Chapter 1: Return

As the sun started rising from the east, and the populace of Konoha was stirring from their sleep, there lived one boy. A blonde young boy with cerulean eyes, whose energy was through the roof, and his grin not threatening to falter.

"Man, oh man! It's the day, it's the day, it's day!" He joyously repeated as he took off his familiar bright orange jacket from the rack.

"I'm finally gonna be a ninja, finally-ttebayo! Hell yeah!"

It was just after the day of the Genin team assignment for the newly graduated students of the academy. Uzumaki Naruto, the boy who was considered the pariah of Konoha had finally graduated after almost a decade.

For Naruto, this was a big joyous occasion. After so long of being stuck as a student, he was now going to become a ninja, just like he wanted for so long. Though a lot of people had tried to stop him, he had proved again and again that he had what it takes to become a shinobi.

After being assigned to his new team, he quickly went to bed so that he wouldn't be late to meet his new sensei. He was so excited that he barely got a wink of sleep last night as a result.

As he put on his jacket, he quickly took a bite of his breakfast — a cup of ramen that he had gotten yesterday, and a cup of water — as he took note of his equipment.

"Jacket, check. Water-" He said as he quickly gulped down his glass of water "-check. Kunai, check! I'm ready!"

He took a bite of his noodles as he looked at the clock. "Shi- I'm almost late! Gotta go!" He said as he quickly slurped down his noodles and ran out of his room.

"What do you think, Kakashi?"

Kakashi looked at the hokage, the old man donning the iconic hokage robe once known as the God of Shinobi, Sarutobi Hiruzen.

"They're…interesting." Kakashi said with a pause. "Though, I assume I was assigned to the team because I have the Sharingan, no?"

"More or less." Sarutobi shrugged.

"Maa, even if the Uchiha was a special case he'll still have to pass the bell test. If they fail, then-" he shrugs "-they fail."

"If the council wants to assign me the Uchiha, then they better hope his teammates pick up the slack. It doesn't mean that I have the sharingan, doesn't mean I'll change my test to satisfy their demands." Kakashi said frankly with a bit of a drawl.

"I admit, that was the case, assigning you to the Uchiha boy. For me, however, there is another reason."

Kakashi raised a brow as he continued to listen to Sarutobi.

"It's a very sentimental action, but I think… it is for the best, don't you?"

"Oh. Do you mean…him?" Kakashi asked, with Hiruzen nodding in confirmation.

"I do hope that you guide the boy. You're forced to do your duties as the council told you to do, but as the boy's supposed guardian…"

"Understood, Hokage-sama" Kakashi nodded as he eyed the boy, Uzumaki Naruto, running through the streets.

"Geez, you're late!" Naruto and Sakura shouted at the silver-haired jounin. He looked at them with an eye smile, and a subtle crease on his mask as he rubbed his head apologetically.

"Thereee…was… a… black cat down the street so I had to go the other way and retrace my steps."

"Such an obvious liar!" Naruto and Sakura retorted, annoyed at the silver-haired jounin. Sasuke watched the scene with a frown on his face. Kakashi shrugged as he carefully eyed his new students.

They're a real interesting bunch, huh?

He thought to himself, eyeing up the three as he put his hand into his pouch.

"What's that sensei?" Sakura, the pink-haired girl asked Kakashi

"Since, we're all here, I think we should do the test, hmm?"

"What test?" He heard the Uchiha ask him.

Kakashi let out a bored sigh as he explained the test "Simple. To pass, you need to get a bell-" He brought three tiny bells in his left hand "from me."

"That's it? This is going to be simple." The Uchiha arrogantly said with a glean on his eyes.

"Oh? The famed Uchiha arrogantly saying that my test, which has failed almost all of my student candidates, is simple?"

"It is. I just get a bell, and I pass, right? Simple."

"Hmm. Why don't you try then?" Kakashi taunted, as he looked at Sasuke with a hidden grin.

Sasuke frowned as he looked at Kakashi, his mouth twisting to a snarl.

"Or will Uchiha Sasuke fail for the first ti-"

Kakashi didn't have any time to finish his sentence as Sasuke finally charged towards him, his kunai pointed at him.

