Sophie sits at the bar reading over some intel that Brianna has pulled up on their latest mark. The data hits close to home which is making the material hard to get through. In a moment of frustration, she runs her hands through her hair, raising her gaze towards the ceiling. She can hear the door open yet does not change her gaze from the current fixation. Sophie simply assumes that one of the others has returned from their errands.

The footfalls are light and quiet so it is not Eliot. The shadow of the new arrival grows, enveloping Sophie as they approach. "So this is the new lair, my dear sister." Sophie is stunned to hear Teddy's voice. Sophie turns towards Teddy clearly expressing her surprise. "Teddy, what on earth are you doing here?" Teddy takes the unoccupied seat next to her sister. "I was passing through." Sophie cannot figure out how Teddy would know where to find her. This place that Hardison created for them was vetted, protected, yet here is her sister just strolling in out of nowhere.

Teddy offers no real explanation for popping by without warning. "Care for supper?" Sophie is surprised by the offer but then realizes that she has worked away the daylight and it is truly venturing toward evening. She has had quite enough of marks, plotting, and planning. Dinner with her wayward sister sounds like a delightful alternative. Sophie grabs her purse as they head into the Quarter. With the hale of a cab, the pair arrive at the very apropos destination of The Two Sisters. Sophie had thought that Teddy had chosen this destination for the humor, she is rather surprised as Teddy is greeted by name and escorted to a lovely table. With an exchanged look, Teddy fesses up. "Alex, with as much as I travel, I have been everywhere a time or two."

Sophie has done some exploring since their arrival in NOLA but this little gem of a courtyard had eluded her. The setting is rather perfect as Sophie delights in the bright banter over a divine supper and lingering conversation over wine and coffee. The meal had a decidedly European pace with a french bistro setting that could have fallen from the sky straight from Paris. It has truly been ages since she just spent time with... Sophie hesitates on the thought. With the exception of the holidays, she has spent little time with her sisters and her family in the last decade. Though internally she is still reeling from Nate's death, it has made her ponder those great mysteries that everyone ponders during loss, one of which is that life is incredibly short.

"Theodora." Sophie pauses for a moment as Teddy absorbs being called the name she usually hears when she is in trouble or as the precursor to the delivery of bad news. Teddy hides her tells with a sip of wine as her sister continues. "When did it happen?" Now Teddy is actually confused and not following Sophie's train of thought. "When did what happen?" Teddy is now quite curious as to what topic they are actually about to cover.

"When did we all grow so far apart... I mean I don't have a single childhood memory where you were not by my side. Now... now..." Sophie hesitates to acknowledge how far apart they have grown. Before Chatsworth House, it had literally been almost two years since she had spoken to Teddy. Teddy acknowledges that this is part of her sister's mourning process. She remembers the aftermath of William. "I guess we were a bit more Wendy than Tinkerbell." Teddy offers in an attempt to lighten the mood. "Though if the gossip had an ounce of truth, you, my dear have a bit of Hook in you." Teddy raises an eyebrow with a wicked grin in Sophie's direction. For the briefest of moments, Sophie wonders if Teddy knows. If she knows her past, her real one, with a thousand illicit adventures. Her later years were far more Robin Hood than Captain Hook. "Well, you certainly specialize in fairy dust." Sophie attempts to divert the conversation off of herself and back to Teddy. Teddy has hardly lived a life that will manifest with angel wings. She will create a diversion with something familiar. "So who was the suit that was with you in Panama?" Teddy is taken a bit aback by the question, knowing it is a diversion. She doesn't often have to explain who Harvey is to her. "My attorney," Sophie smirks at her sister. "So when did you start sleeping with your attorney?" Teddy finishes her wine before providing an equally coy answer. "How do you think he became my attorney."

Sophie had to admit, Mr Specter was quite easy on the eyes and definitely Teddy's type. Teddy loved powerful men only the life she leads is not one that blends with her type. The man in the three-piece suit had the ever-so debonair combination of power and sophistication with Bogart vibe that would definitely suit her sister. Sophie is also quite aware that Teddy is not telling her the whole truth. Her grifter senses are tingling which means that there are layers to this story and that Teddy merely pulled out a go-to answer to explain the complicated. Given that this has been quite a wonderful night with her sister, Sophie hesitates to ask the next question. Teddy still has the ability to read her like a book, preempting the ask. "What do you really want to know, Alex." Sophie chooses the delivery carefully. Eliot is such a huge part of her world, she is not quite sure she wants to know the answer to the question that is on her mind. Eliot literally told her that the worst thing he had done, he did for Damian but he did to her sister. "Alex, do you really want to know." Sophie analyzes Teddy's features looking for a tell. This is something that her sister has buried deep, she can speak about it without emotion. That is Teddy's armor rising to the surface. Sophie pivots at the last moment. "Why have you never gotten married?" Teddy is truly surprised by that particular question. "What?"

"Why have you never gotten married?" Sophie restates the question. Teddy is quiet for a moment, this was not what she was expecting, and does not have a go-to answer to this question. "I was close at one point, never found the right guy again." Sophie knows the truth when she hears it as the synapses in her brain fire up at the answer provided. It clicks into place. "Oh my God, you were going to marry Eliot." The words leave Sophie's mouth before she has a moment to grab them back from the air between them. Teddy's shocked response is enough to know that it is the truth. "Now who is telling fairytales." Sophie knows the response is Teddy's armor clicking into place.

The universe must have heard her plea as the waitress arrives with the check providing sufficient distraction to the conversation. Sophie will accept that as a graceful end of one conversation and the beginning of a completely different conversation with Eliot when she gets back. Teddy pays the check, summoning a town car as they wait. Sophie does not allow for any awkwardness to creep in since she would like to savor this time with her sister. As the car pulls up to return Sophie to the lair. Teddy hands her a plane ticket. Sophie is rather stunned by the gift as she notices the familiar destination. "You always were a sentimental fool, Teddy." Teddy smiles. "What can I say it is one of my charms. I'll see you there, Alex."