Greeting everyone, and welcome to "It Came from Megakat City", a story featuring some characters you might recognize such as the titular characters but with a story in which the majority takes place on a different Earth that doesn't have cat people but humans and non-humans. While I had to determine just when exactly this takes place during the show, eventually as I worked on this fic I decided "screw it" and set it after the events of the show but in current times.

Don't worry, they'll show up. It's just gonna take us a while to get to that point.

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Oh, and before anyone starts, the 'Big' that appears in this story is NOT Big the Cat from the Sonic games. Completely different, and original, character.

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Megakat City

25 Years Ago

A lone she-cat screamed as she looked upwards towards the sky before running for her life, a large gathering of others running the same direction as the roar of a creature not more than several feet away was heard.


As the crowd continued to flee, several silver oval tanks arrived as a brown he-cat with black hair wearing a jacket announced "Enforcers, commence attacking. We must stop this creature at all costs" as the tanks began to fire at the creature not seen on screen.

And yet, as this occurred, somewhere nearby a small 4 year-old girl light brown she-cat with red hair and green eyes, looked on in horror as the monster simply kicked the tanks away, one at a time, while the leading commander found himself screaming one last time before the monster's foot came down on him.

The small child soon began to crawl backwards, tears evident in her eyes with a mixture of fear, as she looked up.


The monster, a rather large white cat standing on it's hand legs with oversized frontal paws, a large jaw with sharp, pointy teeth, and yellow eyes, roared as it began to stroll forward, following the large crowd of people while the little girl was speechless as the monster brought it's head down and opened its mouth.

The little girl could only watch as several people found themselves inside the monster's mouth before it closed its jaws.

And then, she screamed…..

….before the girl, now a woman herself, shot up from her sleep and held her chest as if she were having a heart attack. The woman, Kita Catmiller, took a moment to breathe in-and-out several times.

Each breathe started rapidly, yet slowly began to take smaller breathes. Each breathe, however, never removed the fear in her eyes.

" Not again" Kita thought to herself, tears evident in her eyes, as he thoughts trailed on "I've had the same nightmare for 20 years. Why? Why won't it leave me alone?"

Kita suddenly turned to her left and noticed the digital clock next to her say 8: 19, causing her to curse to herself inwardly.

"OH S**T" she shouted, "I'm gonna be late!" as Kita quickly threw the sheets off of her and ran to her daughter's room to start the day.

Chapter 1: When a She-Kat meets a Hero

Planet Earth

Miami, FL

September 2018

"Ms. Catmiller, where have you been?" A human male wearing a business suit asked, his arms crossed as Kita ran into the store, wearing a white blouse, blue jeans and a green apron while running towards a register, her hands full with her till for the day. "You are 15 minutes late."

"Sorry Mr. Hughes, I woke up late and had to get my daughter to school. Then, the bus was stuck in traffic and…" before Kita could continue, her boss simply stuck one of his hands out and said "Enough with your excuses Ms. Catmiller. We here at 'Shop Till You Drop' demand that our employees come to work on time, take their breaks on time, and leave on time." Kita frowned and said "I know sir, but…" before Mr. Hughes stated "Be quiet. I am talking."

Kita simply bit her lower lip and brought her head down as Mr. Hughes continued.

"Now since you are 15 minutes late, and it's clear that you have no cell phone what with your terribly laid back clothes, I'm afraid you leave me no choice but to take those 15 minutes out of your pay." Kita suddenly shot her head up and said "But sir…" "DO NOT 'but sir' ME!" Mr. Hughes suddenly demanded, raising an open hand towards Kita while stating "I don't care what backwards planet you come from, nor do I care about your financial situation. You work here, you obey MY rules or else you can go back to the dumpster where you came from. Is that clear, Ms. Catmiller?"

Kita simply hung her head before replying "Yes, sir."

"Now get to work!" He finally demanded and turned around before noticing an elderly couple gaping in shock. Mr. Hughes, at that moment, decided to suddenly force a fake smile onto his face before stating "My apologies folks for my verbal choice of words, but sometimes you have to put your foot down with incompetent employees."

