Bonnie Bennett-Salvatore. Daughter. Sister. Heiress. All-round good person. Target of a crazed stalker/killer. Kai Parker. Detective. Brother. Tries to be a good guy. In anger management. Not thrilled to be the babysitter/bodyguard of some probably spoiled rich girl no matter how pretty. Bonkai AU/AH.


"Bonnie?" April peeped into the office with a nervous expression. She gestured to her watch making Bonnie's eyes go wide with realization.

"Crap," She swore fishing out her phone from the mound of paperwork covering it. Sure enough, it was ringing with her brother's name flashing on the caller ID. There were already two missed calls which filled her stomach with dread. Probably not the best idea to keep her phone in vibrate but old habits die hard. Bonnie took a deep breath then answered in a falsely cheery and saccharine voice.

"Hey D. How's your day been?"

"You forgot I was going to call, didn't you?" Damon's deadpan voice came.

Bonnie pushed the scattered papers out of the way, "No, of course not. I've been waiting for your call all day."

"Hence why you missed it the first two times. Don't you have a secretary to help you with all those minor details? Since you're not any good at remembering them yourself." Not even a full minute in and he was already alluding her to being incompetent. Must be some kind of new record.

April looked apologetic but it wasn't the girls' fault. Bonnie knew had been pushing this for days and now and it caught up with her.

"April is my assistant and I'm a big girl capable of answering my phone without help, thank you very much," She defended giving the brunette an assuring smile.

"Great. You can put on your big girl panties then and have dinner with me instead of avoiding me like you've been doing all this," Damon's tone left no room for arguments.

"I haven't been avoiding you. You've been out of town for like a week!" Bonnie protested.

"And before I left, I asked you five times. Each time you came up with an excuse more unique than the last. Honestly, I'm more disappointed that you're not a better liar considering the family you're from," He sounded amused.

"Why do we need to go to dinner? Why don't you just tell me exactly what your news is?"

"Not fun that way. Tell April to pencil you in at 8pm sharp for the Roosevelt tomorrow night or else I'll come up and drag you away the minute I'm back in town." The line went dead. Damon Salvatore, ladies and gentlemen. Not even a single goodbye.

She sighed defeated, tossing her phone on the desk. April leaned by the door, "If it helps, at least he didn't yell?"

Bonnie smiled mirthlessly, "The bar for my brother is set that low huh?"

April shrugged, "I still remember that day he threw a shoe at the reporter."

A laugh bubbled from her chest, "Good one April. That one was a treat I'll admit." Damon wasn't exactly the picture of eloquence and rigidity but he did maintain an impenetrable fa├žade most times. Seeing him angrily throw his Tom Fords at a reporter who insinuated dishonourable dealings at the company was an unexpected but appreciated gesture.

"Why exactly don't you want to go to this dinner? I mean apart from Damon being his usual self." April placed a hand on her hip.

Bonnie sighed scrubbing her forehead with both hands, "I'm scared he's going to tell me he's cutting our funding."

April widened her eyes, "But he can't do that!"

No one told Damon Salvatore he couldn't do anything. In fact, that was the best way to get him to do anything, by refusing him. Part of that was privilege born from being the oldest son from one of the richest families in New York and part was his own iron will and stubbornness. It made him a formidable force in the business world pushing the family hotel chain, The Salvatore Group, further than it had ever been even under their father Giuseppe Salvatore. The man was partially retired now and lived down in the Hamptons despite still being a majority shareholder and chairman of the board.

"He's been implying that he wants to take the foundation in a different direction and I disagree. Ergo, he's going to cut our funding to punish me," Bonnie deduced.

"I mean that would be majorly unfair wouldn't it? I thought you guys had a sort of truce last year." Last year Bonnie and Damon got into a blowout fight. Not one of their usual arguments but a full-blown rage fest with several items thrown around, tears and screams and Stefan intervening. He thought her refusal to get a "real" job meant she was a drain the family resources. She thought he had a gigantic stick lodged up his ass. They made up eventually and Damon promised to stop belittling her art and work at the foundation. In turn, she would listen to his advice when it came to finances and distribution of funds. Ultimately, all the decisions were to her discretion. But it was a year later and he was already making noises about moving the foundation in a different direction and limiting the number of schools being given aid, moving the direction from Art Literature to more STEM related courses. Bonnie didn't mind that but Literature was her first love and the main reason she decided to head operations at the Abby Bennett-Salvatore Foundation.

