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Blue-Eyed Avarice
Chapter Seven

The Forty-Fourth Training Ground.

Home to various hordes of flora and fauna, often gigantic and often poisonous but those that visit this dangerous location should fear more than the plant-life. For in this forest holds the deadly Ōmukade, the giant human-eating centipede along with large bears, tigers', leeches and many more.

Because of these factors, The Forty-Fourth Training Ground earned the most prestigious and intimidating name around.

The Forest of Death.

And it was in this forest where Anko thrived.

The now twenty-year-old Tokujō stood in the middle of an opening in the forest, her tan coat flowing with the breeze as she waited there. Despite the dangerous creatures that roamed this forest, none dared approach her for she was with Apex Predator.

And this predator was lying in wait.

A sound of rustling leaves caught Anko's attention, which caused her to smirk as she pulled out a kunai and readied herself. Two kunai suddenly flew out of the foliage to her left, which caused her to turn around and deflect each of them before she leapt into the air with a spin and kicked both kunai back where they came from.

The two kunai whizzed into the foliage as Anko landed on her feet, but another pair of kunai flew out from the right and deflected them both to the ground before she launched her kunai towards foliage. Not a second sooner, four kunai flew towards her. Two from the trees to her left and two to the trees to her right.

Anko flipped backwards to avoid each one before she landed on her feet, only to turn around to block a punch from behind. "Finally found me, my little ward," Anko teased with a smirk as blue eyes narrowed dangerously.

"Such a vexing viper," Came the response from her ward before she twisted her body and launched him over her shoulder and into the air. The blond shinobi-in-training twirled in the air before he landed in a crouch on both feet before he turned around to face her.

The Uzumaki brat had grown in the past two years.

Due to her intense and rigorous training, the Gaki now sported a lean, muscular Olympic swimmer's body that was littered in faint scars. He was taller, his head now resting beneath her chin, his face held a little bit of baby fat and his blond hair was shaggier and now reached just a bit beneath his shoulders.

From how he looked, she was reminded of the Yondaime.

Only younger.

How weird.

Her little prince was currently barefoot and bare chested and only had on a pair of worn down, tattered black slacks and his eyes were glowing with contempt.

But the biggest change about Naruto was his skill. When she had taken him in, he had just used those weird chains as a spider's web, swinging across the village. But now, he was more skilled with them in ways she was not expecting.

"Oh? The little prince is vexed at me?" Anko teased with a smile, her hips swaying side to side slowly, enjoying as his eyes homed in on her movements. Because of the amount of time they had been together, she knew how often his eyes watched her every movement, not only to study them but to wait until she struck. "You were only here a week. What could have happened?" Anko questioned.

His eyes narrowed, which caused her to smirk and slide off her jacket and toss it to the ground, revealing the pair of bracers on her wrists, each one having a snake etched within them. "No mood talk?" Anko asked as she pressed a button on her right bracer, which caused three to spring out from the bracer and attach themselves to her right index and middle fingers along with her right thumb.

"Fine, let your fists speak for you," Anko told him as she pressed a button on her left bracer to have spikes attach to her left index and middle fingers and thumb before she sprung forward and lunged her right hand out towards his head.

Naruto avoided the lunge as he swayed his head to the right but she quickly turned her arm and swung back but he blocked the arm and forced it down and aimed an uppercut at her head. She leaned back to avoid it and swung her left arm at his head, but he smacked it away, turned his body three-sixty degrees to land a backhand fist to her jaw.

She ducked the fist and kicked him in the back but then he exploded into smoke. She suddenly turned around and blocked a roundhouse kick and a mid-section kick from the Naruto to her right and the Naruto to her left, respectively.

"Wow, two cute little princes…I don't think I could handle this much royal attention," Anko joked before she leapt off the ground and twisted herself into a ball and delivered a double kick to the left Naruto, which caused it to explode into smoke, then landed on the ground and tripped the right Naruto to the ground and rammed her right hand through its head, dispersing it into smoke.

Anko pulled her hand up and quickly rolled forward to avoid three large Fūma Shuriken from slicing through her and sprang to her feet only to block a flying kick from Naruto, who immediately smirked as he flashed white.

Anko's eyes widened in terror as she switched out for a log just as the clone exploded. Anko skidded from the smoke in between where the two kunai were and without warning, the kunai exploded into two clones, who began to shine a bright white as well.

Anko leapt into the air and shouted "Sen'ei Jashu!" her bracer shined with previously unseen seals and six snakes flew from them and bit down on a tree branch and Anko swung out of the radius of the explosion, which shook the area.

Anko dismissed the snakes as she made herself a small ball as she soared in the air and then unfurled herself to land on the branch, where Naruto appeared and landed a blow to her jaw. Anko staggered back and swayed from left to right to avoid Naruto's left then right jab before she swung her right arm at an upward diangle, which caused two gash marks to appear on Naruto's bare chest, which immediately began to bleed.

