Dean voiced worriedly.

Sam nodded, a little spooked himself.

"I know." He swallowed. "This was...so vivid and intense...than any vision before."

Dean remembered Sam's call and the raw pain he'd heard in Sam's voice, it made his stomach clench even now.

Vision...S'not over...like it's stuck...

The Chevy rocked as Dean picked up speed out of the suburban area and floored it to their hotel.

"Ugh..." Sam gasped. His head still cramping in waves. The lingering pain was taking longer to leave him after his latest vision and the pain and worry of what that meant or what would happen next time did nothing to calm his racing heart. He didn't think he could take anything more and it roiled his stomach just thinking about it.

Dean kept a careful watch as he took a corner, his little brother practically curled into the passenger seat, knuckles nearly white pressing against his head.

Dean watched in horror almost in slow motion as a bright line of red made its way from Sam's nose and beaded above his top lip.

"Shit! Sammy!"

Sam grimaced, leaning his head into his hands, and the bead of blood pooled and then trickled over his lips.

One hand on the wheel, Dean darted his free hand over to squeeze Sam's shoulder, keep him steady, then used his thumb to wipe across the line of blood. Thankfully there was no more than the thin trickle but it was enough to make his heart leap into his throat.

From the paling of Sam's face when he saw the blood coating Dean's thumb, Sam was equally shocked.

This had never happened before and Dean was starting to think he needed to change route to a hospital.

"Sam-" Dean ground out.

"M'okay." Sam bit out, his own hand hastily wiping the remaining blood with the back of his sleeve.

The blood scared Dean. Sure Sam had had nosebleeds before but when he was six and ran into a wall, or when he was punched, or when the creepy Doctor from the Asylum got his freaky hands in his brothers head. God knew what kind of messed up this was. If the last vision had somehow done some serious damage was tumbling through Dean's head so loud it was almost as if Sam heard it.

"M'okay Dean." Sam said, a little firmer. Sensing Dean's worry.

"Yeah right." Dean scoffed. Not believing that for a second.

His kid brother was still pale, not to mention trying to hide how he was shaking and doing an awful job of that. Sam still hadn't moved his hands from his head and he couldn't keep his eyes open without furiously blinking as if everything was still too bright and hurt his eyes.

"We're nearly back. You gonna' be okay to stand?"

Sam groaned at the question. His stomach flipping at the idea of going vertical. He nodded against his own body, not sure if he actually could pull it off.

Sam felt Dean slow the car right down to a crawl before he braked, easy to not jostle Sam. And then Dean's hands were on him. Tilting his head back to make sure there was no more blood, steadying Sam as he leaned across and opened Sam's door.

Dean carefully turned Sam so his legs were out and touching the gravel of the parking lot before he dashed round to Sam's side to help him out the rest of the way.

Crouching before Sam, half out the car with his head bent into his hands, Dean let Sam steady himself with a few cautious breaths before he moved him.

"Sammy?" Dean asked gently, one hand again on Sam's knee.

Sam nodded in his hands, his groan muffled.

Finally Sam squinted down at Dean, the lines of pain still deep on his forehead. Sam reached out with shaky hands, to rest one on Dean's arm and the other splayed against the passenger door he shifted forward, grateful his big brother was leaning forward into him also or he would have toppled face first into the gravel.

Dean grunted under the weight as Sam all but fell into him and he used his leaning crouch to his advantage as he let Sam fall into his chest, steadying his spare hand against the Chevy Dean slowly stood, wrapping his hand around Sam as he felt the younger man falter.

Sam bit back a cry as he was vertical, his head spinning only flared on his headache and Dean had to push them both back towards the car to steady them. Sam fisted Dean's jacket as he leant more into him, locking his knees to stop from falling forward. His head swam and all knowledge of what was up or down left him. He didn't realise Dean was the only thing holding him up until he heard his brother speak, his breath ghosting Sam's face.

"Sammy?" Dean asked, his voice soft but with an air of authority.

Sam swallowed, turning his head to Dean's voice he let his eyes drift open.

Sam gasped, snapping them shut. His head pounded behind his eyes like he'd looked into the sun and colours blossomed behind closed lids. "Nuh!"

Sam shook in his arms as Dean tightened his grip.

"Sammy!" Dean tried to keep his voice low but he couldn't stop the urgency soaking his words.


