Summary: Seasons 2-6+ done.. differently. Klaine AU.

AN: the language I use in this story and any story within Glee is not my language in association with them, but rather using the way the characters talked/the language they used and their intentions/personality/ignorance with them. I don't mean to offend if I do, it's just being true to the source material.

AN2: For this story, there might be songs mentioned, lyrics included within the story but the story itself will have the lyrics from Symphony by Clean Bandit peppered through the story beneath the chapter breaks with a nod that those specific lyrics might have something to do with the chapter that follows. It will jump around in the song and not every chapter may have them or the same amount of lyrics. The length of the chapters will vary as well. I personally love this song and have thought it would be a great inspiration for many a story/just life in general. It is just that mostly, an inspiration for the story but not the story itself. And really, what song doesn't fit Klaine? :D I'll probably be doing a lot of song titles as story titles from now on, because it is GLEE after-all :) (always inspiration, not directly following a song only)

AN3: This is mostly in Kurt's close 3rd POV; I prefer Kurt's generally. He's the one that gets introduced to everything in the show and that's the easiest character to follow as an audience member and his story is just so fleshed out compared to the others and yet there's still so much space to grow and expand on or change. However, that said, this does go quite a bit into other close 3rd POV of MANY more characters because I really wanted to do it that way for this story. There are also changes to the 'canon' of the show ;P in some significant and some insignificant ways. You'll see them as they come up and you won't be annoyed by them, I hope.

Chapter 1

I've been hearing symphonies
Before all I heard was silence

Since coming out, Kurt's life had been... an on-going mix of good and bad. He had some very, very good moments, some lackluster and some... not so great moments. Had Kurt been dramatizing his inner dialogue his head would have shaken in a wide-eyed distraught that only he could achieve at the last comment, because that was a bit of an understatement.

People in general hadn't been overly enthusiastic about his truth being presented to the world but almost all of them had known about his sexual orientation status before he even admitted it. His dad had been the most honest and loving a father could be who hadn't understood it fully himself nor had been raised to accept it. His dad had been very cool about it. His friends hadn't been his friends for long and their relationships had been difficult before his reveal but the people he considered friends were excited for him and proud and grew closer to them.

His crush was wigged out by it but was trying very hard not to let it bother him too much and as long as he hadn't had to participate, he was cool with Kurt's orientation too; but less cool when Kurt tried to push him into accepting it more. Kurt knew Finn wasn't gay and knew there wasn't a chance between them, not when he kept going back and forth between Rachel and Quinn and Santana in there too. Finn also had a tendency to put his foot in his mouth with people who pushed him to do more than tackle the opponent, especially if it meant saying something. Yet somehow he was the star of the school, but Kurt's crush was because he was the nicest jock to him. Manipulating their parents into dating so they spent more time together was also not a great move and the unintended consequences that followed was... well, unintentional but in the end was for the best for all of them all the way around even if at first it was difficult for all of them.

Kurt woke up to his actions with a very rough bump but he had liked living in that fantasy. Because now he was well awake to the fact that he was alone and not just his relationship status, but he was the only openly out gay in all of Lima, Ohio, population of nearly 37,000. One would think that there'd be another questioning soul who was brave enough to come out, but no. Kurt was utterly alone in this and he was stuck in high school, the most understanding place in the universe. Most people left experimenting until college and high school was about surviving. Well he wasn't experimenting but he also had to be himself, it was never his desire to hide his fashion sense from the world, and the genius behind it shouldn't hide either. He had to thank his dad for pushing him to be even more out there for people to look at and mock and throw more slushies into his face, especially as he started associating with one Rachel Berry, least liked person in school and pulling Finn Hudson, star of the school from his pedestal.

More than that, the fog he had shielding his heart and brain with was lifted and he was an exposed raw nerve to the fact that many of the jocks went out of their way to bully him, regardless of the fact that he hadn't even spoken to most of them before Glee was formed. He wasn't good at hiding his observations but he wasn't overly cruel like Santana, just honest and more forceful when he thought it was warranted and might spark a change. Otherwise his sassiness popped out randomly but he always tried to be kind and mature about things. He hardly ever yelled and only then when absolutely pushed because nothing else worked. It didn't mean he didn't argue with people or have immature moments or tifts, or huffs; just nothing to Rachel's extent.

