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The Clowns Son

Chapter 2

"Oh my god" thought the white haired man. Allen weakly leaned against the wall of the corridor he was currently shuffling through. He looked a mess, his hair was disheveled and so was his uniform. He felt like his wife had sucked the soul out of his body and she wasn't "finished with him", he shivered in fear as he remembered his wife's words. She had merely given him a 30 minute break to get something to eat, after the break his punishment would continue. The man was terrified but, he had brought this on himself and he would "man up" to get the job done. His legs wobbled. The man felt like crying.

The man suddenly got distracted when he saw a bright light coming from the training room that he was passing. "That's weird, it's kinda of getting late, no one should be up at this time" Allen continued to walk towards the training room wondering who could be here so late. As the man approached he heard grunting, Allen decided to pop his head around the corner slightly to get a good look at the night owl. His face immediately went from one filled with confusion, to one filled with pride. Allen let a small smile grace his face as he watched his son sweating and panting heavily throwing kicks.

He continued to observe what his son was doing, watching him throw out rapid kicks along with a few punches. Mana had stopped for a bit to catch his breath, he had hunched over panting and sweating heavily. Allen decided at this moment to make his presence known, "Hey son!" Mana stiffened in fear hearing his fathers voice knowing he shouldn't be up this late. "H-h-hey dad." the boy shakily replied to his father. "You do realize how late it is right? Your mother is definitely not going to tolerate you disobeying her like this so soon." Allen told the boy. "I know dad, please don't tell mom!" replied Mana in fear not wanting a worse punishment than the current one given by Lenalee.

Allen couldn't help but chuckle at his sons fear of his mother. "I'll tell you what, how about we make a bet, I won't tell your mother unless you can accomplish a task." Allen told the boy "A task?" Mana replied in confusion and interest. If he could complete whatever task his father wanted him to then he could get away from this incident scott free? Sounded too good to be true but, he had no choice. This was his best chance to not get in trouble with his mother again so soon. He had made up his mind "Ok dad, what's the task?" Mana asked accepting his fathers vague deal. Allen couldn't help but smirk at this.

"Your task is to forcefully, have at least one of my knees touch the ground in a 1 minute time limit, basically make me kneel." "WHAT!?!" replied Mana in shock. Allen couldn't help his smirk grow larger at seeing the shock on his sons face "What? Can't even make one of my knees touch the ground son? Your sister was able to at your age" the man said purposely knowing this would anger his son into trying the futile bet. Mana felt a vein on the back of his head throb as he looked as fathers arrogant face "ALRIGHT, YOUR ON YOU SHITTY OLD MAN!!" Mana said in anger.

Allen chuckled "Alright then." He walked over to a large black box placed on the floor of the training room, it was a timer. The man pressed a few buttons and the timer started counting down from 1 minute and 30 seconds "Ok Mana, once the timer reaches the 1 minute mark you can come at me with everything you've got to make me kneel, but once it buzzes, it's times up and you will have lost the bet." The man stretched with an arrogant smile on his face to anger his son, knowing the smile would anger the boy into thinking he wasn't taking this seriously because, he wasn't. Well he kinda of was, but he mostly wanted to see his sons current power level. He wanted to know what Mana was capable of.

Meanwhile Mana who was standing opposite from Allen was fuming watching his father stretch. The smile his father had on was annoying him to no end. "Just you watch dad, I'll make you kneel and beg for mercy." the boy laughed quietly to himself, he was currently having a sick fantasy of his father kneeling to him and having him regret treating him like a child. Allen looked at the timer to see how soon the match would begin, Mana quickly shook his head clearing his fantasies as he also decided to look at the timer. 1 minute 5 seconds it read, the two males quickly turned their heads to look at one another getting ready. The timer had reached 1 minute. They were off.

Mana quickly shot from his position ready to kick is father on the right side of his face. Mana lifted up his right leg once in close proximity to the man ready to make contact but Allen quickly lifted up his right hand to block the kick, he didn't even open his hand to catch the kick, he simply blocked it with the back of his hand in a balled up fist. Mana quickly used his fathers weight and strength from blocking of his earlier attack to spin around and use his left leg to kick his father, aiming for the top of Allen's head. But the grown man simply lowered his head to dodge his sons kick. Once Mana missed the kick, he landed back on feet in front of his father and quickly put some distance between himself and Allen. The boy looked at the clock, 50 seconds it read.