"Yeah but Damon has a way of twisting pre-existing deals to his favour," Bonnie resigned herself to it. There would be no need to keep fighting it. The best thing to do would be to let Damon say his piece and then make her case. He couldn't cut her funding. She wouldn't allow it. She'd worked like mad to get to the place they were now having successfully helped nearly 300 kids with scholarships this year alone and funded programs in more than a dozen school districts. He couldn't take it away from her now.

Her forehead throbbed in discomfort. She massaged her temple with both forefingers. "Anything else on my schedule?"

"Pizza night with Katherine, Caroline Rebekah," April grinned.

"Why would that be on my official schedule?" Bonnie quirked an eyebrow.

"Because Katherine called and said 'If Bonnie misses tonight, I will pluck her eyebrows and feed them to Josh in accounting'." Katherine Petrova never missed a threat. It almost made Bonnie fall in love with her all over again. Also, there was no one called Josh in accounting.

"That reminds me, could you schedule a waxing for next week?"

"Sure." April noted it down. "Oh, and tomorrow you have a call with Niall Ofsted from Morning Grove Elementary. He's been calling all week and I haven't been able to put him off any longer."

Bonnie groaned, "Not that guy again. I've rejected him already. Why won't he take the hint?" She'd toured Morning Grove a few months ago and delegated a considerable amount for their art program. Now the head art teacher, Niall Ofsted, had been calling her office claiming the amount was insufficient. She had half the mind to request an audit. There was no doubt in her mind that the man overspent and was now trying to wheedle more out of her. She didn't need this on top of that damned dinner with Damon.

April shrugged, "Some guys can never take no for an answer." Words she knew first-hand.

Pizza night would be a welcome distraction from all of this stress.

"Who the hell gets mushrooms on their pizza?!" Katherine screeched in disgust, flipping open the box of one of the hot pies delivered.

Rebekah leaned over and snatched it away, "That would be mine. Stop bloody screaming will you." They had the same issue every pizza night. She was the only one who liked mushrooms and Katherine hated them so they would always get into this weird back and forth. Their own way of showing affection somehow. Katherine was dating her brother Elijah. They'd been together for two years but knew each other longer than that. Everyone in their circle did.

"Stop bloody screaming," Katherine imitated. "That's how you sound. Sucks doesn't it?"

Rebekah rolled her eyes, "Such charm. It's a wonder my brother hasn't put a ring on it."

"I'll have you know she's been hinting at it aggressively for a month now," Caroline licked sauce from her fingers and settled on the couch in between Bonnie and Katherine. That was her usual seat.

"If you can call sending him a Pinterest board with several rings titled: This is the one I want, hinting," Rebekah bit into her slice and leaned against Caroline. "If it makes you feel better, I think I once caught him going to Tiffany's last Tuesday."

"My engagement ring better not come from Tiffany's!" Katherine screeched again. "If he doesn't get his ass all the way to Switzerland to get it done with those tiny pink diamonds he might as well throw himself into the river."

Bonnie pinched her thigh. "I hope you realize there are neighbours here. Keep you damn voice down."

"Darling, you live on the top floor penthouse. No one's going to hear you scream," Katherine justified.

Caroline shuddered folding her legs together, "That sounded so ominous."

Katherine winked, "It was meant to."

Pizza night was a tradition which was going on for years. Ever since the girls gathered together for their first day of kindergarten at Summerdale Prep. The ties formed in Miss. Luther's classroom would bloom into an unbreakable bond that followed through elementary school, puberty, high school, multiple breakups, fights, parents divorcing, college, experimentation till the present day. Only few situations allowed for one to miss pizza night. A broken limb was a reluctantly accepted one. Bonnie missed the last one because she was so swamped with work from the Foundation. Katherine didn't let her live it down.

"So, Game of Thrones or Sherlock?" Rebekah scrolled through the options on the large flat screen.