As for Kita, setting her till in the cash register, she carefully wiped a tear from her eye while thinking to herself "Stupid boss. Just because I don't have a cellphone or a car that doesn't mean he can simply berate me in front of other humans like that. Cat gods, this job is so demeaning." Forcing herself to look up, she noticed she already had a customer as Kita brought a fake smile to her face and said "Welcome to 'Shop Till You Drop', where we have low prices for your everyday needs. How can I help you today?"

As Kita went about her work shift, her thoughts trailed on "I used to remember when I actually had a high paying job at Megakat City. I used to do the book keeping in the mayor's office and helped Ms. Briggs keep record on the city's budget. Then, I found out about the actual budget and loss my job."

"Ms. Catmiller!" Mr. Hughes suddenly stated, as Kita shot her head towards her boss and asked "Yes sir?" Mr. Hughes huffed and replied "That's Mr. Hughes to you. Now say it correctly." Kita sighed, knowing what was to come before asking "Yes, Mr. Hughes, sir?"

Accepting it, Mr. Hughes soon announced "That's better. Now then, I need you to stay extra hours today to cover for three other cashiers. Apparently, two of them gave me this ridiculous excuse that they were sick." Huffing again, he added without noticing Kita's face "It seems laziness is a form of sickness these days. If it were up to me, I would have fired them already."

"WHAT?" Kita suddenly shouted, shocked as she stated "Sir, I have to pick up my daughter after school. I have no one to do that for me if I can't and the school isn't going to keep here there until I finish." Mr. Hughes, however, stated "Well then, that's your problem. You should have made arrangements" before walking away. Kita suddenly asked "Hey wait, what about the third one?"

Stopping without turning to look, Mr. Hughes replied "I'm firing her when she walks in for her shift today. She's too old for this job" before leaving.

Kita could only stay in complete shock before a customer forced her attention.

Several hours later, at a nearby elementary school a small cat girl with light brown fur and hair, blue eyes, and wearing a school uniform of a white shirt, blue skirt and a small black bookbag.

The little girl, Suzy Catmiller, waited for her mom anxiously and with a smile on her face. Everyday with her mom was a happy day back home, and yet since arriving on Earth, her mom wasn't smiling as much. If at all.

Suzy knew her mom hated her job. Her mom would always have a fake smile and cried on certain nights.

She knew her mom was always upset when her dad was mentioned. Dad, according to mom, left them when Suzy was born.

Back home, she had her mommy's friend Ms. Briggs who was always nice to them until her boss said 'she couldn't work there anymore.' Suzy frowned. Her mom's old and new boss were mean to her, but differently.

Her old boss was lazy, but her new boss always talk to her like a bully.

Speaking of which, as she saw other kids walk into buses or get picked up by their parents, a thought occurred to her: Where was her mom?

A punch to the back of her head quickly became a second thought, as she fell to the ground and started to cry.

"Get out of my way, freak" was what she heard, the tears starting to cover her eyes while other students started either kicking her lightly aside or just looked down.

"What a loser!"


"Go back home!"

Sadly, this is what she dealt with at school, and not just from other kids.

Teachers, even the janitor, would sometimes quietly talk down to the child. Their words were clear: You don't belong here.

And yet, Suzy cried. She just wanted her mom.

An hour soon passed before Suzy was grabbed by her left wrist. Looking up, she saw a teacher pull her towards the front gate as the teacher, a middle-aged woman, said "School hours ended an hour ago. Now beat it" before throwing her into the sidewalk.

For Suzy, she didn't know what was worse. That a teacher would do this, or that her mom still wasn't there. All she knew was fear as she started crying once more.

"Well hello there."

This voice, however, was not a kid.

In fact, it didn't sound like a teacher either.

Looking up, Suzy saw something…no, someone, she never expected to meet.

In front of her was a blue humanoid bird wearing a black hat and cape around his body. To anyone else, especially those who committed evil, they knew to be afraid. To those like her, however, he meant something else.