Mana growled to himself as he quickly looked back at his father who was casually yawning with a smile on his face, looking extremely relaxed. Mana felt a vein throb on the back of his head seeing the arrogant attitude his father was giving him. During this momentary lapse in concentration Mana noticed his father wound up disappearing from in front of him in an instant. "Come on son is that the best you can do?" Allen said to his son. Mana widened his eyes in shock as he realized his father was speaking to him from directly behind. "He's fast!" Mana could only spin half way around to block his fathers left jab with his own left arm. Mana scrunched his eyes in pain as he felt the force of his fathers punch, he may have blocked it but that didn't stop the fact his fathers strength was on whole 'nother level. Allen then quickly unleashed a flurry of punches on his son as Mana tried his best to keep up with his fathers speed and power. Allen smirked watching Mana's face go from shock to concentration in the instant he closed the gap.

"He's quick to anger but knows not to get caught up in his emotions for too long." Allen thought to himself. He was very happy to see his sons training going well. Mana on the other hand had decided to quickly distance himself from his father, wanting to get away and revaluate his battle strategy. Panting heavily Mana looked at the clock and widened his eyes in shock, 30 seconds it read. A lot of time flew by in the onslaught of punches his father was giving him. He quickly looked back at his father who was standing across from him simply smiling wanting to see what he does next. Mana clicked his tongue in annoyance deciding on his next strategy. He shot from his position again quickly preforming a left roundhouse quick to his fathers face who merely blocked it again easily. Mana then landed on the ground back on his feet, he crouched down low and then proceeded to launch himself up. Mana balled up his right hand as he knew what to aim for, he was aiming directly for Allens chin. Allen widened his eyes as he saw his son coming from below him with an uppercut. He couldn't help the smirk that came to his face.

He underestimated his son, allowing him to stay so close to him but, damn was the man proud. Mana was taking advantage of him being too relaxed and decided to aim for the part that would be an instant knockout. Hitting a person on the chin no matter the height or weight difference would instantly weaken the persons legs and cause them unable to stand. It's an area all boxers aim for when given the chance and the more momentum the person has, the more force the punch will have as well. He was proud of his son for making such a high risk-high reward play but it wasn't going to work. Allen smirked as he bent the top half of his body slightly back to avoid the punch his son threw. Allen then quickly spun around Manas left to be behind him. In the instant his father moved Mana widened his eyes in shock, even in such a close range his father was able to avoid him. Mana was still in the air with his balled up fist, he simply wasn't quick enough to turn around to block his fathers next attack. Allen who was now behind his son quickly grabbed Manas right arm and twisted it to his back and pushed the boy down face first as he grabbed his sons left hand as well, Allen then placed his knee into his sons back while he held the boys arm pushing it a bit causing Mana some pain. He had the boy completely pinned. BEEEEEEEEEP. Time was up.

Allen got up letting the boy go as he stood up, he was stretching with a smile on his face. "Not bad Mana. Good job using my underestimation of you to your advantage" Allen said in pride "but you're still too slow to keep up and you're still quick to anger. It may not be as bad as it once was you still need to keep your emotions in check, your concentration can be broken easily." Allen continued seriously giving his review of his sons performance to Mana. Allen had continued to ramble on for a few minutes discussing moves and battle strategies when he realized his son hadn't responded to any of his advice. The man had his back turned since the fight had ended and decided to finally look the boy face to face. Allen turned around to see his son still lying face down on the ground in the same position since the fight ended, Allen squealed in fear thinking he somehow killed his son in their sparring session. The man sprinted over to his son "Oi Mana! Are you okay!?!" the man shouted in fear running around the boy checking his breathing when he realized something. His son was asleep, looks like that sparring session took the last bit of energy he had left.

