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Kevin turned around to face Liz's terrified face. The girl had tensed so much that the air around her seemed to shiver. Kevin let the police officer take care of Ian, and he went over to Liz.

I looked at the limp body of Ian. My heart's fast pounding ceased. Tears streamed out of my eyes. I could feel the eyeliner smudge on my lids, as I could feel all the joy I gathered today slip out of my consciousness. Kevin moved away and closer to me, leaving Ian's image clear for me to see. He put a comforting hand on my shoulder, and Violet the other. I sighed, and burst out in a fit of crying into Violet's embrace.

"He wasn't badly hurt, Liz," Violet comforted me. "It was only a bullet in the shoulder. He'll recover."

As if it helped, my sobs ceased a little. But I continued crying for the next twenty minutes. Violet let go of me to give some information to the police officers that now filled the Coyote Ugly to interview us. Lil held me and brought me into the back room, telling the police I was too weak to be interviewed. In the back, Lil let me sit on her bed, and handed me a box of tissues.

"It's all my fault," I sobbed into Lil's tissues. "It's all mine."

Lil held me and shock my shoulders, and looked into my eyes with her bright blue ones, "No, it's not! Do you hear me Elizabeth? It's not your fault! Ian will recover, and he'll want you to be strong and wait for him, alright? Be the strong girl Ian saw in you!"

I let go of Lil and sobbed into her pillows.

"Lil, leave me alone for a bit will you? I just need some time to calm down."


I heard Lil leave and go into the bar. Her pillows smelt of faint flowers, and the scent calmed my nerves. Slowly my sobs ceased, and my hiccups began to disappear. Later, when I heard that the police had left, I sat up and went out to see the others.

Lil and Cam were cleaning up the blood on the floor, and Violet and Rachel helped clean the broken glass and things like that. Kevin was on his way back from the door, where he saw the police officers off.

"I can drive some of us to the hospital," Kevin suggested. "They said he'll be at St.Paul's."

"Rach, Cam?" Lil asked as she cleaned.

"Ya?" both of them answered.

"Can you guys please stay behind and help me clean?"

"No problem. Violet and Liz are closer friends with Ian anyway," Rachel said, and Cam agreed.

"Are you okay, Liz?" Violet asked me, her eyes worried.

I nodded weakly, "I want to go."

"Then let's go now," Kevin suggested. Violet and I quickly got in his car, and said bye to the Coyotes left behind.

St.Paul was less than 10 minutes drive from Coyote Ugly, but it was long enough for me to think about all the good things Ian did. Like when he loved my singing. When he brought to me that glass of water. The way he smiled at me when I sang and danced in the bar, and the way he said his band will love me.

Violet seemed to sense my worry grow.

"He'll be fine, trust me, Liz," the song writer said, her voice full of emphasis.

I nodded. When we parked by St.Paul's, the three of us got out of the car quickly. We told the front desk our situation.

"Ian Dashwood?" the lady said. "He is getting an emergency surgery done in the C wing. Are you his family?"

"No," Kevin replied, "We're his friends in New York. His family is elsewhere."

The lady nodded and let us go. Had there not been other patients in the hospitals needing silence, I would have sprinted to the emergency room. When we got there, Ian was already inside, being operated on. The three of us sat in silence outside, until the red light of the emergency room turned off. A man in a doctor's robe came walking out.

"He'll be fine," the man's lips spread into a kind smile. I felt just then that I could love him forever. Violet hugged Kevin in happiness, and I felt my heart beat relax.

"How long 'till we can see him?" I asked hopefully.

"I suggest one of you stay behind for emergencies," the doctor explained. "Not that it's likely, but it's for safety issues. The rest of you can go home and get some rest. It'll be at least tomorrow when he'll be strong enough to see you."

Liz looked at Kevin and Violet, wanting to find out what they thought.

"Violet has a meeting with a record company tomorrow, and I have to work," Kevin said, "You can stay if it's alright with you, Liz."

Liz felt thankful, "Of course I will."

"Then miss, please come and fill out some forms," the doctor said.

"Wait, Kevin, come with me," Liz said, "you know Ian better than I do."