"Wait, didn't you date that one GOT actor last year?" Caroline shifted to face her.

Rebekah nodded, "The guy who plays Theon. Super good-looking in real life. We didn't really date though. We met at Klaus' last exhibit and went out a few times."

"Did he have a, ya know, a dick?" Katherine snickered folding her legs on the coffee table.

Bonnie burst out in laughter while Rebekah looked unimpressed. "Real mature Kat. Yes, he did and it was very lovely."

Bonnie reached for a soda and opened it up taking a sip of the sweet sugary goodness. Growing up her mother didn't let her have sugary drinks at all so these were like heroin to her. It was when she went to her friends' houses that she was allowed to bum a few like an addict. As a result, she grew up with a sweet tooth that wouldn't let up. "What exhibit was that one again?"

"Uhm, the Fallen Kings thing. He had those giant feet which sold for like $50,000 and Kol wouldn't stop snickering about it."

Klaus, Rebekah's brother, was a successful artist. She never missed an exhibit of his but was sadly not present for that one since she was out in California at the time. They were close friends. She was the gentle artist in a family of business tycoons who studied at Sorbonne for a year and he was the least favourite son of his father who made his money by selling nude paintings. They could both relate to each other even if Bonnie's relationship with her dad was much better.

Not to mention he was her brother Stefan's on and off again boyfriend.

"Kol has zero room to talk. He flashed a whole stadium during his last concert. TMZ is still talking about it." Katherine dipped a breadstick into some sauce and bit into it. "Elena reminded me about it last night and wouldn't stop asking me if that's the family I want to marry into. I told her to fuck off."

"Fuck her." Rebekah agreed.

"Totally," Caroline added.

Bonnie remained silent even though she agreed wholeheartedly with the sentiment. Elena was Katherine's twin sister and was also once part of their friend group but drifted off sometime in their third year of college. That was when she attempted to date Stefan. He was off with Klaus at the time and seemed to genuinely like her despite being one of his little sister's best friends. Bonnie was wary at first but reluctantly gave her blessing towards the match.

Then she broke off with him to hook up with Damon who was visiting his little sister during Spring Break and who had a good ten years on them, which led to an entire mess and made her normally close brothers fight. Damon wasn't aware of the relationship with Stefan. Elena claimed to have wanted him all along.

In the end, she just wanted to play them both. It nearly worked for her since she was so used to playing the sweet studious girl to Katherine's wild child ways. Growing up she was the golden child so Katherine did what she knew best and rebelled hard. Parties, tattoos and a few scandalous pap pictures.

Their mother, Isobel Flemming, was a popular actress in the 90's who married Grayson Petrova, the owner of a record label. Their relationship was a match made in Hollywood heaven which then dissolved about three years later after a bitter divorce. Isobel remarried an Olympic tennis player and Grayson married Miranda Sommers, another actress who gave birth to their little brother Jeremy.

All in all, Bonnie was no fan of the other Petrova girl any longer. They met at events and could remain civil but that was the extent of it.

"Mother nearly killed him for that," Rebekah confessed reaching for another slice of pizza. "Father won't talk about it and Finn just keeps sighing all the damn time. Elijah and Nik are the only ones who cut him any slack. It was an accident. It could happen to anyone."

Kol Mikaelson was the youngest of them all. Discovered at eighteen, he was part of a punk rock band called Razor's Mouth who sang all the profanity laden filth no high society boy should ever find himself spewing. If Klaus was the black sheep, he was pure onyx. Their father Mikael was a British expat who founded a media empire that expanded over the pond. He was old money like Salvatore family but with some aristocratic ties and made sure everyone else knew it too. Cold and arrogant to boot. Elijah and Finn were the ones taking after the family business. Rebekah was still undecided but she had a head for business even if she didn't show it all the time. She just didn't want to become like her father. She was currently attending business school at Colombia.

It was during his last concert in Spain that his trousers accidentally got torn off by a loose wire suspending him in the air. He was thankfully wearing briefs but #Razor'sBriefs and #KolBooty trended for days. As suspected, Kol was not in fact ashamed of this.