Sure he had friends and they were so much better friends now this year than even last year. He could honestly say that he had very close friends and now soon to be, a brother.

But.. he was alone.

He was even more alone in the fact that there were two bullies in particular that harassed him more than most and one especially spent every minute they were in a general vicinity of each other to make Kurt's life miserable. The slushies had increased and he was black and blue from where Dave Karofsky's hand pressed against him as he shoved Kurt unexpectedly with great force into a row of lockers, not even his own most of the time. He was just a quick dart of his hand and Kurt never saw it coming as he blended in with the other jocks and then he was on the ground, his head ringing and his body in pain.

Some of those lockers had been open when he first fell into them and sometimes they were closed and sometimes they were open even more afterward. Once though the edge had jabbed into the tender area just under his ribcage as he fell into it with his full weight and added velocity from Karofsky's push. Another time his face hit the open locker and his nose was bruised. He hid that one from Burt with makeup.

He was not able to hide the one that caused the cut across Kurt's cheekbone. It was the first time Burt took notice of Kurt's troubles at school. Kurt hadn't said anything and so Burt thought things had settled down and were fine. Now Burt knew it wasn't and kept a closer eye on Kurt's body language when they saw each other most nights. Kurt had hand prints all over his body from the force of the shove but he also had bruises before and after those from the force he hit the lockers covering most of those up. He had to bring 3 changes of clothes and hide them around the school every day and Burt started noticing that Kurt left in one outfit and came home in another. He would think Kurt was leading a secret life or sleeping with someone if it weren't for the fact that he knew Kurt too well and knew he was just starting to explore the world and the world was biting back and may not do so much in the future unless he had support. Burt didn't want Kurt to retreat or regress.

Kurt didn't know his dad was watching his back or had it, he thought Burt was as oblivious as everyone else and didn't want Burt to worry about him, his dad was still healing from his own injuries – heart attack and surgery. Kurt didn't want to burden Burt with this and so hide it from his father. Maybe if he'd involved him earlier things would have been different. Maybe not. He'd reached out to Mr. Schue and Principle Sylvester but they had looked at him sympathetically and had checked in with him occasionally when the weight of it all was too much, but they didn't understand or really do anything, couldn't really do anything with their positions other than to tell Karofsky to knock it off and Mr. Schue had tried that and it backfired, Kurt was shoved into even more lockers that day.

He never uttered a word to Karofsky other than Gaga week and didn't know why this particular bully targeted him to be so cruel to, other than if he knew Kurt's preferences. It was obvious but Kurt hadn't broadcasted it to the school, just didn't deny it anymore and told who he felt like when he felt like it.

Even those who had accepted him for himself, didn't accept what he had to say when it came to ideas that pushed them passed their comfort zone. Nor did they stand in his corner against the bullies. Sure Rachel and Mercedes did but they were mostly ignored, even when they tried to reach out to others to help as well, knowing that this wasn't the same thing for Kurt as the rest of them.

But that was the thing, wasn't it, it was different, because he was different, he was truly alone, nobody understood what he was going through. Most didn't care and those that did were ineffectual.

Everything was gray and quiet to Kurt now. He knew people were talking around him all the time but it just sounded like a din of noise and couldn't make much out, even when they spoke directly to him. He knew their lips were moving and they sounded different than the others but he responded without knowing what he said. He was in many ways numb to the world around him, maybe worse off than he had been as a Freshman, lower than he had felt when he first glanced at those pamphlets. For while as a Freshman he had felt alone and lonely, now he knew he was and was persecuted for being himself. He was terrified of being in a crowd, never knowing when a hand was going to find it's way between the throng of bodies and cause him pain.

He jumped every time he turned around a corner, even when there were few people in the room or hall, he feared that someone was going to come up to him while he spoke with someone else and was distracted enough to miss what was coming. But knowing what was coming was not any better. Nor was he able to do anything about it in either way.

