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Blake woke up with a dry throat and aching neck. She was lying on the forest floor as she tried to remember how she had gotten into this state. Getting up slowly and rubbing her neck she made attempts to look at her surroundings and was met with the brightest blue eyes she'd ever seen.

"Ah!" She yelped out in surprise and scurried back, making the person in front of her fall.

"Woah! I thought the screaming was over, geez…"

She raised a hand in front of her defensively, instinctively taking Gambol Shroud out in the same motion, "You! Don't move!"

He put his hands up instinctively, although in the back of his mind he realized it was a pointless gesture.

She took the moment of silence to silently observe his face. Whiskers were the first thing she noticed. So he might be a faunus, although she really shouldn't assume considering the abnormal amount of weird people out there.

Maybe he was just really isolated and had never seen another faunus before? It would explain why he didn't know what she was. But that didn't make any sense, how could he not know what faunus were? No one didn't know!

He seemed to sense her hesitation since his arms lowered for a second and he gained a worried look. It was quickly fixed by raising Gambol Shroud threateningly to his face. She thought he was gulping in fear from her weapon, but it was really the murderous expression she had which reminded him of another frightening woman in his past.

His blond hair seemed almost too golden and perfect, like it had been set on fire and never lost the glow that accompanied the burn. It was also swayed to the left on the top, giving him an almost roguish look. Casual like the summer yet cool like the winter. Like he barely put any thought into it yet it somehow managed to perfectly flow with the forest breeze.

His face was boyish, no other way to describe it. It might have possessed some baby fat when he was younger, but that was all but gone now, leaving what she dared to call an attractive face. Even if it were currently scrunched up in confusion, like he was conflicted about something. She growled, making him turn his head up to face her once again and gulp. Whatever he was debating was decided now, as it seemed.

'I'm telling you this bitch is crazy! We should just get out of here and find someone else to tell us about the world.'

'And I'm saying that we can't just leave her here alone in the forest after taking her this far!'

Kurama scoffed, 'Why? She can clearly take care of herself.'

Naruto looked back at the strange weapon she had to his eyes, 'She sure can, can't she…" His tone switched to melancholy and Kurama quickly realized he had made a mistake.

'Oi, don't get all sentimental on me. Leave the girl before she makes you say, or worse, do something you'll regret.' Kurama growled in warning.

'Something I'll regret, huh? Hey, doesn't she remind you of…' Naruto trailed off into silence, making Kurama heave a sigh.

Despite all the time that had passed, even Kurama could remember the various women which Naruto could have been referencing. That strong-willed attitude was once worn by his childhood crush and his mother figure later in his life, and that calm, deadly expression could have easily belonged to a certain Hyuuga heiress at some point.

'Whatever. Let's get this over with before you lose your few precious brain cells.'

Blake looked at him. She recognized that look anywhere, having seen it on the faces of basically every White Fang member at some point, even behind the masks. How could she not when she saw it in the mirror everyday she got up and every night she went to sleep? It was a face of deep sadness, and regret. Especially regret.

She could see it in those eyes of his, damn those eyes. They were the most glaring part about him, and she couldn't help but just stare. They were deeper than any ocean she had ever seen, brighter than dust or gems. And call her crazy but she swore that for a moment they had flashed the color of a fall night sky, violet rays tingeing a starry dusk.

They were, without a doubt, beautiful.

Her breath caught in her throat and she realized that she was staring for long enough that his hands had dropped to his sides again. She could feel her cheeks flush in embarrassment and quickly raised Gambol Shroud to fix the situation but could already tell it wouldn't work this time

"W-Who..." Her voice made an embarrassing hitch which she quickly tried to cover up. "Who are you?"

Naruto thought about it for a moment. It had been a long time since someone had asked that question to him. It was a given, since most assumed him to be a god, which wasn't far from the truth. He really didn't have a proper response, he realized.

Any truth he could say wouldn't pass over well, it's not like he could just tell her that he was the container of a chakra construct turned god that traveled over dimensions and worlds to protect the future of her planet. Could he?

