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. . . . . . . . ..................................................

Dasani pushed Sirius down on the ground and had her sword at his throat as the song ended. Looking up at her, Sirius wasn't sure that he didn't see tears there.

As soon as Mr. Potter declared her the winner, Dasani shook it off and turned violently towards Lily. She began to stalk over to where her red-headed friend was smiling innocently when suddenly . . . .

. . . . . there was a noise and a few yells. Everyone's attention was drawn to the far side of the yard, where masked Deatheaters were shooting curses towards the group of students and adults. Mr. Potter gave a cry and pulled out his wand.

"Everyone! Apparate away! Take the children with you!" Mr. Potter yelled. Everyone besides James, Lily, Sirius, Dasani, and Snape had been brought by their parents, so they all got away quickly. Soon other ministry officials began to arrive with a 'pop'. Dasani and Lily were standing around dumbfounded. Lily at least, had the sense to take out her wand.

"DASANI! LILY!" Sirius yelled. "Come ON!" He grabbed Dasani's arm as James grabbed Lily's, pulling her towards the house. Dasani angrily pulled her arm out of his grasp.

"I don't need you! Leave me alone!" She ran the other direction and into the back of a Deatheater that was watching from the bushes.

"Well, well, what have we here?" He said, in a somewhat familiar voice. When he saw her face, he made a sound of disdain. "So you aren't what I thought you were! You were just pretending to be a Slytherin weren't you?"

When she didn't answer her tightened his hold on her arm, "WEREN'T YOU!?"

Dasani had just realized who the Deatheater really was. She glared at him through the fear that he was going to kill her now, "I have never said I was a Slytherin. Never."

"You need to learn to respect your elders. I will teach you a lesson! Crucio!" He pointed his wand at her.

Dasani blinked at him. 'Am I dead? Wait, that wasn't the killing spell . . . why isn't anything happening to me?'

The Deatheater (cough cough) Snape's father (cough cough) became furious. "What have you done? WHY WON'T IT WORK!? CRUCIO! CRUCIO! CRUCIO!"

'In denial, poor bloke' Dasani thought. She was not nearly so afraid anymore. She took the time while he was trying to curse her to take a look back to the rest of the fight. Most of the Deatheaters were gone or unconscious.

"I will consult my master about this later, but as for now, you are more trouble than you are worth, Avada Cad-"

Dasani's eye widened and she did the only thing she could think of; she put her palm out and sent a ball of green fire at him. This startled him into dropping his wand. (A/N: not a very good deatheater is he?)

Dasani turned on her heel and ran for all she was worth, almost running into Severus, who was standing behind the house out of harms way. He was about to say something (most likely degrading) when Sirius stuck his head out of the back door to look for Dasani.

"Dasani!" Sirius ran towards her. He held out his arms and she ran to him. He lifted her up and twirled her around in the air. "Dasani, I'm so sorry." The tall girl didn't answer, she just began to cry into his shoulder. After a few minutes, she dried her eyes and asked, "Is everyone okay? Where's Lily?"

Sirius nodded. "Mr. Potter took her home. Apparently they're leaving tomorrow for Venice."

(A/N: If this contradicts something I previously wrote, please forgive me)

"And everyone else left." James walked out the back door.

"Everyone? Where'd Severus go?" Dasani asked, looking behind her. He was nowhere to be seen.

"Severus?!" Sirius exclaimed, but at a glare from Dasani he shut up.

"Well . . ." James said, noting the tension, "How about some dinner?"

.................... . . . . . . . . .. .

-Venice, Italy-

Lily Evans was taking a vacation with her family in Italy. She was currently waiting for her order at a small restaurant a few blocks from the hotel.

"Petunia just HAD to have these bloody fish and chips." Lily muttered to herself. The restaurant was little more than an open window into a kitchen that made British food.

Lily sighed as she took her order from the counter, "Oh well, I wanted to go for a walk anyway. It's so beautiful here."