"Eh, everyone's got a few underwear pics out there in the wild." Katherine threw a hand behind her head nonchalantly.

"That's just you Kat," Bonnie said dryly, making everyone laugh.

The rest of their night went on in a blur of TV shows, junk food and mindless chatter. She loved it. Some days when it felt like she was just drifting away, wasting the family fortune with the Foundation, Damon was being pig-headed and Stefan didn't seem understanding enough, her writing and art suffered, her friends were the bright spot to always bring her out of it.

Caroline stretched yawning a bit. "Can I sleep over Bon? Too tired to even think of taking an Uber home. Probably going to fall asleep inside and end up kidnapped."

"Again," Rebekah said underneath her breath.


Bonnie put some plates in the sink to be washed the next day. "Sure Care. Same room as always."

"Thanks." She scratched her arm going to the bedroom to fall into bed. The girl could sleep through anything.

Rebekah gave her a tight hug, "I'll call you tomorrow. Father is insisting we have an early breakfast and I am not looking forward to it. It's just going to be me, him, Elijah, Finn and Mother done out of her head with pills." Klaus never attended and Kol was in LA.

"So a regular breakfast then," Katherine snorted.

"Exactly." Esther Mikaelson had a well known pill...hobby. Bonnie once saw the woman take three Vicodin during a luncheon and remained absolutely lucid. It was fascinating.

She waved them off and was out the door. Just Katherine and Bonnie remained. Katherine helped put the empty pizza boxes in the bin. "So dinner with Damon is tomorrow. How's that going to go?"

Bonnie groaned turning on the tap and grabbing a sponge. "Don't remind me. I have a feeling he's going to cut my funding which will be an absolute blast."

"He can't. That'll be so unfair," Katherine protested on her behalf.

She smiled tiredly, "Yeah well he's CEO and I can do nothing. I could always cry to Dad and he'll definitely take my side which will make this entire thing worse off."

One of the reasons Bonnie felt Damon was resentful of her was because of their father, Giuseppe. Bonnies' mother Abby was his second wife and it was no secret that he loved her more than Lily Salvatore, his first wife and the mother to Stefan and Damon. Because of that she got to see his more doting side while the boys were raised in a stricter manner.

Lily divorced him and moved to France without her children by her side and visited them a handful of times. They retained contact although it was sparse and rare. Damon acted like the tough guy who didn't need her but it was obvious that her abandonment hurt a lot.

It wasn't that Damon bullied her or anything. She knew her brother loved her. They just clashed a lot. Different temperaments and ideals. He followed the family motto to a T. Money, profits and solidarity. She was the flighty artist with no investment bone in her body yet their father encouraged her. That was what made her feel guilty the most. From the stories Stefan told her of him before meeting Abby, he wouldn't have tolerated that from any of his sons.

Abby Bennett was the game changer.

A bohemian artist from Virginia, she met Giuseppe at a charity auction where her work was being displayed. The two fell in love and within three months got married in an intimate ceremony. Ten year old Damon was not a fan of his new step mother although six year old Stefan took to her quite easily. Although he eventually warmed up to her. That was the way it was with Abby. There was no one who met her that didn't fall in love with her. It was her gentle way and seductive spirit. She started the foundation calling it The Salvatore Foundation. When she died of cancer after Bonnie turned 13, it was renamed the Abby Bennett-Salvatore Foundation. Bonnie mourned her mother and the boys mourned the woman who raised them as her own. But none took her passing quite as hard as Giuseppe who truly loved her.

Bonnie propped the last of the dishes into the dishwasher for a final rinse. "I just wish we could remain on the same page for once you know? We keep having this same fight over and over again. My work is important too."

Katherine caressed her arm. "Hey, you don't know that he's going to do that. You're scared and assuming. Your brother might be a dick but he loves you and I'm pretty sure he doesn't enjoy fighting with you."

Bonnie chuckled cleaned her wet hands with a dish cloth. "Damon loves to fight. It's his thing. You're right. I'm thinking the worst already. I'll just put on my big girl panties and go have dinner with my brother. If anything, I deserve a nice meal."

Katherine smacked her bottom. "Atta girl."

