[ ] = scene changes. [ ] = adding to the setting. { } = Change/Description of character's appearance. * * = Character's action. º º = Character's thoughts.

Hai = Yes, or I understood.

Sake = Alcoholic beverage

Hmph = sad/angry. Hm = neutral/analyzing Mm = excited.


Following the defeat of Big Mom and Kaido in Wano, the Straw Hats are ready to set sail once more…

Enter Act 1! Wano Kuni

[A panning shot over the Land of Wano]

[Zoom in at the palace where Zoro, Franky, and Chopper are meeting up with Momonosuke, Hiyori, Tama, and Denjiro]

[Enter Zoro, Franky, and Chopper to the Royal Chamber]

Zoro: Oi

Chopper: Momo! I have a gift that Usopp made for you!

Franky: Glad to see you're all doing fine.

Denjiro: Franky! I was just going to get you, our lead Shipwright needs assistance in the planning of Momonosuke-sama's royal vessel. Now that Wano has opened up its borders once more, we will need a ship worthy of royalty that can sail through all seas.

Franky: I'll help you guys build a super ship.

*Franky does the super pose*

[Exit Franky & Denjiro of the Royal Chamber]

Momonosuke: Chopper!

*Greets him*

Chopper: Look here's the gift! It's one of those snails we showed you. Wherever we are you can call this and we'll answer, given that we are aboard the ship.

*Momonosuke has star eyes staring at the sleeping Transponder Snail with a little straw on it*

Momonosuke: Thank you Chopper! I also had a gift! Come Tama we ordered them to make this for them!

Tama: Hai! Let's go!

[Excited Momonosuke and Tama run out of the room and then outside with Chopper walking behind them]

Hiyori: Zorojuro-san

Zoro: Call me Zoro

Hiyori: Zoro, tha– than you f– thank you for saving my country!

Zoro: Say it smoothly!

Hiyori: Hai! Sorry!

Zoro: Anyway, what are you gonna do now? Have you thought of leaving Wano now that Momo opened up the borders?

Hiyori: No, I'll help rebuild Wano and help him become a leader.

Zoro: Hmph…

Hiyori: When are you guys leaving?

Zoro: Tomorrow morning we set sail

Hiyori: Hmph… Where are you guys sleeping tonight?

Zoro: We probably won't sleep, Luffy says he wants to go see Old-man Hyogoro before leaving and knowing Luffy he'll want to have a banquet as well...

Hiyori: What do youwant to do tonight?

Zoro: Drink sake

Hiyori: You should rest instead, those injuries don't look good.

{Zoro had bandages around his body}

*Hiyori inspects his bandages*

Zoro: I'll be fine

Hiyori: No you won't, meet me during the banquet and I'll take you to my room, there I'll give you the best sake in Wano and I'll tend to your injuries.

Zoro: Can I just have the sake?

Hiyori: No, I'm not letting you walk around with those injuries. Promise me you'll come.

Zoro: Hmmmm, I promise to go drink.

Hiyori: Let's go outside, Momonosuke, Tama, and Chopper are waiting for us there.

[Hiyori and Zoro exit the scene]

[Momonosuke, Chopper, and Tama are outside in a patch of land where cloaks numbered 1-10 covered something. The things were stationed in a semicircle]

Momonosuke: Tama his is the 6th one, let's show him that one!

Tama: Hai, I don't know if I reach

*Tama had a worried expression*

Momonosuke: Here, step on my hands and I'll push you up, and then you drag down the cloak.

Tama: Hai!

Momonosuke & Tama: One, Two, Three!

*Momonosuke propels Tama up and she pulls the cloak off*

[A statue of Chopper in his Heavy Point is revealed]

Chopper: WOW! This is awesome! I have to show the rest!

Momonosuke: That's not all! Tama let's do the first one!

Chopper: Don't worry Momo, I'll help you.

{Chopper transforms into Heavy Point}

*Chopper removes the cover of the Statue straight in the middle*

[A statue of Luffy is revealed]

Tama: This one is my favorite!

Momonosuke: Chopper can you help us with the rest?

*Chopper takes off the covers of all of them*

*Momonosuke stands besides Nami's statue*

Momonosuke: This one is my favorite!

*Chopper and Tama look disappointed*

[Enter Zoro and Hiyori]

Chopper: Zoro look it's us!

Zoro: Hmmmmm. I like my pose

*Zoro mimics his statue*

[8 hours pass and it is approaching Midnight now. Luffy went to Hyogoro's place but he had no food. After talking to him for a while Momonosuke got there with Denjiro. Momo explains to Luffy how Denjiro will train him to become a great Samurai and he'll become the Shogun of Wano. Luffy asks if he has food and says that they're preparing a banquet at the palace. Luffy and the others arrive at the palace and the banquet begins. An hour passes and Zoro remembers his promise to Hiyori. He'd be embarrassed for everyone to notice him leave with Hiyori so he's trying to not get noticed while looking for her.]