At least when it was Puck picking on him alone, he'd be able to talk his way out of things. He wasn't given the chance now.

Kurt was finally given a moment to shine, he only really felt alive during Glee Club. He'd had many moments in the spotlight and had even been given a solo during regionals the year before. They may not have made it to nationals but he'd been given a chance to be noticed. He had been forced onto the boy's team and while he didn't identify himself as female, he liked their side of things better and thought his voice fit better there, but he was so perfectly between them that he thought he should at least be able to choose his team. They were going to choose only fully masculine songs and Kurt was tired of it, they bored him. They couldn't pick anything modern male, just the old hits and songs about hitting. Mr. Schue had heard Kurt and he was glad that the adult had finally heard him and because he'd gotten it his way with a challenge given to him and the others, the other boys had pushed him out, not seeing him as one of them either. He had finally been heard by an adult but that meant that he had lost the ability to be heard by his peers. He didn't know which was worse.

"Go spy on those wobblers."

"Warblers." Kurt corrected. "Named after a song-bird."

"Whatever, you'll probably blend in unnoticed over there." Puck had wanted to do a very specific song and now that had been taken away from him and he shoved Kurt's idea board into his hands and Kurt huffed and gathered everything up before leaving and agreeing to do just that.

Nobody thought he would, but he thought they were right, he'd continue going on unnoticed. He missed Finn's concerned gaze following him out of the room, but why Finn was concerned was not clear. He'd probably see Finn and Carole at dinner that night along with Burt, once a week they at the Hummel residence and once a week at the Hudson home and once a week out just the two of them and once a week out with all 4 of them. Otherwise they stuck to their respective homes and kids for now. Kurt always tried to snag an invite to someone else's house's meal during the night Burt and Carole went out to eat alone, he hated being in that house when it was empty of his father's presence.

Puck had put to words one part of how he was feeling and Kurt wished he was truly invisible sometimes and truly seen by others other times. He knew why Finn didn't step up to Karofsky and tell him to knock it off with harassing Kurt, he didn't want to get hurt himself and on the field he could get seriously hurt. Kurt didn't want that either and so hadn't asked Finn himself to help.

So Kurt went, he dressed in the outfit that he thought would stand out the least there based on pictures of the school and students and what he had in his own wardrobe and went through official channels, telling the office that he wanted to tour the school on his own so he could get a feel of what it was like. They let him. He didn't think they would but they did.

So he was wandering the halls while classes were in session, trying to come to terms with such a grand establishment with such history and beauty in it's architect when the bell rang and students flooded the hallway. He was engulfed and nobody noticed him, nobody touched him as they passed by him other than to brush against him to get where they needed. No one rushed or pushed, they chatted with each other but apologized if they got too close or asked for him to step one way or another so they could get by. He was having a mild panic attack before he realized he was safe away from McKinley and that nobody was being rude to him but instead courteous. It's all he'd ever wanted, he'd kept his bar low and even then it hadn't been met. Kurt was carried along with the stream of people going where they were when he started hearing something through the speakers and the excitement of chatter increased and he found himself on a staircase and the crowd was starting to scare him again with the idea of all of them going over it like a waterfall but with him falling and getting trampled on. The students kept going and he sought for a friendly face in the sea of similarity, all their blazers the same, all of them looked fairly similar. He saw a dark head within the crowd and it stood out to him and he grabbed at the sleeve, partly as an anchor, partly as a lifeline, but mostly for a connection in this avalanche of strangers that all looked the same but he stood out and was invisible at the same time. They were strangers and he was in the midst of all of them but he still felt alone.

The dark haired boy turned in surprise, having gone with the flow as well and he looked up to Kurt standing a step or two above him and the crowd moved around them like rocks in the river. They were still butted up against occasionally and Kurt found he had a hard time speaking for a moment, at first because of the sheer panic this crowd was bringing him, and then because he caught sight of the boy's eyes and the world around him disappeared, the people disappeared and while he was alone again while looking into those eyes, he wasn't alone, this man was with him in the silence.

