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Biju, etc. speaking

Biju, etc. thinking


"So does that mean you'll be my girl?" Kakashi asked again.

"Well… all right, Kakashi: I guess you win," Naru responded...

Feeling her body soon after going rigid, Kakashi asked if she was okay. He pulled away from her and saw her wide, bright eyes. "Naru-koi?" Was she going to hyperventilate? What the hell had happened? He wasn't moving that fast! "Naru," he said in concern, backing her to his bed where he sat next to her. "What's going on? Calm down," he said soothingly. "Come on baby, tell me what you're thinking!"

Naru finally got her wits about her. Oh no, this isn't good at all! Looking up at Kakashi, he saw the bewildered and scared expression on her pretty face. She turned to look up at him and he swore he saw a dawning horror appear in her expression. "Kami, Kakashi… I think I have a boyfriend already!"

Kakashi didn't think that could possibly be true. It certainly wasn't true since she'd come back from the dead; he was nearly certain of that. After all, she spent all of her time with him and Sakura, and Sakura was nearly constantly giving him a hard time about letting Naru interact with her old friends. Could it be someone from the hospital? He usually let her be while she was in either Sakura's or another supposedly trusted medic's care when she was doing her therapy or getting check-ups. He felt bile rise in his throat at the thought, and he had to tamp down the possessiveness and anger he was feeling at the thought. If anyone has been messing with my girl… Naru was looking at him warily. Taking a deep breath to get himself under control, he knew he needed to get more information.

"Did this boyfriend of yours meet you at the hospital?" Kakashi asked darkly.

Naru's expression changed to one of surprise. "I don't… think so?" Kakashi growled low in his throat or chest - she wasn't sure. She knew, however, that he wasn't happy with this news about already having a boyfriend. Honestly, she wasn't pleased with the idea, either. She and Kakashi had just been so very happy only moments ago. Well, it seemed like Kakashi was as happy as she was. "I mean, I think I was with him in the forest?"

Kakashi was going to kill this asshole. Who the hell had taken her into the forest?! "Tell me about him."

"Ano, I only remember that he was wearing something that really made me angry. I don't even know if I really ever liked him, ya know? I just remember being angry, and maybe… I don't know? Afraid?"

The silver-haired man took a deep cleansing breath. Yes, someone was going to die a horribly painful death. Someone had taken advantage of his Naru and they would pay! "What's his name?" Kakashi asked.

"I have no idea!" Naru said, shaking her head in exasperation. She felt what had previously been explained to her from Sakura-chan as "Killing Intent, or KI" coming in waves from the man she was speaking to and wanted to run. She backed away from Kakashi, as he pulled her into his arms forcefully. This was some kind of weird ninja thing and it didn't feel good! It was awful!

Feeling his girlfriend - and damned if she was not his girlfriend because she was: she was his - shaking, he tried to calm himself again. He summoned his entire ninken pack for a little "chat."

"Yo," Pakkun greeted the couple. Naru got down on the ground and started scratching one dog after another behind the ears, giving what she hoped were telling glances at their summoner. Help me, she was trying to say with her eyes. Pakkun frowned at her.

"I leave one of you with Naru every time she is away from me." Seeing the dogs' blank faces or nods, Kakashi continued. "So tell me who the hell she's been with. A man. A "boyfriend?" he asked testily.

"Boss' finally lost it. I told you it was coming," Akino said plainly as he shook his head. Naru grit her teeth together in worry. That didn't seem to her like the best response he could have given!

"It's been coming again for decades." Pakkun nodded and agreed easily. "So what the hell are you talking about, Boss?"

"What the hell I'm talking about is that Naru has a boyfriend," and he's not me, Kakashi thought furiously. Damn dogs, slacking off! "I want each of you to tell me, one by one, every male that's been in her vicinity and when you were forced away from her."

The dogs all looked at each other in disbelief before looking back at their crazy summoner. Pakkun, as usual, spoke first. "Kakashi, I don't know what you're talking about, I thought YOU were her boyfriend." He looked at Naru whose face pinkened. Kakashi, in the meantime, was glaring at him - something he just didn't do with his pack. He's freaking out, Pakkun sighed dramatically. "You know all the medics that have seen her are female, right? Your orders."

"Seriously. You ordered that I only have female medics?" Naru asked. Seeing the slightly embarrassed look on Kakashi's face, she nodded her head. "Thank you!"

"You thank me now, but you've been seeing someone," he replied after a moment. "I thought we were…"

"Wait a minute! What do you mean I've been 'seeing someone?' I have no idea who this guy is! He's just some tall dark-haired guy that I'm not sure I even like. What the hell, Kakashi?!" A couple of the dogs moaned in annoyance.

Kakashi gave her a lingering look, then looked back at his pack. "ANYWAY, report!"