Allen smiled softly to himself chuckling as he watched his son snore away on the floor. He decided it would be best to get Mana to his bed, he gently flipped his son over on his back and then proceeded to place his arms underneath Manas knees and head. Lifting up the boy Allen walked towards the exit of the training room, he stopped by the light switch trying his best not move Mana around too much as to not wake him so he could turn off the lights as he left. He succeeded and proceeded to walk into the dimly lit corridors of The Order.

As Allen walked he couldn't help but look at his sons face, Allen's smile had never left his face since he picked up Mana in the training room. Allen had become lost in thought as he walked while staring at his sons face. The dimly lit corridors did make it slightly difficult to see but not impossible. Allen continued to simply reminisce of all the memories he had made with his son. Reminding him of his own father, he did name his own son after his own father, that's how much he loved him. Allen's smile faded into a slight frown, sure he had loved his father. Mana is the man who was his father, not the Millennium Earl. He was nothing but a monster and his father would be sickened at what he had become.

Allen was pulled out his thoughts when he realized he had arrived at his sons room. The man leaned the boy closer to his chest as he attempted to twist the doorknob to Manas room without disturbing the sleeping boy too much. Once accomplished Allen entered the room and quickly walked over to his sons bed placing him on it. He took off Manas boots and socks without waking him and then proceeded to pull the boys covers over him. Once that was done he quietly walked over to his sons personal bathroom to wash his hands. Allen ran the water and used the soap on the sink to scrub his hands free of any dust he may have picked up in the sparring session he had with his son. While he was doing this, Allen decided to look up from his hands underneath the running water to look at the mirror directly in front of him.

He widened his eyes a bit at what he saw but, quickly narrowed them in anger. Nea was here again, he still appears randomly when Allen least expects it. He clicked his tongue in annoyance as he saw Nea's reflections smiling at him in amusement. "What do you want Nea?" Allen asked his inner Noah in a hushed angry whisper. Nea simply smiled back "Oh nothing, I just wanted to say how cute it looked while you were playing with your son." replied Nea arrogantly. Allen growled angrily and replied back "Stay the hell away from my son and the rest of my family." Nea chuckled slightly "That's up for you to decide boy." Allen growled again and decided to walk away from the reflection knowing he'd disappear again for who knows how long.

As Allen walked back into his sons room Nea's words still echoed in his head. He quickly shook the thoughts away knowing this is exactly what the Noah wanted. Allen walked over to his sons bed and quietly pulled up the chair that occupied the room. He looked at sons sleeping face as he lost himself in his thoughts. He believed he had finally defeated and conquered the 14th Noah but to his surprise he hadn't. He isn't in danger of losing himself anymore like all those years ago, at least that's what he hoped, it's still unknown to him what's possible to occur. Nea still continues to pop at random times through out the years. Sometimes he pops up consecutively for a few days and some other times he doesn't see him for years. The last time Allen saw him was a year ago so more than likely he will not see his inner Noah again for quite awhile again hopefully. But you can never know, he continued to watch his son sleeping peacefully with a small smile on his face. Allen loved his family and he would do anything to protect them. It was his vow to put an end to this war and save both Akuma and Humanity and now he has even more reason to fulfill that goal. He wants to make a bright future for his children so they wouldn't go through what he and everyone else at The Order have.

The man decided to look at the clock on his sons nightstand wondering what time it was. 12:28pm it read, the man then proceeded to look back at his son smiling. As Allen stared at his son, his smile slowly started to fade into a frown, then shock hit him. The man quickly threw his hands into his hair pulling it as realization struck him. His wife. The break. He had 2 minutes. The man quickly and quietly placed his sons chair back from where he grabbed it and proceeded to walk quickly out the room. He shut his sons door quietly and then proceeded to sprint down the dark corridors hoping to God he makes it in time.

