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Author's Note: This the end of the mini-story, again it is also completely AU & OC. The song I used for both Bellatrix and Hermione is I've Been Waiting For You by ABBA.

Summary: Bellatrix Black is a singer; Hermione Granger is a young witch who has a crush. On a rainy night they spot each other, unfortunately events keep them apart. With the help of two witches, Hermione is introduced to her dream. Completely AU & OC. Mentions of Rape.

Deep Within

Part IV and The Epilogue

Hold me in your arms, even if I am fragile like a dream

Alexandra Vasiliu

Hermione was twirling a piece of her hair between her fingers as Harry spoke to them all about the latest on goings within the Ministry. Listening with half an ear, Hermione drifted along with her thoughts. She was now a lot more comfortable around people than she had been five years prior, although being touched unexpectedly still affected her but she was able to calm herself down faster, thanks to the breathing exercises Andromeda had given her. Speaking of, she and Andromeda had become closer in the time of hers and Bellatrix's engagement, even Narcissa had become a lot closer to her after their announcement and Hermione couldn't be happier. "Hermione, do you have anything to add?" Harry called her attention, feeling a dozen set of eyes land on her she looked over to her friend, "No, I do believe that you've covered everything Mr Potter. The only thing that we need to look into is the wizard or witch that finds it funny to use muggle spray paint in London."

A cough from her right had them all look at the surly old wizard who wore an irritated expression, "And why does that have any meaning to our Aurors, Miss Granger?" Looking at the older wizard, she clenched her teeth and responded, "Well Alfred, if you'd allowed me to finish, I was saying that this witch or wizard uses muggle spray paint in London, only they're now spelling their artwork to move in a similar way to our pictures. It's causing a lot of panic with the muggles and our team that goes out to obliviate them is starting to get annoyed." Harry walked over to the window that overlooked the Alley and sighed, "I'll send a small team out to apprehend them, thank you Hermione." Turning to face his team again, "Is there anything else that needs our attention?" A series of responses came, "Excellent. Then with nothing further, this meeting is adjourned." Standing up along with her subordinates, Hermione headed for the door.

"Oh Harry, before I forget, there's some stuff I need to get before my wedding so I'll be out of the office from noon." He nodded and opened his mouth but she cut him off, "I gave my updated leave form to Daphne, don't worry." He smiled in return and waved her away, "Go, I'll see you later." Turning back to the door, she made her way out the door and back to her office to collect her personal items. Once back in her office, she noted the rolled up parchment on her desk with a familiar black twine wrapped around it. Walking across her office to reach for the parchment, she unfurled it and began to read the note;

Little dove,

Dromeda is keeping me away from you until the wedding so I won't be able to join you today for our little get together.

Cissy said that she would be joining you today, she also mentioned that she's moving you into the Manor while I'm forcefully removed from my (soon to be our) home by Andromeda.

I'll see you soon my love.


Chuckling to herself, she slipped the note into her bag and secured a few of her personal items as well before heading out her office. Closing the door behind her and warding it she turned to her new secretary, "Alexia, I'll be back in a month, please make sure all important or urgent matters are given to Mr Potter, anything else must wait for my attendance upon my return." The young witch turned and smiled, "Of course Miss Granger, I hope you have a lovely wedding." After saying goodbye, she headed for the elevators. Once the doors of the death box, as she'd dubbed it, has opened she found herself face-to-face with someone she'd not seen nor heard from since her sixth year. He stood tall, his body language one of arrogance and his eyes as blue as the sky and clearly not wanting to speak to her either. He gave her a once over before shifting to allow her space to step inside, closing the metal gate behind her and pushing the button for the Atrium, she sighed. "You can greet me Mr Weasley, I'm not as invisible as you'd like to believe."

He sniffed and looked at her, "And why would I want to speak to someone like you?" She turned and glared at him, "Saying hello to someone won't hurt you Ronald." He returned her glare, "You lost that privilege years ago." Rolling her eyes, she turned to face the front of the elevator again, deciding that he wasn't worth it anymore. 'You should have just ignored him!' she sighed softly to herself, thankful that she'd arrived at the Atrium. Stepping out of the elevator, she strode across the black tiled floor, not caring that her ex-friend was walking behind her. She spotted Narcissa and smiled, "Cissa, thank you for joining me today." Hugging the older witch as she replied, "Not a problem dear, I'm quite happy with this arrangement, it's always lovely spending time with you." Both women turned and started walking toward the double doors that would lead them to Diagon Alley, chatting and giggling along the way.

