Chapter 3

(A/N: the winner of the name contest is: Eru! Thanks for the names!)

The 3 clones were in the process of making the laboratory their home and trying to find their

predecessors. "But first we need names" the Hamtaro clone stated. "Good plan genius, but where

are we supposed to get them?" the Pashmina clone said sarcastically. "Uh..." the Hamtaro clone

said, he hadn't quite figured that out yet. "Well I have a suggestion, why not use their names?"

the Oxnard clone said as he was staring at the 3-D models. The Hamtaro clone clicked on the

model of Hamtaro and a full bio popped up.

Name: Hamtaro Haruna

Height: 2 ft, 3in

Blood type: ab positive

"Okay then I will call myself Hamutaro" he said and it was clear he had miss read the name. The

Oxnard and Pashmina clones looked at the bios of their predecessors and they had mad looks on

their faces. "There is no way we are having stupid names like Oxnard and Pashmina" they said

angrily. Then they glanced over to a picture of Mr. Onykawa's family. They read the inscription


"That' a good name for me, I will call myself Koushrin!" the Oxnard clone said. "And I will call

myself Mahura!" the Pashmina clone said. "Okay, okay" Hamutaro said "now that this is out of

the way, we should concentrate on finding these guys" he said as he pointed to the models.

"Hm" Mahura said " I do seem to recall a place where they go to, it's some sort of club house in

the woods". "Well that narrows it down to about 100 places" Koushirn said angrily "couldn't you

be a bit more specific?". "Well, I'm sure I could recognize some of the landmarks there" Mahura

said. "Well alright then" Hamutaro said eagerly "lets get going and find these dudes quickly".

A few hours later...

Hamutaro, Koushrin, and Mahura were walking down the street in the city after a quick stop at

the toy store for some clothes. Hamutaro was now wearing a black leather jacket and green

shades. Koushirn was now wearing a blue bandana and a cowboy hat and was carring a knapsack

containing some seeds and a piece of broken glass from the lab. And Mahura was wearing a blood

red scarf similar to the pink one Pashmina wore all the time. Soon they reached the edge of the

forest and went in, all except for Koushirin that is. "What's the matter?" Hamutaro asked "I"m a

little nervous actually" Koushirin said as he was shivering. "Oh stop whing and come on you big

baby" Mahura said as they dragged him in.

After walking for a few hours, the were starting to tire out. "Oh man, are we ever going to find

these guys?" Hamutaro said. "I think this is just a wild goose chase" Koushrin said looking at

Mahura who was looking a little nervous. Just then they bonked into someone. As they looked

down they saw a golden furred hamster with 3 stripes on top of his head lying on the ground. "Oh

my head, what happened?" he said. "Hey!" Mahura said as she looked at him "I remember this

guy, this is Stan, he is one of their friends".

As Stan looked at her, his jaw dropped open and he ran to her "Hey there cutie" he said

seductively " I sure haven't seen you around here before" he said as he put his arm around her.

Mahura growled and grabbed Stan's paw and threw him into a tree. As Stan was laying on the

ground groaning, Mahura walked up to him. "Don't ever call me cutie" she snarled "now then, we

are looking for these guys" she said as she showed him a drawing they did of Hamtaro, Oxnard,

and Pasmina. "Why do you want to see them?" Stan asked. "We think that there isn't enough room

here for all of us" Hamutaro said " so we are going to destroy them".

Upon hearing this, Stan became very defensive and marched up to them "NO WAY!" he

shouted " I wont let you hurt them!". Koushrin smirked and grabbed Stan by the neck and

shoved him into a tree. "Well, well I think if your going to get in our way, we should take you

out" He said as Mahura handed him the shard of glass they took from the lab. "Time to say

goodbye" Koushrin said nastily as he plunged the shard into Stan's chest. Stan screamed in pain

as blood gushed out of the wound. Koushrin then twisted the shard and dropped Stan's now

lifeless body onto the ground in a slowly spreading pool of blood. "Well" Hamutaro said "that's

one interloper out of the way". "Yeah" Mahura agreed as the walked away laughing sinisterly.

To be continued...