Allen was panting and sweating heavily by the time he had made it to his shared room. He quickly opened up the door and shut it behind him. He hunched over, placing his hands on his knees panting heavily out of breath. Once Allen calmed his breathing he looked up towards their bed to see Lenalee's bare back, Allen bite his lip in fear as he could not see his wife's face in the dimly lit bedroom. He quickly looked at the clock on the wall to see what the time was. 12:31pm. He was 1 minute late. Allen gulped, "there was no way Lenalee would be angry over 1 minute. Right?", The women stood up and walked over to the man and Allen did his best to look at his wife's face, not wanting his eyes to trail down his bare wife's body. He may have seen his wife's body plenty of times throughout the years but for this situation he thought it would be best if he fought against his manly urges to keep his wife from exploding in anger. Unfortunately for him though, Allen couldn't see Lenalee's face properly as the dimly lit room and his wife's hair shielded her eyes.

The women placed both her hands on Allen's chest as she leaned up slightly to whisper into his ear. The man shook in fear "Your late~" Lenalee whispered slowly and seductively. Allen's eyes widened to the size of dinner plates, looks like even 1 minute is too long. "You kept me waiting for so long Allen, looks like your punishment will need to be extended~" Lenalee whisper was filled with so much lust. He decided to finally get a good look at his wife's face, her cheeks were pink and her eyes were needy, for a split second Allen thought he saw Lenalees pupils in the shape of hearts.

Lenalee pushed her bare chest against Allen as she moaned his name. "Allen~ We're going all night, you left me for too long~" The man felt his heart drop, looks like he definitely isn't going to get rest anytime soon.

The Next Morning...

Lavi walked in tiredly into the Black Orders cafeteria. It was a crowded and busy morning like any other in the cafeteria as many finders, scientists, exorcists, and other Black Order workers met to get breakfast and discuss their plans for the day. Among this vast amounts of people Lavi could see a white haired exorcist general slumped face first on one of the cafeteria tables along with a brown haired boy. They were surrounded by plates and other dirty dishes show casing the amount food the two had consumed.Lavi couldn't help but chuckle at this, everyone always knew parasitic type exorcists consumed more food than usually and Liana was no different from her father but, it definitely was a surprise to see Mana consuming a large amount of food as well. Mana isn't a parasitic type and Komui along with his science division were stumped as to why he was consuming so much food like a parasitic type. After long time of painful research they had finally figured it out, it seems a big appetite simply ran in the Walker family line. Safe to say a lot of people, including Lavi, continually teased Allen for the next couple of days for this, it was quite funny to see Allen's embarrassment at knowing that his glutinous nature was simply a part of him and not because of his parasitic Innocence.

Deciding it's best to see what his pupil and friend were doing slumped over on the table Lavi started walking towards them. Once Lavi got there and sat down the father and son made no indication of acknowledging his presence. Lavi getting impatient finally decided he'd be the first one to talk. "So would anyone like to tell me why you guys are face first on the table?" Lavi questioned the duo, Mana twitched and slowly lifted his head to get a good look at his masters dumb face. He felt the vein on his forehead throb as he instead decided to ask his own question "WHERE THE HELL WERE YOU YESTERDAY? YOU SHITTY MASTER!" Mana yelled at Lavi fuming. Lavi couldn't help but chuckle at his pupils anger. He raised both his hands in a calming motion as he explained himself, "Calm down Mana I wasn't out gambling this time. I was at a bar flirting with women" Lavi replied a big smile on his face, quite proud of himself. The boys right eye twitched in annoyance, he was right after all. "Well the reason I'm so tired Master is because I was up late training" the boy replied back in annoyance. The statement didn't have the fire and the usually snarky comment that Mana was well known for. It was said tiredly. Mana just didn't have the energy today to play along with his masters games.

"Right. That explains you but, what about your dad here?" Lavi questioned in confusion. Allen finally lifted his head up tiredly deciding to join in on the conversation "Let's say Lenalee has been a bit...clingy since I've come back" Allen said trying to choose his words wisely. Lavi smirked and then unleashed a howl of laughter knowing exactly what Allen was talking about. Allen with slightly red cheeks felt a vein on his forehead pop as his friend continued to laugh loudly at his misfortune. Mana who was very much confused at what his father meant tilted his head in thought trying to understand why his master was finding the statement so funny. Mana hadn't gotten the talk yet, he had no idea where babies came from. His master may be a perverted bastard but after the scare Lenalee gave Lavi when she found out about him taking Mana to bars in his training scared the man. Safe to say Mana will not be learning where children came from till he's of age to learn.