After a successful trip for a readjustment to her dress and the collection of her robes, Hermione and Narcissa had gone back to her home. "Draco is bringing the boys over tonight; I'll be staying with you until the wedding and of course to make sure that Bella doesn't try anything." They dropped their bags onto the entrance hall side unit and walked into the living room. "That'll be lovely, I haven't seen the boys in ages." Narcissa hummed as she walked toward the bookshelf, "Right let's get these packed and ready for transport." Flicking her wand, she began with a sticking charm on the books and then another flick had the bookshelf shrinking down until it was about a foot in height. Moving across to the second she did the same and soon the bookshelves were followed by the two armchairs and the coffee table. "Cissy, I'm going to work on packing up my room, call if you need anything." Nodding as Hermione disappeared up the stairs, Narcissa started with rolling up the floor rugs and all the runners between the living room, dining room and moved into the kitchen.

Hermione was packing up her clothes and extra books, having already shrunk down her bed and side tables, her writing desk and chair were also shrunken and ready for transport. Hearing Narcissa call out for her, she walked over to the door and popped her head out, "Everything alright Cissy?" A blonde head popped into view with a smile, "Yes, all is well. I've finished on the downstairs; do you need help up there?" Shaking her head, Hermione responded with a thumbs up, "All good here, I'm just finishing with my clothes and then I'm done." Narcissa looked around and then back to her, "Good, I'm going to send for Kip and Tippy to take all your stuff back to the Manor." Hermione nodded and headed back into her bedroom to finish off with her packing. Spotting a small necklace hidden inside her cupboard, she pulled it closer and looked it over. It was a simple chain with a diamond encrusted star pendant, a gift she'd received on her graduation from her favourite teacher, Minerva had told her that she'd been her star pupil and it had meant the world to her.

After losing her parents, she'd lost herself as well and had obviously hidden the necklace, forgetting about it entirely over the years. Finding it now brought a smile to her face, she could wear it on her wedding day and it would be perfect. Looking up at the sound of a soft 'pop', Hermione found Bellatrix's house elf, "Miss Hermione, Mistress Malfoy has informed Kip that you are ready for the transport." Kip waited for Hermione to show him what to take and soon her stuff was being transferred from her home to the Manor. Within a matter of minutes, her entire household contents had been taken to the Manor, Narcissa had already told the elves where everything was to be placed and Hermione knew that everything would fit in perfectly. Bellatrix had emptied out the Manor after the death of her parents, leaving it almost bare of life. Other than the library, foyer, two guestrooms and her own bedroom there was only some furniture and a smattering of paintings within the many rooms, everything else had been removed.

After her and Narcissa had done a double check around her house, they departed and headed for the real estate agent offices within London to begin the procedures of having her house put up for rental, "A wise decision dear, at least you'll keep earning extra money and it can be added to the property list at Gringotts when you and Bella are married." Hermione smiled at her future sister-in-law and proceeded to enter the estate agent office. "Good day, welcome to Foxtons, how may we be of assistance?" Hermione smiled at the older woman and walked closer to her, "Hi there, I'm looking at putting my property up for rent." Narcissa came to stand next to her and smiled at the estate agent. "Of course, you can speak with me. My name is Janet and you are?" Taking her hand and shaking it, she replied, "Hermione Granger." Smiling, Janet looked at Narcissa and offered her hand, which Narcissa took lightly, "Narcissa Malfoy. A pleasure to meet you." When they'd seated themselves, Janet began asking Hermione a few questions.

"Where is the property situated?" Pulling her keyboard closer as she typed into the computer, she waited for Hermione's response. Narcissa on the other hand was looking at all the other properties that were available. "In Hampstead." Clicking on the keys, Janet asked her another question, "How long have you owned it?" Hermione swallowed at the small pang in her chest, "For eleven years and before that my parents owned the house for more than twenty years." Hermione answered all the questions and was soon filling in the documents that would finalise on the rental. "Will the house be seen to before we place it online for rental?" Hermione nodded, "Yes, I'll have all the wires looked at, the gas lines too and then I'll have it painted both external and internal." Janet nodded and made another note on her computer, "That's perfect, I'll list the property once everything is done and our inspectors have been through to check on it. When we've done the inspection, I'll contact you for a final signature and then it will be listed." Hermione smiled, "You'll have to send a letter to my new home address as I'll be unreachable for the next month." Janet nodded and took note of the address before thanking both Hermione and Narcissa for their time.

