Chapter 1 - Assemble! NEO Lancers unit against the supreme king!

Sitting in their office, Reiji stares out into his view of Miami City. He watches the pretty lights on the billboards, and hears the laughter of families and friends. In his hand, he clutches a picture of him, Reira and his mother. Closing his eyes, images flash before him. They remind him of his time with the Lancers, his duel with Zarc when he was a corrupted demon, as well as the final duel with his father. The last image was that of the real Zarc's smile. His eyes snap open, as he squeezes the frame tighter, causing it to crack. Reiji almost collapses onto the window, stretching out one arm to push himself against the wall to steady himself. He gasps for air, still holding the frame in his hand.

It takes him a while, but he adjusts himself. Standing up straight, he pushes his glasses back as the doors behind him open. "I was curious when I'd see you at some point." Reiji turns to the person that enters his office, "Shingo Sawatari." Shingo approaches Reiji's desk. Reiji puts down the frame, and sits down in his chair. Shingo slams his hands onto the table. "When were you going to tell me?" Reiji remains silent, keeping a composed face. "You can quit being silent about it. I already know, little thanks to my father's influence." Reiji sits up, and rests his head on his hands. "What do you want, Sawatari?" Shingo stands up straight, and tries to look Reiji in the eye. "I want to be part of the new Lancer team."

In response, Reiji pushes a button under his desk, calling for the blinds to fall in front of the windows. The room lights turn on to compensate for the lack of real light. "How much do you know?" He asks. Shingo smiles, looking smug. "Zarc is back, the evil one. And you're assembling a Lancer team to fight back against him before he could destroy the dimensions." Reiji just sits there listening, "And?" Shingo's smug expression dies down as he looks irritated, "And I know you've not called any of the previous members. Noburo, Tsukikage, your brother. And that's only from this dimension. Have you asked Shun? Serena?" Reiji gets up from his chair and turns to a wall in his office. "They've already given so much. You've given so much. I couldn't possibly ask you all to come back and risk your lives again." Shingo locks his duel disk onto his arm, "I'm joining, whether you like it or not." Reiji doesn't look back, "If that's really how you feel, then I won't stop you. Let's go."

Shingo is excited, looking proud of himself. His expression changes slightly to confusion, "Let's go? Like now..." Before he could finish, the pair of them are engulfed into a blue light, and teleported to another dimension. They land in the former throne room of the Professor, Leo Akaba, in the Fusion Dimension. "Like now...wait, what?" Shingo looks around in amazement. "Welcome, Akaba Reiji!" A booming voice that radiators power and authority calls down from above them. There stands Jack Atlas. He struts down the steps towards them to greet the two. "Is he the only one you could bring?" Jack comments, his words gesture towards Shingo. "Yes, but once we're all here, then it wouldn't matter." Shingo starts looking more confused, "Wait! Did you plan this?"

"Good to see you again Shingo. I didn't think you'd so up." Shingo turns to see Serena leaning against one of the pillars. "Serena." Reiji calls out, "You said you found someone to join us, you two Jack." He turns to the King as he talks. Like clockwork, a woman in a scarlet red dress, with long dark burgundy hair. Jack introduces her, "Akaba Reiji, this is Aki Izayoi." She remains silent as Jack introduces her to the others. Despite her beautiful appearance, Reiji can tell from a single look that she holds a great power, "Welcome to the Lancers Ms Izayoi." Shingo looks a little disheartened, "What about Crow? Didn't you ask him?" Serena approaches him from behind and hits him in the back of the head, "Show some respect." Jack answers regardless, "Crow and his family no longer live in the Synchro Dimension. And besides, Aki volunteered to join us, as part of her final test." Reiji nods understandingly, then turns to Serena. "I got someone. They're just upstairs wrapping things up with Edo before leaving." Reiji pushes back his glasses and lifts his head high, "Good. Then once we're all together we can be ready to go."

"Not quite." A voice calls out from the shadows. Entering the throne room, Kaito joins the group. "We were unable to bring Shun with us." Standing beside Kaito was a male the same age as him, with purple hair and clothes, with a shark tooth necklace hanging from his neck. "I was going to say, that doesn't look like Shun." Shingo comments. The newcomer glares at Shingo. A cold shiver runs up his spine like a dagger against his bones. "My name is Reginald Kastle. But for short, just call me Shark." Reiji takes out his duel disk, and starts typing something, "I welcome you to the Lancers as well. I hope you're prepared for the trials you'll be facing on this journey. Both of you." He says, gesturing towards Aki. "Hold on!" Shingo cuts in, "Listen, I get you may not have wanted me, but you need a guy like Shun. Let's go down there and convince him to join us." Shark laughs at that, "Yeah right. Shun's been in a funk now for well over 2 months. Losing your best friend will do that. But at least he has his sister." The end of his sentence is filled with spite. "If you want Reiji, I can go back and convince him, but it won't be easy."

Reiji strokes his face as he thinks. "We need all the power we have to enter Zarc's domain, so I can only be willing to send a small amount of you." Kaito nods and steps forward, "I volunteer to try and convince him." Shark walks off to the side to lean on a broken pillar, "You can go without me, I'll stay here with the rest of the Oceans 11." "Then I'll go too." Serena speaks up. "Very well, it'll be you, Kaito and..." "Hold it!" A voice echoes down the corridor. Footsteps slowly grow as the owner enters the throne room. "This Shun guy? You say we need him? Is he strong?" Shingo looks towards the figure in the door. "Y-yeah, he's one of the best. Why do you..." "Then I'll go with them to convince him to join us." These words come out like demon roars. Serena realises who it is. "Are you sure you want to come, teacher?" A hard laugh booms down the throne room, "Of course. Standing toe to toe with strong opponents is part of being a true duelist. I can convince him by speaking to his heart." Coming into the light stands a tall, long haired male in an all black attire. Reiji smiles, presses send on his duel disk. "And who might you be?" He asks. "My name is Ryo Marufuji. But, you may refer to me as Kaizer Ryo!"

To be continued...