Allen now looking extremely annoyed at his friend decided he'd question why he was here in the first place, "Okay that's enough Lavi. Why the hell are you here so early in the morning? This is something you don't like to do." Allen was referring to the fact Lavi hated waking up early, especially SUPER early. Lavi who had fallen onto his back off the cafeteria bench during his chaotic laughter decided it would be best to stop teasing his friend and answer his question. Lavi finally calming himself, lifted himself off the floor and wiped away a tear that had leaked out during his amusement. He sat back down on the bench and cleared his throat slightly chuckling, "Right. The reason I came down here so early was because of business." Lavi replied to Allen. Allen raised his eyebrow in confusion not understanding "Business?" Allen questioned Lavi waiting for him to explain. "It's been green-lit Allen. By The Order, The Pope, Bastard Lvellie, Komui. Everyone. We're good to go." Lavi replied to Allen knowing full well that he'd catch on. Allen widened his eyes in shock as a wide smile slowly crept onto his face "ALRIGHT!!" Allen cheered loudly jumping out of the bench in excitement. His fatigue had suddenly vanished as he looked at his son with happiness.

Mana looking quite confused at his fathers sudden excitement, decided to question why Allen was so excited. "What's going on here dad? What the heck are you and master talking about? What's been green-lit?" Mana asked multiple questions in confusion wanting to know quickly what's going on. "Well the reason I'm so excited is because I can finally congratulate you." Allen answered still being cryptic. "Congratulate me?" Mana replied back tilting his head in confusion, still not understanding his father. "Yup. Mana, congratulations you're cleared to head out into the field officially! YOU'RE AN EXORCIST NOW!!" Allen cheered lifting his son up to give him a hug. "W-w-w-what" Mana looked at father in confusion still processing the surprising information just given. He turned his head to look at Lavi to make sure his father hadn't lost his mind and Lavi simply gave him a soft smile and head nod. Mana turned his head back to his father and looked at face properly. Allen was smiling widely ear-to-ear and Mana finally let it sink in. He was an exorcist now. He's finally at the starting line. He can become stronger. Mana finally let a big smile come to his face as he now happily hugged his father back. "I'M REALLY AN EXORCIST NOW!!!!" Mana cheered loudly, laughing in his fathers arms. Lavi and Allen couldn't help but join in, enjoying the boys happinesses, cheering along with him.

It was a long process of convincing and fighting, The Black Order had already written Mana off as a failure and where simply going to trash his file altogether. It took the combined efforts of Allen: a General, Komui: Science Division Supervisor, Lavi: as Bookman, and even Kanda: another General, to keep Mana on file as a still potential candidate for becoming an Exorcist. They knew he had the potential to become a strong Exorcist, his will is extremely strong. Kanda had stated the boy was too much like his father, "Another annoying bean sprout that doesn't know when to quit" Kanda had stated to The Council in the The Black Order. The boy wouldn't have stopped trying to become an Exorcist even if The Black Order denied him 100 times. They all knew it and they so desperately wanted Mana to achieve his dream.

They may have finally accomplished the first step, and while Mana being green-lit is fantastic they had to make some compromises for the higher-ups to finally agree to their terms of allowing Mana to start being an Exorcist and moving up in the ranks. He was to be accompanied on ALL missions by his master-Lavi, and Allen as General, no other people are allowed to replace the two. They both HAD to be present with him on his missions at ALL times, they were not allowed to have just one guardian with him, they were a unit and they are to be treated as such. If Allen is sent on more important missions solo as a General, Lavi and Mana are to be put on stand-by until Allen returned. These were the rules and they had to follow them, The Black Order wasn't going to lose a piece of Innocence fragment so easily because a mere child who was too weak to control it lost it. These terms ensured safety for the fragment, they could care less about the boy.