Aimed to kill. Impressive. Kakashi analyzed Sasuke as he leaped towards Kakashi for an attack. Kakashi simply stepped to the right making Sasuke fly right off his target, landing on the grass behind Kakashi.

Sasuke brushed off his initial attack as he quickly got back on his feet, and he quickly started doing hand signs.

Horse, serpent, ram, monkey, boar, serpent, tiger!

"Katon: Gōkakyū no Jutsu! (Fire Release: Great Fireball Technique!)"

Sasuke announced as fire flowed out of his lips into a great fireball. Kakashi looked in surprise as he quickly dodged the flames by doing a substitute jutsu, turning the log that was in his place into ash.

"That was impressive. It seems that training that jutsu has finally shown its gifts, huh Sasuke?"

Kakashi said as he revealed himself to a surprised Sasuke.

"What the-?! How did you do that?!"

"It's not important." Kakashi said quickly brushing off Sasuke's question "To the two of you. You see how Sasuke has failed to get a bell. However, I'll still give you three a chance." Kakashi announced as he attached the three bells to his waist

"I'll be counting starting from 10. It's up to you guys, but whoever gets a bell passes the test. Ready?"

Naruto and Sakura nodded enthusiastically.

"Then. 10, 9, 8, 7…" Kakashi started counting, as he took out an orange book from one of his pockets. "6, 5…"

"My head's pounding really bad…" Naruto muttered as he quickly hid in the bushes. After seeing the first attack that Sasuke had failed to do, he quickly changed all of his plans, realizing that abruptly attacking the silver-haired jounin would turn bad for him.

"I didn't know that they were that strong." Naruto said as he thought back to the times where he was being chased for his multiple pranks across Konoha. At first, he thought that they were weak, unable to even capture him, a mere child. Yet, as he looked at his new sensei, he realized that maybe they were just holding back.

"Ehh, I'm not convinced, though."

"1!" He heard the jounin shout, signifying that the test had officially started. He carefully peaked through the leaves wanting to look at the silver-haired ninja. However, he felt a chill on his spine as he realized that he noticed Naruto looking at him.

"Usuratonkachi." He hears a slight whisper behind Naruto.

Naruto yelps before quickly covering his mouth. He turns around to see the Uchiha, his black hair and blue clothes easily recognizable through the dark insides of the shrub.

"What the-What did you just call me?!" He silently tells Sasuke "Why the hell are you here?"

"Don't you ever shut up?" Sasuke replied with a snarl

"I will after I shut you up!"

"That doesn't even make sense."

"It doesn't need to make sense!"

"Shut up!" Sasuke said as he pointed to Kakashi "You realized that he's strong right?"

"Eh, I can deal with him. You're just laughably weak, Sasuke!"

"Shush! We know that we can't deal with him so…"

Naruto looked at Sasuke with a raised brow "What?"

"We…need to team up. Help me take him down."

Naruto looked at Sasuke like a fish, his eyes wide open and his mouth turned into an O shape. Sasuke looked away with a tinge of red on his cheeks "Will you help me or not?!"

"U-Uhh, wha-wha- Uhhh" Naruto mindlessly said surprised at the sudden change "Uh- Sure?"

"Alright. Help me look for Sakura."

"Uhh Sasuke, are you alright in the head?" Naruto asked the Uchiha.

"I'm fine, now shut up!"

Kakashi looked at the clock that he had put at the nearby stump.

It had been almost an hour since the test had started. With that time, Kakashi had re-read his Icha-Icha paradise for about twice now. However, he also expected that he would have been attacked by Sasuke or Naruto.

"What's gotten into them? What are they planning?" Kakashi silently muttered as he carefully watched his surroundings.

However, nothing popped up. Not even a sign of life from the bushes, or the trees, nor anywhere in fact. It had like they disappeared.

The sun was threatening to set, and the test was almost over, he let out a sigh as he closed his orange book.

"Another team failed. I guess it wasn't meant to-" Kakashi declared before he heard a rustle in the nearby forest. Then it turned into chaos.

"Katon: Gōkakyū no Jutsu!"

