Chapter 35 - Day 1: The Karaoke Catastrophe Part I

(6:17pm, June 10, 2006)

Richard's sedan slowly pulled into the parking lot of the Cheyenne Motor Inn.

"So now that we know where they are staying at...where's their van?" he wondered, tapping his fingers on the steering wheel.

"It is a mid-80s van that is teal." Genna countered, "Plus, all the other cars are early to mid 2000s, so it would definitely stick out like a sore thumb."

"That'll eliminate at least 99.9 percent of the suspects!" Richard chuckled as the sedan slowly went through each individual parking lot.


Kim, whom was in room 1-215 fastened the undone right strap to her CB overalls back up properly since she was going with the rest of her family, Ron and Larry to the hotel's restaurant. It was also partially motivated due to Ann's incident with her overalls at the Wyoming-Colorado state line.

She also applied a little bit of makeup and blush as well and made the change from sneakers into high heeled black boots. She also hemmed up the overall pantslegs.

" that is much more glam." Kim said to herself, looking at herself in the mirror. "Now, for Ron."

Kim got out of her room and headed two doors down to room 1-217. She tapped the door twice.

Ron opened the door for his girlfriend.

"Heya, KP!" he exclaimed excitedly.

He appeared in a button-down shirt and a pair of khakis with a belt.

"Sorry that I didn't bring along a dozen roses. Being on vacation and all that!"

"Hey, Ron! You look pretty sharp for tonight!" Kim said with a grin.

"Well, we are going to a fancy restaurant after all!" Ron replied.

Then he asked, "Um...does this officially count as a date?"

"Erm...not really since the 'rents, Tweebs, and Larry are here." Kim said, shrugging her shoulders.

She then added, "And speaking of which, we may need to eye the Tweebs. They may try to make a scene."

"How do you know that, KP?" Ron questioned.

"Experience." was the one word Kim could muster whenever the Possible family went out to a nice restaurant for dinner.

Kim and Ron then went to Room 1-216. They both knocked on the door at the same time.

"I just hope Mom changes out of those overalls." she said.

"Because of the humiliation thing, KP?" Ron asked.

"Ohhh yeah!" Kim agreed.

James opened the door. He was in the same yellow button-down shirt and jeans combo as before but Ann appeared wearing a pair of jeans as well and a pink button-down shirt.

Kim breathed a sigh of relief that her mom finally changed out of those pesky Smarty-Mart overalls.

"Hello, you two! We aren't even supposed to arrive at the restaurant until 7." James said, "And I am going to expect a call from my brother, Slim."

"Hey, DrsP sqaured!" Ron explained, "I'm ready to get my grub on!"

Rufus came on Ron's shoulder with a small apron saying "KISS THE MOLE RAT CHEF"

"I hope you will be on your best behavior, Ronald." James said, "And not what had happened the last time we went to a steakhouse together."


(3 weeks ago)

The Possible parents and Kim and Ron were at the Porter House in downtown Middleton.

James was wearing a brown suit while Ann was in a black dress with a gold necklace and high heels. Ron was wearing a tacky plaid suit and Kim was in a red blouse with dark denim flare overalls with both straps hooked.

"Isn't it wonderful that we are doing a double date together on a Saturday?" James wondered. "And at a place other than Bueno Nacho!"

"Yeah, so wonderful..." Kim nervously giggled. "...and so awkweird too."

"It was actually my idea." Ann replied.

James agreed. "It's kind of a launching double-date so that when a future double-date occurs with another couple, you two would be prepared!"

Ron, on the other hand, was beginning to feel sick. He had ordered mini-tacos to suffice as Nacos .

He groaned, "Ummm...KP?"

"What's wrong, Ron?" Kim asked with worry.

"I feel crummy in the tummy..." he groaned, hearing his stomach grumble and gurgle.

"Worse than the Middleton Fair incident with Mr. Baggy Pants?" Kim questioned, looking at Ron turning pale.

"About the same..." Ron groaned.

Ann looked at Ron's condition, "Ron? Are you OK?"

"MrsDrP...I think I may need a...I think it is the tacos..." Ron groaned as he proceeded to lose his lunch over the chair.



(back to the present)

"To be fair, MrDrP, it wasn't my fault." Ron said, "The taco meat was really undercooked."

"Good thing we called the hospital and it didn't end up the same way on what had happened with the French Prime Minister's wife..." Kim muttered, looking at Ron.

"Again, KP, I cannot stomach most types of international food. Key word...most!" Ron replied. "Escargot is no bueno for me!"

"Perfectly understandable, Ronald." James said, "Still, I insist that you two be on your best behavior."

"You won't have to worry about us two, Dad." Kim said before seeing a lot of commotion going thru room 1-214.

"Actually, Dad, you need to worry about...those two..."

Jim and Tim came out of room 1-214, wearing green and red button-down shirts respectively with khakis, armed with portable pillow fighting machines. They were using the hotel bed pillows attached to the machines.

"Take that!" Jim grunted.

"And that!" Tim fought back.

"Jim, Tim, how many times do I have to tell you not to have pillow fights while we travel!" James insisted.

"Now, I want you two to take off the contraptions! We're going to dinner and you two are going to behave!" Ann added.

"Fine!" both Jim and Tim complained. They headed back to the hotel room to put away the machines.

Larry was in his usual outfit when he came out of room 1-215.

"We're ready to get our grub on!" James insisted. "Let's head on out!"

The whole entire group headed down to the restaurant.