Except it wasn't silence. He had only been hearing silence since the bullying by Karofsky got worse, he'd heard only silence here as the chatter reached a certain volume but he didn't partake in any of the conversations. He was now hearing music, music in his heart, in his head, vibrating through his entire body as if the whole building was moving him with it. He enjoyed classical music but now he felt as if he was riding the sound waves and a joyous bubble of laughter choked Kurt as he road those waves. It was almost deafening and it's why he confused it with silence at first. He didn't know it but the boy looking up at him was feeling something very similar and neither spoke for a long time, both alone together in this school as if no one else was there with them, but this alone felt nice, comfortable. Blaine was smiling broadly at Kurt.

"Uh... Uh, I'm Kurt!" He finally spoke realizing everyone would think he was crazy if he hadn't and he came back to himself but the music still buzzed in his veins and he didn't think it would ever go away. "I'm new here- what's happening." The dark haired boy's look was amused as he greeted Kurt as if it were completely obvious.

"Well, welcome new kid, I'm Blaine and it's the Warblers, they sometimes have an impromptu performance in the senior's commons." Blaine pointed in the direction everyone was going.

"Oh." Kurt looked confused. "And they're popular here?"

"They're rock stars here. No one in the entire school is more famous and everyone tries out but only a select few get in. Everyone loves to watch them."

"I- wow." Kurt was beside himself and if he'd known better he would have called Blaine out on propping himself up as the lead soloist in the Warblers but Kurt didn't even know it at the time and Blaine was trying to impress Kurt but realized it failed because Kurt was new there, even though Blaine followed the show-choir boards and knew who Kurt was. He was disappointed it didn't go both ways. His words weren't enough to impress, he'd just have to show Kurt.

"Come on." There was the slightest bit of a wink as Blaine took his wrong hand and started running down the hallway and Kurt surprised followed and kept looking at their hands in wonder as they ran. Blaine was a lot more impulsive than he'd have given any in this school credit for. Nobody else looked like they'd dare run in these hallways. Nobody said anything to Blaine or Kurt either about doing so.

Then they got to their destination and Kurt felt hesitant again at the door. "I really stick out here."

Blaine's smile was friendly and reassuring as he straightened out Kurt's jacket and tie. "Next time don't forget your blazer, new kid, and you won't stand out as much." This time the wink was obvious and his hands lingered perhaps a bit too long and would have lingered longer still had Jeff not pulled Blaine backward with his arm snagging through Blaine's and dropping him off in the middle of the group.

The first song they sang was nice. Then Blaine spoke to the ground and then a new song started.

The Warblers acapella-ed the intro to the song and Blaine spun around and started singing the lyrics and dancing and his entire performance he only had eyes for Kurt and Kurt couldn't look away from him or take in the others. He just knew they were a force to be reckoned with and New Directions had their work cut out for them.

The song ended with Blaine right back in front of Kurt and Kurt knew that would be a song that would forever have a special place in his heart and he'd always think of this moment. Teenage Dream by Katy Perry was an interesting choice for an entire male school and Kurt couldn't help but smile and sigh in pleasure, that's what he wanted, getting out of the comfort zone and trying something new, bending normatives. He couldn't help but feel like the song was dedicated to him and the words were true enough, Blaine did get his heart racing.

He clapped delighted by Blaine's performance knowing now that Blaine had been blowing his own smoke and tooting his own horn but Kurt wouldn't say anything about that, Kurt let it slide because Blaine had deserved the self-praise and Kurt's too. Blaine smiled right back in pleasure.

For some reason, even though he didn't really know Blaine, Kurt didn't think he'd ever be alone again, even if the two never met again; which would be a damn shame. Blaine got pulled back in to do a few more songs but these weren't directed at Kurt and as he watched, they weren't directed at anyone really, they were just done to towards the audience. That would be an interesting strategy going forward.

