Okey dokey, here we go. This is the first LOTR piece I've written, and only about the second thing I've written full stop. As of yet I only have a very vague idea of where it's going. But it jumped up and bit me on the arse, and I had to get it out before I could go to sleep. Hope you enjoy. Feedback please?! And I know there's no Legolas or Aragorn yet, but there will be, I promise!

Title: Elusive Dreams (1/?)

Author: Pickle Pixie

E-Mail: picklepixie83@hotmail.com

Rating: G so far

Summary: Elrohir can't sleep …

Disclaimer: All the characters you recognise belong to JRR Tolkein, God and author extraordinaire. I am making no money from this and mean no infringement upon his works.

Elrond made his way quietly through the passages of Imladris, the only noise to be heard made by the swish of his robes on the cold flagstone floor as they swept behind him. He knew not what had drawn him from his slumber, but it had wrenched him from the paths of Elven dreams, and he knew he would find no further peace this night.

The lord of Imladris walked trough the passages of the Last Homely House as if in a trance, gazing at the shadows chasing each other across the ground, only to dance on up the walls. His feet were leading him somewhere, sensing his unrest. He rarely felt this way, unless one of his children were in peril. At these times Elrond Peredhil both blessed and cursed his gift of foresight.

Elrond sighed as his thoughts turned to the very child who was usually at the root of his foreboding and sleepless nights. Estel was due to return on the morrow from the wilds where he had been hunting with Legolas Thranduilion before the biting chill of winter set in. Already the golden leaves were falling, and in the early morning hours one could see their breath on the air. Surely Estel would return whole ….

It was not that Elrond doubted his foster son's ability in caring for himself in the widerness; indeed, Elrond had every confidence in the skills his own twin son's had taught their eager sibling. But mortal life was so fragile. Estel had been with him a mere twenty two years, and Elrond already feared the day he would lose his youngest son.

Shaking those desolate thoughts from his mind, Elrond rounded a corner and strode through an archway into his great library. He had no reason to fear for Estel. The prophetic stirring was not so specific as was it's wont, and Estel had not gone far. There was no need for him worry unduly. Setting the candlestick he held upon a desk, Elrond ran his hand across the ancient mahogany grain. He inhaled the scent of the wood deeply, still as potent as it had been the hundreds of years ago that the desk had been fashioned. The Elven lord always found solace amongst the shelves of his library. And so, it seemed, did another.

"Elrohir? My son, why do you not seek your rest? The hour grows late. It is far past time for little Elflings to be dreaming."

Despite the softness of his voice, Elrond's words still cut across the silence of Rivendell's archives. But the younger of his twin sons did not look up at his father. Nor did he even start at the sudden disturbance to his reverie. He continued to gaze out at the stars from his perch on the wide balcony. All parts of the Peredhil home were open to nature, never breaking the connection of all the Eldar who inhabited it's halls to Middle Earth.

Elrond stepped closer to his son, feeling some disturbance around the boy. He had to remind himself that this 'boy' was almost three thousand years old. But a boy he was still in the eyes of his father, and a mere babe in arms he would seem to the Valar.

"Do you think he watches us as we do him, Ada?" Elrohir's voice was little more than a whispering breeze.

"Who, pen neth?" Elrond was at his son's side now, and placed a hand gently upon his shoulder so as not to startle him.

"Grand-father. He is always there, watching. But does he see?"

"Earendil? Of course he see's us. My father is ever watchful. Elrohir, what troubles you?" Elrond turned his son's face to his own, forcing their eyes to meet. His brow furrowed at the uncertainty he saw in those grey depths. He was not used to this unease from Elrohir. The younger twin always seemed so … contented.

"I find myself … oh, I do not know Ada. I only know that sleep eludes me this night. As it does you it seems. Tell me, do you fear for Estel?"

Elrond did not miss his son's attempt at changing the subject, and a wry, fleeting smile graced his lips.

"Nay, no more than usual. However, my wonderings have revealed to me another source of worry. I ask again child, what troubles you so? It is usually impossible to stir you from your slumber. Indeed, it would be easier to pry fresh mushrooms away from a ravenous Perian. Now tell me, ion nin. Why do you not sleep?"

"There is no need to fear for me Ada. I am merely restless. I find myself anxious over Estel's return. You know I am fretful when he is abroad without either Elladan or myself. I shall retire now." Elrohir made to move past his father, but was halted by a firm grip oh his forearm.

Elrond looked again into his son's eyes and sighed. Perhaps he truly was only concerned over Estel's well being. Was that not the reason he was here himself?

"Very well Elrohir. Go and seek your dreams. I do not wish to see you again until you are well rested. Sweet dreams, little star." Elrond drew his son to his breast and placed a gentle kiss on his brow.

Elrohir leaned into the embrace before breaking it. "Goodnight Ada."

Elrond watched the retreating form of his son. 'Ah, the young. They will be the drive me to distraction yet' he thought. He continued to stare at the archway that his son had disappeared through until he could no longer hear the light padding of Elven feet.


Elrohir did not return to his chambers immediately. Instead he stopped at the door adjacent to his own. Making barely a sound, he slipped through the heavy oak door. Settling himself upon the thin window ledge, Elrohir again devoted his attention to the stars.

He sat balanced on the sill for what seemed an eternity, the faint wind stirring his braids as he sang softly to Elbereth. His voice was only stilled by and muffled sound from deeper within the room.

Elrohir smiled as he again turned his attention away from the stars and onto a member of his family. Elladan turned in his sleep, lips moving silently as he conversed with unknown spirits in his slumber. Elrohir continued to watch his twin, taking in the glassy stare of Elven dreams and the gentle rise and fall of his brothers chest. Gradually, Elrohir's breathing fell into a rhythm with his brother's, and he found the peace which had previously escaped him that night. Slowly, ever so slowly, Elrohir descended into the depths of sleep.

I know you probably know most of these, but just in case….

Peredhil = meaning 'Half-Elven'

Thranduilion = meaning 'son of Thranduil'

Eldar = meaning 'People of the Stars' name given to the Elves by the Vala Orome.

Valar = ,eaning 'Angelic Powers' basically Elven gods.

Ada = diminutive of Adar, meaning father.

Pen neth = young one

Perian = halfling or hobbit

Ion nin = my son