'No, she would just think I'm crazy or run away in fear after being shown proof!'

'I don't see any problem with that. Look, let me out for a second and I'll show her just who she's messing with!'

'No! Bad Kurama! We're trying to help her, not kill her!'

'Help, kill, what's the difference really? Come on, just one teensy tiny bijuudama… pretty please?'

There was a moment where Naruto was so dumbfounded by Kurama's choice of words that he actually considered letting him do it.

'I mean… wait, no! For the last time, no! Don't you dare give me those puppy dog eyes!'

'Damn, really thought would've worked, too. Bah, whatever. Do what you want with the girl. Just don't come crying to me later.'

Naruto frowned as he knew what his partner was talking about. They knew each other better than any other two beings out there in existence, that much was for sure. But that didn't mean they always agreed with each other,

"Well? Are you going to answer me or not?" It seemed she was getting impatient. Her voice sounded more worried than angry, which worked in Naruto's favor for what he was about to do.

Naruto sheepishly scratched the back of his head, and gave Blake the smile of a fool, "Well, I'm just a wandering swordsman who got lost on the road of life."


'Say, Kurama. Do you think Kakashi sensei would've been proud?'

Kurama snorted, 'It was a decent try. I rate it a 6 out of 10.'

'Oh come on, that was at least an eight! I even used the eye smile!'

'Which loses most of its effectiveness when you're not wearing a mask. You still have a long way to go.'

While Blake was dumbfounded by Naruto's seemingly random response, he became gloomy and muttered under his breath, "Everyone's a cynic…"

Suddenly his head snapped up and it seemed like nothing had just happened. "Anyways, since you asked me a question, I get to also ask you a question!"

"What?! That wasn't an answer, that was… I don't even know what that was!"

"I have no clue what you're talking about. I told you who I was, didn't I?"

"No, no you didn't!"

Naruto acted genuinely confused, "I didn't?"

"Not at all!" It seemed Blake was losing her cool at an exponential rate now, and it was only getting worse.

Naruto shrugged, "Well that's too bad, since it's the truth."

"Wandering swo- you don't even have a sword!" Blake shouted. She had long since dropped Gambol Shroud to her side in favor of tearing at her hair in frustration.

Naruto didn't skip a beat, "I lost it."

"Did you lose it along with your brain? What kind of swordsman loses his sword, not to mention I'm seriously starting to doubt that you were lying about not knowing what faunus are." Blake shook her head in exasperation.

"I really don't though. It's the truth." Now speaking the whole truth, Naruto came off as far more trustworthy.

Blake blinked in shock, "Wow, you really don't know, do you?"

Kurama resisted the urge to roll his eyes, 'That's what he just said, you idiot cat for ears. Bet she's got the brain of a cat under those ears too.'

"Play nice, Kurama," Naruto chided. He blinked, then looked at Blake who was staring back blankly. "Oops, did I say that one out loud?"

"Great, so not only do you somehow not know what faunus are, but you're also insane. They're probably connected, honestly. It's the only possible explanation."

There was an awkward moment of silence as Naruto tried to figure out if she was finished.

"Does this mean you're going to answer my question?"

Blake facepalmed, "I give up. Go ahead and ask, it's not like I'm going to get anything useful from you anyways."

'Sweet, it worked.'

'Don't ask a dumb question, she might go mad.'

"So what's a faunus?"

Blake's screams of frustration could be heard for miles.

"So your name is Blake Belladonna, a cat faunus who up until just recently was part of a faunus civil rights group your parents started but left which you ranaway from home to join, but the group slowly devolved into terrorism so you decided to turn coats on this last mission and start a new life by becoming a hunter whose job is to kill grim and protect the citizens of Remnant?"

"Yeah, basically." She looked down at her nails lazily, having the look of someone who had lost all interest in something.

'Hey Kurama, I think our story doesn't sound so weird anymore. Should we tell the truth?'

'Can I eat her afterwards?'