Each member of his pack agreed with Pakkun successively. Supposedly no one had interacted with Naru at all other than Sakura and the medical staff. The only male to be around her was Lee-kun, whom she had only been around once - and that was when she was behind a curtain and couldn't be seen by him. It just didn't make sense. Naru muttered her complaints about not having friends or even contacts outside of him and Sakura-chan, but Kakashi ignored her for now.

"So, Naru... When did you get together with this boyfriend of yours?" Pakkun asked.

"I don't know! In the forest, like I told Kakashi, but I don't even know if he is my boyfriend for sure or not." The entire pack looked at Kakashi in annoyance at that. "Although…" Naru's eyes went wide and her face burned red. "Oh, Kami, I'm worse than a pervert," she whispered.

"What is that supposed to mean?" Kakashi asked her pointedly. Naru shook her head back and forth quickly, then grabbed the back of her neck, feeling the soreness from what happened with Spinny Man. "I want you to tell me right now, Naru!" He sighed: he was showing too much emotion and if he continued in this manner, he wouldn't get the information he needed. It seemed to him like someone had taken advantage of his lovely blonde - someone that she didn't like - and that was a crime, absolutely.

"Kakashi, have you taken Naru into the forest?" Pakkun asked. The Hokage shook his head. They hadn't even gone close to it.

"He wasn't there, I'm pretty sure," Naru added - which made Kakashi snarl. Naru jumped at the sound.

Pakkun let out a huff. "Boss, have you considered that this is something from, you know… before? I don't think you're thinking about this straight." Kakashi frowned at him but took a step back in his thinking process.

Trying to sound gentle, Kakashi asked her for a description of this boyfriend of hers. "Umm, dark hair… It was long, I think? But I'm not sure."

The Hokage's mind went immediately to Shikamaru Nara, and Kakashi blasted out enough KI to cause Naru to try to run from the room! He grabbed her, gently he thought, (although she wouldn't have agreed with that description of his hands around her waist,) and forced himself to think and settle down. "Okay, Naru-chan. So dark hair - maybe long dark hair. What else do you remember? You said he was in the forest, and wearing something you didn't like, correct? What was he wearing? And I'll ask again, do you know his name?"

"No," she replied hesitantly. "I only remember the feeling I had of not liking his clothes - or maybe even him? Oh! He did have red eyes," Kakashi dropped to the bed in relief before suddenly thinking that there could be another one out there... "Kami, the only other thing I remember is just too embarrassing, Gods, I must be a sicko!"

Kakashi and the dogs had shared meaningful looks with one another while she spoke, she realized. Did they really know what a perverted freak she was?! "Tell me everything you remember," Kakashi ordered.

She looked at him and grimaced. Yeah, he was the leader of the village which was apparently a stinky military dictatorship, so what choice did she have? "All right. You're going to totally change your opinion of me, so just… Please don't hate me! Do they have to stay here for this?" Naru asked anxiously, looking at the dogs. Kakashi nodded affirmatively. If the pack didn't find out what was on her mind they would hound both of them repeatedly after this.

"Okay. He, umm… pressed me against the tree and kissed me and stuff." Naru blushed even brighter. "Then, ano…" Kakashi nodded for her to go on. "He stuffed a bird down my throat. Gods! I'm such a freak! And what kind of whacko is this guy?! Who has a bird kink?! Oh, I know: apparently, it's me! Fucking disgusting! I'll never get over my kink shame!" Naru continued ranting as Kakashi began to chuckle which turned into a full-blown laugh.

"Don't laugh at me you normally masked bastard! I'll tell you this right now: I don't think I liked that bird being shoved down my throat, and if you even try it, I'll throttle you! Hokage or not! Don't you even..." Naru was shut up by a punishing kiss. She heard groans come from Kakashi's pack as they poofed away.

Naru was frozen stiff as Kakashi pulled back from the kiss. "What do I do with you, my girl? And yes, I do mean MY girl," he said with amusement shining in his eyes. Seeing her questioning stare, he kissed her again. "Silly one. That, I believe, was a looong time ago. I never knew about the kissing or whatever went on between you two, but I do remember you complaining about having toads and crows shoved down your throat…"

Naru started to gag. "Toads?!" she choked out. "Oh fuck, I'm even grosser and more perverted than I thought! That's just… that's just way beyond what I could've even imagined as a kink!" Kakashi loudly snorted and put all his weight on her, laughing out loud. His weight caused her to crash into the bed under him and she made a squeaking sound. Her face still looked horrified.

"Maa, you are a little gross, but I can stand you," he said teasingly as he began tickling her sides. Every time he abated, she started asking questions about Itachi - he knew who the guy was now, of course, but felt no need to tell her his name or anything about him - so he just kissed her senseless. He was just about to move on from kissing to more interesting activities when he noticed the bags under her eyes. Sighing, he asked her to stay and take a nap with him. She reluctantly agreed and was soon out cold. Who knew Itachi-kun was gay? We always bet he was asexual! Maa, you learn something new every day. He snickered and fell asleep, holding Naru tightly.

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