I like to think I was not a foolish little girl in the remote slightest. A bit on the dense side during personal interactions mainly because most people just didn't make sense to me? That I honestly didn't care enough to understand them because in the end they did not in all reality really matter to me if SAR situations weren't involved, all while being a self admitted bitch?

Yes, quite true.

Though that was all thanks to my being somewhat emotionally stunted and having a very analytical outlook on life in general, all thanks to my asshole Grandfather, amazing fucking bastard that he was.

Regardless of that landmine waiting to go off at anytime, was I a foolish little girl? No, I would like to think not at all.

This was very likely one of the reasons I got along with Accord so well; follow 'The Three P's' and there would be no problems after all, business as usual. With that in mind I saw the building fury in my besties gaze as I tried to mitigate damage...for all the good it would do.

"Err... Yes... I'm dating Amy Dallon now, she's...well I wouldn't say nice, but she gets me you know?"

Taylor continued to glare at me as she visibly shuddered and collected herself, making me feel like an absolute piece of shit considering the injuries she was recovering from at the moment.

Eventually she sniffled, then met my gaze again while muttering, "How long?"

I blinked at that, then scoffed, "Err...two hours I think..."

Her emotions blanked out, then she cocked her head to the side, then blinked rapidly before muttering, "How the hell long was I out of it?"

I shrugged, "Err...two days more or less. Amy healed you earlier today, then she sort of tricked me into going on a date with her afterwards since she has kinda been into me for a year now and I then kind of got railroaded into a romantic relationship with her, then kissing happened and now we're dating I guess? Yay?"

Taylor stared at me for roughly thirty seconds before she shoved her face into her pillow and broke out laughing.

I...should probably take offense to that.

Eventually Taylor calmed down enough to break away from the pillow and sat up staring at me in open amusement, once again I should probably be taking offense at the moment.

"Amy Dallon, as in Panacea? That is your new girlfriend?"

I shrugged and raised my hands up palms out in a 'what can you do' motion while muttering out, "Yeah?"

Taylor stared at me for a moment, then shook her head slowly while muttering, "Of course, two hedgehogs sitting on a log side by side next to the fire...makes sense..."

Wait, what?

Before I could respond to the...weird, Taylor pulled me into a tight hug burying her face into my shoulder, I barely heard her muffled, "I hope she meets my approval, and it doesn't matter as long as she makes you happy," before she pulled back down to the bed to cuddle me. Ten seconds later, Taylor was snoring, and that was as they say that for the evening. Blinking out of her arms just long enough to blink a pillow in my place, I pulled the sheets and blanket over her shivering form, kissed her brow, then shot her one last tired smile before blinking home.

What a fucking night.

Appearing in the front yard I looked up at the old townhouse and suppressed a grimace, this wasn't going to be fun. Walking up the worn sandstone walkway up to the chipped brick stair porch I fished into my pocket for the door key when said door of dry rot wood and peeling paint swung open and I met the towering figure of my grandfather, glaring down at me in all his wife beater clad glory.

Oh joy.

"Granddaughter," the silver haired balding old man drawled out.

I raised my chin in clear defiance as I replied with, "Grandfather."

"You were out past curfew, again."

Brushing past him earning an annoyed grunt for my efforts, go me, I began untying my boots and then kicked them off into the corner while dryly stating, "Shit went down, had to take care of it. The jock and traitor bitch's tried to murder Taylor, if you hadn't read the note I left. Ended up offing the jock in return because she fucking deserved it, ends up she was also a Ward so that's a thing. Also I have a girlfriend now, try not to interact with New Wave all that much by the by, Brandish is a first rate cunt and if she finds out Amelia is actually happy she'll probably blow a gasket. I'll be in my room if you need me."

"Keiko," my name crossing his lips sounded pained, I turned to meet his gaze and found myself shocked at the soft expression he was giving me as he gestured towards the kitchen. "Granddaughter, would you...would you like to tell me about your day over tea?"

I was at a loss, the entire time I'd been under my Grandfather's care he had always been taciturn, dismissive, almost negligent. Where the fuck was this coming from?


He sighed as his shoulders slumped, "I received a phone call from the PRT today, that you were outed as a very well known Rogue Cape, and that you had agreed to join the Wards under several stipulations that required me to agree with to be followed through. You...you are your mother's daughter without question. You are brilliant, vindictive, clever, and cunning... I have always known this, and while I never said it before, I will say it now, you make me proud."

I...don't think anything could possibly make me speechless quite like this... Well, Amy kissing me had managed it earlier today but that was equally as 'struck by a sidewinder' shocking so yeah...ok... Keiko...how are you going to respond to this?

I ended up simply following him into the kitchen, I sat in my favorite chair, he poured me tea, added honey and mint, stirred it gently, then sat across from me, hands classed on the table with a patient gaze trying to meet my furtive eyes. Clumsily taking the cup in hand I sipped the tea, savored its heat, took in a deep breath, and met his dark gaze evenly, after he took a sip from his cup and set it down, he spoke.

"Granddaughter, please, bear with me a moment... I know I have never been the most open and caring person in the world. I am well aware of this since your mother cracked me on the side of the head with a shinai saying just as much when she was your age, although with more vulgarity and spite involved than I am inferring. Know this though, you are my child, I have raised you for the past decade and I am proud of the woman you are soon to become. Thus please, tell an old man the truth."

His eyes became infinitely more intense as he leaned forward and whispered, "What. Happened?"

What could I say to that? Really? I took in a deep breath, then spoke, "I know you know I'm a parahuman, but what you don't know is that I blame myself for mom, dad, and Suguha dying when Kyushu sank. That I throw myself at every Endbringer battle to save as many as I can not because I give a damn about anyone in particular, but because I wish there had been a Blink there... That there had been a Blink to save my little sister from the monster... I...I think that was what Taylor became to me, my little sister to protect, to save...and...and she almost died, and I wasn't there to save her, again. I just..."

I don't know when I started crying, or how I ended up being held by that abrasive old bastard as he ran a hand down my back while I wrapped my arms around his neck sobbing into his shoulder as he spoke soothing words into my ear, but I can honestly say I think it was the first time in my life that we actually understood each other.


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