Leaving the real estate agency, Hermione and Narcissa headed for Gringotts. Walking up the stairs and through the large doors of the bank, they headed for the first available teller. "I would like to link my muggle bank account with Gringotts please." The Goblin looked up with his lips spread over his sharp teeth, "You'll just need to fill in two forms and it will be sorted. Your name?" Narcissa rolled her eyes, "Hermione Granger." Two pieces of parchment suddenly appeared and the Goblin handed them to her, "Sign these and it will be done." Hermione nodded and did as requested, handing them back to the Goblin she waited for him to look them over, "Perfect. When they've been filed, your two accounts will be linked." Hermione thanked him for his time and followed Narcissa out the doors. "Where to next dear?" Hermione hummed, "I'm done for now, the only thing left is to marry your sister and then I'll be busy once again. We can do whatever we please now." Narcissa smiled.

Later that evening, Hermione lay in her bath tub soaking, "Hermione, Draco and the boys are here." Narcissa called out from behind her bathroom door. "Thanks Cissy, I'll be down in a few." Stepping out of the tub, she dried off and pulled her robe over her shoulders. Heading into her room to get dressed, she pulled her hair into a low ponytail and set about getting herself dressed. Once she'd finished, she made her way downstairs to join her soon to be official family. "Hello Draco, boys." Draco looked up and smiled, "Hello 'Mione." Scorpius stood up and gave her a hug which she returned warmly. "Hello young man." He grinned, "Hi Aunt 'Mione." Moving away to sit back down, he watched as his brothers ran for Hermione. "Auntie Dove!" Excited blonde haired boys grabbed a leg each as they hugged her tightly. "Hello Corvus, Orion, how are my two favourite boys?" Winking at them when Scorpius made a noise of complaint. "We're good, Auntie Dove." She smiled at them and moved them away from her legs, "Come cuddle with me on the couch."

Hermione took a seat and allowed both boys to cuddle up to her as she looked at Narcissa. "So, Draco I hear that you're going to take the Potions position at Hogwarts." He nodded after taking a sip of his coffee. "Yeah, Severus is taking the Defence Against the Dark Arts position and offered for me to take his place." Narcissa stood up, "I'm going to check on supper, I won't be a moment." Hermione and Draco nodded, "When will you start?" Draco pulled at his cuff link before responding, "September first." Scorpius perked up and looked at Hermione, "Father starts work the same time I start my first year at school." Hermione giggled at Scorpius' excitement. "You looking forward to dealing with the next generation?" Draco shook his head and leaned back against his armchair. "Not really, if I'm being honest, the thought of dealing with Potter and Weasley offspring in the coming years." Hermione chuckled as did Draco. "Merlin help me when yours and Aunt Bella's children come to Hogwarts." Hermione and Draco dissolved into laughter after that.

"Little Bella's, now that's what I look forward to." Draco chuckled and looked at each of his sons, "Indeed, they are the best gifts we could ever have. I can't wait until you have your own." Hermione wrapped her arms around the five year old boys. "Bella will be an incredible mother, as will you 'Mione." She blushed and looked at Draco with a smile, "Thank you Draco. That means a lot to me." Narcissa returned a moment later and called them to supper, "Come on you lot, supper is ready." Hermione stood up and poked both Corvus and Orion in their sides causing them to squeal and jump up from the couch. "Grandmama!" Running to Narcissa, they grabbed her dress, "Auntie Dove is tickling us." Hermione raised her hands and wriggled her fingers pretending that she was coming to tickle them some more.

Squealing boys ran away with Hermione hurrying after them, Narcissa felt Scorpius take her hand pulling her along, "Come on Grandmama, Corvus and Orion are going to eat everything." Narcissa giggled, "Relax Scorpius, Tippy has made sure there's enough for all of us." Walking into the dining room, Narcissa led Scorpius to his chair. Settling down the family of six began filling their plates with food, "Draco are you leaving the boys with us for the night or taking them home?" Draco contemplated his response before looking over to his mother, "I'll leave them here, they can come home tomorrow." Narcissa smiled and Hermione looked at the two younger boys, "Now you get to stay with me and Grandmama and guess what?" The three boys all looked at her, "What?" Corvus asked, his eyes full of joy. "You can stay up late." Orion clapped his hands and Scorpius high fived Corvus. "Awe 'Mione, did you have to?" Draco muttered, head falling to his palm.

Bellatrix was standing amongst the apple orchids, her body clothed in a cream coloured pantsuit with a plunging neckline, a silver chain wrapped around her waist and a pair of silver sandal heels covered her feet. Her sisters, brothers-in-law, nieces and nephews were all sitting behind her, each of them watched her as she nervously picked at invisible lint. Soon enough, a soft musical tone filled the area around them and Bellatrix turned around, her mouth falling open as her eyes found the beautiful visage of her soon to be wife. Hermione stood in her flowing white dress, looking up at Bellatrix and smiled broadly, moving along the path she made her way to where Bellatrix stood.