"That wasn't very nice of her" said the hero in a stern voice before adding "Something tells me they're going to be hearing from the higher ups soon enough." Big then began to notice her tears as he went down to one knee in front of her and asked "Are you ok?"

To Suzy, she saw something different. She saw hope.

"Whoa" she whispered, wiping her tears with her sleeve before adding "You're him. You're Mr. Big."

"Yep, that's me alright" Big said quietly before noticing Suzy's eyes as he asks once more "Are you ok? You look like you've been crying."

"I'm ok" Suzy replied, and yet Big simply raised an eyebrow. "You don't look so" he said, adding "Judging by your eyes and that bump on your head, I think you have a lot of bullies, huh?"

Suzy said nothing, instead looking at the ground before Big heard the sound of sniffling. "I'm sorry you had to go through all that" Big told her, beginning to pull something out from under his cape. Suzy didn't see what it was until it was literally in front of her eyes.

It was a napkin.

"I know what it's like" Big said, as Suzy was hesitant before taking the napkin. Once so, he got to his feet and continued "When I first came to Earth, I got bullied a lot by others." Suzy, drying her eyes, asked "Really? You? But you're the coolest."

For that moment, Big could only smirk as Suzy lit up with a smile he had only seen on quite a few as she continued "You can fly, you can hit stuff really hard, and no one can beat you. Everyone likes you pretty much."

Big could only chuckle before stating "Yes, now, but back when I was young I couldn't do any of that. I wasn't a hero. I was just Big." As Suzy took this in, Big muttered "Plus I'm not that liked. You can ask the Justice League that."

"So, how did you become you?" Suzy asked, as Big replied "It was tough, but I had my family and they always had my back. Speaking of which…" By this point, Big had realized something "You should be home right now. Where are your parents?"

"My mommy must still be at work because of her mean boss" Suzy replied, but then her next words became soft as she said "But my daddy….he didn't want me."

"Oh" Big said softly. For him, that hit home.

"I'm sorry" he quietly said, thinking about his own past and what he had growing up on Earth, easily counting it in one hand.

His step-father and his sister.

Like this child, he didn't have much, but that number grew over time and he knew it would for her as well. Deciding to extend a hand, Big soon asked her "How about I take you to your mom?" Suzy, in turn, looked up as her eyes went wide before she asked "Really? You would?" Big nodded as Suzy took his hand and started to pull him towards a specific direction, stating "Okay let's go. Mommy's job is this way."

As Suzy pulled him away, Big couldn't help but chuckle to himself a little. It reminded him of when he was a father once upon a time. "By the way, you never told me your name" Big said, as Suzy stopped to turn around and said "Well, my name is Suzy…Suzy Catmiller" before beginning to tug him in the direction she was going.

"Well Suzy, it's nice to meet you."

"Preparing the commencement of the Freezer Bomb in T-Minus 2 minutes."

The announcement was heard all throughout the eastern section of Megakat City as a 4-year old Kita was held by her mother, while she and her father watched on from the safety of an underground bunker.

It was here that she saw what looked like a small grey dot fall into their section of the city just above the monster, as he looked up and roared at the oncoming object.


As the dot finally landed, in its place was an explosion of white and grey as buildings near the monster were destroyed by the explosion, while buildings, roads, and even vehicles began to freeze due to the sudden change in temperatures.

"Our home" Kita could recall her mother say, the tears beginning to form in her eyes as well as her father.

And, overcome with their own grief, each of the others began to do the same.

And yet, as the smoke cleared, the monster remained. No longer moving, yet stuck in place as if frozen.

And yet still, as Kita looked closer, she could have sworn that one of the monster's eyes was looking back at her.

And then she heard it roar-"WAKE UP YOU LOUSY CAT!"

Just as quickly, Kita was jilted from her sleep, apparently having fallen asleep in the break room as Mr. Hughes had shown up and screamed in her right ear.

"What the hell?" Kita asked, massaging her ear before asking "Did you need to do that? I still have…" she stopped, looking at the clock on the wall before replying "…another 6 minutes."

