When the Dark Faes woke up, they sense something was wrong. Phil come out from the castle with a Tundra Fae and there was red powder on her clothing. The Faes recozie it from the Queen's Battle and some Faes shudder. When the Fae saw them looking, she said something to Phil afterwards Phil come to them.

Phil sigh and said, "There something we need to discuss privately." The Faes were nervous about what was going to be discuss. "And to met our friends as well"

The faes went and follow the prince inside the castle to a room with a window, waiting inside was Maleficent, Aurora and M Faes. The Dark Faes saw them better. The mystery faes has the differents wings color as their types and the wing were a bit lager than their types. The Dark Faes didn't like being in close space but talorate it because the other Faes didn't seem to mind.

What do you want us here for, said Conall.

Aurora sigh and said, We tell you after Phil tell you a secret and we have one as well.

My father know something was going with my mother, since she never took care of me. Then, Phil said scared as everyone recall the day before, She push me of the tower. My own mother was a traitor to us and my bride. She is my real mom." Looking at the Fae beside him when she nodded Phil turn into a Fae. Our friends and us are called Moor Fairies or Feather fairies. We had problems even though we are more immune to the stuff that hurts or kills you. A goat come in was rubbing her head against him. we have reminders, telling us to be careful. Phil and the others one reveal scars on their bodies as they open their wings. The powder is not fatal to you anymore.

How , a Fae asked shocked as the rest. It surprise them.

"It can still weaken you, Maleficent warn, "or be fatal if you don't trust us. We all know will take time build trust."

"We will earn your trust", Borass said as he and the other Fae bowed, "however long it takes."

Some human parents come in, some of the Moor Faes groan and went out of the room, leaving the Dark Faes confuse.

"What going on", Conall said.

"Let's say Moors fly sooner than later," a human woman said.

"Since of we were late getting wings," Aurora said, "and we stuck teaching them even though we are just learning as well."

"I'm back to the Moor," Mal said, after the wedding done."

"Wait", a Dark Fae said, "you not coming back to our home."

"Why would she go to with you when you never looked", a Moor Fae asked earning a glared from Aurora.

"None of them knew she was abandoned", Aurora said, "because they were kids when it happen. You can stay with us for while if you want after the Wedding?"

After a While Conall said, "We stay for the year then we return to our home"

The wedding was great and everyone was happy except one. The human was mad that his planned failed and the Kingdoms were united. At least he know the Dark Fae weakness and it won't be long before he finds their village.

Author's Note


Who is this man and what does he what with the Faes