'Aha, I knew you wanted to eat something too! Let's ask her where the closest ramen shop is!'

'I regret ever opening my mouth.' And that would be the last grumble from Kurama in a while as the giant fox went back to sleep in Naruto's mind.

"Cool story, I guess. My name's Naruto, are there any ramen shops nearby?"

She actually looked up at that, "Wow, you actually told me something about yourself, I was not expecting that."

Naruto sweatdropped at her level of trust in him, although he supposed he was to be blamed for that.

"Anyways, Naruto, huh?" She considered his name for a bit, then decided it was a unique name at the very least.

"Yup, Naruto the wandering swordsman!" He added, just in case she ever got too curious about his true identity. It was genius, really, this way she would never try to ask him who he was in fear of the same response.

She immediately facepalmed, "You said you wanted some noodles, right?"

"Not just any noodles, ramen." Naruto grew serious and Blake shifted a foot back at the intensity in his gaze.

"Woah, okay there. I get it, let's go get some ramen. We just need to find where we are first then we start making our way to Vale." She nonchalantly turned around and started inspecting the environment, trying to make out which way was the closest to her destination.

Naruto paused while she looked around. She seemed incredibly calm about the whole ordeal after her initial outburst. Was this the power of the human conscious? Or rather, the faunus conscious he supposed. Either way, maybe the people on Remnant were just more level-headed about things. Or just more used to crazy stuff happening to them. Considering her… interesting past, Naruto was inclined to believe it was the second one.

"Hey," She drew his attention to her, and he found himself staring at where her cat ears twitched cutely on the top of her head. "Good news is that I found out which way Vale is, bad news is that it's pretty far away. We're going to have to walk for a bit."

Naruto chose not to remind her that he could simply fly them there. Or even just run, or teleport. Anything really. Maybe she forgot how he had saved her life in the first place? Oh well, might as well use this time to get to know more about this world.

So as the two began walking in the direction Blake pointed to, they became traveling companions. Conversation started out slow, but eventually Blake began telling Naruto all about Remnant. Dust, hunters, the 4 kingdoms and grimm. They were all extremely fascinating to the God who saw it all as if it were a fairy tale. The idea of aura and semblances also intrigued him, and he wondered if it were similar at all to chakra.

"Well, here we are. Vale, in all its glory." Blake deadpanned, not even bothering to turn around to look at him as she kept moving forward into the city.

Of course, he had already sensed the city a long time ago. But seeing it was a completely different experience. It was nearing night time, and hundreds of new objects and ideas surrounded him, making him excited.

"Ooh, what's that?" He pointed to the sky where a ship was flying across the open air.

"That's a bullhead." Blake responded blandly. She could barely focus on his excitement, her stomach growling at her to eat something. It was part of the reason why she hadn't pestered the man next to her further about his identity. She was also extremely hungry considering she didn't eat before her mission and it had been several hours since then.

"Woah, what's with that group? Are they some sort of performers?" Blake could barely care less about a bunch of clowns wandering the streets at night, but turned to look anyways and froze.

Even a child could tell that the group in front of them was bad news. All black suits and hats, along with red ties and glasses to conceal their identities. And to top it all off, the man in front of it all was recognizable even from a mile away. His pristine white suit, his flamboyant orange hair hidden by his signature black bowler hat, and that infamous cane which spun in his hand as he strolled down the street like he wasn't wanted by all of Vale.

There was no doubt about it, that was Roman Torchwick. The pinnacle of human greed and corruption in Blake's eyes. And as he walked into the dust store with his men in tow, she felt a bad feeling creep into her stomach.

Blake pulled at his arm uncomfortably, "Hey, let's get out of here."

Naruto looked down at her in thought. She was biting her lip, looking over nervously at the group which had just entered the shop late at night. He wasn't stupid, even he could clearly tell what was going on. But her reaction was what interested him, since it told him a lot about the type of person she was.

