Opening my eyes was overwhelming. The rush of information colors, shapes, all of it so clear it was as if I was looking upon a fresh piece of artwork painted by an old master. I don't know how long I lay there taking it all in, it could have been minutes or hours but I didn't care. How could I as I took in the beauty of the world around me from the shapes of the leaves to the dust floating through the air.

Eventually I (or rather a secondary part of my brain) became aware of other things, the faintest touch of a breeze tickling my skin, rough fabric against the back of my legs, the grass rubbing against my back and tickling the soles of my feet. But none of those compared to the feeling in my throat. My throat was on fire, burning in need for something, what I didn't know but I was desperate to end the hellish pain.

The second I thought of sitting up I was, black hair with red highlights falling in front of my eyes as I did so. For a second I paused, taking a strand with a delicate, pale hand I considered it. The black and red weren't separated as I'd first thought, rather they intertwined, weaving a natural tapestry of midnight black and crimson red strands. As soon as I finished my observations though the pain in my throat was back tearing through me taking over my thoughts.

It was at that moment a soft gasp reached me. Nothing more than a quick exhale in less than a second I was turned around, launching myself at the sound. For a moment I took in the woman, the heavy pack across her shoulders clad in a plaid shirt with rolled up sleeves. Her worn jeans and hiking boots were dirtied by mud and dirt but her brown curly locks highlighted the turquoise eyes that were locked onto my own. I took all this information in within a sixty-fourth of a second but then the scent of something sweet reached me and the thirst which had been overwhelming exploded with hurricane force. Every cell screamed with desire, with furious need and my thoughts could focus on nothing else so overcome was I with the need to quench this thirst.

I was on her less than two seconds after she'd first exhaled and relying on nothing other than instinct I sank my teeth into her throat. It was effortless, the muscles and sinews offering no resistance to the razors that lined my mouth. Blood, hot and wet rushed down my throat and I eagerly gulped it down drinking more and more as it seemed to sate the fire within me.

The woman's fingers grabbed the back of my hair tugging in an effort to pull me off and when that failed she clawed at my neck and face though she couldn't seem to find a purchase. I absently noted a fingernail snap in the back of my mind but I ignored it focusing on the liquid gold rushing into my mouth. I could feel it flowing through my body, a strange heat warming every part from the tips of my ears to my toes. The woman's struggles slowed and eventually stopped but I kept drinking trying to suck every last drop from her body even as I audibly heard her rapid heartbeat stumble and thud to a stop.

She was finished before I was and I shoved her away in disgust. The thirst though sated was still there gnawing at the back or my mind and I noted that it seemed to grow microscopically every second. If my fevered need for blood where I was consumed by my need for it had been a hundred on a point scale than right now I was at around a thirty or thirty-five. There and noticeable if I thought about it but not something that would consume me in the immediate future.

As I took in the crumpled body it was curiosity rather than disgust that overwhelmed me and I began to search her pockets and backpack. The first thing that caught my attention was a mirror in what was likely a makeup kit. Flipping it open I took in my appearance for the first time since I'd opened my eyes.

I wasn't tall if the woman I'd drank from had stood at 5'8" I could be no more than two inches taller than her. I appeared to be in my late teens, somewhere between sixteen and eighteen though my face was clear of any imperfections and very well could have been carved by Michelangelo himself such was its unearthly beauty. As I'd previously noted my hair was a natural mix of midnight black and crimson red though only now could I see that it hung to the bottom of my neck. Baring my teeth in the small handheld mirror I saw that despite my recent 'meal' my teeth were as white as the clouds that covered the sun above me, if not whiter. I had pale skin and faint circles around my eyes though as I watched they faded until they were barely visible.

I was bare chested with a clearly defined six pack and muscles though they looked more like those of a swimmer, lean and flexible more than rugged and burly. If there was any fat I couldn't see it nor could I see any hair and despite how unnatural it made me look it only emphasized my beauty all the more. Even the blood that was drying on my chest did nothing to detract from my looks and I knew that if I dressed in trash bags I could very well start a new fashion trend. I could see no wounds, no scars, nothing to indicate who or what I was.

I was clothed only in a pair of black jeans that stopped just above the 'balls' of my ankles, worn white around the knees with a few small holes though the holes and wearing looked to be for fashion rather than from use. I snuck a peak and underneath my jeans was a pair of black athletic boxers though they seemed to be targeted towards athletes with their light, breathable material though any name or brand had been removed.

As strange as all of these features were though none compared to my eyes. A bright crimson that looked like the eyes you would see on a demon and seemed to glow eerily. As human as I looked despite my inhuman perfection the eyes clearly told that I was something, unnatural. Something clearly not of this world. For a brief fraction of a second I pondered whether I truly could be a demon that crawled out of hell before I tossed the idea away. Despite my eyes, supernatural abilities, and seemingly endless craving for blood I didn't carry any other demonic traits. My teeth might have the sharpness of razors and my fingernails claws but they seemed to be more for a predatorial benefit than anything else, assisting me in hunting prey just as I suspected my beauty did too.