The crowd surged around Kurt and he winced and pulled in on himself as they did so and he slowly moved back so he could be free of all of them and get some space in the hallway. There was a song that definitely had his heart now and he would stroke it whenever he needed it to be more present but it would never be gone, would always be there running through him.

One of the teacher's rested a hand on his shoulder. "Have you seen everything you came here to see?" Kurt hadn't been in to a classroom yet and he explained so to the teacher and the teacher directed him to one of their lectures and introduced him to the class who greeted him and then went back to their studies. It was a different teaching style for sure, the teachers were there to answer any questions or to guide the students to the answer rather than stand up front and lecture at them. It was up to the students if they would fail or succeed.

"Are they all like this?" Kurt asked the professor and the answer was yes. "Ok." He headed back to the office and discussed more with the faculity and found that there were several after school programs, including boxing, lacrosse, fencing and rugby in addition to the Wablers and a few other artistic ventures but nothing to the extent of McKinley. He was given an information packet and his eyes nearly bugged out of his sockets when he saw the cost. He was polite when he said he had some careful considering to do and would let them know if he decided to transfer. They only had space for 1 more student in his year.

He looked around for Blaine as he headed out to his vehicle but didn't see the hazel eyed boy anywhere. Blaine wasn't short, Kurt would argue that any day with anyone who wanted to say otherwise. Blaine was average height for a male and he had actually stood taller than most of the boys in the hall when Blaine had sang. Kurt had spotted him on the staircase fairly easily. There were only a few taller than Blaine in that room. It was just that Kurt was taller and he was shorter than the other football players by a yard stick but not so much taller than Blaine. The boys on the football team too had breadth whereas Kurt was whip-lean and still growing and growing into his body. He'd grown 2 inches over the summer and even today when putting on his trousers from last year they seemed even shorter still, now they ended above the knee rather than below it and his socks made up the difference. Blaine, Kurt could tell, did something athletic quite often other than sing and dance which kept him from being a typical bulky but he had muscles for days, even under that uniform.

Disappointed that he didn't get to see the attractive male again, he headed out of town and drove the 1 hour and a half back to Lima. He didn't have a ton to report other than New Directions was bottom of the barrel again.

Finn suddenly had nothing more to worry about, any residual interest in him on Kurt's behalf was now so far gone that he couldn't even remember crushing on him, not that there'd been much left after Finn and some of the others called him out on his behavior, including his dad, but the feelings hadn't been gone, just the actions. Now even the feelings were well and truly gone. Now Kurt could see Finn so much more clearly and fully. The friendship would remain.

Kurt got back to Lima later than he normally would and Burt asked him what was wrong. Kurt forgot he hadn't told his dad where he was going after school, it hadn't been planned and Finn was already over so he couldn't say Glee practice. He wondered why Finn hadn't told Burt where he was planning on going.

"I went to Dalton Prep to scope out the competition." He admitted and Finn choked on his drink.

"You actually went? I thought you'd gone to the Lima Bean or something and sulked there."

"I do not sulk." Kurt protested but Burt didn't hide the eye-roll well enough and Kurt refrained from calling him out on it. His dad didn't need anything upsetting him, especially his usually even tempered son getting upset and throwing a fit. Not that Kurt thought that he threw fits either, which was actually fairly true. He would argue and disagree and leave the situation until both parties could talk about something else but he didn't throw fits.

"What did you find out?" Finn asked, suddenly interested and his mother gave him a reproachful look. He was going to move in soon, even before the wedding and Kurt had redecorated 'their' room to fit both of them but had been a disaster and he'd been staying at his mom's place while she moved in. Kurt had hired someone to move Finn's dad's chair into the basement as an appeasement while Burt worked on getting his men to build an addition. The hope was that it'd all be done by the wedding. The house would sell quickly, it was in an attractive neighborhood and was well kept up. They just had to put it on the market.

"They sing as one with a lead vocalist doing the rest." Kurt replied, only really interested in the lead himself. "They harmonize incredibly well." He remembered the rise and falls they did as a group, it was like being on a wing of a bird going up and then coming down, or sliding down a staircase rail, it had depth and it went from being one collective brain to a duet back to one brain so seamlessly.