"6 minutes too much" Mr. Hughes replied while adding "I decided to take those 15 minutes you missed out of your break time, so you're late back to work. That's 11 more minutes I'm taking out of your next paycheck."

"ARE YOU SERIOUS?" Kita suddenly screamed, getting out of her chair as she stated "I know for a fact that's illegal. I should report you to HR for…"

Kita never finished that sentence, as a loud slap was heard through that room.

Within the next second, Kita just barely held the table as Mr. Hughes had an open hand still out before withdrawing it back as he stated "Let's make this clear. You are not human. You are an alien who should be grateful to have a job. You are not human, so human resources won't care. Simply put, you work for me, you do as I say. It's my way or you can go work the streets at night. Would you rather that or..." He never finished, as the store intercom went off.


Mr. Hughes growled, narrowing his eyes at Kita who held her cheek in pain while trying to hold her anger in check, before muttering "Get back to work" and leaving the break room.

Kita simply growled before muttering "Yes, sir" as she walked out of the break room hoping that the day couldn't get any worse.

Within the next few seconds, it did.

Meanwhile, all the way in Megakat City, things had changed within those 25 years, but not for the better.

The Enforcers, now lead by Commander Ulysses Feral, had remobilized since then with a stronger fighting force…and yet were constantly shown up by, as some would put it, the unspoken heroes of their fair city, the Swat Kats. While no one knew who they were, they knew who to count on in the end.

One such person who Deputy Mayor Callie Briggs, who had been verbally supportive of the Swat Kats since their first appearance.

Said person was looking over several stacks of paperwork, each one conveniently labeled either 'Budget' or 'Donations', yet to Callie's lack of surprise the pile for the former was at least several piles all at once.

Callie groaned as she rubbed her temples. For the last 5 years, Mayor Manx had made a mess of the budget, relying on donations from sponsors to fix major problems with the city's expenses. Unfortunately for her, said 'expenses' were rather remodifying Megakat Tower or the mayor's favorite golf courses.

In short, because of these series of decisions done by Mayor Manx the city was not only under-budget, it was facing bankruptcy. Sadly for Callie, it was her former assistant Kita who had first noticed something was wrong before Manx had fired her for 'Incompetence'. Since then, Callie began to notice further changes to her itinerary, which now involved trying to fix said budget, but to no avail.

"Mayor Manx, what have you done?" Callie asked herself, continuing to rub her temples as she proceeded to open one folder marked as 'Budget' and began reading, her eyes threatening to roll into the back of her head with each item marked.

"Increase in taxes? Tax cuts on high-class civilians and businesses? Mayor Manx, what are you doing?" Callie asked herself out loud, as she added "At this rate, the only ones actually making any money are the Enforcers and the mayor himself. Even I wouldn't see so much as a cent increase."

Callie groaned as she slammed the folder onto the table. Almost as if like a domino effect, every folder on the table in turn fell onto the floor, each one mixing with others.

"OH COME ON!" Callie screamed, slamming open hands onto the table before bringing her head down as well.

At that moment, she heard something else fall onto the ground. Removing her head from the table, Callie noticed an unmarked file. Picking it up, Callie looked around, wondering if anyone had been inside her office while she wasn't looking.

And yet, nothing. The windows were still closed. The door to her office was still closed.

It was almost as if no one had entered the room at all.

Callie hummed to herself "Strange" before opening it up. As soon as she saw the very first page, a single thought came to mind.

"Project Kathula? What is that?"

Back on Earth, Kita walked over to the front of the store yet wasn't sure what she was least expecting.

It certainly wasn't her daughter who ran forward to her, arms wide open while screaming "MOMMY!"

Seeing her daughter running towards her, a smile on her face, always made Kita happy as she got down to her knees and opened her own arms while hugging her daughter. "Hi sweetie" Kita said, kissing her forehead while saying "How are you? I'm sorry I wasn't able to pick you up from school today." Raising her head to meet her mother's gaze, Suzy kept her smile as she said "It's ok mom. I know you have to work hard."