When Liz finished the forms and Kevin and Violet left the hospital, the doctor went away to another patient. The girl sat in the waiting area and fell asleep, lying across three and a half chairs.

Liz woke when a light finger tapped her shoulders. She woke up to the smiling face of an aged nurse. The woman waited till she got up and rubbed her eyes before she spoke.

"He is awake now," the woman said, "you can go in and see him. He's in room 211."

"Thank you," Liz said, her voice still weak from sleeping. She walked down the halls eagerly, and soon the door to 211 was in front of her. But Liz paused in front of the door, hesitant to go in, the excitement overwhelming her. When her guts finally came back, Liz pushed the door open.

"Who's there?" a faint voice called from the bed.

"It's me, Liz!" Elizabeth replied. Liz went over and sat in a chair by the bed. Ian lay on top of it, some tubes connected to him. He didn't have an oxygen tank, which must mean he will recover soon. Liz looked her friend from head to toe, as if checking for any mistakes the doctors might have made.

"Liz," Ian looked up at her, the same, playful glint shone in his eyes, "I'm alright. I'll be out soon."

A new stream of tears came out of Liz's eyes, and she felt a careful finger stoke down her cheek.

"Don't cry Liz," Ian comforted her, "I'm alright, please don't cry."

Liz remembered what Lil had told her about being strong, and she forced more sobs down. She felt Ian's fingers leave her cheek and reach into something on the night table beside his bed. It was a velvet bag, and Ian handed it to her. Liz untied it, and a shimmer of gold glided into her palm. It was a gorgeous necklace, delicately made with a small, emerald stone hanging in the center.

"The emerald looks good with your eyes," Ian commented. "I thought you would like it."

Liz smiled, and couldn't stifle a laugh of joy. She gently hugged Ian, aware of the things connected to his body that she'd rather not see. They pained her. Then Ian's eyes looked extra gentle when he looked into her eyes. Liz couldn't pull her gaze away, she was helpless in those blue eyes.

"Would you go out with me?" Ian asked, his eyes danced.

"I-," Liz couldn't finish when the door opened again. Dean came storming in.

"Damn!" he swore softly. "Are you okay, Ian?"

Ian sighed, "Yes, I am. Thanks for asking."

Liz felt her cheeks grow bright red when Dean turned to talk to her.

"I went to the bar and Lil told me what happened," Dean told the both of them. "I'm so sorry."

"It's not your fault," Ian told Dean. While they talked, Liz let the necklace drop in her coat pocket. She felt Ian's gaze watch her, but she no longer had the courage to answer his question.

The next morning, Liz woke up in her bed tired and confused. Violet had the afternoon off with the record company, so she is in the hospital with Ian. Kevin is working at the fish market today, and Liz was not sure when he was coming back. She and Dean had planned to meet at the café down by the studios for breakfast.

Liz didn't forget about Ian's asking her out on a date. In fact, had Dean not stormed in on them at that moment, Liz would have said yes. It was quite impossible to refuse, with Ian's handsomeness and incredibly sweet personality. But did Dean storm in for a reason? Was Ian and her not meant together? Now that she thought about it, Liz noticed it's only been a week since they've first known each other. She felt love towards Ian, yes she did. But was a week enough to build that feeling?

She did know Dean better. Dean was blonde, blue eyed, and cute in an angelic way. Perhaps somebody up there sent him storming in because he was really the guy meant for her.

It was all too confusing for Liz at the moment.

Paula's Café was a sweet little place. The building was built in the fashion of a diner in the early 1900's, something like in Titanic's time. Dean waved to her when she walked in, and Liz went over to sit across from him.

"Sorry I'm late," Liz apologized.

"No problem," Dean told her. "You stayed over night at the hospital, can't blame you for needing some sleep."

"Is Ian recovering?"

"I haven't seen him, but last time I saw Kevin he said Ian was doing fine."

"Want to visit him?"

Dean hesitated for a moment, "I have a meeting later this afternoon, but I think it should be fine." He smiled. Liz finished the cup of milk she ordered quickly. Then Dean drove them to the hospital. Violet met them in the front where she was buying a drink from the vending machine.

"Poor Ian," Violet told them, "can't even have pop. His been complaining since the last time I drank coke here."

