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It was a warm, bright day in Tokyo, with the sun shining brilliantly in a pristine blue sky. The kind of day that put everyone in good spirits. Everyone that is, except for one person…

"Ore-sama is thirsty! Ore-sama wants something to drink!" Hibino Hareluya complained as he strode down the street, accompanied as usual by his two best friends, Makoto Ichijou and Yamana Michiru.

Hibino and Ichijou were both tall and strong-looking teens wearing the blue Rakeun High school uniform. Hibino had spiky black hair and brown eyes while Ichijou had red shoulder-length hair and blue eyes. Yamana wore the Rakeun girls uniform of a maroon top, grey skirt, white socks and brown shoes. A grey bag hung from her left shoulder. Her eyes were light brown and her gold-brown hair came to her shoulder blades.

Ichijou rolled his eyes. "Honestly this is worse than having a kid around."

"What was that?" Hibino asked with a growl.

"Oh, Natsumi told me about a café she went to recently" Yamana said hastily. "She said it was really good. Why don't we go there?"

"Splendid, at least someone can make good suggestions" Hibino replied with a glare at Ichijou that he chose to ignore. "What's this café called?"

"It's called Cat's Eye."

Kisugi Hitomi listened intently as Toshio boasted about the Inunari Police Station's latest scheme to catch Cat's Eye. They had sent out their calling card earlier, announcing that tonight they would be stealing the "Cinderella's Necklace" from the Yamada Art Museum. According to Toshio this time he would definitely catch them.

Sorry Toshi but sometimes you make this almost too easy she thought. So far it didn't sound like anything she couldn't handle but she made sure to pay attention anyway so she could relay it all to Rui, currently in the strategy room composing their initial plans.

Ai was sitting in one of the booths and jotting down notes in one of her school books. From her hand movements Hitomi could tell that she was writing down what Toshi was saying.

Good job Ai. I'm glad you're taking this seriously for a change.

As Toshi finished speaking the bell rang and the front door opened.

"Welcome" Hitomi said, her voice sweet and cheerful as she greeted the new customers entering the café. Her smile brightened as she recognised one of them. "Ah, good afternoon Yamana-san."

"Hi" Ai added.

"Hi Hitomi-san, Ai-san" she replied warmly. "I didn't know you worked here."

"You bet. Actually we own this cafe" said Ai. "Well us and Rui-onee."

One of the guys looked surprised. "Wait, you know each other?"

"I met them when they bought some of my jewellery" Yamana explained. "This is Kisugi Hitomi and her sister Ai. Hitomi-san, this is Hibino Hareluya and Makoto Ichijou."

"A pleasure to meet you both" said Hitomi. She gestured at Toshio. "This is my fiancé Utsumi Toshio."

"Good afternoon" he said. He fought off an urge to frown as he studied the group. Yamana-san and Makoto-san seem fine but that other guy looks like trouble to me. I'll have to keep an eye on him.

"Yes very nice" said Hibino grumpily. "Now can someone get Ore-sama a coffee?"

Toshio glowered at him but Hitomi was unfazed. "Sure, coming right up" she said.

"Sorry about Hibino" Yamana whispered to her. "He's rough around the edges but he really is a good guy."

"It's okay. He actually reminds me a little of Toshi" she replied.

Hibino, Ichijou and Yamana took seats and a moment later Hitomi served their drinks. Toshio waited for a bit until he was satisfied everything was quiet, then he stood up.

"I have to go now or the chief will chew me out again. Bye Hitomi."

"See you later Toshi" she said with a warm smile.

"Where's he off to?" Hibino asked once he'd left.

"Oh Toshi is a detective" Ai answered. "He was just telling us how he's finally going to catch Cat's Eye tonight."

"He's trying to catch this café?" Hibino asked with a baffled expression.

Ichijou sighed. "Not the café Hibino. Cat's Eye the art thieves."

"Oh yes Ore-sama saw something about that on TV. Say, did he say what he's up to tonight?"

"Sure. Cat's Eye announced that tonight they're stealing the "Cinderella's Necklace." from…"

"Ai" said Hitomi firmly. "I don't think Toshi would like that kind of thing being talked about. It might add complications."

Ai blanched. She knew what her sister really meant by "complications." "Oh, yes. Sorry."

"Meh it's no big deal" said Hibino. His tone was casual but Ichijou rolled his eyes. He knew that Hibino had just had some idea that could only mean trouble.

"This is perfect" said Hibino as the three of them walked away from the café. "Tonight Ore-sama will catch the infamous Cat's Eye where the police have failed miserably. After that Ore-sama will be well on the way to world domination!"

Ichijou groaned. "Hibino, we can't barge in on a police operation. We'd get in serious trouble for that."

"Besides Okamoto has told me a lot about Cat's Eye" Yamana added. "I thought he'd want to see art thieves arrested, but he said that they only steal works from one artist who disappeared decades ago. He also said that it's rumoured they've actually helped recover a lot of stolen artwork."

"Ore-sama doesn't care" Hibino replied. "This is a chance to become famous. We'll get their target from the news and stake it out ourselves."

"Well you can count me out" said Ichijou firmly. "I'm not messing with police business."

"Sorry Hibino, but I agree with Ichijou" said Yamana.

"That's fine. Ore-sama will handle this by himself" Hibino said haughtily. "Just don't expect a share of the limelight when Ore-sama becomes a media star."

"We won't."

