ARC-V Reactor Disaster

Professor Leo Akaba was still in the Fusion Dimension, trying to work on getting his daughter back. However, as he was doing so, the reactor started to react involuntarily before it shut down. This presented a problem.

Meanwhile... Back in the Pendulum Dimension...

The duel between Yuya and Declan finally came to a conclusion and Zarc's soul is now at peace. It was over. No more Supreme King Z-ARC. After the duel ended, people from other dimensions were transported into what's now called the Pendulum Dimension. They were all confused as to how and why they were there.

The green lights that spread across the dimensions beamed down to the ground. What shocked them all was that the person that appeared before them was not Zuzu. Instead, the girl standing before them was Lulu, Shay's sister.

"Wait. What's going on? Why isn't it Zuzu instead of Lulu?" asked Yuya.

"I can answer that for you," the professor replied. "I was continuing my work on trying to revive my daughter, Ray. When I thought I was making progress, the reactor rumbled for at least an hour before it shut down completely. When the reactor rebooted, I had no idea what had happened until I went to look on screen and found that the XYZ and Standard counterparts have somehow switched around. So now Zuzu is the XYZ counterpart and Lulu is now the Standard or now Pendulum counterpart." he finished explaining.

"Is there any way we could bring her back?" Skip asked.

"Unfortunately, it would be impossible now that the reactor has been annihilated." Leo explained.

Everyone that knew Zuzu and Lulu were all shocked at the news that the professor had just delivered. They couldn't believe this but for different reasons. Those that knew Zuzu couldn't believe that she was gone and for those that knew Lulu couldn't believe it was her. The ones that never got to know Lulu, got up and went to do so. Skip and the others were definitely saddened that Zuzu was gone forever.

Every single person that meet started to grow fond of her. They all loved her. That made her feel welcomed into the renewed dimension.

All was well. Well except for the disaster that was the Arc V Reactor.