Kakashi quickly substituted with a log, as he heard Sasuke' Jutsu in effect, the flames turning the log into ash. He revealed himself to taunt the Uchiha but that soon turned into a mistake as he found himself quickly surrounded with Narutos. More specifically, his shadow clones

"Is this…?" Kakashi asked himself as he looked over the clones. The clones charged, their war cries filling the air. Kakashi quickly dodged, jumping to the sky and throwing multiple shurikens to pop the clones.

That wasn't enough however as more clones kept on coming and coming.

"How much chakra does this child have?" Kakashi said with amazement as he popped off his kunai holster and took his kunai. He carefully applied a bit of chakra to make the kunai blunt as he started popping the clones.

However, as he kept popping the clones, he heard Sasuke run towards him, and he quickly made the decision to gain ground by jumping away from his initial destination.

"That was a nice plan…But that won't work on me." Kakashi said as he eyed the two boys, with Naruto releasing his Shadow clones.

"We know." Sasuke simply said. Kakashi looked at them, confused before he finally realized.

Where's the pink-haired girl?

He heard a rustle from the forest as he quickly brandished his Kunai to protect himself from any attacks.

She doesn't have any prowess with Taijutsu nor is she good with the blade-

However, that analyzation would soon turn into a mistake, as she quickly jumped in the air with her fist glowing faintly with chakra.

What the-!

"Shannaro!" Sakura shouted as her fist made contact with Kakashi, who wasn't able to react quickly due to his surprise. He flew to the air, before landing in the river, dazed, confused, and defeated.

"I…I did it! Sasuke-kun, I did it!" Sakura cheered "I defeated Kakashi-sensei!"

"Hn." Sasuke simply replied as he noticed Kakashi coming closer

"H-How did you do that, Sakura?" Kakashi asked in complete surprise.

"U-Uhh, Sasuke told me how to do it, sensei." Sakura replied hesistantly.

"And how did y-you know how to do that, Sasuke?"

"Naruto suggested it." Sasuke said as he pointed at the grinning blonde.

"What do you mean?"



Sakura looked at Naruto with disdain as she saw him. That would change, however, as she noticed Sasuke walking beside Naruto.

"Sasuke-kun!" Sakura shouted as she proceeded to charge to hug Sasuke, which failed as Sasuke stopped her with his hand on her forehead.

Naruto looked at the scene dejectedly but shook his head as he remembered what they came here for "Sakura-chan, wanna join and team up with us?"

"If it's with Sasuke-kun, then I'll happily join!" Sakura joyfully said as she looked at Sasuke "But why are we teaming up? I thought that Sensei said that whoever gets a bell passes the test."

"Yeah, but he didn't say that we couldn't team up!"

Sakura looked at the response with doubt, but soon shook her head as she concentrated at Sasuke with a lovingly gaze "So what are we going to do, Sasuke-kun?"

"Well, we're gonna beat his ass, that's what we're gonna do!"

"I didn't ask you Naruto!" Sakura snarled

"No, the Usuratonkatchi is right." Sasuke said with Naruto growling at the comment "When I fought him back then, I realized that I couldn't…fight him… alone."

"But that's impossible! You're so strong and handsome! I know you can defeat Kakashi-sensei and pass the test!"

"Hn." Sasuke said brushing off Sakura's reply "Anyways, here's the plan."

Sasuke said as he started explain to them his plan.

It was a simple divertion and attack tactic. Sakura and Naruto would attack Kakashi, with Naruto distracting him with his shadow clones. Sakura would be responsible for making Kakashi confused with Genjutsu while Sasuke would be hiding in the bushes and attack Kakashi, stealing the bells.

"That's a smart plan, Sasuke-kun!" Sakura replied. However, Naruto looked doubtful, putting his hand on his chin. Sasuke quickly noticed and looked at Naruto with a frown.

"You have a better plan, Usuratonkatchi?"

"I think Sakura-chan…" Naruto started slowly "..would be better at attacking Kakashi-sensei."

"W-What? B-But I'm not great with blades, and I'm slow! Sasuke-kun is way better than me by a wide margin! What the hell are you saying Naruto?!" Sakura quickly retorted, giving short glances to Sasuke to look at his reaction.

"I-I don't know, but I have this feeling…" Naruto said as he looked at Sakura "Sakura-chan, can you…charge your chakra to your fist?"