"Did you get a video?"

"We aren't going to sabotage or steal any of their songs."

"No, but the knowledge on our competition will give us an edge, so we can work towards our strengths to beat theirs."

Kurt shook his head. "I was in enemy territory, I didn't dare leave with anything hard that they could find. Only the intel I could retain myself."

"So, what is Dalton Prep?" Carole asked once their strategy meeting wound down a little.

"It's a private school about an hour and half from here." Kurt explained. "It's an all boys school."

Burt was watching Kurt as his eyes lit up while he explained about the school briefly, Burt knew Kurt could have gone on in much more details about that school but chose not to. "Do they have scholarships?"

"I'm not sure, I haven't looked through the entire packet." Kurt realized what he said and looked up with a start. "Not that I'm interested, I just used it as my cover to be on property, I didn't exactly blend in as well as I'd have hoped."

Burt nodded. "Do you mind if I look through it when you're done?"

"I mean – sure, but I'm not sure what you'll find useful." Kurt reached down for the folder from his bag. "I'm done now. I got what I needed to know from my visit."

Burt shrugged. "I'm just curious. As you know I'm running against Sue for that political job and I am curious to see what other schools would do." Burt thumbed through it briefly before setting it aside, he'd look later. "Did it feel weird being surrounded by only males?"

"Not at all, they were all very polite." Kurt lifted a shoulder. "I didn't spend a ton of time there though. I just spent enough time to see the Warblers perform and attend an obligatory class to see what it was like."

"Oh really? Anything you liked?" Burt asked off handed while dishing himself some mashed potatoes which Kurt gasped about and stole and replaced with vegetables. He rolled his eyes at Carole who smiled in response and took the potatoes from Kurt.

"It was different, they're a lot more focused on their studies than McKinley. Their arts programs are a little lacking but they have a few and a handful of sporting options."

Kurt had been interested in the structure, he always felt that he was too advanced for most of his classes and that he wasn't being challenged. He probably could have skipped all his classes and still get As if he just showed up for the exams and turned in a haphazard papers. Kurt wasn't as big of a fan of the idea of giving up his art activities. In addition to Glee he was the Art Club and his classes did include art, home-ec and woodworking. The latter was trying since so many of the jocks teased him every time they had class but he didn't care, it was another creative release.

His thoughts did stray to Blaine though, that had definitely been something he liked though. He didn't know how distracted he'd get if he attended classes with the other boy, if they would even be able to attend any classes together. It was a pipe dream though, the cost of tuition was insane and he liked his friends and Glee kids and Mr. Schue. He even liked being on both the football and cheerios in turns. He was still the only one who could score any points but the others were getting better, especially under Beiste.

Before they left, Carole spoke to Kurt, running her hand through Kurt's hair and straightening it back for him. He'd never worn it that way before, always a side part but later he'd look in the mirror and realize exactly how much he liked it that way. However, her words resonated with him. "You seem different today, I like it. It's like something is bouying you, did something else happen today?"

Kurt shrugged, he'd already mentioned Blaine, so no, nothing else had happened in addition to what he'd said, just how it'd made him feel he kept back, Finn and the adults wouldn't want to hear it. He'd save it for his gab fest with Rachel and Mercedes.

The entire week, nothing had changed at school but Kurt had changed, he wasn't quite as bothered by being alone, he couldn't get the melody of Teenage Dream out of his head and kept humming it as he walked the halls. If that irritated Karofsky even more, Kurt didn't notice and if that irritated him more, Kurt didn't care. The bruising seemed the same to him, perhaps he even noticed being shoved into the lockers less.

Mercedes mentioned that he seemed to be happier and everyone thought that meant that Kurt was being treated better finally. That was until Kurt was body checked into a locker on Friday afternoon and he sprained his arm as it instinticively reached out to catch his decent but he was going too fast with too much force and he felt something stretch too far and he ended up on the ground again.

He sat there dazed with one knee up and the other on the ground and at first he just rested his head against that up turned knee, trying to catch his breath, but something within him was tired of this and bolder than normal, he jumped to his feet and yelled at Karofsky. "Hey! What is your problem!"

