There are things you learn to get used to as a Star Gladiator living in the Dimensional Gorge. There are rules you abide to to keep yourself and others safe, common courtesies that you just let slide.

Don't kill steal another Star Gladiator. Don't take more than you can handle. Don't summon Satan Morroc.

Don't try to "help" the high priests unless that was your agreement.

This should come under "Don't kill steal", but there are... Incidents.

A lone high priest, no party, stalks the barren planes, running from top to bottom with mobs at his heels. Sometimes mounted, sometimes not. He pauses to heal, rebuff. He never stops moving.

A young Gladiator flies in from the left, miracle on. Surely he can take on the three monsters following.

His screams echo across the map. Seventeen monsters all on the same cell. The high priest collects his scattered prey.

There are things you learn as a Star Gladiator in the Dimensional Gorge in order to keep you alive.

Don't steal kills, don't mob drop, don't click the lights in the centre.

And don't mind the High Priest on the pink alpaca trailing mobs behind him with a smile so serene.