Completely random insomnia update, enjoy!

"You hungry?"

I stirred and shifted my head enough to glance up, not that it meant much since Amy's head was still resting on mine.

"Eh? Sure I suppose, I mean...I guess?"

Amy snorted a moment then drawled out, "I believe you told me once that coffee and cigarettes weren't sustenance and despite how much I insisted otherwise medical science wouldn't defer to my expert opinion on the matter."

I couldn't help laughing at the quip, "Shit you're still hung up on that?"

Amy stretched out her arms and shrugged my head off her shoulder as she straightened out her robe while standing up, "Damn well right I am shorty."

I took to my feet while ruffling my hair in frustration scowling at her, "Hey now you're as short as I am no throwing stones at that glass house bitch."

She smirked back at me then while shrugging, "Bitch please, you're wearing heeled boots, I'm not."

I snarled a bit at that kicking the gravel on the roof in annoyance while muttering, "Goddess I hate you."

Her smirk turned into a full on grin, "So where do you want to go eat? Your friend is seriously out for the next day at least and I know you don't want to spend any time with your grandfather so lets eat."

I irrationally snapped back with "Oh like you don't want to spend any quality time with your 'mother' instead of me hmm?"

I regretted my words immediately as they crossed my lips seeing the pained and conflicted expression spread across Amy's face soon shifting into a state of simmering rage.


I took a step forward and placed a hand on her shoulder while doing my best to beat my innate confrontational personality down for at least a few minutes, "Amelia I'm sorry I... I meant to hurt you because I'm frustrated but I didn't even remotely think it out. Honestly, I'm sorry, I bypassed bitch mode and upgraded to Uber Bitch, and seriously I'm sorry."

Amy was silent for nearly a solid minute, then eventually took in a deep breath while opening her eyes and meeting my gaze evenly, "Apology accepted Keiko, please don't do it again. Also, I'm sorry for bringing up your grandfather, I know he's a sore topic."

I couldn't help it, I pulled her into a hug and whispered into her ear, "I promise, I'm sorry and you're forgiven."

She returned my hug pulling me close while whispering out, "I wish Carol would let us be friends..."

My only reply was a resigned, "Me too..."

Holding her for a few moments longer than I probably should have I let Amy go and gave her a wan smile, "So, where to? Fugly Bob's?"

I fully expected having to go to that fucking grease house, but Amy reached out and gently pinched my chin while smiling lightly as she turned my gaze to hers, " about Sammy's?"

I blinked at that, "Umm...that's the sandwich and soup shop that's supposed to be for dates and shit like that right?"

"Yup!" She stated with an enthusiastic popping of the 'p'.

I was truly lost here, but if that was what she wanted so be it, tossing aside the long burnt out cigarette butt I shrugged and took her hand while smiling.

"Very well milady, your chariot awaits," with a smirk she gripped my hand and we blinked to an alley a block away from the restaurant.

Arriving we walked towards the diner in question when Amy eventually asked, " you think it's weird when girls like girls like guys do?"

I paused a second then shot her a side-eyed glance, "You mean do I think it's weird if people are lesbians?"


She said that with such a despondent note I really didn't know how to react other than to say, "No?"

She nodded at that, pulled her robes off revealing a simple winter jacket and skinny jeans as she shoved her costume into an apparently hidden backpack, then turned to meet my now very confused gaze.

"Good," Then she kissed me, grabbed my hand and began dragging me towards the café as my brain completely blue screened.

If you think this abrupt it is, Panpan is feeling threatened by Taylor's existence so she's staking her claim with a very very confused Keiko.