AN: Hey. So I have good news and bad news.

I completely lost the plot on this story as I'm sure some of you can tell. I'm not happy with it at all really, the MCU was a bad place to start and I can think of a dozen different ways to do things differently. The bad news is that I'm calling it quits on this one, this will be the last chapter of the story to wrap up Sean's adventure.

On the other hand, the good news is that I don't plan to stop writing. I'll be posting a new Jumpchain soonish, one that's a little more well thought out and balanced. I'll still be using the Auto-Chain system but the MC will be different. Keep your eyes open for that.

Sorry guys, this felt like the best option instead of killing myself trying to find ways to keep writing a story that wasn't working.

Chapter 12: Everything Falls Apart

Where did it all go wrong?

Sean looked out over the open space surrounding Omega. The vast expanse was lit up with flashes of weapons fire and explosions as the remainders of sentient life in the galaxy did battle with the Reapers. It was a last desperate fight, but they were losing quickly.

After the raid on Omega that put Sean and Ava in charge of the station everything seemed like it would work out. They were in a good position to steer events down a better path and prepare everyone for the coming threat.

What they didn't count on was that the Reapers weren't the type to sit back and wait. Something about their actions had prompted the giant mechanical murder squids to speed up their plans. They had only a year to start organizing Omega and the Terminus Systems when Saren made his move.

There was no one in position to stop him when he attacked Eden Prime. The Normandy had yet to launch and Shepard hadn't been picked as a Spectre candidate. The rogue Turian's actions caught the whole galaxy by surprise, and before Sean could react he had already made it to the Citadel to launch the invasion.

Unlike in the games, no one was able to stop him as the arms of the Citadel opened up and hundreds of Reapers came through, annihilating the Council Fleet in the process. From there it was a desperate fight for everyone, but one they were bound to lose. With no warning and no symbol like Shepard to rally them it was every man for himself.

In Council space the different species threw every ship they had at the monsters, but it was never enough. Millions died every day, colonies disappeared, ships were reduced to scrap, and probably worst of all was the indoctrination. The entire Salarian government was brainwashed by the Reapers and joined the fight against their former allies. Similarly, the Geth as a whole were subsumed by those among them that worshipped the Reapers.

The Humans in the Systems Alliance were the first major race to be taken out. It took the Reapers a matter of minutes to cut through the defense fleets around Earth and less than a day to reduce the planet to slag. As far as anyone could tell the leadership of the Humans was all but gone, reduced to a handful of low ranking politicians spread amongst the outlying colonies.

It didn't take long for the others to fall as well, the Turians were one of the last governments to fall. Once they realised what was happening they spread their chain of command among their fleets and colonies, but it was no more than a stalling tactic. They too were rendered leaderless in short order.

As more and more planets fell, people fled to the Terminus Systems hoping to find refuge. Millions were huddled amongst the alleyways and maintenance tunnels of the station, able to do nothing more than hope. Sean knew it wouldn't do them any good, there were simply too many Reapers and they weren't going to let anyone survive.

A flash signalled the destruction of the last ship, all of the Reapers turning their attention on the station. Their combined weapons fire seared through Omega like a hot knife through butter. On instinct Sean reached for Ava, remembering at the last moment that she was gone. She had been aboard the Frigga on recon when the first Reaper appeared and vaporised the ship in an instant.

He wasn't too broken up, it was certainly a shock to see her simply disappear, but the magic of companions meant that she would be back in his Fortress in a day or two. By then it wouldn't matter though as the beam of the Reaper swept over him.


Subject terminated. Beta test cancelled.

Returning subject to original location.

Analysing Chain. Locating flaws. Optimizing.

Selecting new subject.

Adjusting Chain parameters.

New subject selected. Launching new Chain.


With a gasp Sean sat upright, looking around he found himself in the master bedroom of the Fortress. Next to him, still asleep, was Ava. On his end table was the jump tablet, it's notification light flickering. After taking a moment to assure himself his wife was truly there, he picked the tablet up and turned it on.

Thank you, Jumper, for your participation in the Auto-Chain beta. As promised, with your death you have been returned to the universe of your origin.

Please enjoy your life.

Well that was short and to the point. Sean made his way to the front entrance hall, in place of where the portal usually appeared stood a door. He took a breath and pulled the door open, in the distance he could see the skyline of Boston. He was home, but he had a whole host of powers and technology to do with as he pleased.

As he felt a pair of arms wrap around him from behind he smiled. Things could be a hell of a lot worse.

AN: So there it is. Sean and Ava are back in Sean's home universe with all their perks and items, plus the Fortress itself. Plenty of opportunity for them to do just about anything.

Well, I hope to see you on the next story and thank you all for coming along for the ride.