The Clone Saga staring Hamtaro

(A/N: I don't own Hamtaro or any of the other ham-hams, but I do own some characters that will

show up later.)

It was a typical Monday afternoon as Hamtaro scampered through the open window to get back

into his cage before Laura got home. "Oh cats, I really have to hurry" he said as he closed the

cage door behind him and not a moment too soon for as soon as he laid down to rest, Laura came

into the bedroom.

"Hi there little guy" she said as she put down her back pack. "Did you have a good day while I

was at school?". Yep, I sure did Hamtaro thought smiling, We had a lot of fun at the clubhouse

today, we played hide and go seek and I found everyone except Cappy, man I think he is getting

better every day.

Just then Laura's mom came in. " Oh, hi mom" Laura said. " Hi honey, how was your day? Did

anything interesting happen at school today". "Oh yeah, I forgot, Our teacher (A/N: I don't know

his name please tell me!) told us to bring in our pets tomorrow because a person was going to

visit the school to see if they have a disease that they say has been spreading". "That sounds

serious" her mom said "well you better make sure to bring in Hamtaro" she said. "Don't worry I

will" Laura said looking a little worried. Hamtaro looked at her confused. " I wonder what's got

Laura so worried" he said " I hope It's nothing serious".

Later that night...

As Laura was getting ready for bed, Hamtaro was sitting in his cage already feeling drowsy " I

guess today took a lot more out of me than I thought" he said as he fell asleep. As Laura walked

in she looked at the little hamster who was already fast asleep. " Aww, he's so cute" Laura said as

she climbed into bed and turned out the lights. Soon she fell asleep think that tomorrow was

going to be just another normal day.

How very wrong she was...

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