"What are you thinking?" Sasuke asked Naruto

Naruto looked at Sakura with a careful expression "If you…charge your chakra through your fist, then it means that the attack would be stronger, right?"

"I-I…" Sakura tried saying before noticing Sasuke's curious look.

"What a weird idea…It is said that chakra can make weapons powerful. By that logic then, if we pour chakra to your fist…then, I think…"

"Sakura-chan, can you do it?"

Sakura looked at the two of them with doubt but she nodded "I-I'll try."

"After that, Sakura-chan's fist turned into this faint color of green, and she said that it felt natural to her! After that-" Naruto recounted the story to Kakashi with excitement.

"Stop. I get it, I get it." Kakashi said as he stopped Naruto. He quickly looked at Sakura as he recounted what had happen with a frown.

She's like Tsunade…and Rin.

He thought to himself, as he looked at them.

They're like…Team Seven, huh?

Kakashi let out a small sigh, before he looked at the three at them "I'm glad you realized the lesson behind this test. Especially you Sasuke. You let go of your pride for the sake of the team." Kakashi said as he nodded in appreciation. Sasuke looked away with a light red tinge on his ears.

"However!" Kakashi dramatically announced "Since you really didn't get any of the bells-" Kakashi said as he held the three bells in his hands. Naruto and Sakura looked wide eyed as Sasuke snarled "You…passed!"

"The entire point of the test was to see if you had what it takes to be a true team. A team requires team work, and looking at what you guys did today…It makes me proud to say that you have truly passed that requirement. Congrat-"

"Yatta!" Naruto celebrated with a fist pump "I'm finally a genin, I'm finally a genin, I'm finally a genin!"

"Shut up, Usuratonkachi. If it wasn't for me, you would've failed."

"Shut up, Sasuke! If it wasn't for my shadow clones-"

"Hey! Don't do that to Sasuke-kun!"

"Owwie…Why are you so mean, Sakura-chan?"

Kakashi looked at the scene with a small smile as he let out a deep sigh.

"Obito…I hope you're happy." Kakashi muttered before he winced.

"Now…to do something about this head ache."

In a dark, musty, place, with the only sounds being the echo of drops of water. A figure, large enough to fill the room, laid in the center.

"W-what…happened?" The figure stirred, as it woke up from a long nap "…Where am I?"

It looked around, confused "…Why am I here?"

"How has this happened? Why are we here?" It asked, as if it was expecting a response but no one did.

"Naruto? Kit? Are you there? Say something."

"…I see. Well…you'll come back, eventually. Probably sooner or later. After all, just as you annoyingly said so many times."

"We're partners. You'll be back." It said to itself as it went back to its nap.


Hello! 今一は!Welcome to the massive re-write of Team Seven: Life Returned. I can't stress enough on how it feels to be back writing fanfiction. It's a simple joy that you don't learn to appreciate until you've haven't written some for atleast a month.

Anyways! Why am I rewriting this story? Simple! It's because the first one sucked. Truly sucked. The first one was written right about when I was about…a child, learning the ropes of story building, fanfiction writing, and formatting. The stuff that you need when you're writing a story. It had lots of plot holes, lots of things that I wish I could've have written better, or stuff that had really bad grammar and format. I realized that a total rewrite of the story needed to be done right when the White-masked man declared war against Konoha. The progression of the story wasn't where I liked it to be, and due to how I had written it, I couldn't escape the fact that it was a horrible mess. So, I decided to finally rewrite this story.

There's a lot of things that I decided to change, lots of things that needed to change, really. First, I felt that I made Team Seven invincible. I realized that Naruto and the gang were just too powerful, which is true, however, it was illogical. Or it made no sense especially right after I realized that they were still children. Sooo, I decided that I had to fix that. Second, you will see that I changed up the events. Don't worry, the story will remain mostly (well when I say mostly, I meant mostly) the same, but with different progressions, different build ups, and all. I wanted to concentrate on the things that I see really needed to be seen. Their psychology, their emotions, the world that builds up when Team Seven finally starts to change things. It makes for a more engaging story, and of course that is good!

Anyways, this afterword has gone on long enough. You'll see what I'm talking about when I post the later chapters anyways so…ありがと皆!Thanks for reading TS:LR and I hope you guys have a wonderful day.

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