Chapter 36 - The Karaoke Catastrophe - Part 2

(7:07pm, June 10, 2006)

Richard and Genna finally managed to find a parking spot between buildings 2 and 3. Richard parked the sedan in that spot.

"So what do we do now?" Genna asked.

"Okay, we put on these sunglasses, and these two trenchcoats." Richard replied, pointing to the aforementioned trenchcoats and sunglasses in the back seat of the sedan.

"Really, Richard?" Genna countered, "You're asking me to wear a trenchcoat in the middle of summer?"

"Well, it's night-time in Wyoming so it does get cool around." Richard replied.

"Soooo...what's your point?" Genna asked, trying to find a point in her boyfriend's comment.

Richard reminded her of the pact they made at his house, "Remember what Bonnie said. If her plan is successful, you get that $100k mall gift card and I get myself a super-cool vintage car from Miss Starlet's garage. If her plan fails, we get nothing, nathan, nada!"

"Good point. I think we should contact Bonnie for some help." Genna suggested.

Genna dialed up Bonnie's number and put her on speaker phone.

"Evening, you two. You made it to Wyoming?" she asked.

"We did, Bonnie!" Genna replied, "We're at the hotel the Possible family is staying at. Courtesy of your friend's tracer!"

"Excellent! Everything is going as I have forseen." Bonnie chuckled.

"Now, what is the next phase of your plan, Bonnie?" Genna asked.

"I want you two to check into the hotel with the disguises provided in the back seat." Bonnie suggested, "Also, I want you to activate the Spy Flies that Rebecca managed to sneak in the trunk of your car before you left."

"Spy Flies?" Genna asked.

"From what Rebecca told me, it is the latest in instant humiliation." Bonnie explained the device, "Without getting all sciencey, It not only records high-quality sound, but it also produces video as well. Like all of her other devices, K's geeky tech friend can't hack into them!"

She looked at the device, which was no bigger than a half-dollar. It had a silver body on it along with metallic wings.

"And how are we supposed to start them up?" Richard asked. "I barely even passed science!"

"From what Rebecca told me, press the blue button to activate the Spy Flies. Once they are activated, they will sneak into the hotel virtually undetected." Bonnie explained before looking at her watch.

"Judging by the time, I take it that they are about to eat dinner, considering they haven't stopped." Genna said.

"Duh!" Bonnie replied.

"So what should we do when we enter the hotel?" Richard asked.

"Get your assigned disguises in the back seat and check into the hotel." Bonnie replied, "From the looks of the map of the hotel property, I would suggest getting something in building two. Something close to the Possibles without being detected by them.

Both Genna and Richard activated the blue buttons on the Spy Fly in the back seat. It then turned the other 5 Spy Flies that were in the back seat blue. They all flew out of the back seat and headed towards the hotel.

The two of them approached the check-in desk.

"May I help you, sir?" the female clerk behind the counter asked.

"I would like to reserve a room for tonight for me and my girlfriend. Two adults and non-smoking, please." Richard replied.

"Sure thing! May I see some identification, please?" the clerk asked.

"I can do that!" Richard said while pulling out his drivers license.

"Okay, Mr. Rude, would you like a smoking room or non-smoking room?" the clerk asked another question.

"Non-smoking, please." came Richard's reply.

The clerk typed in the confirmation.

"We can book you a room for building 2 in room 205." the clerk said as she gave Richard the room key.

"Thank you so much!" Richard said as he got the key from the clerk.

Richard and Genna were walking with their suitcases when they saw the Possibles, Ron and Larry. The group was walking towards the hotel restaurant.

Richard gasped as he and Genna hid from them around the corner.

"It's them." he whispered, "What do we do?"

"Just act natural." Genna replied in a low voice, "That Country CB credit card is good as mine. Don't say anything until they pass us!"

Richard understood and they were silent as the Possible family, Ron and Larry walked past them, not even noticing them.

"The coast is clear." Genna said, "Let's get to our hotel room and not attract any more attention from the Possible family.

The Possible group came up to the Buffalo Bill Restaurant where the waitress'd greeted them.

"Good evening and welcome to Buffalo Bill's!" she said, greeting the family. "How many are there in your party, Mr. Possible?"

"Seven to be exact and one naked mole-rat!" James proclaimed, pointing to Rufus on Ron's shoulder.

"Ah, Rufus is so adorable!" the waitress'd exclaimed, patting Rufus on the head.

"He really does like that!" Ron laughed.

"Why don't you all have a seat in the waiting room? Your table will be ready in 15 minutes." the waitress'd replied, escorting them to the waiting room where other parties were waiting to be seated.

The entire Possible family, Ron, and Larry all took a seat while Rufus sat on Ron's shoulder.

"So, what can we talk about while we are waiting?" James asked.

Ann noticed James' cell phone screen blinking.

"I think you have an unanswered message." Ann replied, pointing to her husband's cell phone.

"Ahh..thanks for bringing it to my attention , my little sugar plum!" James chuckled as he grabbed his phone from the belt clip.

As it turned out, he did have one unanswered message.

He pressed the voicemail button on his phone and it went through his usual voice message greeting.


(James) Hello, you'e reached the voicemail of James T. Possible. I cannot get to the phone right now either because I am at work testing the vector launches of the Q-5 rocket to the moon or out with either the wife or my lovely family. So please leave your name, number and a brief message and I will be out of orbit to answer it! Rockets are a-go!

(beep, robotic voice) You message

(robotic voice) Messagewas at June 10, 2006 5:18pm

Heya, Squirt! It's your rootin'-tootin' brother, Slim! I hope you hadn't forgotten about pickin' up Jocelyn in time for me to be out on the trail for the Cowboy Convention. She's a lil' too young for a little varmit to attend this convention since know...has some stuff that ain't suitable for her young eyes. Remember, we'll met up at the Dinoco in Laramie at 10am sharp tomorrow. Y'all come back you hear!

(robotic voice) End of messages.