There was a tale that goes back to the beginning. A tale, that is said by some to have never end.

It all started with one woman. A woman who was said to be from the skies. Kaguya Ōtsutsuki.

An angel turned to demon. A being fallen out of grace. The Rabbit Goddess. The progenitor of Chakra.

It was said that she had come to Earth to destroy it. Others say she came to save it. Whatever her reason was, her influence to the human beings that came to contact her would forever change the world.

As the progenitor of Chakra, she gave humanity power. As the rabbit goddess, she gave them unity. As Kaguya Ōtsutsuki, she gave them fear.

She was truly a giver. One who gives and does not take. Or that would her loyal followers would say.

Indeed, she was truly a fearful being. A woman who held the power to destroy the earth with just a snap of her fingertips. One who could manipulate the elements and destroy your mind. Her power was unlike anyone had ever seen.

However, she had fallen in love with Earth, choosing instead to 'protect' it by making everyone under her own rule. She gave birth to two children, then chose to give them her power.

This would soon turn into a mistake.

Her own two children, Hagoromo, and Hamura, used this given power to trap Kaguya, sealing her and forcing her body to orbit the sky, which we now call the moon.

Her children, now freed from their mother's grasp, now chose to protect humanity. Hamura chose to protect his mother's body and flew to the moon. Hagoromo chose to spread her mother's power to something called Ninshu.

This is how the tale is supposed to end. A legend spread across the continent. Yet as some people try to learn this tale, there's always one question that always pops up.

"Where did the Rabbit Goddess come from?"

As a child, Naruto had always felt pain. From his everyday life, he was scorned at, ignored, outright abused. It was a fact, that out of all the people in Konoha, he had the most reason to burn it down to the ground.

That's why he chose to protect it.

Even though he was bullied, abuse, and scorned, he chose to use that pain as his motivation to be better. He learned to trust people, to work with other people.

To love.

It was a simple fact that he would do anything to protect Konoha, his only home. The home where his loved one chose to stay.

"Have you evacuated the villagers?"

"Yes, Hokage-sama. The remaining shinobis and the Jounin senseis are trying to push back the enemy but Kakashi-sama has ordered them to retreat back to the hokage tower. Charlie Squadron and Sasuke-sama has reported back the enemy's forward position but they have gained heavy casualties."

Naruto looked at the map with a frown.

"What about Sakura? How's the medic corp?"

"She ordered a third to evacuate with the villagers. The rest, with Sakura-san have been overrun and also retreated back to the Hokage tower."

"So, we're basically surrounded?"


Naruto clicked his tongue as the building shook from the battle outside. The hokage tower was in a flurry, with people running in and out to get their orders from their respective commands.

"It's a mess, hokage-sama! The invasion protocol that was planned back when Suna invaded has grown invalid… And with Shikamaru-sama in Suna, all the captains have been going in blind. What do we do-" Suddenly the door abruptly opened loudly with a CRASH!


"Hinata, what are you still doing here?! Haven't I ordered the villagers to evacuate?!" Naruto said in exasperation as he looked at Hinata, her hair wild, and her chest going in and out, obviously out of breath.

"I know what's on your mind, and I'm not allowing it. I'm not!"

"Hinata, what are you-" Naruto tried to say but he was cut out.

"Don't be selfish! Don't you know what would happen if Himawari and Boruto goes on without a father?! Don't you know what would happen if you die and leave the others?!" Hinata shouted as she looked at Naruto.

"Don't you know, Naruto…what would happen to me, if you died?" Hinata choked up as tears fell from her eyes.


"So please, just…Don't mind the village. Just leave with us. Please. Naruto. We can rebuild the village, but we can't have another you. So please!" Hinata plead like there was no tomorrow, her tears going down like a constant stream. Naruto bit his lip as he looked at Hinata.

"Hinata, I can't, you know I can't."


"I have to stay here. If theres a chance to defeat them here while they still don't have a foothold on the continent, then I have to take it. This is much bigger than Kaguya, or anything else we've ever faced. So please, Hinata...I have to do this."

"No you don't! You don't u-understand! Y-you d-don't understand."

"Hinata." Naruto put his hand on her cheek. "Tell Himawari and Boruto, I love them. Tell the others that I love them…and that I… Naruto Uzumaki, loves you."


"You!" Naruto pointed at the jounin that was standing outside the door "Lead her back to the evacuation group!"

"Understood, Hokage-sama."

The jounin saluted as he took Hinata's arm and led her outside the room, closing the doors. Naruto looked back at the map.

"What's our options?" Naruto asked the ANBU beside him.

"Hokage-sama, with all due respects, I feel like we should establish a government-in-exile. All hopes are lost. Sai-sama, and the others have fallen. With Sasuke-sama, Kakashi-sama, and Sakura-san, we could establish a base in Suna or any of our allies hidden villages."

"I see…Is there another option?"

"I see no other. My advice might be lesser in terms of quality compared to your advisor, Hokage-sama, but I truly believe no other opt-"

"Hokage-sama!" The door opened, revealing a bruised and beaten Chuunin.


"The e-enemies. W-We're surrounded!"

"Naruto." Naruto heard a voice only to spot one of his closest friends and comrade.

"Sasuke, what's happening out there?!"

"We've walled off all directions and the troops are holding on, but we're clearly surrounded. Kakashi and Sakura are coming at the moment, but-"

"-We're not going out without a fight, or going out at all for that matter." He heard the familiar lazy tone of his sensei, Kakashi, interject.

"So, it's that bad, huh?"

"Clearly. Our supplies have been exhausted, and Sakura is busy with the wounded outside. We can't survive another battle. They've cut us off." Kakashi said bluntly, his voice calm but obviously exhausted. "We also haven't heard from the messenger hawks we've sent to our allies. We're obviously alone."