Anko then turned around and aimed a turning roundhouse kick to his torso but Naruto leapt up to avoid it and delivered a leaping roundhouse to catch Anko in the face. Anko used the chakra in her feet to remain on the branch but her body spun briefly as Naruto landed on his feet and advanced on her, his arms moving at a fast rate with each crisp jab thrown.

Anko blocked three jabs and caught one in the chest, then another in the face, and finally one in the stomach before she retaliated with a lunge to her shoulder, causing her left index and middle fingers to pierce his right shoulder before she pulled out and pierced his left side with her right index and middle fingers.

But when she tried to pull her right hand away, Naruto grabbed her wrist and gripped it tight before he slammed his forehead against hers with a headbutt, which caused Anko's vision to swim.

Naruto leaned his head back and slammed his forehead against hers again, which made her legs buckle from the blow, along with blood to flow from her forehead, before he pulled back, enough for her to feel her fingers slip out of him, and tackled her off the branch and down to the ground hard.

The two remained on the ground, each of them panting heavily before Anko flipped up to her feet and staggered back with a vicious smirk, her eyes watching as Naruto rolled to his stomach and rose to his feet moments later.

Anko pulled out three kunai in each hand and launched them at Naruto, who immediately twisted his body as he whipped his arms, causing two pairs of chakra chains to fly from his wrists and swatted the kunai away.

He turned his body to face her as the chains retreated into his left wrist then lunged his right arm out two cause two chains to spring forth towards her. Anko pulled out another kunai and deflected each chain from reaching her only for Naruto to withdraw the two chains back into his body and lunge his left hand immediately after.

Anko did the splits with her body planted on the ground to avoid the chains, which she heard embed themselves in the tree behind her. Anko raised her upper body back up only for Naruto's foot slammed into her face, which sent her skidding against the ground as Naruto's bare foot pressed hard against her face before Naruto kicked off of it and into the air.

Naruto pulled back the chains that were in the tree as he was in the air, a slow smirk forming on his face, before her reared his right arm back then lunged his right arm forward with a shout. Ten thick chains flew from his palm and towards Anko, with the ends of the chains being hooks.

Anko's eyes bugged out and switched herself with a log, which was pierced and then crushed by the ten chains repeatedly until it was nothing but splinters. She appeared on the other side of the field as the recently turned thirteen-year-old landed on the ground panted heavily.

She grinned and said, "That's enough my little ward."

Naruto panted sat down on the ground, his wounds now healed by the scars remaining. Anko walked up to Naruto and ruffled his head as she sat beside him. "That was some spar…I'm very impressed," Anko said. "You passed the two-year mark. Congrats Gaki."

"Where do I rank in terms of skill?" Naruto questioned.

Anko tilted her head in thought and said "Low to Mid-Chūnin. Which is hell

Keep it up and you'll be high Chūnin or even Low Jōnin by the time you actually graduate."

"How I avoided being eaten in this place for all these years, I will never know," Naruto panted out.

"You did damn good. You managed to even draw blood on me," Anko said. "But tell me something, when did you learn the Kage Bushin and the Bunshin Bakuha?"

"When I stole the Forbidden Scroll last week," Naruto answered with a smirk.

Anko let out bark of a laugh. "Kami Gaki, one of these days, you are going to get your ass caught and when that happens, I do not know you."

Naruto grinned.

Anko looked up and saw that the sun was rising, along with the chime of the academy bells, and said "Well…Looks like your week off from the academy is over…"

"Joy," Naruto said dryly. "Finished just in time to go to there…This should be fun." Anko smirked and stood up and held out her hand to Naruto, who grabbed it, which allowed her to hoist him up to her feet.

"Come on, I'll get us home the faster way," Anko told him before the two vanished with a swirl of leaves.

"You did magnificently against her, Little Prince," Kyūbi said as water washed down Naruto's body from the shower head.

'It is still not enough…Despite my improvements, I was still unable to defeat her. How can I rule when I cannot defeat a mere viper like her?' Naruto thought with a frown.

He knew he was needlessly beating himself up. When they had met two years ago, Naruto was barely a shinobi. But now, he knew where he stood with Anko.

Naruto switched off the water and stepped out the shower and wrapped a towel around his waist. 'Besides, my performance may have been well but I still am unable to shape weapons like my mother could…I wonder what her secret was…' Naruto thought to Kyūbi as he stared at the mirror.

"It did take her some time as well but you're exceeding where she was skill wise at this age. By the time it is all said and done, you'll be eclipse her in strength…" Kyūbi told him. as he summoned a clone, who pulled his hair back, leaving the bangs to shape the sides of his face, and tied the remainder up into a ponytail.

"Thank you," Naruto said to the clone.