Liz laughed, "Sounds like him. Just a big kid."

"Aren't we all?" Violet winked. "C'mon Dean, come outside for awhile with me won't you? The air here is really getting to me."

Liz understood; Violet knows about the necklace, and she was giving her time. Dean, luckily, agreed with Violet and left with her. Quickly, Liz walked to room 211. She didn't bother knocking.

"Ian?" Liz said, calling Ian from where he lay with his eyes staring blankly outside the window.

"Hi," Ian said a little awkwardly.

"Can I, um," Liz wanted to ask about the date, but it was hard to get over the first few words, real hard, "pick up on your offer?"

Ian didn't say anything; his eyes just had that gleam in them Liz couldn't overlook. Liz smiled, and Ian did too. She leaned over and kissed him on the forehead, then the nose, and then the lips. Their kiss lasted light and sweet, almost like when the breeze of spring hits the new grown flowers.

Dean stormed into the room again. But this time he was with Violet. Liz broke away from the kiss fast, but she wasn't sure if she was fast enough that nobody saw. She didn't like the idea of Dean knowing.

"Coke!" Violet said, winking at Ian.

"I really, really would-" Ian began.

"Nope, you can't do anything," Violet interrupted, "I'm loving this."

Then someone knocked the door three times. Dean opened it, and after some brief 'hi's Kevin came in.

"Liz! Thank god you're here!" Are Australian guys always in some sort of emergency or what?


"It's urgent! Ian's band, they've called everybody! Good thing they had Violet's number. When I got home I checked the messages. They want you at the studio by 10am to rehearse!"

"Ummm," this time Liz said it louder, "how are we supposed to rehearse without Ian?"

"Well, do you play the guitar?"


"Then there we go, get going Liz, it's already 9:45!" Kevin literally shooed Liz out of the room before she had a chance to say anything. Behind her, she could almost hear Ian laugh.

On the 3rd floor of the studios, Ian's studio wasn't hard to locate. The band was already playing in the room to the right. When Liz pushed the door open, the music stopped, three guys around Ian's age looked up at her. None of them looked British, which really gives one some thoughts.

"Miss Asben?" the pianist asked. He had blonde hair and turquoise eyes, and he was very polite.

"That'll be me," Liz couldn't help but feel more country like in front of this big city gentleman (well, almost). "Call me Liz, it's nice to meet you all."

"The pleasure is our's," the pianist continued, Liz was getting tired of his formalities by now. "I'm Jake, his the base player; Hayden, and over here is the drummer; Garrick."

The guys waved, then Garrick spoke up. He was a guy with flaming red hair and blue eyes. He had pale skin, and his posture was much more relaxed than Jake's.

"We haven't got much time," Garrick said. "Let's start rehearsing."

"It's good that you play the guitar, Liz," Hayden had dirty blonde hair, and Jake's shade of blue eyes, only paler. "Here's Ian's music." He handed me a folder of sheet music.

The band planned to play 'We can get there', 'Didn't we love', and 'Remember' for the audition. Liz figured that for a band the club let them play more than one song, which was good. When rehearsal was over, the girl drove on the road back to her home town. Ian was getting better, and lots of happened since she first left Wenyard Avenue. It was time she visited her family and Erin.

First stop was a large farm house a little bit eastward of Wenyard Avenue. It was quite a farm in the country, and even as the sunsets a few horses galloped around the field. Liz walked into the field through the door on the fences, and close up she could see the figure of her father riding a beige gelding. Her father looked over, and he smiled.

"Get on Chocolat," the man told her. Liz understood, and soon she was mounted on top of a bay gelding. As the bay and the beige geldings walked into the sun's rays together, Liz's father spoke.

"How is New York?"

"Lot's have happened, Dad."

Liz's dad waited for her to tell her story.

"First, I couldn't get to my audition on time," Liz skipped the drug part, for the fear that she might worry her dad. "So I met this guy named Ian, and he thought I had a great voice, so he got me to sing with his band. The next day, he and a couple of his friends took me out site seeing. Later we went to have dinner, and he got shot."