Narcissa sat with her hand in Lucius', watching as her older sister and sister-in-law were bound together under the laws of magic. A golden ribbon was wrapped around both of their wrists, binding them together as they said their vows. Magic filled the orchid field as Bellatrix declared herself Hermione's wife under the watchful eyes of their family, it pulsed as her vows were said;

I, Bellatrix Black, swear to love and cherish you, swear to always be there for you, swear to protect you and our future children, I swear to keep you in both sickness and health for all of our lives and for eternity, on my magic, I do declare this. So mote it be.

Narcissa felt the rush of magic as it wove around Bellatrix and Hermione's body, Hermione closed her eyes as the warmth covered her body, slowly opening her eyes again she looked at Bellatrix. Squeezing the older witch's hands in her own, Hermione declared herself Bellatrix's wife and again the magic pulsed as she spoke her vows;

I, Hermione Granger, swear to love and cherish you, swear to always be there for you, swear to protect you and our future children, I swear to keep you in both sickness and health for all of our lives and for eternity, on my magic, I do declare this. So mote it be.

Narcissa along with the rest of their small family clapped for the newly wedded couple. Both turned to face their family and smiled, "On this day and forever more, we are Bellatrix and Hermione Black." Bellatrix declared, turning Hermione's face to hers to place a kiss to her pink lips. "Congratulations!" Andromeda called out which followed with another round of applause for the two witches. Bellatrix pulled Hermione closer and together they walked over to their family, hugging everyone and thanking them for joining them on their day.

When everyone was back inside the Manor, Bellatrix led Hermione to the centre of the room. "Please take a seat everyone, this first dance is one for the scrapbooks." Laughter filled the open room and soon it was followed by music. Hermione listened as the beautiful melody played and watched as Bellatrix swirled around the room before coming to her and holding out her hand. Taking the offered limb, Hermione felt Bellatrix twirl her into her arms and together they began dancing. Those gathered were surprised when Bellatrix's voice was suddenly mixing into the music;

I, I've been in love before
I thought I would no more
Manage to hit the ceiling
Still, strange as it seems to me
You brought it back to me
That old feeling

I, I don't know what you do
You make me think that you
Possibly could release me
I think you'll be able to
Make all my dreams come true
And you ease me

Hermione was twirled around the room as Bellatrix sang to her, swaying along with Bellatrix as they moved passed their family. Their feet following the other's with their movements, Bellatrix turned her around and spun her out before pulling her back, hands falling to her waist to lift her and twirl around as she sang the next words;

You thrill me, you delight me
You please me, you excite me
You're something I'd been pleading for
I love you, I adore you
I lay my life before you
I'll have you want me more and more
And finally it seems my lonely days are through
I've been waiting for you

I, I'm gonna make you mine
You're gonna feel so fine
You'll never want to leave me
I feel you belong to me
Someday you will agree
Please, believe me

You thrill me, you delight me
You please me, you excite me
You're something I'd been pleading for
I love you, I adore you
I lay my life before you
I'll have you want me more and more
And finally it seems my lonely days are through
I've been waiting for you
Oh, I've been waiting for you

Hermione's eyes were swimming with her tears of pure love for her wife as she finished singing, "Now I have you and baby I promise I will never let you go." Hermione threw her arms around Bellatrix's shoulders as she kissed her deeply, pulling away and resting their foreheads together, Hermione smiled, "I love you Bellatrix." Kissing her again as they spun around the room a final time, "And I love you Hermione, forever and always." Coming to a stop as the music faded into the next, they were soon joined by their family. The music and dancing continued well into the evening, even as the younger members of the family disappeared to sleep.

Hermione and Bellatrix were enjoying their last day of their honeymoon in Zakynthos Greece, they'd taken the boat to all the different beaches in Zakynthos, Agios Nikolaos, Alykanas and Tsilivi. They were now currently walking along the Navagio beach, both had enjoyed their swim in the crystal blue waters. Bellatrix's long curly mane was still dripping wet from her swim and Hermione's had taken on a lighter tone, making her eyes shine like Amber. Bellatrix of course, loved this change so much that she'd snapped a picture of her beautiful wife without her knowledge, having to banish the camera back to their spot that was hidden from the muggles. Hermione turned to face Bellatrix and smiled, "Look Bella, the sun is setting." Lifting her eyes to where Hermione was pointing, she found a glorious sight. The suns rays were warming the rocky outcrops of the cove, with the clear blue waters and the sun setting, it had Bellatrix fall in love with their surroundings.