When this thought had entered his brain Allen decided it would be best to let him know right now about the rules. He let go of Mana who quickly jumped onto the cafeteria table continuing to cheer along with Lavi who was laughing along watching the boy in amusement. Timcampy also had decided to join in the festivities flying around the boys head rapidly in excitement. He had been asleep in Allen's coat and only had just woken up with all the loud noise. Everyone else in the cafeteria looked at the corner of Exorcists in confusion, to them they looked like they had gone insane. Wanting to get this over with, Allen calmed the group down "Alright that's enough Mana, now we need to get serious" Allen told the boy. But it seems the boy hadn't heard his father in all the noise he was making, Allen felt the vein on the back of his head throb. He lifted up his right arm and sacked the boy on his head hard enough that the force of the punch knocked the boy down through the table. Mana got up with a comically large bump on his head and shouted at Allen in anger "WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT FOR OLD MAN?!?". "Maybe if you actually listened to me that wouldn't have had to happen" Allen replied in coldly.

Lavi couldn't help but chuckle at the father and sons antics. "You should really listen to what he's about to tell you my pupil" Lavi deciding to speak up as to speed up this conversation. Mana deciding to listen looked at his father for him to start the conversation. Once Allen saw the boy had his full attention on himself he decided to give him the news "While you have been green-lit to go on missions Mana there are still some rules that you have to follow. These rules were made specifically for you and come from the higher-ups in The Black Order." Allen paused for a bit before he continued, "You are a part of a unit. This unit consists of me, your master-Lavi, and yourself. No one else will ever be assigned to our unit and you must always stick with us." Here comes the kicker "You will never be assigned solo missions. ALL missions will always be assigned to us as a team and even if one of us are unavailable, you will not be sent out." Allen had finished delivering the rules given to them by The Black Order and now it was time to see Manas reaction.

"ARE YOU KIDDING ME!?!" A loud voice boomed out as soon as Allen finished talking. Lavi and Allen weren't surprised by this revelation, they knew Mana wouldn't be happy with this. Allen sighed and placed his hand on Manas shoulder and looked at him seriously, Mana looked back at his father wanting him to explain. "You're still far too weak Mana, you need to accept that. It was hard enough trying to get The Black Order to agree in allowing you into the field." "But-" Mana was about to rebuke to his fathers comment "He's right kid. You're still too weak to be running off on your own" Lavi jumped in before Mana could say anything. Mana turned to look at Lavi with wide eyes and sadness. "And" Lavi placed his hand on Manas head ruffling his hair "that's why you have to get stronger and prove The Black Order, and everyone else wrong. You will get stronger." Mana lifted his head to look at Lavi and Allen to see both men smiling at him. Mana couldn't help but smile back when he saw this. "Thanks Master. Thanks Dad." Mana laughed happily thanking the two. Suddenly, Timcanpy nuzzled Manas cheek affectionately wanting to also show his support and not get left out of the gratitude. The boy laughed "Ok, ok, ok, thank you too Timcampy!" thanking the golden golem in happiness.The three males laughed for a bit before Lavi decided that they move onto the next surprise. "Ok now that's out the way let's go get YOUR UNIFORM!!" Lavi yelled excitedly at the boy. "MY UNIFORM!?!?" Mana yelled back excitedly to his master. "YUP!" Lavi hollered in reply. "WOULD YOU MORONS SHUT UP?!?!"

It was Kanda, seems like he had been in the cafeteria as well. Mana and Lavi flinched while Allen looked back at the long haired man in annoyance "Oi Bakanda let us enjoy the moment" Allen replied. "Well Moyashi this is a cafeteria, a place for meals, and meals are supposed to be enjoyed in peace" said Kanda. The two older men had crashed their foreheads together at this point as they continued to stare at each other in anger, people could see the small lightning bolts the men were exchanging. Lavi decided it would be best to intervene now "Now, Now, lets calm down here gentlemen. We don't want the cafeteria under repair for another month, right?" The men both stopped their staring contest when they heard Lavi mention this, meals were a pain for that month. Allen gave Kanda one final dirty look before finally deciding it would be best to leave now. "Alight lets go. Mana, Lavi." Allen told his companions "ALRIGHT, LETS GO MANA!" Lavi grabbed the boy and ran out the cafeteria and Allen hurried behind. "Tch" Kanda clicked his tongue as he watched the three stooges leave. He sat back down to resume his Soba breakfast, he needed to crank up the difficulty of his training regime, the boy was catching up and there's no way he will allow the rabbits apprentice to get stronger than his own two. Kanda smiled to himself as he sipped his soup, finally, things were getting a little more interesting it seemed.