Hearing those words, Kita simply frowned as she said "I wish I didn't have to sweetie, but if I don't then we don't have a-wait a minute." She suddenly stopped and realized something "Suzy, you didn't walk here alone, did you?"

"Of course not mommy" Suzy replied, as Kita breathed a sigh of relief and muttered "Oh thank goodness." Suzy soon turned towards the front door and said "I came here with him."

As soon as Kita turned her attention towards the front door and noticed Big standing there, his attention turned to them as he began to walk towards her, she realized this was the only other thing she never expected to happen today.

"Are you f**king kidding me right now?" were the thoughts going through her head, believing some god was playing a joke on her. A cruel joke that involved two different species that supposedly hated each other.

At least as far as she knew.

"You must be Suzy's mother." Big began, as Kita seemed rather confused by his appearance while he continued "I know it's not my place, but I'd like to talk to you concerning some pro…"

Big suddenly stopped and noticed something rather peculiar about Kita.

Was it her height? No, but he did note she was a foot taller than him.

Was it her eyes? No, but he noticed the bags under them. Possible fatigue.

Was it that swollen mark on the side of her face? Yep, that was it.

"Did someone hit you?" Big suddenly asked her, squinting his eyes in an attempt to get a closer look, adding "Looks like it was open palm, and really hard."

"Um, personal space? Please?" Kita suddenly asked, adding "It feels like you're trying to examine my head."

Big blinked for a second before realizing he was literally on his tippy toes and only inches from her face. "Oh, sorry" he whispered before taking a step back.

Unfortunately, Suzy soon saw just what it was Big was referring to, as she asked "Mommy, someone hit you? Who was it? Was it that jerk boss you work for?"

"That jerk boss you're referring to, you little brat…" the voice trailed off, as all three of them turned towards Mr. Hughes, who walked towards them as he continued "…is me, and just for that PLUS I see you slacking off at work Ms. Catmill-MR. BIRD!" He suddenly noted Big's appearance, his expression quickly going from expressionless to feigning a smile, yet failed to notice Big's face in general as he stated "It is such a wonderful treat to have someone of your caliber here in my store. I'm just sorry you were greeted by this lazy incompetent employee or her ungrateful child." Mr. Hughes quickly shot Kita and Suzy a dirty glare, earning one in return from Kita and a raspberry from Suzy.

"Spoiled brat" he muttered, before turning his glance back to Big and with a fake smile continued "So what can I do for someone of such stature here at the 'Shop Till You Drop', where we have…"

"Did you hit her?"

At that moment, Mr. Hughes's stopped talking altogether, finally beginning to notice Big's glare.

The same glare many before once faced.

The same glare that meant either someone was about to be punished or were about to face death itself.

"I'll say it again: Did. You. Hit. Her?" Big asked, this time the anger more vocal.

"Wha…what kind of accusation is that?" Mr. Hughes asked, yet Big notice a trail of sweat begin to form.

"There's a swollen slap mark on her face, and your hands match it exactly." Big stated, his stare never seemingly ending, as he added "In addition, she's overworked. You can tell by the bags under her eyes."

"She's not overworked, she's just lazy" Mr. Hughes stated, as he turned to Kita and stated "This ungrateful alien has no idea how good she has it here, and raising an equally idiotic child…"

"SHUT UP!" Big suddenly screamed, quieting the now quivering Mr. Hughes, and even causing Kita and Suzy to jump back as he stated "Bad mouthing someone for their parenting is one thing, but if there's one thing I can't stand, it's a man having to hit a lady to assert his dominance. Shame on you."

"How can you stand on her side?" Mr. Hughes suddenly asked, adding "She's just a worthless street cat from space."

"Funny you say that" Big said, before adding "Because before the hour is over, at least one of us is going to pay a visit to the police station, and something tells me if I stick around for the next five minutes I'll find plenty to bring you up on charges aside from assault."

"Oh, I highly doubt that" M. Hughes said, crossing his arms while adding "You can look as much as you want, but I highly doubt you'll find anything."