"Hey, hey...Sammy- Hey-NO!"

At the feel of Sam's sudden dead weight Dean lurched them side wards, careful not to let Sam fall back into the open passenger side, knowing it would take herculean effort to get him standing again, he now leant with Sam against the back doors, Sam's head bent onto his shoulder, their chests pressed together.

Dean stilled, steadying his own rushing breath he tuned into Sam's own breathing. This close he could feel Sam's even breath, and knew the moment his brother was beginning to come back round.

Shifting in his arms, Sam sighed, gently turning his head on Dean's shoulder he mumbled something. Dean felt Sam's hands fist in his jacket again.

Dean kept his voice feather soft.

"Sammy? hey...you with me?"

Sam nodded against him and Dean gave him a moment before he moved.

Wrapping one arm around Sam's waist, Dean turned himself so he mirrored Sam, his back leant against baby. He used his other hand to move Sam's arm to wrap around him and waited a moment before he felt Sam weakly make a fist in his jacket. Dean let his fingers hook under Sam's belt and took a deep breath.

"Just lean into me Sammy. I've got you okay..."

He felt Sam nod, whether he didn't have the energy to speak or he couldn't right then, Dean knew Sam's endurance was nearly out and he needed to get his brother inside before he passed out again.


Stepping forward from the car, Sam stumbled and it took all of Dean not to stumble with him. Steadying himself he took another step forward, aware that Sam was leaning into him more and more and he readjusted his hold so he could take more of Sam's weight.

The door to their room was a just another few steps, but by the look of sweat beading Sam's forehead and the hitch in his breath, it might as well have been Mount Everest.

"C'mon Sammy...hold on for me."

Sam grunted but moved with him, slow and heavy like he was walking through syrup, but he pushed himself forward.

They made it to the door and Dean let Sam completely lean into him like a crutch as he quickly unlocked the door and booted it open, careful to quickly balance Sam against him again as he stepped inside. Sam sagged, his head bowing nearly to his chest as his breaths wheezed out of him.

Dean made a beeline for the kitchen table and chairs a few steps ahead of him. Sam was starting to slip in his grip.


John's voice cut through the silence like a blow.

Sam, despite being on the brink of consciousness tensed in his arms like he'd been electrocuted.

With everything going on, they had genuinely forgot about their father. And now Dean could practically feel the panic coming off Sam in waves.

"What happened!? Sam?!" John demanded. Quickly rushing to his sons.

Sam made a choked off noise in his throat when he felt John take his other arm and he was propped up between the two elder Winchesters.

"Sammy, it's okay. I promise." Dean said gently, whispering into Sam as he felt the kids heart pound in his chest.

"Dad- just help me get him to the bed." Dean rushed, moving forward with or without John.

"Dean? What the hell happened?!" John growled, easily holding Sam's weight as he tried to get a look at his youngest. "Sam?"

Sam grunted, his body subconsciously retreating back to Dean.

"Dad." Dean snapped. "Not now."

John moved with Dean, holding the youngest between them like they'd done this a thousand times before.

"Sammy?" John asked, leaning close.

He took Sam's quick hiss as he inhaled to be words and John stopped, trying to reach his hands under Sam's chin to lift his head up. "Sam? Son?"

"Stay with me Sammy..." Dean shrugged Sam free from the clearly unwanted touch and let Sam fully lean into him again. He didn't stop to catch the flash of anger on John's face, but instead worked to get his precious cargo onto the bed before Sam passed out again and if the weakening grip was anything to go by he didn't have long.

Reaching the bed, Dean gently lowered Sam to first sit, letting Sam take a few controlled breaths before he slowly leaned Sam down, his brothers fists still tight in his jacket, and rolled him onto his side, watching the pain lines deepen at the shift in altitude, knowing that Sam standing from the car was enough to knock him out last time.

Sam's lips parted as he tried to slow his too fast breaths. His eyebrows pulled into a painful frown.

Suddenly the fists holding onto Dean loosened and Sam's breathing deepened.

"Sammy!?" Dean fully expected this, hell he'd already experienced round one, but it still made his own chest tight with worry.

The pained lines were still visible on Sam's face, even passed out. And as Dean smoothed out the hair from Sam's forehead and lingered over his pulse he took notice of just how pale Sam looked now his hair wasn't hiding half his face.

