This is my first Lunar2 fic, so flame if you want, but tell why. In my fic, Lucia senses a new evil approaching so she and Hiro go back to Lunar to warn the others. It takes place 5 years after Hiro goes to the Blue Star. The pairings are,Hiro+Luccia, Nall+Ruby, Lemina+OC, Jean+Leo. Now for chapter 1 enjoy.

Lucia was meditating in that floating green crystal and she had a vision.

A gigantic dark shadow looked down on Lunar.

" Go foth my messengers of death! Spread the word of my coming!" Then a massive army descended upon the planet, killing anything they could. "Death to all of Lunar!"

The vision ended and Lucia's eyes snapped out. She got out of the crystal and ran to look for Hiro. She found her lover tending to some of the few plants that had managed to grow through the snow.

"Hiro, we must go to Lunar at once!" said Lucia.

"But the Blue Star hasn't been revived." said Hiro. Lucia shook her head

" A great Evil is coming to Lunar. We must warn the others." repiled Lucia. She held out her pendant and focused on it, in a flash the two of them disapeared.

Meanwhile in Vane

"Bye Mother! See you later!" called Lemina. She walked out the Guild Mansion admiring how far the Guild had come since Zophar's defeat. When word got around that one of the seven heroes that saved the world from destruction was the Premier of the Magic Guild of Vane, people from all over Lunar wanted to join the Guild. This caused a great sense of pride for the residents of Vane so they worked to restore the Guild. 'I didn't even have to pay them! That saved me a mega amount of silver.' Thought Lemina. 'I'd better hurry or I'll miss the reunion.' She quickened her pace and left Vane.

At the Carnival

'Even Leo stops his wandering to come, I can't wait to see him.' Thought an emerald haired dancer. " I'd better go everyone." Jean said to the rest of the Troupe.

" Jean why don't you use my Flying Arrow. It will get you there in no time at all." Said the mechcanic

" No! I mean, I think I'll walk." Replied Jean shaking her head furiously.

In Raculi

" Bye Honey I'm off to the reunion." Called Ronfar to his wife.

" Be careful dear." Mauri called back. 'Finally some relaxation time. I'd rather fight Zophar again then my kids.' Thought Ronfar.

Somewhere in Lunar

' Just about time for the reunion.' Thought a horned swordsman. ' I hope Jean comes.'

Bad guy hideout

" Everything is going according to plan master."

" Good make sure it stays that way. I want nothing left standing, NOTHING!"

What do you think so far? I know was kinda short but I promise that the other chapters will be longer and fluffier. Please Review