He took her hand off his arm and smiled reassuringly at her when she looked up at him in surprise. "Hey, you said you wanted to be a hunter, right? To atone for your mistakes and to help people."

Blake thought back to what she had told him earlier and cursed herself for spilling her entire life story to him while she was in a tired state. She turned away from his powerful gaze as she weakly tried to convince him. "W-Well I'm not even trained yet, and I'm really hungry so let's just go find some food and wait for the authorities to handle their job."

"You're not very convincing, you know. Helping people isn't a skill, it's a mindset. If you aren't able to rush in and help those in need even when you're weak, you're never going to make it later. There's always someone stronger than you, and you need to realize that and go in anyways."

For the first time since she met him, Naruto no longer looked like an idiot in her eyes, and his tall form now seemed indomitable. His smile was so confident, and the way he raised his fist in front of him as he said those words made him seem like he was straight out from one of her novels. It was enough to make her blush.

Naruto saw her look and mistook the blush for embarrassment at her previous cowardice, which wasn't totally wrong. She looked ready to fight. "Let's go!" Naruto turned around and ran towards the building, Blake hurrying to catch up.

They were in front of the building about to rush in when something shattered the glass windows of the shop, hurtling through the air to land in front of them with a grunt. They both peered down and saw it was one of the men who had walked in. He seemed to be in a daze, trying to hold onto consciousness as he groaned in pain.

They looked up and saw a man with his foot placed onto the frame of the broken shop window, holding a giant grey claymore with a red handle on his shoulder.

"Just my luck for some low life criminals to rob the store I'm at with my niece." The man spat on the ground and turned to the rest of the group of criminals. A girl with short stature, presumably his niece, was behind him and squealing in excitement at the situation.

"Yeah, go Uncle Qrow! Kick their butts!" She shouted enthusiastically.

Naruto and Blake just looked at each other, then Naruto shrugged and started walking up to the group. Blake hesitated, as she could tell instantly that the person in front of them was no ordinary man, they were a huntsman. An extremely strong one, if her instincts were to be believed. She decided to trail behind Naruto and watch from a distance before making her move.

As the two approached, the other parties began to notice their presence. However, due to Blake trailing behind and purposely hiding her presence, the others only noticed Naruto who was making sure his presence was known. It was only a tiny fraction of what he could do, but he let his chakra flow to all present other than Blake who was lurking in the shadows behind.

Qrow instantly grew wary, not only because the nature of his semblance but also because he could tell the person walking towards them was incredibly well trained. Ruby grew even more excited at the arrival of a mysterious person, seeing this entire situation as something from a comic or tv show. She just wanted to pull her scythe out and fight so badly, but she had to show restraint in front of Qrow!

Roman Torchwick was less than pleased. What was supposed to be a simple dust robbery had turned into a three way encounter between himself, a trained huntsman, and a completely mysterious party. There were few notable faces that Roman Torchwick was unaware of, yet this blondie randomly appeared exuding power and authority. He already knew of Qrow Branwen, but who was this new man whose presence was only matched by one other person that he knew?

But Roman Torchwick was nothing if not a good improviser. He could tell that the huntsman was wary of this guy as much as he was. The newcomer also probably didn't understand the whole situation considering he just arrived. There was one final piece of information which let Roman Torchwick quickly scheme his master plan. It was Red, who the huntsman was clearly putting behind him and away from danger. It's obvious he cared about her, so this was probably going to work. If it didn't, well he was likely screwed.

"Blondie, you're finally here!" He called out, and all eyes turned to him confusedly. Perfect.

"Take care of the huntsman for me, will ya?" Roman Torchwick noticed how Qrow's gaze instantly shifted to Blondie. Blondie just looked even more confused at what he was saying.

And here came the killer, "Oh, and don't forget about the brat."

The way everyone's expression changed with that simple sentence was immediate. Qrow went from wary to murderous as he guarded Ruby behind him even more protectively. Ruby suddenly seemed to no longer find the situation as cool and drew back in fear.

