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Anyway, for those who missed last chapter: Kita Catmiller (OC), a she-kat from Megakat City, is now jobless after being fired by her verbally abusive boss. At the same time, she meets one of Earth's heroes in Big the Bird (another OC), yet doesn't exactly trust him. Meanwhile, back on Megakat City, Callie Briggs has found a secret file containing information on 'Project Kathula' and learns Commander Feral was once involved.

So how did this file suddenly find itself in Callie's hands? And just what exactly happened to Kathula leading up to current events? That's for Belial to know and for you to read on. Enjoy…

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Chapter 2: When Kathula Arrives

25 Years Ago, Megakat City….

"5….4….3….2….1….BLAST OFF" Went the announcement over the intercom as a large crowd looked.

As a young Kita watched on, her mother holding her hand, she saw as a large rocket began to take off towards the sky, apparently a large block of ice containing what was once known as Project Kathula partially chained to it.

The rocket, at first, buckled due to the weight of the creature.

Once the second rocket was launched, chains also attached to it, the block began to buckle in of itself. The strength of the rockets began to lift the rather large frozen creature as a third rocket began to take off.

This time, the creature finally began to lift off from the ground as the crowd cheered while the rockets flew the frozen Kathula into space.

And yet, Kita didn't say anything. She didn't make a sound as the trail of the rockets soon became barely visible while in space, as the rockets began to shut down, the chains just as quickly beginning to come undone while the frozen Kathula found itself beginning to fly into the depths of space.

As Kita soon heard her mother say the words "It's over sweetheart…."

"Um, hello? Mom?"

"…we can relax now..."


"…we'll never see that monster again…."


"WHAT!?" Kita suddenly shouted, angrily turning towards her daughter, yet just as quickly frowned at the sight of her frightened daughter. "Oh, sorry sweetie." Kita muttered, going down to her knees while Suzy brought her head down as she said "Mommy was just remembering something. I didn't mean to scream at you."

"Sorry mommy" Suzy whispered as Kita hugged her daughter while she whispered in turn "No sweetie, it's my fault."

As this happened, Big simply looked at this while he had thought back to where they were now.

Not more than a half hour ago, he followed the now fired Kita and her daughter from her former job into a small burger restaurant in downtown Miami. In all fairness, he felt responsible for getting her fired despite her boss having been verbally abusive towards Kita and her daughter. By the time they got there, however, the place was full so they took their meals to go.

Then again, as Big began to see Kita enjoy her cheeseburger, this quickly became a positive for him.

"Ah yes, the burger" Big playfully thought to himself, as he removed the top of his burger bun and placed a few fries on top of the burger patty while continuing on "One of humanity's greatest creations, next to pizza" as he prepared to eat yet stopped for that moment.

Seeing Kita in deep thought while Suzy was trying to get her attention, only for the mother to snap at her own daughter then apologize did make him think.

The look on Kita's place was one he was familiar with: reflecting on her past, which made him think just what happened in her past which caused this. Whatever it was, in his opinion, was either traumatic or something rather personal.

"You eat your burgers like that?" Kita suddenly asked him, turning towards Big and noticing the fries. "Sometimes, yes" Big replied, as he added "My grandma used to eat her burgers like this sometimes."

To Big's surprise, Kita suddenly smirked as she said "This is gonna sound silly but I did too." "Really?" Big asked, still surprised, as Kita replied while Suzy took her first bite of her fries "Yes. Believe it or not, when I was pregnant with this one…" she stopped, nodding towards her daughter before adding "….I used to love eating cheeseburgers. After I became a mom, I kinda gave up burgers for awhile until getting this figure."

Big simply smirked while Kita used her burger-filled hand to reference her body.

"So I'm curious." Big said, taking a bite from his burger before asking "You and your daughter are from a different planet, correct?" Kita nodded before replying "Yes, we're from Megakat City. It's on a planet similar to Earth but no humans. Just cat people for the most part."

With that statement, Big finally asked "So, without any disrespect, why did you leave?" Kita took a small nibble from her burger before replying "Well, to answer your question in the most non-disrespectful manner possible, I left because of a lot of factors. My ex-husband left me, my former boss was a lazy a…" Kita stopped herself, almost saying the word 'ass' before recalling her daughter was with her before continuing on "…a lazy jerk who cared more for his golf swing than trying to be a decent mayor, the city was constantly in danger, and overall I wanted to raise my daughter in a place safe for us. Unfortunately, I didn't know about the history of this planet or it's current state so…." Kita shrugged her shoulders, yet Big said "Well, it's true that Earth has a lot of problems. It's either natural disasters, out of control monsters, criminals, or sometimes even invaders from other planets. Recently, we've had attacks from other dimensions."