(5 Minutes Later)

As the entire staff of 'Shop Till You Drop' stood outside, Kita holding her daughter's hand and Big simply staring at the sight of a handcuffed Mr. Hughes being put into a police vehicle while sporting a black eye and broken glasses, Kita thought back to what happened in those exact minutes.

Within the first minute alone, as Big began looking through the store's records, Mr. Hughes once again began an argument with Kita concerning the situation with a 'lack of warrant' before berating her in front of staff and customers. While at first it was the usual 'you're lazy and/or worthless' treatment, the moment Mr. Hughes slapped Suzy while stating "children should be silent in front of adults", Kita replied by giving him a black eye.

He, in turn, said the words "You're Fired."

Four minutes later, by the time the police arrived, while Big couldn't charge with him assault due to the black eye, it turned out there was plenty of proof of employee abuse, unpaid overtime, age and racial discrimination among others. The public assault of a minor, however, was enough to arrest him, although Big was disappointed in the fact that he secretly wanted to be the one to leave a black eye.

Watching Mr. Hughes be taken away, as Suzy looked up and asked "What'll we do now mom?", Kita simply shrugged her shoulders before replying "Honestly, I'm not sure sweetheart, but it'll be ok."

The two soon heard a sound. It was low at heart, but quickly became loud. It was close, but not exactly distinct.


Looking down at her mother's stomach, Suzy soon smiled and said "Mommy, it's your tummy. Did you eat lunch today?" Kita simply chuckled before replying "Not really sweetie. I was more tired than hungry." Suzy soon began to pull her away from the crowd and her, now former, place of employment as she said "Well you need to go eat mommy. A hungry tummy is a bad tummy." Kita however frowned, as her daughter took her into the sidewalk before saying "I'm sorry sweetie, but I don't have enough pocket cash on me for a meal." Suzy pouted as Kita continued "I guess I'll just have to nibble on something when we get home."

The two soon heard the sound of someone clearing their throat behind them. Turning around, they noticed Big behind them, one of his wrapped hands moving away from his beak as Kita asked "Can we help you with something? You just got me fired from my job…." Stopping to mutter "…even though it sucked, the pay was awful, and my now former boss was, until today, a verbally abusive jerk…." Before adding "…so what now?"

Big, failing to bite his own lower beak out of nervousness, replied "Well, I wanted to apologize for getting you fired from your job and overheard about your hunger. So, I would like to make it up to you and your daughter." Kita, a bit confused, simply chuckled before asking "Let me get this straight: You just got me fired and now you're asking me out to a date?" This time, it was Big's turn to chuckle before replying "No no, not a date. Just lunch. My treat." Before Kita could reply, she could feel Suzy tugging on her arm, taking a quick glance towards her jumping up and down in excitement as Kita bit her lower lip before finally replied "Well alright, but I get to choose where."

Meanwhile, back on Megakat City, Callie had been looking into the 'Project Kathula' file, yet it seemed something was rather off.

For starters, a majority of the file was blacked out in terms of names.

Names of victims of the project 20 years ago.

Names of scientists that worked on the project.

Names of high-ranking people associated with the project.

In fact, the only name not crossed off was a soldier at the time only a year into the Enforcers.

"Ulysses S Feral" Callie read to herself, before adding "Commander Feral before he became a commander. What do you have to do with this?"

Turning to the next page, Callie's eyes suddenly widened in horror, for on it was a photo of the monster from 20 years ago.

Or rather, the creature awakening from a holding cell in chains.

To Be Continued…

Well, that's it for Chapter 1. The main characters for this story have met but only half of Kathula's story has been told, but his second half and the stage are set for the next chapter.

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Anyways, to close this chapter out, here's the synopsis for the next chapter:

As Big has lunch with Kita and Suzy, it becomes clear to Kita that Big doesn't know about the history of their respective species or the issues between them. Meanwhile, as Callie Briggs confronts Commander Feral on his history of 'Project Kathula', the monster in question suddenly arrives on Earth…

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