But the biggest change was Blondie's himself. He looked at Roman Torchwick with cold, sudden realization. He no longer looked confused but took on the visage of an apex predator hunting down his prey. That stare scared the criminal more than he would ever like to admit, and he belatedly wondered if he had just made a huge mistake.

Judging from the huntsman's expression, he felt the same but saw it as directed towards him and his niece. Qrow's defensive nature sprung into action as he lunged at the blondie with abandon. The man didn't even look at the huntsman as his claymore was blocked by a bare hand. No, the man's gaze was dead set on the criminal who was making his escape.

"Blake, go after him. Let me handle this." Naruto spoke to his shadow where the cat faunus emerged from, shocking the other two still in the vicinity. His choice of words was perhaps not the wisest and Qrow became even more furious and pushed down harder with Harbinger.

Blake dashed quickly past them and towards Torchwick, using gambol shroud to aid her mobility as she caught hold of lamp posts and store signs with the ribbon attached to propel her further.

Ruby looked at her uncle who was still locked in position with the mystery man. Now that she was closer up, he only seemed to be a few years older than her. Yet he was already able to hold off Uncle Qrow!

She grew excited and a little fearful at how many strong people were out there, and thought about the girl who had just ran past them. She had hidden her presence so well, and she was fast too.

'I'm still faster.' Ruby thought to herself, then looked back at Qrow who was still locked in place. Wasn't she supposed to be strong too? Didn't she want to become a huntress when she was older, to stop criminals just like the ones getting away? Then she made her decision, and with a last, "I'm sorry Uncle Qrow, please don't hate me for this!" She made her dash following the group of criminals, the ground exploding into a burst of rose petals.

"Ruby, stop!" Qrow called out desperately but he couldn't get past the man in front of him. Just how strong was this guy? "You bastard, you're going to pay for your crimes!"

Finally, the man turned to look at him, and in sudden realization, broke the standstill between them. Just like that, he pushed Qrow and his entire body weight off without a sweat, neglecting all the aura Qrow had used to keep his sword in that position.

"I think there's been a misunderstanding." He spoke simply, and Qrow growled at his words.

"You really think that's gonna work? My niece is in danger because of you!"

Well, he wasn't wrong, Naruto supposed. If he hadn't arrived, that criminal wouldn't have been able to take advantage of his presence like that to turn the huntsman onto him.

He looked at the huntsman in front of him for a moment, analyzing him for the first time. He was around a jounin's level in terms of endurance and strength. If this was a huntsman and there were more of them around the world at each academy and country, that was a pretty impressive force.

He had good character, considering how hard he seeked to protect his niece. It just sucked that they had to meet in this situation. He really needed to get past him, but he also didn't want to hurt him too badly.

A voice yawned in the back of his head, 'I'm awake, what did I miss?'

'Good timing, Kurama. What should I do here?' He needed a quick way to make sure this was over without hurting the man. Naruto had learned over the years to trust in his partner, and this time was no different.

Kurama on the other hand, took one good look at the situation and the huntsman's strength and, upon deciding it wasn't worth bothering over, went back to sleep.

'Oy! Some partner you are!'

As this monologue happened, Qrow took advantage of his distracted state and ran at him, converting Harbinger into a scythe in the process. Naruto admired how cool it looked, and wondered what else it could do. Then suddenly the weapon was aimed at his face and he realized that he was in the middle of a fight.

'Dammit, Kurama…'

Blake had finally caught up to the group of criminals, and was staring them down when a red blur appeared next to her.

"You!" The short girl in red shouted, pointing at her.

"Listen, it's not what you think it is. I want to take down Torchwick as much as you do." Blake explained hurriedly.

"Wait, really?" Ruby looked at her innocently and Blake realized it would've been way too simple to lie to her. But if she felt this guilty telling the truth, how bad would it be if she told a lie?

"Yes, so stand back while I take care of things here." Blake readied her weapons and prepared to fight the criminals.

"I can fight too!" Ruby protested, pulling out a giant scythe, unfolding it into its full length and planting it on the ground.