Bonnie swiped her with the towel laughing. "Stop it. What would Elijah say?"

"He knows we dated," She rolled her eyes. "It's no big deal anyway."

Katherine and Bonnie dated for about three months in high school. It was short lived and sweet but ended with no hard feelings. They were each other's firsts and Bonnie would always be grateful for that. Kat helped her come to terms with her sexuality. Most boyfriends she had afterwards were a little freaked out by the fact that she was friends with her ex but their relationship now was strictly platonic. Not to mention Katherine was 100% in love with Elijah no matter how she played it off.

"I'd love to stay longer but I have to go," Katherine said regretfully. "Someone's gotta keep Elijah in bed and make him late to that breakfast tomorrow." she wiggled her eyebrows and Bonnie laughed.

"You're ridiculous." She kissed her cheek. "Have a great night."

Katherine gave her an air kiss before heading home to the townhouse she shared with Elijah. Esther wasn't exactly thrilled with that living arrangement but even prim and proper Elijah had to put his foot down sometimes.

Katherine was definitely getting that ring sooner than she expected.

Finished with all the dishes, Bonnie took out her phone and checked the time. Just about 10pm. Caroline was already sound asleep in her room. She didn't need to get to work until about 10 am the next day so perhaps she could indulge and make them some French toast.

When she first moved on her own and her dad insisted she move into the penthouse, cooking was one of the few things she enjoyed. At home they had a great chef Nigel who made her anything she wanted as long as it was sugar free and gluten free per her mom's requirements. Living on her own gave her the freedom to indulge in all the calories and trans fats she could ever dream of.

She sent a quick email to April knowing she'd see it the next morning to do some research and see if any new schools could be added to the scholarship roster. The deadlines were supposed to close by next week but she was feeling generous. No doubt a part of her wanted to stick it to Damon in case he was cutting her funding.

Feeling restless, she grabbed her key card, phone and jacket heading down the elevator. Bonnie was suddenly in the mood for ice cream from the Whole Foods about three blocks away. Driving would probably get her there faster but it felt like a nice night to take a walk. New York wasn't freezing and there was no heat wave so the air felt actually breathable for once. She loved the city.

Bonnie grew up in a mansion on East Street but her father sold it after he retired deciding to take residency permanently in the Hamptons. She missed having him close by but understood the man wanted some solitude after a life lived in the spotlight. She now resided in Chelsea while her brothers lived in the Upper East Side. At first it seemed ridiculous that those two would love together but it made sense. They were attached at the hip in their own convoluted way and took care of each other. Stefan actually wanted her to move in after college but she refused citing her need for space. The 4 bedroom and 5 bathroom penthouse her dad bought her when she turned 21 was more than enough space.

Her phone pinged when she arrived at the store with a strange text.


That was all the message said. It was very strange. She'd been getting it a week assuming it was a wrong number or something. She called it once but got no answer. Huh. Perhaps it was now time to finally block it.

"Hey Curtis," Bonnie greeted the cashier.

Curtis grinned ringing up her ice cream. "Hmm, vanilla and chocolate. Big night I'm guessing?"

She giggled handing her credit card. "You know me so well. Sadly pigging on these alone. Just had a girls night."

He rang her up and gave her back the card and receipt. "Don't get too wild now. You have a good night."

"You too. Good night Curtis."

It was on her way out that a man in a heavy coat brushed past her with plenty of force. "Excuse me." His face was covered in a thick scarf that showed nothing but his eyebrows. It was a mystery how he was able to see anything out of it. He hurried past her and crossed the street.

"Rude," She muttered, still staggering from the force be used to push her. Someone seemed to be in a hurry.

A few steps later and she felt dizzy all of a sudden. It was only looking down that she saw her fingers come away from her abdomen red. She was bleeding.

She'd been stabbed.

"Fuck," Bonnie whispered feeling herself go down to the ground and Curtis shouting something in the distance.

I'll be honest, heiress Bonnie and Detective Kai have been bugging me for a while now and I just had to get this all out. Hope you enjoyed! This is the first of the two new bonkai fics I'll be posting. The second one is a canon verse AU.