"It's beautiful!" Hermione started walking down to the waters edge, her hips swaying enticingly to Bellatrix who soon followed. Watching as her bikini-clad wife walked into the water, Bellatrix felt a stirring in her body, one she'd been battling for a while, the stirring to finally make love to her witch. Following Hermione into the water, Bellatrix swam until she was floating next to her, "Bella." Keeping her eyes on the sinking sun she hummed her acknowledgement, "I want you…" Bellatrix turned her gaze to that of Hermione's and frowned, "You already have me little dove." Hermione bumped her shoulder, "Not what I mean. I want you to make love to me, I want to feel you and I want you to feel me." Bellatrix's eyes searched Hermione's face before settling back on her eyes, "You've no idea how long I've dreamed to hear those precious words." Turning to look at the still partially full beach, she chuckled "And the beach is still a bit full." Hermione turned to look at the beach and laughed.

"Well my love, I wasn't really thinking of the beach, the hotel would be a better option." Bellatrix gave her, her best impression of a haughty witch before she replied, "Well, I suppose if you wish to sleep with me in a hotel, then I shall lower my standards and acquiesce to your request." Hermione was giggling uncontrollably by the end of her speech. Bellatrix grinned and pulled her closer, having found a spot in the water that allowed her to stand a bit, "I would rather roll around in the sand than a bed, I mean this view is beautiful and so are you. Seeing your gloriously naked body, with the blue waters rolling to shore behind it… Oh yes and let's not forget the warmth that the cove will supply us, who wouldn't want to make love to their stunning wife on the beach." Hermione by now had wrapped her legs around Bellatrix's waist with her arms hanging over her shoulders, her cheeks and neck were flushed and her eyes sparkled. "Well when you put it that way." Leaning forward she captured Bellatrix's lips with her own.

After a couple more kissing sessions and another swim, they both headed back to the now empty beach. Making their way to their spot on the beach which was next to the one rocky wall that made up the cove. Bellatrix flicked her wand and a large blanket unravelled, settling down on the sand, she then pulled Hermione down to lay next to her. Turning to kiss her, she slowly moved Hermione until the young witch was straddling her waist, "Are you comfortable with this?" Hermione nodded slightly breathless from their kissing, "I want you to let me know if you feel uncomfortable in any way alright and I promise we'll stop." Another nod was followed by Hermione leaning down to kiss along her jaw and neck, Bellatrix moaned at the feeling. Her hands roamed the contours of Hermione's back, moving down to squeeze her rear. A moan was heard and Bellatrix smiled, "I'm going to turn us over, is that okay?" Hermione nodded and allowed Bellatrix to move until she was straddling Hermione. A hitch and tightly scrunched eyes had Bellatrix pause, "Do you want me to stop?"

Hermione shook her head, opening her eyes, "No, sorry, I'm just adjusting to the feeling of your body atop mine." Bellatrix slid off her and lay next to her, "What if I lay behind you, will this help?" Hermione nodded, "Yes, I think that will be better. I'm sorry Bella." Bellatrix kissed her shoulders and the side of her neck, "Nonsense love, I want you to feel comfortable." Running her hands across her stomach and tracing the underside of her breasts, Hermione sighed and leaned back into Bellatrix's chest. Bellatrix was soon cupping her breasts, needing the flesh and palming her hardened nipples. Hermione moaned and let her head fall back, this position gave Bellatrix ample view of her chest and she smiled. She moved her hands until they slid beneath the material covering said breasts, palming them and kneading them, she relished the sound of Hermione's moans. "That feels so good Bella." Kissing her neck in response, she moved her one hand down the soft flesh of Hermione's stomach, tracing the top of her bikini bottoms, seeking permission.

Hermione's own hand joined hers, pushing it beneath her bikini bottom, "You sure?" Hermione nodded and needing no further encouragement, Bellatrix slid her hand further down, meeting a sodden centre. A sharp intake of air had her pause, "I'm okay." Sliding her fingers through Hermione's folds, she teased her entrance, gliding back up and around before flicking her clit. "I love you little dove." Slipping two fingers into the tight entrance, Bellatrix began a slow rhythm, listening to Hermione's breaths. She fondled her breasts, paying equal attention to them both, kissing her neck and shoulders as her hand moved in a back and forth motion beneath her bikini. "I'm close Bella." Hermione breathed out softly as Bellatrix added a third finger, "Don't hold on my love, we have the rest of our lives." Hermione took a hold of her hand that was against her breasts and entwined their fingers, turning her head to capture Bellatrix's lips with her own. They kissed and soon Hermione's hips were jerking as her release over took her mind and body. "I love you Bellatrix."