Before taking another nibble from her burger, Kita soon asked "Ok, but what's your point?" Big took a deep breathe before replying "I know that Earth isn't perfect, but that doesn't mean this planet isn't defenseless. That's where people like me come in."

Kita, however, makes it clear "I'm afraid I don't agree with that" as the three stopped at a four-way stop while Kita turns to Big and tells him "Listen...um…Mr. Bird, not that I'm not grateful for you standing up for me and my daughter, but we're two different species from two different planets and from what I recall from my childhood, I was raised not to trust your kind."

"My kind?" Big asked, confused and feeling a bit offended, asked "What about my kind?"

"You know, your kind." Kita replied, pulling her daughter closer before adding "You're a magical bird, if I understand correctly, and our species have hated each other for hundreds of years. Just because you seem like a nice person, it doesn't excuse what you are. So, I'm sorry to say this, but as far as I know you ARE the threat to this world."

Beginning to pull her daughter away from Big towards a different street, Kita simply glared at him and said "Good day Mr. Bird…." before softening her voice and added "….and thank you for lunch."

And with that, Kita began to walk away as her daughter asked "Mom, what was that about? Why were you so mean to Mr. Big?" only for her to reply "Suzy, not now. I'll explain when you're over."

As for Big, watching them walk away, he simply frowned before thinking to himself "I thought racism couldn't go that far into space. I guess I was wrong…"

Meanwhile, on Megakat City, beginning to walk into the office of Enforcers Commander Ulysses Feral, Callie Briggs noticed Feral looking through paperwork before he took notice of Callie and asked "Just what can I do for you today, Deputy Mayor Briggs? More complaints from the mayor's office? Or are you here to once again vouch for those vigilantes, the Swat Kats?"

"Actually Commander, I came to talk to you concerning something I discovered recently. What do you know about 'Project Kathula?'" Callie asked, yet as she did, she began to take note of something rather odd.

The moment she mentioned 'Project Kathula', Feral seemed to stiffen in his seat.

"Something on your mind, Commander?" Callie asked, as Feral narrowed his eyes and replied "I'm afraid I don't know what you're talking about, Miss Briggs. Just what exactly are you referring to with this project?"

"Well Feral, I recently came into some knowledge concerning an abandoned project involving something called Kathula. Apparently, your name was mentioned" Callie said, further noticing Feral's eyes.

They seem to appear agitated.

"Ms. Briggs, I can assure you that there is no such thing as a 'Project Kathula', nor am I involved in anything of the sort." Feral simply replied, further adding as he began to stand up "And furthermore, if I was involved in this project, as you say, it would be public knowledge, now wouldn't it?"

"Well, I suppose it would…" Callie began, yet Feral cut her off by stating "Then therefore it's nothing more than complete gibberish, now stop wasting my time Ms. Briggs. I have important Enforcer business to attend to."

"Of course Feral" Callie said, although softly as she began to leave Feral's office, failing to pay any attention as Feral grabbed the phone on his office and dialed a particular number.

A few seconds later, once someone picked up, Feral said into it "Mayor Manx, we have a problem. Deputy Mayor Briggs knows about Project Kathula."

Somewhere in the vacuum of space, a rather large block of ice seemingly drifted along.

And yet, inside that block of ice was a rather large cat-like monster stuck in place but angry.

In a place where time was meaningless, he was trapped in place. The ice making it impossible to move.

Impossible to scream in rage.

Impossible to destroy.

Impossible to have revenge.

"Revenge, is that what you seek Kathula?"

The cat monster heard, yet didn't know who spoke.

"You wish for revenge? On the cat planet that took your freedom? Your right to kill? To destroy?"

The cat monster wished he could roar in agreement, yet could only do nothing.

"I will give you your freedom, but you must do something for me. You will attack the Earth."

The cat monster's eyes slowly began to open.

"You will become my pawn and kill the one who threatens my plans."

The cat monster then slowly began to purr, almost as if enjoying what he heard.

"You will kill the one who has the power of Ultraman Tiga. Do this, and you may rampage to your heart's content."

A crack of ice was soon heard, as the voice replied "I will take that as a yes" before something suddenly happened.