Liz couldn't ignore the shocked expression on her dad's face, "Don't worry, dad, it doesn't happen often. Now Ian's in the hospital, but his recovering well. I'm filling in for his guitar position in the band right now, I'm just hoping he'll be better before Wednesday for the audition."

Her father took a big breath before replying, "You know, Lizzie, when your mother and I first agreed to let you leave on your own decisions, we trusted you to make your own decisions. Now that I've heard all this, I'm sure your mother will be very proud of you, because I am. You've managed to go through so much unscathed, and that takes some skill."

So Liz is definitely not mentioning the drugs.

"Thanks, dad," Liz replied. "I should go in now and help Mama with dinner."

Liz's dad nodded, and Liz dismounted the horse. She went inside, and a brunette woman came out to greet her. Liz's Mama gave her a huge, bone crushing hug and kissed her all over.

"Mama!" Liz yelled, "you're suffocating me!'

"How's New York?" Liz's Mom asked.

"Good," Liz replied. "I want to make a couple of calls first, then I'll help you with dinner. Dad can tell you details what happened, I'm too hungry for your food to tell it again." Liz winked.

First off she called the hospital for Ian.

"Hello?" Ian's voice sounded weak.

"Hey Ian? It's Liz, are you feeling okay?"

"Yeah, was just sleeping."

"Oh, sorry I woke you up."

"It's okay, I was waiting for you to call or come."

"Anyway, I wanted to tell you rehearsal went great. We're waiting for you to get better and join us!"

"That's good. Where are you now?"

"My parent's, I'll be at my house with Erin for tonight. We have no phone so don't even bother calling. I got to go help with dinner, love you, bye."

"Love you too."

Liz hanged up. Next call was for Violet and Kevin.

"Liz! Come to the bar tonight, you have to!"

"Violet, I can't, I'm staying at my parents tonight."

"Oh, Lil will be furious!" Violet said jokingly.

"Well, I don't work there. Why, is there a shortage of people?"

"I think so, last I heard the new girl left. I can't make it tonight, plus, Kevin doesn't like it for me to go there too often anyway."

"Neither should Ian!" Kevin's voice was faint but Liz could still hear it, and she laughed.

"Well, sorry about it. I got to go, just called to tell you that I can't watch Ian tonight. But he sounds alright."

"Ok, bye."

Dinner already smelt great when Liz finished her calls. She went and helped with set up. When the family finished eating, and Liz finished her good byes with her parents, the girl left for her old house with Erin.

"Oh my god!" Erin squeaked when she opened the door. "Why didn't you call, or something?"

"We don't have a phone," Liz informed, then the girls laughed and hugged.

"Wow! Sorry, I just got out of the shower. I'm in such a mess! How's New York?"

Liz told Erin everything, save for the drugs and Coyote Ugly. The girls sat around the table and caught up on more of what happened to the other that they missed out on. It was dark and deep into the night when Erin's new cell phone rang.

"Hello?" Erin picked it up, and Liz looked at the phone, surprised.

"Yes, this is Erin.Who is this?... Coyote Ugly? Lil? Please hold on a second."

Liz's heart sank, and she took over the cell phone.

"Lil? This isn't a good time, can I get back to you?"

"Well, the bar is filled and I could really get some help! But if you insist."

Liz turned the cell phone off and gave it back to Erin. The girl just looked back at her, stunned.

"Coyote Ugly?" Erin finally squeaked, an octave higher than her normal voice range. "Why didn't you tell me you went and sang at a bar?"

"Well, you don't like it," Liz told the truth.

"You went to a bar!" Erin was not happy. "Liz, I told you not to!"

"Erin, you know I'm that kind of person. For heaven's sake, you met me at a bar!"

"But the Coyote Ugly is like a stripper's bar!"

"No it's not! Nobody gets naked, there's only singing and dancing, with our clothes on!"

"I thought you acted kind of weird when you came in. You changed, Liz," Erin calmed down, but she was still angry. "You've changed into somebody I don't know. But I never thought you'd work at some strip bar!"

There was no arguing with Erin, especially at night. So Liz picked up her stuff and left. Erin didn't try to stop her, maybe Liz could talk sense into her tomorrow. Liz started her car, and through the night, she drove back to New York City.