Dean sighed, tugging a blanket over Sam, he lifted Sam's feet so he was laid out on the bed and stood, one hand sweeping over his own face. He could still feel his heart thundering away.

Turning, Dean noticed his dad watching him from the kitchen with a mix of worry and annoyance.

Dean swallowed, not even remotely ready for this conversation.

"You want to tell me what that was about?" John asked sternly.

Dean couldn't stop the flash of anger flickering over his own face as his eyes snapped back to Sam and noticed the flicker of Sam's eyes beneath his lids.

Moving away from Sam to his father, Dean ushered him backwards and further back into the kitchen as he reluctantly left Sam.

Glancing back one last time, Dean let out a long breath and met his fathers curious look.

"You have to keep your voice down." Dean said calmly. "Anything too loud, too bright- he can't handle right now."

John frowned, but listened to his son and at the honestly of his words. He didn't miss the worry coating them either.

"What happened to him?" John asked, his voice a touch quieter.

Dean sighed and shook his head. Where would he even start with this?

"Sam called me- he figured out which house the demon is coming to." Dean licked his lips. "I found him nearly passed out in a park, got him here as fast as I could. He passed out already on the way."

Technically, Dean winced. He wasn't lying there. That was all true.

John shook his head, like he couldn't pick a question fast enough to ask his son.

"The demon? Sam knows where it's coming?"

Dean nodded.

"What happened to him? How did he find-"

"I saw it..."

The weak voice to their left snapped the elder Winchesters to their youngest.

Dean rushed over, his body taking place of the kitchen table Sam was heavily leaning against.

"Sam! Hey...you shouldn't be up right now-"

"M'okay..." Sam whispered, squinting at Dean. "We have to be ready..."

Dean growled his disapproval but helped Sam move forward, wrapping Sam's arm over his shoulder and his own tight around Sam's side he slowly walked Sam to the nearest chair and let Sam slowly lean into it. Watching closely as Sam bent his body over the kitchen table and let his head rest in his hands he flicked his gaze to his dad who'd just puffed out his chest and was about to grill Sam for information.

"Dad-just give him a minute." Dean warned, his tone gentle but not about to take any shit.

"Sammy?" Dean asked, leaning himself closer to Sam. "You don't have to do this?" Dean whispered just loud enough for Sam.

Sam nodded in his hands and Dean let out a long breath. "I do." Came the muffled response.

This was just going to be brilliant.

Pushing his head deeper into his hands almost as if he could hide there, Sam winced and took a shuddering breath.

Dean could hear his rapid pulse from the other end of the room.

"I...ugh..." Sam started. His voice weak. "I saw where the demon is coming-when...I know who it's coming for- I met the woman it's going to burn on the ceiling." Sam shuddered out a breath, like simply talking was taking all of his effort. "It's coming for her daughter-Rosie. She's six months old. Today." Sam rushed.

Pouring himself a coffee and one for his dad Dean passed the steaming mug to John before he put a glass of water before Sam and took a seat on one of the beds.

A moment later John joined him, glancing to Dean before he spoke, he remembered his sons words and kept his voice low.

"You saw it?" John asked, his tone half incredulous, half unbelieving. "What do you mean you saw it? The demon's already been-"

"No. It's coming. Tonight." Sam ground out, pain tightening his voice.

John frowned, looking to Sam as if he was talking another language and then glancing at Dean, seeing how serious his oldest looked, John swallowed his words.

"Sam- you wanna' tell us what you saw?" Dean asked gently. Might as well rip the band aid off already because this was just painful.

"...The yellow eyed demon...it comes for Rosie. Tonight. I saw their house-Monica- the woman walks in and he...he burns her, just like Mom...like Jess...they don't even stand a chance...we have to stop it." The crack in Sam's voice was painful to hear. Dean knew he'd be seeing his vision every time he closed his eyes for weeks now and it hurt him he couldn't do anything apart from be there for the youngest Winchester.

"How do you know it's coming tonight? What happened to you in that park?" John barked.

"Dad..." Dean warned, licking his lips. Ready to answer if Sam couldn't.

"It was a vision." Sam whispered, like he was afraid of his own voice right there and then.

"You said a vision?" John asked, sure he misheard.

Sam hissed, although whether it was from John finding out about his psychic powers or pain, Dean didn't know. He guessed maybe it might be both.

"Yes...a vision..." Sam mumbled. "Premonition-whatever you want to call it...I saw what will happen if we don't do something about it..."

