Chapter 2 - Prom Royalty

Barkin then came up to the microphone.

"And the winner of the 2006 Middleton High Junior Prom King and Queen, as chosen by the student body, is...respectively..."

Bonnie and Brick held their hands together with the both of them smiling.

Then Barkin announced the winners.

"...Kim Possible and Felix Renton!"

Both Bonnie and Brick were shocked, their jaws dropping in complete and utter surprise at this.

Kim gasped for joy over the fact that she was chosen as the Junior Prom Queen. She rushed up the steps and accepted the crown and the Junior Prom Queen Sash.

"Wow! I didn't expect this!" Felix replied, going up the wheelchair-accessible ramp with his power wheelchair. He immediately accepted the kingly crown as well from Barkin.

"Woohoo! You go, KP and Felix!" Ron exclaimed from his seat. Rufus also whistled as well, cheering on for Kim and Felix and waving a KP pennant.

"The wheelchair dude really got the crown!" Brick exclaimed, claipping his hands in applause.

Bonnie, in the clutches of Brick, was stammering, on the very verge of throwing a royal tantrum.

"!" she yelled as loud as she could. The brunette, with Brick, ran up to the stage and grabbed the crown from Kim's head.

"Hey! What's your big ish, B?" Kim snarled at this move made by her rival.

"I am supposed to be the Prom Queen!" Bonnie screamed. "And Brick was supposed to be king!"

"Huh? Was I supposed to win?" Brick wondered in confused.

"Yes..." Bonnie muttered, " were supposed to win! You are the QUARTERBACK of the football team!"

"Bonnie, pardon me if I interrupt your little speech, but might I recall that any student within the Junior class was eligible." Kim interrupted. "Ron put his choice in for Felix!"

Bonnie growled, "Both you and Renton must've cheated!"

"No, neither he nor Possible did not, Rockwaller." Barkin countered to his pupil. "All the votes were counted fairly."

"Felix did have a lot of the votes from the smart students of the class." Kim added, pointing to the more intelligent students of the Class of 06 whom were there at the prom.

" did those loser nerds even get in here?!" Bonnie scoffed, "They can't even get dates!"

"See? It's your views of them that cost you the win, Bonnie!" Kim grinned, taking the crown back from Bonnie's head and placing it back on hers.

Bonnie then began to cry and repeatly stomp her feet! The tears were ruining her makeup and mascara.


She again tried to take the crown from Kim's head, but Kim dodged her move. One of the high heels on Bonnie's stilletos, the right one, then broke off. Bonnie then bumped into Brick and Brick fell into the nearby table of food headfirst. The table consisted of cupcakes, ice cream, and a seventeen-layer cake that said "Class of 06" on it. His weight caused the table to snap in half., Bonnie then fell onto Brick's back. Brick was covered in the cupcake fillings and ice cream and some of it ended up on Bonnie's prom dress.

"Aww man... and I had this dry-cleaned!" the star QB whined.

"Shut up...get off, you stupid oaf!" Bonnie muttered before seeing a shadow overtake her.


The cake fell onto the couple on one end of the broken table and Bonnie's teal eyes, covered completely in frosting saw that a very big bowl of punch was on the other end.


Before she could finish her curse word, the punch was unceremonially spilled on both Bonnie and Brick's prom outfits.

The entire crowd of students laughed at them, including Kim and Ron.

Monique just stood by their table, eating a bowl of popcorn.

"A note to yourself, Bonnie!" Kim grinned, adjusting the crown on her head. "Try to take defeat gracefully next time!"

Bonnie exploded in tears and, covered in cake and punch, sprinted out of the rear doors of the gym. Brick, also covered in the food and punch, tried to give chase to his girlfriend.

"Bonnie! Wait for me! Come back!"

He too exited through the doors.

"Congratulations, Possible and Renton, on becoming Junior Prom royalty." Barkin said before whispering to one of the chaperones, "And tab Rockwaller for the food that she ruined. The custodians are going to be working overtime."

"Thanks, Mr. Barkin!" Kim replied with a smile.

She and Felix went back to their seats with Ron and Monique.

"Congrats, KP!" Ron exclaimed, clapping his hands once again.

"Thanks, Ron!" Kim replied, and scoffed at the ruined food on the broken table. "Bonnie so need to take a chill pill sometimes."

"C'mon, Kim! The nerds got your back!" Ron smirked.

"I don't like to call them by that name. I'd prefer the term fans of sci-fi!" Kim said.

"Speculative fiction, Kim." Felix corrected her, "That degrades the genre!"

"Whoops...sorry..." Kim giggled nervously at her blunder.

"It's like you always say, no big!" Ron replied.

"Why don't we get more punch? There's some over there at the end table over there!" Monique requested, pointing to another bowl of punch on a table on the opposite end of the gym.

"Sounds good to me!" Kim replied.

"And, KP, there's a photo booth over there!" Ron added, pointing towards the nearby photo booth at the northeastern corner of the gym. "Wanna take some fun pictures?"

"You know I would!" Kim grinned.

And so, Kim and Ron took funny pictures with each other in the booth, such as sticking out their tongues, doing the peace sign, and kissing each other on the lips.