Bellatrix leaned heavily against the door, smacking her head against the wall with an impatient sigh. "Bella, you need to calm down." Narcissa came to stand next to her, rubbing soothing circles against her back. "I'm trying to Cissy, but it's taking too long." Her voice came out in a long whine as she turned to face her sister. "It's been going on for hours now!" Becoming even more impatient, Bellatrix started pacing again. "It's alright dear, we won't have to wait for much longer." Another presence appeared in a flurry of evening robes, "I'm sorry I'm late, Nymphadora took her bloody time to get to my home." Narcissa turned to look at Andromeda, watching as her older sister flicked her hair and shook out her robe, leaving behind a cloud of soot from both the fireplace and the floo powder. "Do you have to make such a mess sister dear?" Andromeda swivelled her head to glare at her, "Shut up Narcissa. Not all of us can leave their homes at the drop of a hat."

"Both of you shut up! I cannot bare to listen to your bickering." Bellatrix was stalking from one wall to the next in the waiting room, "For the love of Merlin! How long is it going to take!" The door opening caught all three witch's attention, "Mrs Black?" Bellatrix shoved passed her sisters and came to a stop in front of the young Medi-Wizard, "Yes. How is Hermione?" He smiled, "She's doing marvellously as are your son and daughter." Her eyes widened, "My son… and…" Her mouth opened and closed before Andromeda chuckled, "Twins clearly run in our family." Narcissa was trying to stifle her own giggles and Bellatrix was growing more restless, "Can I go and see my family." The Medi-Wizard smiled and nodded, moving aside to allow her through. She ran out of the room faster than Andromeda and Narcissa had ever seen her run and they soon followed after thanking the Medi-Wizard.

Bellatrix hurried down the corridor and burst into Hermione's room, taking in the sight of her wife and her children, eyes full of awe at the sight of her son and daughter that were latching onto Hermione's breasts. "Morgana and the stars, they're gorgeous." Walking over to Hermione's bedside, Bellatrix lovingly gazed down at her children. "I waited for you; I won't name them without you." Hermione whispered as she looked into Bellatrix's face. Bellatrix looked at her daughter, a smattering of dark brown wispy hair adorned her tiny head, eyes a honey brown and pink lips, "Alexia Jean Black." Hermione's eyes looked at Bellatrix and she smiled, "A perfect name for a perfect little girl. Turning to look at their son, Hermione whispered, "Castor Regulus Black." Bellatrix grinned and melted at the sight of the dark brown eyes that found hers, "Hello my little star." Cupping his cheek in her hand, she leaned down and placed a kiss against his forehead. Moving to Alexia next, she placed a kiss on her tiny forehead as well.

Settling into the chair next to Hermione's bed, Bellatrix took Castor into her arms and rocked him gently, all the while memorising his tiny features. He soon fell asleep with his tiny fingers wrapped around her index finger, she gazed down at her son with unadulterated love shining bright in her eyes. Hermione had fallen asleep with Alexia resting against her chest, her own little fingers wrapped around a strand of Hermione's hair. Narcissa and Andromeda stood in the doorway, both smiling softly at the sight of the small family, "What a beautiful sight." Andromeda whispered, "Agreed. Hermione and Bellatrix both deserve this." Narcissa said resting her head against Andromeda's as she pulled her into a one armed hug. "Come dear, let's go. We can visit them tomorrow." Andromeda pulled Narcissa along the corridor, leaving the new parents to rest with their newborns.

Hermione looked over the back garden at her son and daughter, "Bella, what did you give them?" Turning to face Bellatrix who was holding their sleeping seven year old son, "Training brooms. Castor was unrelenting in Diagon this morning and Alexia was just as persistent." Hermione narrowed her eyes at her wife before looking back out the window, "At least I won't have to worry about Cygnus when he's older, with his fear of heights keeping his feet firmly on the ground." Bellatrix chuckled and shifted Cygnus from one arm to the other, "Indeed my love, he's just like Corvus." Hermione moved over to the couch where Bellatrix sat, she plopped down next to her. "Draco must be looking forward to his cousins arriving for their school year, especially with their love of Quidditch." Bellatrix chuckled, "Yes, but he'll have to wait another year before they arrive."

Hermione played with Cygnus' hair, "Narcissa was telling me that Scorpius is wanting to move to France, of course Astoria was a bit besides herself but the boy, well man now, is twenty one and engaged, why would he want to stay with his parents." Bellatrix leaned her head against the back of the couch and looked at Hermione. "Corvus and Orion are going into their fifth year and apparently Severus is ready to murder them. They've earned more detentions than Harry did in his seven years at Hogwarts." Hermione was chuckling quietly as was Bellatrix when Alexia and Castor appeared in the door way, both covered from head to toe in mud and twigs. "Please go and get cleaned up. We are having guests over for supper tonight." Alexia turned to leave but was stopped by her mother, "Oh and Alexia, please make sure Ara is ready as well." Bellatrix waited for her to acknowledge her before she turned her eyes onto her son.