John was still frowning as Dean carefully watched both men.

"A vision?" It sounded more ridiculous every time he said it.

"Ugh...yes." Sam ground out. His headache seeming to spike anew behind his eyes. Sam furiously rubbed at his forehead, trying to hold it back. "I saw the demon burning a woman on the ceiling." Sam tried to glance at his father, tried to convey in one look just how serious he was-that this wasn't the time to get into his freaky powers, but he had to snap his eyes shut again as the dim light in the room proved too much for his sensitive eyes.

"Alright, and you think it's gonna' happen to this woman you met because..." John asked, sceptical.

Sam finally managed to keep his eyes open as he looked at his dad, unable to read his face made Sam all the more nervous.

"Because these things happen, exactly the way I see them..." Sam defended. Frowning as a sharp pang reminded him his headache wasn't going away anytime soon.

Dean stood slowly, wanting to be closer to Sam. "It started out as nightmares, then he started having em' while he was awake."

Sam was thankful for the light squeeze on his shoulder as Dean passed him to refill his coffee.

"Yeah..." Sam gasped. Still burying his head in his hands. Dean stayed close.

"It's like...I dunno...it's like...the closer I get to anything...involving the demon, the stronger the visions get." Sam winced.

"Alright, when were you gonna' tell me about this?" John barked.

The brothers turned to their dad, incredulous.

"We didn't know what it meant." Dean spoke softly, gently reminding their dad to do so.

"Alright. Something like this starts happening to your brother, you pick up the phone and you call me." It was an order.

Dean didn't miss how their dads raised voice made Sam grimace and he shoved his mug and the coffee pot on the side angrily.

"Call you?" Dean snapped. Careful to get past Sam before he raised his voice. "Are you kiddin' me?" Dean frowned angrily. "Dad I called you from Lawrence." Dean made sure he stood in front of Sam, forever being the big brother and protector, even if it was their dad. "Alright, Sam called you when I was dying. I mean getting you on the phone, I got a better chance of winning the lottery!"

John nodded solemnly. His eyes raking over the carpet at his feet.

"You're right." John said softly, catching eyes with both of his sons.

Dean's anger deflated and he turned to check on Sam, still making sure he was stood between them.

"I'm not real crazy about this new tone of yours, but you're right. I'm sorry."

"Look, guys...fact is, vision or no vision, we know the demon is coming tonight...and this family's gonna' go through the same hell that we went through." Sam said softly.

"No they're not." John said strongly. "No one is. Ever again."

Although his head still felt like it was split in two, Sam found himself nodding at the confidence in their fathers words.

The shrill ring of his cell startled him and Sam fumbled for his phone, hitting answer to the unknown number and holding it up to his ear, he tried to hide the wince the action caused.

"Hello?" Sam asked thickly.


Something like dread hit the pit of Sam's stomach. "Who is this?" He voiced, stronger.

"Think real hard, it'll come to you."

Sam could hear the smile in the girls voice and tried to ignore the unease building in him. "Meg?" Sam's eyes widened.

Dean was behind him in a heartbeat, John already moving to stand closer to his son.

Sam looked at Dean and then his dad with worry in his eyes.

"The last time I saw you, you fell out of a window..."

"Yeah thanks to you. That really hurt my feelings by the way."

"Just your feelings?" Sam's breath started to rush. "That was a seven story drop."

"Let me speak to your dad." Meg said coldly. Chit chat over.

"My dad?" Sam looked to John and couldn't hide the fear in his eyes. "I don't know where my dad is."

"It's time for the grownups to talk Sam. Let me speak to him. Now."

Sam swallowed, unnerved and uneasy he locked eyes with John and understood the unspoken order.

Sam passed his dad his phone and listened with growing panic as Meg revealed what would happen if they didn't hand over the gun.

Worry swirling through him, ready to take him under Sam felt Dean's warm hand grip his shoulder and give a strong squeeze. He focused again on the warmth of that hand, how it got him through the pain last time, how it was again now.

As John hung up and stared hard at his sons, he revealed his plan.

Despite the severity of everything they'd been through and the horror of what they would again have to go through tonight, Sam knew that he could make it through anything that was thrown at him. Because he had Dean, and big brothers always made everything okay.


Thanks for reading lovely ones! I hope you enjoyed the extension!

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