That night…

"Cat's Eye! You won't get away this time!" Toshio yelled as he, Asatani and a group of uniformed cops charged down the street after said thief. In her hand she held the "Cinderella's Necklace." It glittered in the moonlight, as if taunting the officers. They struggled to keep up, their feet pounding against the pavement.

Wearing her signature light blue unitard, Hitomi couldn't keep a smile off of her face as she ran, easily staying ahead of her pursuers. She loved these moments. Toshio was at his best when he was chasing Cat's Eye, in other words her. However it was time to bring tonight's chase to a close.

She nimbly turned a corner and darted into an alleyway. Toshio tried to follow but he lost his footing and ran headlong into a row of garbage cans. With a loud clatter and crash the cans all fell, emptying their contents on the ground and all over Toshio. As if that wasn't enough Asatani and the cops all tripped and fell onto him in a tangled heap.

Sorry Toshi. I'll make it up to you on our next date Hitomi thought. She leaped into the air, landed on a rooftop and resumed running. It wasn't far now to the getaway car where Ai and Rui were waiting for her.

Hibino grinned as he watched the cops trip and fall over each other, ending up in a pile on the ground.

"Useless bunglers. Now Ore-sama will demonstrate how it's done." With that he reached behind his back and pulled out a pogo stick seemingly from thin air. He ran full speed at a nearby wall and at the last moment he jumped onto the pogo stick. His momentum launched him into the air and he landed on the same rooftop where Cat's Eye had just been.

"Now you're mine Cat's Eye" he said as he started chasing after her.

Hitomi was surprised to hear the sound of running footsteps coming up behind her. Surely Toshio hadn't found a way to catch up to her? She glanced back over her shoulder and her eyes widened in astonishment.


She increased her speed but Hibino still managed to keep up with her, even when she jumped from rooftop to rooftop. He couldn't match her balance or agility but he was certainly fast, his legs raising and falling like pistons as he ran. As she wondered how to lose him there was a sudden burst of light behind her. She glanced back again, careful to not let him see her face, and to her disbelief she saw him pull out a lasso from behind his back.


With a broad grin Hibino spun the lasso up over his head and cast it through the air like a rodeo cowboy. Hitomi was reminded of how Toshio had once tried the same thing against her.

Give me a break. What do they think I am? A cow?

She cart-wheeled to one side and the lasso smacked down against the rooftop. Before Hibino could pull it back she jumped into the air and back-flipped over his head. She landed on her feet behind him and delivered a precise knife-hand strike to the back of his neck. Hibino dropped to his knees and slumped over, out cold.

Hitomi checked to make sure he was still breathing. Satisfied that he was all right she was about to head off again when an idea came to her.

Meanwhile Rui and Ai were waiting in the getaway car. Ai was in the driver's seat and Rui in the front passenger suit. Both wore their own signature leotards, orange for Ai and purple for Rui.

Ai was starting to get nervous. "Where's Hitomi-onee? She should be here by now" she said, glancing at her watch.

"Don't worry. She'll be here" Rui replied confidently. "Ah, there she is now."

Sure enough Hitomi came running up with the "Cinderella's Necklace" in hand and a relaxed, amused look on her face. She got in the back seat and Ai started the engine.

"What kept you?" Rui asked. "Ai was getting worried."

"No way! I wasn't worried at all" Ai said unconvincingly.

Hitomi giggled. "I ran into someone unexpected. Nothing serious, but I was able to leave something for Toshi to find."

"Really? What?"

"I'll tell you after we get home and put the "Cinderella's Necklace" somewhere safe."

Ai huffed in annoyance. "Fine I can wait. But this had better be something good."

"Oh I think you'll find it interesting Ai-chan" Hitomi replied with an amused smile. "Especially since it involves you."


Rui chuckled as she leaned back and listened to her sisters banter, well pleased with the night's efforts.

Next day…

Hibino seethed with rage as he plunged the sponge into the bucket of soapy water and began angrily scrubbing the police car in front of him. He cast his mind back to what had happened last night.

He remembered chasing Cat's Eye then feeling a sudden pain in the back of his neck followed instantly by blackness. He'd regained consciousness to find himself laying face-down, securely tied up with his own lasso. Of course he'd struggled and thrashed about furiously but even with his great strength he just couldn't get the leverage needed to break loose. Fortunately Toshio had heard his angry yells and climbed up onto the roof to untie him. Unfortunately he had then ranted at Hibino for interfering with police business. This had led to a yelling match between them which had escalated until Hibino had punched him in the jaw and then been arrested for assaulting a detective. His father Harebane had interceded on his behalf and had managed to convince them to not press charges. In return however Hibino now had to perform odd jobs for a month, starting with washing the cars in Inunari Station.

"Careful, if you scrub any harder you'll take the paint off" Ichijou warned.

"Shut up Ichijou or Ore-sama will dump this bucket over your head" Hibino snapped. Secretly he appreciated Ichijou and Yamana coming to give him moral support but of course he'd never admit that.

"Cheer up Hibino" said Yamana. "If you do a good job cleaning the cars maybe they'll take time off."

"They had better" Hibino growled. "Menial labour like this is beneath Ore-sama."

"Oh look, there's Hitomi-san and Toshio-san now" said Yamana.

Hibino looked over and scowled as he saw the couple laughing together. Are they laughing at Ore-sama? I'll…

His thoughts trailed off as he took a closer look at Hitomi, noticing her long dark hair and lean, athletic figure. Was it possible that she was…


He laughed to himself at the absurd notion and resumed scrubbing the car, easing his frustrations a little by imagining that the door was Toshio's face.