The three males were currently walking through the halls of the Black Order to pick up Mana's uniform. "So who exactly has my uniform anyway?" Mana questioned the two, Allen choked on his spit for a second knowing his son wouldn't like the answer, he took a second gathering himself before he dropped the bombshell. "Your uncle..." Lavi plugged his ears knowing what was about to happen, "UNCLE KOMUI!?!? NOOOOOOOO!!!" Mana screamed out in fear and disgust, Komui was notorious for his sister complex so imagine how he treats his niece and nephew. It was no surprise seeing how he acts with Lenalee's children, Komui still refuses to acknowledge Allen as the father and has dubbed him as the "Sister Stealer" on his official reports. Komui's eccentricities knew no bounds. Allen sighed, he wasn't excited to visit the man either but Komui is the head of the science division and all uniforms are handed out by them. "Yeah I know Mana but we have to go, it's a right of passage for all exorcists to pick up their uniforms directly from the head of the science division personally" Allen told his son trying to calm him, Mana shivered in disgust knowing he couldn't avoid meeting his crazy uncle. Mana sighed as he replied "Yeah I know, let's get this over with" during this conversation the three males had made it to the door of the science division.

Allen opened the door and they were greeted with the hustle and bustle of the science division. They all walked in and a few of the scientists stopped their work to greet the Exorcists "Hey guys!" Johnny welcomed the trio, "Hey Johnny! It's been a bit but how are you guys!" Allen held out his hand for a handshake and Johnny happily took it replying, laughing "Busy as always. You should know that" Allen and Lavi chuckled knowing who contributes to the constant busyness for the science division. "Where's Reever?" Lavi questioned Johnny "Oh he's under those pile of paper" the three males followed the finger Johnny had lifted to point in the direction of the scientist. They all couldn't help but chuckle nervously as Johnny approached the mess to find Reever. "HEY REEVER! ALLEN,LAVI, AND MANA ARE HERE AND THEY NEED TO SPEAK TO YOU!!" Johnny yelled at the pile of papers hoping Reever would pop his head out, "oof", a grunt was heard, looks like it worked and the three males couldn't help but sweat drop seeing the ridiculously of the science division. Reever had popped his head at the top of the pile of papers and looked over at the group "HEY GUYS!! SORRY FOR THE MESS!!" Reever yelled the apology hoping he'd be heard over the chaos of the mess and the science division working loudly.

"IT'S FINE! BUT REEVER WE NEED TO SEE KOMUI!!" Allen yelled his reply hoping Reever would hear. "YEAH, GIVE ME A SECOND!!" Reever had heard and now was making his way through the pile of papers to get back to the floor and in front the group so he could direct them. Reever emerged from the pile "Good to see you guys" he lifted his hand for a shake and the three males gladly obliged laughing shakily at the weird moment they just witnessed. "Same to you as well Reever but we need to see Komui" Lavi told the scientist, "Oh right of course! Follow me." Reever turned to lead the group over to Komuis desk while Johnny followed to see what could've brought the exorcists in.

Once they had made it to Komuis desk everyone couldn't help but sweat drop at seeing the area, it was more of mess than Reever area, papers, science tools, metals, chemical bottles, books etc. they saw Komui asleep face first on his desk. "Don't worry guys, I've got this" Reever walked up to their chief and talked into his ear "Hey chief, Allen divorced Lenalee and has run off" "WHAT THAT DAMN OCTOPUS!! HOW DARE HE!!!! I KNEW HE WAS NO DIFFERENT THAN HIS DAMN SHITTY MASTER!! I FIND AND CASTRATE THAT OCTOPUS!! DON'T WORRY LENALEE, MANA, LIANA!!! I'LL TAKE CARE OF HIM FOR CAUSING YOU PAIN!!" Komui had instantly awaken and was brandishing a chainsaw ready to charge out of the science wing to find the "octopus bastard", Reever hit the man on the head to calm him "Calm down chief, nothing happened, you were sleeping on the job again" it seemed Reever definitely took pleasure in injuring his chief and no one would blame him considering all the problems the man causes constantly.

