Bianca and Lissa were farting around together for the former was showing the latter how to break wind, with the Fire Emblem blonde girl showing the yellow haired Pokegirl how to heal. Needless to say it was quite the event!

"Ooh I'm really getting into healing up friends like this!" Bianca said while having an extra staff for healing in her ever so farty butt, with it causing healing magic to go through her fellow female farter. "I take it that you're taken by this wonderful gas?"

"Oh you better believe it!" Lissa laughed while playfully fanning the air of the bassy butt blasts she was emitting that filled up her dress with eggy smells. "I should have gone to someone like you earlier for this; I was kinda gassy but never like this!"

"Hey I wanna fart too!" Nino exclaimed while suddenly popping up, letting out a huge fart that turned into a tornado and sucked them all up, with it sending them far away from the grassy spot they were situated.