Blake blinked at the size of the weapon compared to its wielder. She had already learnt long ago not to judge someone's fighting capability on their size, so she yielded, "Fine, take care of the thugs. I'll take on Torchwick."

Ruby instantly brightened and became even more excited, shining with a form of innocence Blake hadn't been subject to in a long time. It was a breath of fresh air, and almost made her smile. If this was what fighting alongside others at a huntsman academy was like, perhaps it wouldn't be so bad.

"That's Roman Torchwick to you, young lady!" The moment was ruined by the criminal calling out from the back of the group, nearest to the roof's edge.

Blake growled, remembering why she had chased them down in the first place. Roman Torchwick was a criminal, one of the worst, and his discrimination and evil deeds knew no bounds. This would be her first step in redeeming herself.

She got ready to launch herself at the criminal who was hiding in the back like a coward when Ruby sped past her, tearing into the main group of suited thugs. The speed and power with which the young girl brutalized them was unnerving, and Blake was glad they hadn't fought.

Torchwick seemed to have second thoughts after the display, and looked ready to run away.

"Not so fast!" Blake quickly neared him, shooting with Gambol Shroud's pistol form before using the twin blades to mercilessly slash at him. His aura was incredibly strong, and his cane was sturdy enough to knock back her thin blades with almost no trouble. She wouldn't be able to fight him head on, so good thing that wasn't her specialty anyways.

She kicked back into his chest, which he blocked with his weapon. She threw her twin sickle blades in an arc, and expectedly he turned to look at them. He finally seemed to notice the ribbons attached to each end, and she pulled back so that they came flying towards his face. He evaded at the last second, but had to turn his back towards her to do so.

She took advantage by locking her weapons back into their blade form then combining them to form a thick cleaver. The now heavier weapon was able to easily pierce Torchwick's aura in an underprotected area, causing him to fall forward away from her. It didn't feel good to hit someone in the back, but in her eyes this criminal deserved nothing less.

Roman tried to get up but was stopped by Blake's foot stomping on his back. "Sneaky little faunus…"

Blake's eyes narrowed at the remark, but chose to drive her boot deeper into his back rather than say anything. Ruby appeared by her side in a flurry of petals, and Blake looked around to appreciate the younger girl's handiwork. Bodies lay everywhere, and Blake had to remind herself that they weren't dead. Probably.

"You're gonna regret messing with me, you two. Little children ought not to be out so late…"

"Tough words for someone who was beaten by said children, don't you think?" Blake looked at Ruby, who still looked like she was high off battle. Yikes, she'd have to be careful around this girl.

"Oh, it's not me you should be worried about." Roman began chuckling as a sudden updraft had both girls covering their eyes from dust.

A bullhead rose from the side of the building and loomed over them. The entrance was open, and from there the dark silhouette of a woman looked down at them. As the two became distracted, Roman took the opportunity to push Blake off him and swing at Ruby who fell on her back.

He quickly jumped onto the ship and was met with a displeased Cinder. "I know it looks bad, but I swear it was worse."

She rolled her eyes and ignored him, instead focusing on the two girls still down on the roof.

"Hey, if you're here then who's driving the ship?"

Roman looked to the cockpit where Neo poked her head out and waved happily. He sighed a breath of relief at the familiar multi-haired girl.

"Neo! So good to see you as always. Get us out of here already."

"Not so fast, I want to see what these two are capable of considering the fact they took you down." Cinder began channeling her power, and Roman decided not to comment on the fact that he had been beaten by only one of them. He had underestimated the faunus girl, and paid the price. It wouldn't happen again. Although if Cinder nipped the problem here and now he would have no complaints.

A flicker was the only indication of the torrent of flames which bore down a second later, and Roman smirked for a moment as it truly looked like the two girls had been consumed by the fire. His smile was wiped off when the flames all began swirling in the form of a vortex and was sucked into a focal point then disappeared. It was that same man from before, the one who he found scarier than ever Cinder. And looking at the way he had completely dissipated her power — the one he had thought unstoppable — he wasn't wrong for thinking so.