Closing the mirror I tucked it into a rear pocket of my jeans with my right hand. Then unclipping a water bottle from a loop on the woman's backpack I poured some on my face and chest so I could wash off the blood scrubbing away as it flowed down my porcelain skin. The coolness of the water made the secondary part of the brain take in the fact that not only could I feel the water but I could feel it. The temperature difference between the air and the water, where the liquid was flowing, even the parts of my jeans where it was soaking in making it stick to my legs, I could feel it all.

As soon as I washed the blood off I tossed the water bottle over my shoulder carelessly, hearing it whistle in the wind as I turned back to her pack. I ignored packaged snacks and meals in favor of a rose and black flannel plaid shirt not unlike the one the woman was wearing which I quickly buttoned on. Putting aside a map of North America I finally found what I was looking for, a wallet. Opening it I found several notes, and coins but what really caught my attention was a Canadian drivers license for Dawson city in the Yukon territory. Pulling out the map I quickly found the city in question and found a spot circled about thirteen miles southwest of the city. Seeming to simply be a spot in the woods it was about three miles away from the Yukon River.

Now with a rough idea of where I was I looked at the name on the license, Nyx Rose. Turning towards the body of the lady in question I spoke for the first time, my voice surprising me with how perfect it was matching my body flawlessly. "Nyx Rose." Two words that meant nothing to me but might have meant something to others. For five seconds my brain considered the consequences of her death, how it might affect me, but despite my barest attempts to feel something the only thing I felt was that it was a necessary death. I didn't want to have my thirst overtake me in a city. Something told me that there would be consequences if I went on a rampage in front of others or brought attention to myself.

I put the license back in the wallet before I tucked it into my right pocket, the map went into the left after I gave it one last cursory glance. Turning back to the body I threw it over my right shoulder with ease and despite a dull burn in my throat at the barest traces of blood that had dried on Nyx's neck I was able to push it aside and focused on my task. If I couldn't draw attention to myself I would need to get rid of the body but make it so it could still be found. Picking up her backpack I threw it over my left shoulder before I took off running west.

In under two minutes I was standing on the edge of a cliff overlooking a raging river. Thankfully the stretch I was on was barren of any boats, hikers, or any sign of civilization. Laying Nyx on the ground I strapped her backpack to her back as I zipped up all the pockets. Next I pulled her wallet from my pocket and despite taking some notes and coins which I stuck back in I made sure to leave a few before I put it in her pocket. The last thing I did was strip her feet putting on her socks and hiking boots which once tied although tight I would be able to use for a while.

As I looked into the woman's empty eyes I couldn't help but feel that she was staring at me in wonder even in death just as when I'd launched myself at her I had seen the brief look of awe although it'd quickly been replaced by terror. Reaching down I tucked a strand of her brown locks behind her ear (noting the silky feel as I did so) before I once again spoke in my baritone voice, "I'm sorry," then I shoved her into the river.

I watched her body as it fell the dozen feet to the waters surface before it disappeared with a splash, audible to me despite the rapids roar. Her body surfaced for a brief second before the weight of her backpack pulled her back under. Even then I could still see her body under the rapids as it was pulled steadily downstream. Pulling out the map I looked over everything that surrounded me before folding it I tucked it back in my left pocket. After stepping back a dozen feet I took off sprinting before with a mighty leap I jumped over the river. As the wind hit me I left out an elated laugh before gravity dragged me back down into the mighty river.

In Forks, Washington Alice sat up with a start letting out a gasp of shock. Instantly Jasper was by her side, she could feel his worry this was the first time a vision had gone on so long. She shook her head and after he gave her a look of concern he left although not before one last look at her as he did so. She waited for him to leave, Jasper, Esme, and Rosalie were going hunting and despite Jasper having likely sensed her feelings he'd long ago learned not to ask her about them. Edward too after spending so much time in her head knew why she didn't share what she saw half the time. Alice was only glad that he was currently over watching Bella as she slept.

Even though Alice KNEW that Bella was going to be her best friend one day in the future (if she wasn't already) she couldn't help but wonder how Edward was able to stand being so close to her for hours on end while she slept, or stand the boredom of her unconscious state. It wasn't like Bella could stay up all night talking to him or something, YET.

So it was that once she heard Jasper and the other head out she took off at an angle. She didn't need anyone to know what she was doing, it would be hard enough to avoid thinking about it around Edward but if anyone heard who she was talking to in the next few minutes she would certainly be questioned. Dialing the number she thumped her foot impatiently, a blur to anyone that saw. It was only when she heard the click of someone picking up that she stopped. "Hey Tanya, I had a vision." Her light voice she knew would only add to her pixie image rang out. "I need you to do something for me."

The voice of the Denali Coven leader answered her, even over the phone her light voice carried the barest hints of the accent she'd never lost from her homeland. It was too easy for Alice to imagine the strawberry blonde hair and yellow eyes though too soon Alice knew they'd go back to the bright crimson they'd once been although Alice had never seen them in real life. The only time she'd seen them had been in her vision just now and although Alice knew that the future she'd seen was coming she couldn't help but wish that she wouldn't be the cause for her friends' change. She wouldn't be the direct cause, yes, but the knowledge that she was the chess master orchestrating the pieces did nothing to lessen her guilt.

"I'm listening."

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