"Cygnus, come on son, you need to get ready. Draco and Astoria are coming for supper." Cygnus blinked his honey eyes open and groaned while stretching, "Come on, up you get." Placing him feet first onto the floor, Bellatrix stood up and stretched out her own body. "I'll double check on Ara my love, you can go and check on Tippy." Hermione stepped out of the living room and went down the hallway to the stairs. Ascending the staircase until she reached the second floor, she walked down the corridor, until she was outside her five year old daughter's room, where she found Ara fighting with Alexia. "No Alexia! Leave it alone! I know how to dress myself!" Alexia grabbed the dress from Ara's hands and tried to force her younger sibling into the item, "Just put the dress on Ara! Stop fighting me." Hermione cleared her throat and both Alexia and Ara turned to look at her, "Mum she won't let me dress myself!" Alexia glared at Ara, "Snitch!" Hermione rolled her eyes, "Enough. Ara put the dress on please and Alexia if she says she can dress herself then leave her to it."

Walking back down the hallway, Hermione stopped outside Castor's room, "Castor love, are you ready." His bedroom door opened and he smiled up at his mother, "Yeah mum, I was just about to go help Cygnus." Shaking her head, she motioned for him to head down the stairs, "I'll check on him dear, you go down to mama and wait." Moving down to Cygnus' room, she watched as her young song ran out of his room, "Hi mum." Running past his mother, Cygnus headed for the stairs. "Come on girls, hurry it up." Hermione shouted. Both her daughters appeared a few moments later, leading the two girls down the stairs and to the dining room. She found Bellatrix sitting at the head of the table with Castor and Cygnus, "Stop it boys, that is enough!" Glaring at her sons, Bellatrix stabbed her pointer finger toward them both and they yelped, both rubbing their backsides from the stinging hex. "Sorry mama." Both boys looked down.

Hermione took her seat opposite Bellatrix with Ara and Alexia taking their respective seats. "Mistress Black, Master Malfoy is here." Bellatrix thanked Kip and requested that he bring them through. Shortly after Kip left, Draco and Astoria entered the dining room along with Scorpius, Corvus and Orion. "Evening Draco, Astoria. Lovely to see you again boys." Hermione stood up and greeted her extended family, "Hello 'Mione, Aunt Bella. Hello munchkins." Draco and Astoria moved to greet each of his cousins and then his Aunt. "Hello Aunt 'Mione." Scorpius and the twins both gave her a hug before taking their seats. After Bellatrix had greeted everyone, she called for Kip and Tippy to serve dinner. "Scorpius, your father tells us that you're looking at moving across the pond, any particular reason?" Bellatrix questioned once the table was dotted with their supper, "I'm wanting to be closer to my girlfriend." Draco's knuckles tightened around his knife which caught Bellatrix's eye.

"Girlfriend? Do we know her?" Scorpius glared at his father before responding, "I'm not sure if you do Aunt Bella. It's Dominique Weasley." Hermione choked on her wine and Bellatrix dropped her fork into her plate, both looking at Scorpius with shocked expressions. "A Weasley?" Draco growled under his breath, "Yeah, a Weasley and hopefully one day a Malfoy. Dominique is the daughter of Bill and Fleur, two people none of you truly know, so don't go all judgmental on me." Bellatrix raised her eyebrow and pointed her finger toward her great-nephew, "Don't take that tone of voice with me young Malfoy. No one is judging you; we were just surprised that you've fallen for a Weasley." Scorpius looked down at his plate and Hermione directed the conversations elsewhere, "Corvus, Orion, how is Hogwarts treating you boys? If I'm not mistaken, they had the Tri-Wizard Tournament this past year at Beauxbatons, correct?"

Corvus nodded, "Yeah Auntie 'Mione, that's correct. We weren't allowed to compete but we got to watch the tournaments, which was super cool." Bellatrix spooned some mashed potato into Ara's plate and helped her with pouring some pumpkin juice, all the while listening to her great-nephew's regale them with the happenings of the Tri-Wizard Tournament. Keeping an eye on Castor and Alexia who were both eyeing their younger brother who was stuffing his face with chicken. "Lily was such a show off, she kept flaunting her achievements to the Gryff's." Draco chuckled, "Like her father use to." Hermione smirked, "Probably more like her grandfather James, if what Severus says is true." Now it was Bellatrix who openly laughed, "I can attest to that, I may have been in a higher year, but James and Sirius were always flaunting their achievements to the Gryffindor's." Corvus rolled his eyes, "Must be a Potter trait." Orion nodded in agreement.