Zoro: ºWhere is this girl? This is getting embarrassing. I thought she'd be with Momonosuke or Toko and Tama. I'll check outsideº

[Sanji notices Zoro with a lost look and follows him]

*Zoro head outside and sees Hiyori standing on the balcony*

Zoro: Oi

*Hiyori turns around and goes hugs him*

*Sanji in the background gets on his knees depressed*

Zoro: OW! What're you doing? I have injuries!

Hiyori: I thought you forgot about our promise!

Zoro: I got lost.

Hiyori: Let's go, my room is up the stairs across the banquet hall.

Zoro: ºAcross the banquet hall! Everyone will see us leave and get the wrong impression!º

*Hiyori grabs Zoro's arm and starts walking inside*

[Zoro resists but she's persistent and Zoro looks as if he's being dragged]

Zoro: ºI wish I could get out of this but my injuries ache, this is going to be embarassingº

Hiyori: Take that look off, I'm giving you sake after all.

Zoro: ºWell she isn't wrongº Isn't there any other way to get there?

Hiyori: No, we have to go through the banquet hall.

[Sanji notices Zoro getting closer]

*Sanji stands up and heads in Zoro's direction*

Sanji: (to Hiyori) I'm sorry if Marimo is causing you any trouble I'll gladly take you to your destination.

Hiyori: (smiling) It's fine, We're going to my room.

*Sanji turns to Zoro with a sad and shocked expression*

Sanji: How △ ✕ beautiful~◑※◇ ✹ lady?!

Zoro: I can't understand what you're saying.

*Sanji falls to his knees and gets depressed*

Hiyori: (To Zoro)(Giggles) He's funny

Zoro: He's weird

*Sanji sinks lower to the ground*

*Hiyori keeps on walking, she never let go of Zoro's arm*

[Hiyori and Zoro make it past the Samurai table, Zoro couldn't make eye contact with anyone and Hiyori greeting her people]

[Nami, Robin, Momonosuke, Toko, Tama, and Franky are all sitting at the table closest to the Samurai. While Luffy, Usopp, Chopper, Brook, and Jimbei are all sitting at a table close by.]

*Nami and Robin notice Zoro and Hiyori. Nami looks surprised and starts laughing at Zoro's expression. Robin giggles and tells Franky. Franky looks up. smiles, and gives Zoro a thumbs up with his mini hand. Momo notices and is shocked, Tama and Toko just wave at Hiyori*

*Zoro glares at all of them and Hiyori smiles and waves*

[Zoro and Hiyori make it to Luffy's table]

*Luffy notices them and points them out*

Luffy: ZOROOO! Come sit with us!

*Brook and the rest notice*

Brook: ZORO-SAN! You're making me blush! (To Hiyori) Excuse me, but may I see your panties?


Hiyori: (Smiles) His injuries are bad so I'm going to tend them!

*Usopp looks at them suspiciously but says nothing. Luffy just smiles. Jimbei grins. Chopper addresses Hiyori*

[Zoro's injuries were mostly burns from Kaido's flames and some scrapes; since he didn't get into a swordfight, there were no deep cuts.]

Chopper: You must apply water on a cloth and pat the cloth on the burns, don't soak the burns but rather moisturize them and cool them. After, apply this lotion I'm going to give you on the burned area and give him new bandages.

Hiyori: Hai, thank you for telling me!

*Zoro and Hiyori make it across the hall and start going up the stairs*

Hiyori: I have everything ready!

*Zoro grunts*

[They make it to Hiyori's room. It was huge, a curtain dividing the room from the bed and bathroom. After going through the curtain, a shoji separated the bed and the is a little table beside the bathtub where a bucket of water and a cloth are placed. There's also a clothes hanger.]

*Hiyori takes Zoro through the curtain and tells him to sit in the half filled bathtub(He had no burns waist under)*

*Zoro takes off everything except his undergarments*

*Zoro grudgingly gets in and puts his arms to the side*

*Hiyori takes off her cloak and rolls up her sleeves*

Zoro: Where was the sake you promised me?

Hiyori: Wait until I'm done treating your wounds.

Zoro: ºIf I had more energy I'd argue this, I'll just wait until she's done with meº

Hiyori: Alright, let's get started.

*Hiyori began tending to Zoro's wounds*

Hiyori: Has anyone done this before for you?

Zoro: Only Chopper.

*A few minutes pass*

Hiyori: How do you feel?

Zoro: Fine. Better than before. Those bandages were getting old.

Hiyori: (anxiously) Am I good at this? Do you like it? Well I know you like it, you've been holding in a smile the whole time.

*Zoro grinned*

Zoro: ºWhat is with her?º

Zoro: (In a monotone) Yes, it feels good.

*Hiyori smiled and continued*

[An hour after, Hiyori finished treating Zoro's burns and had wrapped new bandages around his burns.]

Hiyori: There I'm done! Here are your garments.

Zoro: Thank you. Where is the sake now?

Hiyori: Wait on my bed.

*Zoro layed on the bed while Hiyori left and got the sake*

Hiyori: Here, it's made exclusively in Wano, and the ingredients can only be cultivated 2 weeks out of the whole year. Only the royal family can afford to get this type.

*She hands Zoro the jug of Sake*

Zoro: Thank you.