The cat monster watched as a purple rip appeared in front of him, seemingly sucking him in as he saw what awaited him on the other side. He saw Earth.

As the block of ice containing Kathula sucked him in and closed behind him, a figure seemingly appeared from nowhere: a rather large titan with black skin, red marks over his thighs, large claws on his hands, yellow eyes and a purple light on his chest.

Cackling, the figure known as Ultraman Belial simply said "You might have stopped me before Big, but this time I've prepared something special just for you. Now let's see if you can survive this."

Belial cackled once more, as a rip appeared behind him. Floating into it, he muttered the words "Remember hero: when you die, Tiga dies with you" before the rip closed behind him.

It was another quiet night in Miami, yet Big could only sigh as he sat on top of a rooftop.

For some reason, he couldn't get Kita's words out of his head.

"Just because you seem like a nice person, it doesn't excuse what you are. So, I'm sorry to say this, but as far as I know you ARE the threat to this world."

"I just don't get it" Big thought to himself "Just because of what I am that makes me a threat? That doesn't even make sense. It shouldn't, but why does it bother me?"

Sighing once more, Big put a closed hand onto his chin and just thought.

The sound of a large rip, however, got his attention as he looked up and saw it.

Another rip in space and time.

"Another one?" Big thought to himself, as he growled his teeth and added "What the hell is it this time?"

To Big's surprise, what came out of the rip was a rather large chunk of ice as it began to descend into the city.

Yet, as Big noticed, the ice was already cracking.

"I don't know what's in there…" he told himself, yet began to fly upward towards it, adding "….but I'm willing to bet Belial is involve-WHAT THE HELL?" He suddenly shouted, as Big stopped in mid-air while a large foot escaped from the ice.

Then, the other foot came free as it swung towards Big who quickly flew to the side.

As he did, Big finally noticed the creature inside, seeing the cat monster stare at him before it finally managed to growl.

As it did, Kathula's arms finally managed to force themselves out before his head was finally free.

As the shards of ice fell towards the ground, Kathula landed with a loud BOOM!

And finally, as Big was in complete shock, Kathula fully stood out and roared!

"Holy crap" was all Big muttered as Kathula swung his right paw into a building, destroying it while the streets began to litter with terrified humans.

"Oh no you don't" Big soon announced, flying towards Kathula as he prepared to battle the new invader.

"Umm, mom?"

"Yes, sweetie-DAMN!" Kita suddenly cursed out loud, removing from her microwave a closed white bowl which, up until a few minutes ago, was cooking rice.

Unfortunately, as Kita opened it and saw how the rice was completely burned, she quickly realized "I can't believe I burned the rice. What…" she stopped, throwing the entire thing into the garbage while adding "…did I DO WRONG?" Kita, frustrated, slapped the kitchen counter before trying to look for more rice.

And possibly, a small pot.

"Mom, you need to see this" Suzy said before turning her attention back to the TV.

"What is it sweetie?" Kita suddenly asked, turning her attention to the TV while having found a small pot.

What she saw horrified her, as on the TV was a news report showing Kathula attacking the city only to be kicked in the head by Big, causing him to reel a few steps to the right.

"Oh no" Kita muttered, dropping the pot onto the floor.

"Mommy?" Suzy asked, yet Kita simply stood there motionless, yet an even more horrifying thought came to mind.

The nightmare from her past had returned.

Meanwhile, back in Megakat City, as Callie looked further through the file containing 'Project Kathula', a sudden knock was heard on her front door.

"Come in" Callie announced, as the door opened, yet what surprised Callie was the appearance of Lt. Felina Feral along with a few Enforcers behind her.

"Felina, what can I do for you?" Callie asked, before noting the other Enforcers along with her as she added "…as well as the Enforcers today?"

Felina simply sighed before, to Callie's shock, took out a pair of handcuffs as she replied "Miss Briggs, I had hoped my uncle was kidding when he sent me to do this. Personally, I take no pride in this but I am an Enforcer and I am required by duty to do this."

Taking a deep breathe, Felina soon announced "Deputy Mayor Calico Briggs, you are under arrest for treason."

To Be Continued….

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"As Big battles Kathula, it doesn't take long until he finds himself outclassed yet learns that the cat monster from Megakat City has an unusual weakness. Meanwhile, as Callie is arrested for treason, the Swat Kats step in to rescue her after Felina learns what her uncle has planned.

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