"Mmm and it must be a Malfoy trait to sound arrogant." Bellatrix muttered with her eyebrow raised, Corvus shrugged, "I guess." Orion laughed, "Come on Auntie Bella, we don't mean anything by it." Astoria shook her head, "You're just like your father, the pair of you." Bellatrix chuckled while Draco looked at his wife in mortification, "I was never that bad." Hermione laughed and covered her mouth, "Oh Draco, you forget our third year." He looked horrified before ducking his head, "I changed after that, of course, it was all thanks to you 'Mione." Hermione and Bellatrix both nodded, "Indeed and that's why I was happy our fathers arranged our marriage, when I saw how you had changed, my perception of you changed too." Astoria leaned her head against his shoulder and he kissed her forehead, "Thanks love." Ara gave a large yawn a few minutes later and tugged on Bellatrix's sleeve. "Mama, can I go to sleep?" Smiling at her youngest, she nodded, "Of course you can my sweetheart. Say goodnight to everyone and I'll take you to bed."

After Ara had said goodnight, Bellatrix picked her up and carried her from the room, "I'll be back in moment." Heading for the stairs, she made her way up to the second floor and down the corridor to Ara's room. Entering the entirely pink room, Bellatrix walked over to the bed and slowly lowered Ara to it, kissing her forehead and covering her form. "Night night Mama." Hugging Bellatrix's neck and kissing her cheek, Ara fell asleep. Brushing her curly dark brown hair from her face, she kissed her nose, "Good night my little angel." Tucking the duvet around Ara's feet before leaving the room, Bellatrix made her way back down to the dining room to finish enjoying her evening with her family. It wasn't long passed nine in the evening when Draco stood up and announced that it was time for them to head home, by this time, Cygnus had gone to bed and the twins were playing exploding snap with their older twin cousins. "Thank you for having us over Aunt Bella, 'Mione, it was lovely to see you all again." After giving each other hugs, the Malfoy's bid the Black's a good night and headed home via the floo.

The Epilogue

Hermione lay next to her wife of fifty years, both were now sporting grey hairs, Bellatrix more so than she was and both very happily alone in their Manor. Their children had all had children and each of them were living in different areas, Castor and Alexia had moved into Black Estate, having built a second Manor on the property so that they could both live on the grounds. Cygnus had taken ownership of the Château in France and Ara had moved into Hermione's old childhood home in Hampstead. Draco and Astoria had taken over Malfoy Manor when Lucius and Narcissa had moved to Lucius' mother's estate in East Sussex. Andromeda and her family had moved across to the United States when Teddy Lupin had found his wife after visiting a friend in North Carolina. Scorpius had remained in France after marrying the Weasley girl and rarely spoke to his family and both Corvus and Orion had moved into Hogwarts when they took over from Draco, when he was made Headmaster and Severus after his passing.

Hermione had indeed become Minister for Magic and Bellatrix had retired from her singing some twenty years prior. She now worked with Hermione at the Ministry, taking the roll of Head of the Department of International Magical Cooperation. Rolling over, she tucked herself into Bellatrix's side, "What's got your mind whirling my love?" Hermione placed her head on Bellatrix's chest and looked into her eyes, now a lighter brown, "I was just thinking about our history is all, how our lives changed and our family grew." Bellatrix chuckled before falling into a coughing fit, "Sorry love." Moving to sit up, Hermione pushed some of the pillows up and around Bellatrix's back, "It's alright my love, you did nothing wrong." Taking Hermione's hand into her own, she kissed her knuckles gently. "I sometimes think about that as well and I realise that I found you at just the right time, you gave me four perfect children and the happiest life that has always been full of love and I wouldn't want it any other way." Hermione smiled lovingly at her wife and leaned forward to kiss her lips.

"If it weren't for these old bodies, I would have my wicked way with you right now, alas it cannot be." Bellatrix pulled Hermione closer to her side and placed butterfly kisses all across her forehead, cheeks and jaw before peppering her lips with quick pecks. "I love you regardless of what our bodies look like and trust me, I would make love to you all night if you were able too." Bellatrix smiled at her and kissed the tip of her nose, "Believe me love, if I could, I would. You still make this old body tingle with warmth." Hermione chuckled and lay her head against Bellatrix's shoulder, "Do you ever fear dying Bella?" Silence fell over the two as Bellatrix thought it over, "No, I don't fear dying, I only fear leaving you and our family behind." Hermione sighed and snuggled closer to her witch's side. "I don't think I could live without you Bella; you've been my rock for so long, a life without you in it would be depressing and unfulfilling." Sliding her arms around Hermione's waist, Bellatrix settled in for the night, "I love you Hermione Black." Closing her eyes at the feel of Hermione's lips against hers, Bellatrix allowed the dark cloak to cover her. "I love you too Bellatrix Black."

The End