Cinder's eyes narrowed in apprehension at the one who could so easily handle the power of a maiden. She looked over at Roman for a second and saw recognition, so he knew who this was. But more importantly, the amount of fear in Roman's heart exceeded even his fear for her, and that simply wouldn't do.

She channeled her maiden powers once more, creating a swirl of elements around the bullhead, "Roman, pay attention. I want you to bear witness to my true power, so that there are no more doubts."

Nearly every eye in the vicinity widened at the scene. The clouds started to rumble with her might, the air charged to a breaking point as miniature tornados began to form all around them. "This power is the one which will bring down Beacon, and raze all of Vale to the ground. Remember me, remember my name, history! For I! Am! Ci-"

"Oy, are you done with your monologue?" Naruto stared at them boredly.

"Wha- How dare you!" She shouted down at the impudent man who just stood there looking uncaring.

"You see, I'd normally let you continue with your evil speech, but I'm really not in the mood right now. So let's just get this over with." He sighed, seeming tired.

Cinder went red in anger and embarrassment at the man's audacity. For someone to treat her like this was unbelievable, unacceptable! Even Salem at least treated her with the minimum level of respect required between subordinate and leader.

Her eyes lit up in flames as she formed and instantly launched fireballs of pure maiden energy at him. She could feel anger leaving her with each one as they covered the rooftop, melting the bricks and leaving a thick layer of smoke from the blasts.

"Haa… ha…" She breathed heavily from how much power she had concentrated into that attack. Her status as an incomplete maiden meant she was still unable to exert its full power and moves like that heavily drained her. But she felt relieved, and — for a moment — stress free.

"Ah…?" The smoke cleared, and Cinder could only gasp in shock at what she saw.

He looked like he had absorbed her heat blasts, how else could one explain his golden skin and radiant aura? The girls at his feet were covered in a sickeningly red coating, protecting them and the floor around from collapsing.

And he stood above it all, floating effortlessly as his expression became more and more exasperated.

"Are you done?" He asked calmly. She should've been more annoyed. And if it were anyone else, she probably would've kept throwing fire to the pile until it worked. But she could tell it would do her no good here.

She took a good look at him. His ringed, purple eyes shone with centuries old power lurking behind them. His entire body shone like he had been touched by Midas, with black lines mysteriously traveling along his body, pronounced around his cheeks in the form of 3 solid whisker marks on either side.

The energy around was so high and concentrated that occasionally it would slip out from his form like flames — or like a solar flare. She found the comparison between him and the Sun not inaccurate. She could feel his heat and power from where she was standing.

She had been mistaken this entire time. Acting with the assumption that this person was a trained huntsman had been extremely foolish and damn near suicidal. After all, this wasn't a simple man, this was a god. Something on the level of Salem, perhaps even higher. Fear bubbled up inside as she came to the creeping realization that he was sparing them. He wanted them to leave, had no wish to take their lives.

And for the first time in her life, Cinder had no problems with bowing down to a stronger being, listening to their commands. There was simply no other option, after all, so she couldn't really be blamed or called weak for this. Not at all.

"Neo, get us out of here!" Cinder blinked in surprise as she turned to the voice which had called that out. Roman. Not that she would punish him for this act of impudence of making a command without her approval. Although again, perhaps approval wasn't needed here.

Neo didn't need to be told twice as the Bullhead began to fly away. Then, just as it seemed as if they would get away safely, the ship was hit in the side by a projectile.

'No way, he changed his mind?' Cinder looked over at the figure who was no longer floating or glowing in any way. Like everything had been an illusion. He was also looking at someone, and she followed his gaze to see another woman.

In an instant, her view was filled with projectiles flying towards their ship. Glynda Goodwitch, the deputy headmistress of Beacon. One of the strongest huntresses in all of Vale, arguably in all of remnant. Her semblance made her a fearsome opponent even for Cinder normally, but in her current state she could barely muster any flames. Her magic had been run dry. The projectiles flew closer to the bullhead and Cinder wondered if this was the end of the line.