"I am, how do you say, glad that you like my country." The voice was accented, but decent in English.

Lily turned towards the voice. She came face-to-face with a boy a few years older than herself. He had black hair that was slightly long and brown eyes.

"May I walk you back to wherever you are going?" the boy asked.

Lily thought for a moment. "I really shouldn't be walking around with strangers."

His shoulders dropped a little.

"So, I think we should introduce ourselves so we won't be strangers anymore. I'm Lily."

He smiled a dashing smile and replied, "I am Sebastiano."

Lily frowned for a moment. "I think I'll just call you Sebastian."

"Very well." He held out his hand for her bag of food. "Let me help you with that." He took her other arm in his and they walked towards the hotel, talking about random things.

"Well, here it is." Lily said.

Sebastian set the bag down and took Lily's face in her hands, kissing both sides of her face, then taking her hand and kissing the top of that too.

"Thank you, Lily, for allowing me to escort you back. I hope that I may run into you again while you are visiting my country." Sebastian bowed.

Lily giggled and picked up the bag. She walked in the hotel waving to the Italian who was blowing kisses at her.

She got on the elevator and went to write a letter to Dasani.

. . . . . ..........................................

-Godric's Hollow-

An owl flew in the open kitchen window and dropped a letter on Dasani's lap. She was sitting in one of the stools next to the counter. She, James and Sirius were the only ones awake. They were having a midnight 'snack'. The 'snack' was really what Mr. and Mrs. Potter had for dinner, because the three teens had not been there. She opened the letter as the owl flew back outside. As she began reading, a smirk appeared on her face.

"Who's it from?" Sirius asked nosily, trying to read it too.

Dasani turned it so neither of them could read it and suddenly began to laugh.

"What???" James and Sirius exclaimed.

"It's from Lily."

"What does it say!" James said eagerly.

"Well APPARENTLY, Lily was picking up some food for Petunia at a restaurant and she met a BOY." Dasani grinned.

"WHAT!?" James nearly fell out of his chair.

"She met an Italian guy. He walked her back to their hotel and kissed BOTH of her cheeks." Dasani laughed at the look on James's face.

"And he kissed her hand."

"That's it! Next summer she's not allowed to go anywhere!" James said defiantly.

Dasani raised an eyebrow. "There's even a picture she had taken with him. He's pretty hot. She even said so. Man, next summer I'm going to go with her, I'd like to meet this guy. I wonder if he has any brothers . . ."

Now both James AND Sirius looked a little annoyed.

"What else did she say?" Sirius said frowning.

"Don't be so jealous!" Dasani said smiling. "Oh, she just asks how I'm doing at Sirius's house."

"Didn't you write to tell her that we're at James's?" Sirius questioned.

"No. I didn't want her to worry."

"You're going to catch all seven hells for that you know."

"Oh yes." Dasani sounded pleased at the prospect.

Sirius chuckled at his girlfriend's sense of humor.

While they had been talking James had picked up the picture that Lily had sent Dasani. He was squinting at it over his glasses trying to figure out what was so special about him.

"He's not that good-looking." James said obstinately.

"Are you kidding me!? He's gorgeous!" Dasani said. (A/N: I'm kind of picturing an Italian Diego Luna (Dirty Dancing Havana Nights) here) "Not as gorgeous as Sirius though."

Sirius wasn't paying enough attention to notice the compliment. He had walked over to stand behind Dasani and was looking at the letter over her shoulder.

He put his arms around her waist, laid his chin on her shoulder and said, "There's a P.S."

"Really?" Dasani read it aloud, "'P.S. You'd better write me back about what happens on the full moon, you should get this about the time it's the next one.'"

She looked over her shoulder and met Sirius's eyes. They both instinctively looked out the window. The clouds were covering the moon. Dasani removed Sirius's arms from her waist, stood up, and walked out the door. Sirius and James followed her.

There was a slight breeze that began to blow the clouds away. As the full moon was revealed, Dasani stiffened . . .

. . . . . . .......................

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