Naruto looked grim as he looked down the battle map. He tightened the hold on his fist as he gritted his teeth.

"Then…the only way out is to fight, yes?" Naruto said slowly as he took a deep breath.


"…Lead the troops out of the village and to the evacuees. Kakashi, Sasuke. You'll stay with me and Sakura."

"Understood." Sasuke and Kakashi reply but the ANBU looks in surprise.

"Hokage-sama, I implore you to reconsider!"

"Seeing as we're the strongest here in Konoha, we'll distract them long enough so that you can escape to Suna. We have no other choice."

"…Understood. Good luck, and may Kami guide you, Hokage-sama." The ANBU says as he brought out his right arm to a one-handed ram sign before disappearing in a flurry of leaves.

"Naruto, I've heard the others saying it, but is it true?"

"Yeah, it is. How's the situation, Sakura-chan?"

Sakura bit her lip. "It's looking rather grim. From all the wounded, only a third can walk. The rest are fatally wounded, or chakra exhausted." She said as she sighed "At this rate, we have to leave some behind, which I would rather not have to do."

"Agreed. I'll make clones and have them carry the wounded out of the village, then…" Naruto said before he stopped.

"What's wrong?" Sakura asked, noticing the blonde stop.

"Sakura…I know I haven't asked you, but is it really okay for you to stay here? If you don't want to then you can join-"

Sakura raised her hand. "Don't bother finishing the sentence. Listen, Naruto. We've been teammates ever since our genin days. Even until you became our hokage, Sasuke-kun and me will always be your teammates. Plus, who's going to heal the two of you when you go all out like usual, huh?" Sakura said as she rolled her eyes before smiling.

"Gee…That's making me blush a little, Sakura-chan." Naruto said, a little red on the face.

"Don't mention it, especially to Sasuke-kun. You know how jealous he can be." Sakura teased before she stopped.

There was a faint cry in the distance before the ground started shaking. Naruto, eyes wide open started barking orders.

"All of you, hurry and evacuate! Where is Sasuke and Kakashi?!" He said as his clones poofed into existence, doing what they needed to do.

"Right here, Naruto!" Kakashi and Sasuke said as they rushed to Naruto.

Suddenly, all around them, smoke started covering the area, coming out of nowhere. Then the smoke cleared, making the other look in horror.

They were surrounded, as the enemy looked at them with a bloodthirsty grin, their weapons still shining with blood. They were everywhere, from the ground, on the rooftops, there was no obvious way to escape.

Kakashi brandished a kunai, silently evoking his purple lightning to cover the blade. "I guess this is the end, huh, guys?"

"Tch, I count up to at least 100." Sasuke reported as he unhooked his cloak, revealing his blade. His eyes lit up, its power now easily seen.

"They're clearly powerful. I can feel their chakra even just from here."

From all of their enemy, their stood a tall figure with a giant sword, his eyes lit up with the dangerous Rinnengan.

"hUmAnS! sUrRenDer nOw, aNd yOuR life sHalL eNd qUiCklY!" The leader said, his words barely negligible but filled with obvious bloodlust.

"...No. I don't think we will" Naruto said before his mouth turned into a grin "Kakashi-sensei, Sasuke, Sakura! This is our last act as Team Seven! Protect the citizens of Konoha from the enemy!"

"Our last final mission, huh? You're a freak for the theatrics, huh Naruto?" Sasuke sarcastically replied with a smile on his lips. "Fine. Our last final mission, with the real Team Seven."

Sakura sighed "You boys are so into fighting that you're getting me into the mood. It's been so long, but just for one final fight!" She did a quick sign as the diamond on her forehead, the seal for her 'Strength of a Hundred' dimly lit up before black markings started covering her body.

"Maa, my students really have grown well, haven't they? Welp, I guess as your sensei, I have to protect you." Kakashi said as he chuckled.

Naruto grinned as his body lit up in a bright yellow, his trademark whiskers becoming darker and larger, and his Hokage cape, turning into nine-tails.

"You ready to fight, Kurama?" Naruto asked his faithful companion ever since he was as a child, the Kyuubi, the Nine-tailed fox, Kurama.

"Ha! I'm always ready. Let's hope you haven't turned rusty, huh Naruto?" Kurama, the nine-tailed fox said with a foxy grin.

"Ha, no chance! Look at how I kick these guys asses, Kurama!" Naruto said as he opened his eyes.

"Team Seven! GO!" The blonde shouted before they charged right at the enemy.

Naruto's eyes snapped open as sweat fell profusely from his forehead. He rose out of his bed with quick shallow breathes, as the moonlight lit up his room with a faint white light.

"W-What the-?!" He said to himself as he quickly looked around, his heart beating fast, almost thumping out of his chest. He touched his body, his hands instinctively touching at his stomach.

With the help of the moonlight that came out of his window, he quickly discerned his surroundings. There were old, stale ramen cups that littered on a small wooden table, with scraps of paper, clothing, and other stuff filling the room. There was a small, old fridge that stood at the corner.

"I-I'm in my r-room?" Naruto said with a tinge of doubt, surprise, and disbelief on his lips. He took a nearby kunai that laid on the side of his bed and looked at himself.

What greeted him was not the rugged, adult look that he had somehow expected but a thin, young boy with cerulean eyes, and blonde hair. On his cheeks, the three familiar whiskers that laid on each side of his face were laid bare.

He took a couple of deep breaths as he put down the kunai back on his bedside.

"J-Just a nightmare, j-just a nightmare, Naruto. Don't be scared." He said to comfort himself. He let out a slow exhale as the nightmare he had experienced slowly faded from his head. He wiped his sweat off his forehead before he slowly laid back to his bed, before, a couple of minutes later, he fell asleep under the moonlight.