Even if she didn't die from the projectiles alone, the bullhead would quickly go down and she'd be on her own in the wreckage as the huntress tracked her down. It was ironic that the projectiles were the debris she had created herself by blasting the roof of that building apart. Done in by her own doing.

It was more than just regretful. She refused to let it happen. Yet here she was powerless to stop it. She had no one to blame but herself for letting her anger take a hold of her and using all her power at the start.

Right as the projectiles were about to hit the bullhead, they stopped. It looked as if time itself had frozen but the bullhead proved that theory wrong by quickly getting out of the way. By the time the huntress was able to fire another volley, they were gone.

All Cinder knew was that she had been saved. Undoubtedly, a miracle had saved her life. The act of a god. As the bullhead flew away to further safety, she spared a final glance to the one who had spared her twice.

Naruto was hungry. Like, extremely hungry. It was nearing midnight and he still hadn't eaten a single meal. He had just wrapped up a strange situation and taken Blake's unconscious form with him after making sure the other girl was safe.

It took awhile to figure out how to make the huntsman stop fighting him without hurting him before he just gave up and quickly knocked him out. He had been considering using genjutsu, but he honestly didn't know any weak enough ones to not damage him permanently. So he did what he does best and let his fists figure it out.

He had actually watched a bit as the two girls showed off their capabilities against the criminals. When the bullhead arrived, he also made sure that the two were safe under Kurama's chakra cloak. He also kept in mind that there were a couple of thugs still present as well and had substituted them with parts of the street.

After that, he let the remaining criminals escape. He was too tired and hungry to capture them and deal with the aftermath so he just hoped they might reform sometime later down the road.

The huntress had helped in that regard, nearly killing everyone on that bullhead. He of course stopped the projectiles with his rinnegan at the last second. After all, there was nothing like a near death experience to change your perspective and turn you into a better person. He had a lot of experience in that regard — maybe a little too much.

"So Blake, what are some good places to eat around here?" He looked down at her unconscious form underneath his arm.

She only made a groan which sounded oddly like, "food..."

"Right. You can't really talk right now, well that's fine. I'll just ask this stranger for a place! Hey stranger!"

He called out to the closest person nearby, drawing her attention to him. She looked at him then Blake who he was still carrying and laughed. "Hey, aren't you stranger for carrying a young lady this late at night?" She looked down at the girl with a hint of concern, but she didn't think a bad guy would ask a bystander for help if he were trying to do something shady.

He laughed at her joke, "Don't worry, I was just wondering if there's any good places around here for some food. A noodle shop preferably."

"A noodle shop, huh? I know one, I can take you there if you'd like?" She asked nicely. She was bored, and this way she could make sure the girl was alright once she woke up. Plus the guy was cute, which never hurts although the girl in his arms was probably his girlfriend or something similar. And in the off chance he did try something? Well, she'd show him exactly who he was dealing with.

"That would be great! I'm Naruto, by the way." He extended his free hand which the girl took and shook. "And this here is Blake. She just went through a tough fight, but she should be on her feet pretty soon."

A fight?

"Nice to meet you, Naruto. I think I'll hold off on introductions with Blake until she's actually awake." She gave another natural and small laugh which Naruto returned.

This girl was extremely easy to talk to and joke around with. "What's your name, by the way?"

"Me? The name's Yang!" She pointed to herself confidently, her bright yellow hair flowing behind her in a wild way which suited her personality perfectly.

The shattered moon shone brightly in the night sky, illuminating the streets which they walked upon as they made their way to a local shop. And above the three, a raven silently kept guard, its watchful eye observing all that passed.

I added some lines to make sure that everyone is aware that Yang doesn't just blindly trust Naruto here. He's obviously pretty shady but in Yang's eyes he wouldn't have approached her if he was a bad guy. Plus she's gonna make sure Blake is safe so don't worry.

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