"Owwww Reever you didn't have to hit me that hard and why that lie?" Komui questioned as he got off the ground with a comically large bump on the back of his head. Reever had a wing on his pop as he tightened his fist "YOU KNOW WHY!!!" Reever replied in anger. Reever sighed, he knew they would be here all day if he didn't get on with this "General Allen, Bookman Lavi, and Mana are here to see you" Komui adjusted his broken glasses as he looked at the group, he excitedly grabbed his nephew and squeezed him in a hug that made the boy lose his breathing "OH MY DEAR SWEET CUTE NEPHEW YOU FINALLY CAME TO SEE ME AGAIN!! COULDN'T STAY AWAY FROM YOUR AMAZING UNCLE?!?! I KNOW THE OCTOPUS IS TERRIBLE BUT I CANT ADOPT YOU OR YOUR SISTER!! YOUR MOTHER WON'T LET ME!! BUT DON'T WORRY I'LL FIGURE SOMETHING OUT!! OH MY GOD YOU'RE ARE ARE SO CUTE!!" The man continued to ramble on excitedly squeezing Mana. "KOMUI!" Allen yelled at the man annoyed deciding to save his son from his crazy uncle. Komui turned around with a glare over his glasses, he clicked his tongue "tch, the sister stealer is here" he gave a disgusted look to Allen as he released his iron grip on Mana who crumpled onto the floor.

Allen sighed knowing how he would react to his presence, meanwhile Lavi just couldn't help but laugh at the exchange of events that occurred. He looked down on the floor seeing his pupil breathing heavily trying to catch his breath and Lavi couldn't help but shake his head at this, he would need some more endurance training. Lavi looked back at Komui who had gone back to sit on his desk. Mana had picked himself up now and Allen decided it would be best to speak up now, he wanted to get out of here quickly. Komui continued to give Allen a death glare and Allen flinched a bit before he decided to finally speak "We're here to pick up Mana's uniform". Komui's face instantly lit up like a Christmas tree as he reached underneath his desk bringing up a black brief case with the Black Order silver crest placed in the middle.

"Mana come here" Komui ordered the boy over so he would be directly in front of his desk. Mana walked over into position, every one in the room could see the boy was fidgety, Mana was nervous and excited. Komui opened the brief case and Mana looked in excitedly, the black and red Exorcist uniform was neatly folded with the crest shining brightly. "Congratulations Mana, you're officially an Exorcist!" Komui told the boy happily. Mana started shaking and he was quiet, all the males in the room got concerned, wondering what was wrong with the boy. "ALL RIGHT!!!" Mana cheered loudly pumping his fists in the air in excitement and everyone couldn't help but join in Mana's excitement, laughing. "Congrats Mana you did it!" Allen said as he ruffled his sons hair laughing "I knew you could do it! You're my pupil after all" Lavi said proudly. Reever and Johnny also offered their congratulations, happy for the boy. Everyone continued to enjoy the moment, laughing and cheering excitedly,"I'm pretty sure you're excited to show your mom Mana!". There was an audible crack and thunder shock heard through the three males, Lavi had turned completely white, body, clothes, the whole thing, meanwhile Komui was frozen in the same position as when he opened the brief case, he was also sweating bullets. Reever and Johnny looked at the two men in confusion before they turned their heads to look at Allen.

Allen eyes had rolled into the back of his head, it was just the whites of his eyes, he had passed out...standing up. Johnny and Reever looked at each blinking, putting two and two together they figured out what was going on. Mana was distracted looking at his uniform and hadn't noticed the quietness. Reever couldn't help but sigh as he slapped his hand to his face. "Johnny, let's start on that paperwork early because I'd rather do it now before the armageddon."

HQ is about to turn into a Warzone. The weapon that will be unleashed would be a mother.

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