The clone bowed and said, "It was my honor, my prince," before he dispersed. Naruto walked out of the bathroom and into his room and pulled out his clothes, which was long-sleeved button-down shirt that was midnight-blue in color, black slacks along with leather dress shoes.

Naruto slipped on his clothes and rolled up his sleeves to the forearm and walked out of his bedroom and into the living room just as Anko walked back into her place via the balcony. "Welcome back," Naruto said with a smile.

"Gaki, I will never understand why you dress like that," Anko said.

"A prince must always look his best," Naruto said with a wink in her direction as he walked to the fridge and pulled out a carton of orange juice. He pulled out two glasses and poured one for him and the other for Anko.

"How considerate of you," Kyūbi noted.

'Have to show I have some manners. I want to make myself appealing as her potential mate,' Naruto said with a grin.

"Such lofty goals. I doubt she will look at you as a potential mate if you cannot defeat her," Kyūbi told him. "I know that I would not. Even if you look good enough to eat."

Naruto blushed at her words, which caused Kyūbi to coo in response.

Naruto placed the glass of orange juice on the counter where Anko grabbed it and downed it in one go. "Hey Gaki, keep the place in one piece for the next month. I got a mission," Anko said.

"Fuck, what about training?" Naruto asked.

"It'll just have to wait. Unless you meet another sexy bitch like me who takes you in and trains you," Anko said as she reached over to ruffle his hair.

"But do not worry, I left your cute ass some jutsu to go over. You better have all three of them learned when I come back. Otherwise Kikyo and I will make you pay for your failed diligence," Anko warned.

"Understood," Naruto said with a nod.

Naruto then glanced at the clock and said "Well, I better get a move on. I'm going to be late," he downed his drink down and quickly washed his glass before he walked to the patio door.

"Oi! You nearly forgot," Anko said.

"Right," Naruto said before he took a deep breath. Cobalt blue and black Chakra swirled around his body, causing him to glow before a brief pillar stood before it vanished, revealing Naruko, her long twin tails nearly at her slightly curvy hips.

"How do I look?" Naruko asked.

"Like you're going to give that Inuzuka boy more ammo that he's Bi," Anko joked. "Still Gaki, you never explained why you take this form. I mean you explained the logistics of if in terms of your chakra coils, which I'm still somewhat confused at how you can even shape those."

"Simple, this village does not deserve to gaze upon my visage," Naruko answered. "When they prove strong enough or smart of enough, I will reveal my true form and besides, there is whole mind game with this…And who knows, you might get to see that in action."

Anko snorted. "Have a good day kiddo. Knock them dead and keep that cute ass safe," Anko told her.

Naruto winked and said "Likewise," before she opened the patio door, leapt on top of the railing and then leapt off, She quickly shot out a thin chain from her wrist and swung through the village at top speed, passing by all of the other shinobi-hopefuls as she made her way to the academy.

As she swung, she saw Chōji and Shikamaru walking together. She grinned and summoned the chain back into her before she lazy twirled in the air and then landed on an alarmed Chōji's shoulders, her legs resting against his shoulders as her arms as she leaned over, making her covered breasts press against the back of his head.

"Oi!" Chōji exclaimed.

"Hiya Chōji-kun," Naruko said, purring out his name.

"O-Oh…Hey Naruko…" Chōji stammered.

"Oi…Stop messing with him Naruto," Shikamaru groaned out.

"Ah-Ah! Naruko in this form," Naruko said as she leaned her arms on Chōji's head. "Besides…" she twirled a strand of Chōji's hair with her finger. "I think he likes me up here…Right?"

Naruko could see Chōji's ears reddened, knowing he was blushing.

"Wow, you have this girl thing down pat," Shikamaru said with a surprised look.

Naruko smiled. "Now, Chōji-kun, do you mind carrying me to the school? I'd be forever grateful…"

"Just this one time," groused Chōji.

Naruko smiled.

"You are enjoying this far too much," an amused Kyūbi said.

'Gotta train everyone now to worship me. This is the best way to start,' Naruko replied. 'Besides, I doubt Chōji or Shikamaru will ever be strong enough to gaze upon my true self. This will probably be the form they always see…Unless I face someone strong or if they gain my respect…One of the two.'

"Like Anko?" his partner asked.

'She and you are the only two that are not only stronger than me, but I respect. I will not disrespect you two by putting on a false image like I do everyone else…' Naruko thought. 'Besides…The only person that I will purpousfully show myself to is her and that is only to make her submit…'

Naruko then looked ahead to see the academy in the distance and muttered "Time to start the day…"

The Rapacious Princess: So I have grown stronger…Very good. I wonder how strong Hinata has become…

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We also gain more into Naruto's insight and the further reasons he hides himself behind Naruko. He shows he true self with those that are stronger than him and that he respects. Anyone below him will never gaze at his true self unless he is hard pressed or to prove a point in power levels.

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