Karofsky turned back to him and was suddenly in Kurt's face and Kurt had a moment of panic 'oh shit' he thought and knew things were going to get bad and escalate. "Are you talking back to me?"

"Yes!" Kurt winced as Karofsky's hands slammed onto the lockers behind him and on either side of his head and he could feel Karofsky's hot breath on his face and he tried to turn away as it was incredibly awkward and a little gross and definitely intimidating, which was his intention no doubt.

"Are you sure you're talking to me and not the Fury?"

"The fury?" Kurt asked skeptically, not sure what Karofsky was getting at.

"That's what I call my fist." He brandished it in Kurt's face and Kurt's eyes slid over to it nonplussed.

"Well with that creativity you could be a manager in a rendering factory." He couldn't help it, the fear evaporated for a second and his mouth ran as he said something sarcastic.

"If I find out that what you just said is something bad I'm going to find you and you'll wish all I've done is pushed you into a locker."

Then he shoved Kurt back into them again with both hands this time on each shoulder and walked away. Kurt slid back to the ground along the lockers and focused on his breathing.

This was never going to end. He would have to get seriously hurt before anyone took any notice or did anything and even then they probably wouldn't. Kurt somehow found it within himself to push off the ground and that's when he felt the pain in his elbow as he gasped out and couldn't put any weight on it.

He pretended everything was fine and wrote with his other arm and nobody noticed anything was off but he felt like he was increasingly turning paler than his already pale skin was and felt beads of sweat dripping down his forehead and he wiped it all away before anyone else could see it. He dug through Rachel's bag during Glee and found her pain relievers and popped one of each in his mouth and swallowed and chased it with water and a small snack.

The girls had done a great job with their rock song and the boys had actually killed with their female hits too and Kurt hadn't had anything to do with any of it, just followed their lead and for once he was glad he didn't take the lead or fight for it with Finn, he let Puck and Sam have those honors. If anyone noticed that he took a very back seat on something he'd wanted so much, nobody said anything, not even Mr. Schue but he did catch the look of concern from Mr. Schue before they left for the weekend.

Kurt was about to get in his car when something begged him to look up and when he did he swallowed hard, three Dalton boys were a couple of stalls away from him and were leaning against a red Prius and staring right at him. When he looked up they pushed away from the car and came towards him and his hand searched for the handle to his car but it was the wrong arm and he winced as he stretched it away from his side- he'd been fine with all the painkillers to get through the Glee mashup but now they were wearing off and the pain was coming back with a vengeance, especially as he reached out with an awkward angle in his arm.

The boys noticed the look and Blaine held up a hand for them to wait and stay back while he continued forward. Kurt thought maybe there was hope that they weren't going to egg him like Vocal Adrenaline did to Rachel, not that he had dated any of them or hurt any of them with his weird need to appear like he had boys chasing after him. He just made boys awkward around him, or mean.

Blaine stopped a few feet away from him and held up appeasing hands. "We're just here to invite you to coffee."

"Coffee?" Kurt echoed back totally taken back by this 180 from his thoughts. "Uh, sure."

"We'll meet you at the Lima Bean."

"Ok." Kurt said in a daze but for an entirely different reason that earlier that afternoon and he watched Blaine go back to his friends, they spoke for a moment and then they all piled into his car. He only knew that because Blaine took the driver's seat.

Kurt got into his own vehicle, this time using his uninjured arm and turning towards his car to do so, but he always had an eye over his shoulder watching them, hoping they didn't jump him the second his guard was down. Although his guard had been down shortly before he saw them and they could have parked much closer and jumped him before he knew anything different. He was now kind of curious to hear them out and find out what they wanted with him and their intentions.

They waited for him to pull out first and then followed him to it, making sure that he honored his agreement. Kurt could have been offended but if they hadn't followed him, he had seriously thought about bolting and going to his dad's shop where there would be witnesses and big strong men who would actually defend him, if only because they were loyal to Burt.