*Zoro stands up and sits in a chair that's beside the bed to drink his Sake*

*Hiyori sits in the bed across from him*

Zoro: ºIt'd be fun to drink with someoneº Do you want some?

Hiyori: I usually don't but I'll accompany you.

*Zoro pours a cup of sake and then hand it to Hiyori*

Hiyori: Thank you

*They both drink and say nothing to each other for minutes*

Zoro: Can I ask you something?

Hiyori: Yeah.

Zoro: Why'd you treat my wounds?

*Hiyori grins*

Hiyori: Because without you, I'd have lost everything, beginning with my life.

Hiyori: You saved my brother and acted as a role model for him.

Hiyori: And you saved my land even though it wasn't yours.

*Hiyori finishes her cup of sake and lays down in her bed*

*At the same time Zoro finishes his jug*

Hiyori: You should rest, my bed is big enough for both of us to sleep on it without having to touch each other.

*Zoro stands up and lays down beside Hiyori, but with a meter between the two. He faces away from her. Hiyori smiles. *

Hiyori: Why'd you let me treat your wounds?

Zoro: Because I trust you.

Zoro: I don't trust people easily.

Zoro: I don't trust new crewmates a lot.

Zoro: There's very few people I trust as fast as I've trusted you.

*Hiyori doesn't say anything*

*Zoro glances over for a few seconds and then turns around*

Hiyori: I'm lucky then.

*Hiyori and Zoro stare at each other for a few seconds.*

Hiyori: Ever since I can remember I've never loved another man apart from my dad, his servants, and my brother.

Hiyori: As an oiran I never slept with a man since no one could afford me, and I disliked all the men that tried to buy me.

Hiyori: But Orochi wanted to marry me. And as Shogun he could afford me. However, Toko saved me but put her life at risk.

Hiyori: When Killer was sent to kill us I thought I'd die, but a kind samurai fought two men at once and protected both Toko and I.

Hiyori: When Toko was in danger in the capital. That samurai stepped in to protect her.

Hiyori: When I was in danger in the capital. The samurai carried me and fled with me, making sure I was safe.

Hiyori: That same Samurai fought against Kaido and saved the land of wano.

Hiyori: I never thought I could find men of the caliber of my father or his servants.

Hiyori: But I found you, and you're the only man I've loved.

*Zoro grinned*

Zoro: I don't mind sleeping with you, you can get closer.

*Hiyori got closer but turns around to blow out the candle*

Hiyori: (To herself)This time I'll make you drool.

*She blows the candle*

*Hiyori turns back to face Zoro but he was sleeping*

*Hiyori smiles and rests her face on Zoro's chest*

[Scene cuts to the Banquet]

*All the straw hats and other members of the banquet are sleeping*

[ Scene cuts to the next morning]

[The Straw Hats talking to themselves heading to the Thousand Sunny]

Luffy: Woooo, that was the best banquet we've had so far.

Usopp: Oi Luffy, Zoro got lost again.

Franky: OW, Zoro went with Momo's sister yesterday.

Sanji: That damn Marimo went away with the princess.

Luffy: Ehh who cares he'll make it back on the ship in time.

[Scene cuts to Hiyori's room]

*Hiyori wakes up and sees Zoro still sleeping*

Hiyori: ºMm, how should I wake him up?º

*Hiyori whispers in his ear but Zoro doesn't wake up*

*She gives him a kiss on the cheek but he doesn't move*

*She remembers last night*

Hiyori: I love you…

*Zoro grunted but didn't wake up*

Hiyori: We have leftover Sake from yesterday

*Zoro grunts and wakes up*

Zoro: Ehhh Morning Already? Did you say sake?

*Hiyori chuckles*

Hiyori: Good morning

*She kisses him on the cheek again*

*Zoro blushes for the first time ever*

*Hiyori smiles*

Hiyori: At least you didn't drool.

*Hiyori stands up and opens the curtains.*

Hiyori: I'll make breakfast

Zoro: You know how to cook?

Hiyori: Hai, I had to learn with Kawamatsu.

[An hour passes and Hiyori comes back with a Wano traditional breakfast]

Zoro: (In a monotone)This is good. Thank you.

Hiyori: I'm glad you liked it. When you're done your crew is heading over to the ports to sail away.

*Zoro finishes eating and heads over to the Thousand Sunny with Hiyori, Momonosuke, Toko, Hyogoro and Tama.*

[Scene Cuts to Reunion on the Sunny and Final Goodbyes]

*Zoro and Hiyori trail behind the running kids and old-man Hyogoro trying to catch up*

Hiyori: Are you going to visit us again?

Zoro: (In a monotone) Yes, I want to see you again!

Zoro: The next time we meet I'll be the world's greatest swordsman!

Hiyori: I'll wait for you!

*They reach the Thousand Sunny*

*Hiyori hugs Zoro but he still doesn't return the hug but rather stands there awkwardly*

Hiyori: (Almost Crying Face) B-Bb-Bye!

*Hiyori pats her cheeks and her face returns to normal*

Zoro: ºWho would've thoughtº

*Zoro grinned but didn't answer anything*

[Scene Cuts to the Straw Hats leaving Port.}


[End of Act 1]