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Back to Lunar final chapter Happily ever after, for now at least.

"Drake, I can walk you know." Said Emily. Who was still in Drake's arms, he was taking to her room to rest.

" You need to rest after that battle."

"I need to walk." Insisted Emily.

" I insist you rest." Drake said.

" I want to wa.." Emily cut off when Drake kissed her. When he pulled away Emily spoke up.

" Is that how you plan to end all our arguments?" asked Emily, smiling. Drake nodded.

" Good, but I still say I can walk." Said Emily. Realizing there was no reasoning with his stubborn girlfriend, Drake put Emily on her feet. She tried to walk but her legs collapsed and she fell back into Drake. " Not a word." She said threateningly. Drake just picked her up again. Emily slipped her arms around Drake's neck and snuggled deeper into his arms. " This is more comfortable anyway." She muttered. When they got to Emily's room, Drake sat down on her bed and began kissing her neck. Emily gave out a content sigh. She waited years for this.

"We should leave them alone, they have a lot of catching up to do." Said Lucia.

" I bet they're doing much more then that." Said Ronfar. Ruby and Jean hit him.

"PREVERT!" They both screamed at him. Hiro walked over to Aaron, he seemed sad.

"Aaron you just helped us save the world from Zophar, you should be happy." He said.

"I know, it's just, out here we're all traveling warriors, but as soon as we get back to Vane, Lady Lemina's the Guild premier, and I'm just a student." Said Aaron.

"You love her don't you?" asked Hiro. Aaron blushed 10 shades of red, but said nothing.

"Don't you?" Hiro asked again.

" Yes." Aaron finally said.

"Then you should tell her." Said Hiro. Aaron started panicking.

"But what if she doesn't feel the same? What if she's so repelled by my feelings that she kicks me out of the Guild and I never get to see her again?"

"You'll never know for sure unless you tell her, she's in her room." Said Hiro. Aaron walked over to Lemina's room and knocked on the door.

"Come in." said Lemina.

"Lady Lemina, There's something I want to tell you." Said Aaron.

"What?" she asked, smiling sweetly.

" I uh… see, …I lov uh."

" Spit it out Aaron!"

" I love you. There I said it."

" About time Aaron."

" You knew!" Aaron was shocked.

" Of course, it was mega obvious." Aaron turned to go when Lemina wrapped her arms around his neck. " Don't you want to hear my answer?" Aaron was very nervous but nodded. " I love you too, my little mage." Aaron looked like all his dreams came true at once. Aaron couldn't resist anymore, he wrapped his arms around Lemina's waist and kissed her. She gladly kissed him back. Leo knocked and opened the door, he opened his mouth to say something but instead it just hang open. The couple eventually noticed Leo in the doorway.

" Don't you know it's mega rude to stare?" said Lemina angrily. Aaron removed one arm from around Lemina's waist and pointed his palm at the door. It blew shut and locked.

"Now where were we?"

" Right here." They kissed passionately.


"Hey Everyone! We have arrived at Vane." Said Hiro.

" It's good to be home." Said Lemina.

" RONFAR! I'M GOING TO KILL YOU!" shouted an angry voice. Mauri had boarded the Destiny.

" But sugarlips…" Ronfar started, he was visibly frightened.

"Don't 'but sugarlips' me Ronfar! You've been gone a month. No one in Vane knew where you were! If I find out you were in Larpa…." Mauri trailed off angrily.

" But Mauri, Ronfar was with us saving the world, he was a big help." Said Hiro.

"Really that's why he was gone?" Mauri asked. Hiro nodded. Mauri went heart eyes and hugged Ronfar. " That's my husband." Everyone sweatdropped. They all went inside the Guild, Emily was clinging to Drake's arm like she'd never let go, which she probably wouldn't.

" Has anyone seen Leo or Jean?" asked Drake.

" No, both of them disappeared after we landed." Said Hiro.

" Leo, and Jean disappearing at the same time? Looks like I'm going to be an uncle soon." Said Ronfar. Ruby was going to hit him again but Mauri beat her to it.

" Everyone I'd like to thank you all." Said Drake.

" For what?"

" Freeing me from Zophar, and most importantly, reuniting me with my beloved Emily." He looked at his priestess lovingly. "To show my thanks, I want to grant you all a wish. If it is within my power, I will grant it." He said

" You really don't need to do that Drake, we were happy to help you." Said Lucia.

" I want to do this, so finally my power can be used for something good." Said Drake.

" ...Could you revive the Blue Star?" Hiro and Lucia asked.

" That's a big wish, If I did that, I might be too tired to grant any other wishes." Said Drake.

" Go ahead Chief, I have all I need right here." Said Ronfar, pulling Mauri close.

" Same here." Said Nall and Ruby.

" Get your Star back Lucia." Said Lemina. Everyone else was shocked.

" Lemina, you're not going to wish for millions of silver?" everyone asked.

" Of course not. I have something money can't buy." She said. Then hugged Aaron.

" Alright, One revived Blue Star coming up, my love would you give me a hand?" Drake asked.

" Of course, my knight." Their fingers intertwined and pointed at the Blue Star. A black and white beam shot towards it.

" It is done." Said Drake.

" Where are you guys going?" asked Lemina.

"We don't know." Said Emily.

" Why don't you stay here, and be teachers at the Guild?"

" Really? Sure!" they both said

"What you two?" Lemina asked Hiro and Lucia.

"We'd love too." They both said.

"We'll be going back to Racuil." Said Ronfar and Mauri.

" We need to go too. There's probably Pandemonium at Taben's peak." Said Nall and Ruby. Hiro, Lucia, Emily, and Drake enter the Guild Mansion to begin their new lives.

One Year Later

" Come on dad! We're going to be late!" shouted a brown haired boy. " Yeah dad! I don't want to miss anything!" shouted a blue haired girl. Both children were dragging their dad to make him go faster. He almost chocked on the wheat he was chewing on.

" Don't worry, we'll be there in plenty of time." Said Ronfar.

" I can't wait to see Auntie Jean dance." Said the girl.

" I wanna ride the magic arrow." Said the boy.

" No you don't Monfar, that thing's dangerous." Said Ronfar.

" That's why I wanna ride it!" said Monfar.

" You're weird." said his sister Rauri.

" Not as weird as you!" said Monfar.

" You're weirder!" said Rauri.

" No I'm not!"

"Yes you are!"

" Stop fighting you two." Said Mauri.

" Yes mom." They said.

"Look! It's Auntie Lucia and Uncle Hiro." Said Monfar.

"Who's this little one?" asked Ronfar.

" Ali our daughter." said Lucia. She was holding infant girl in her arms, she had a hint of Blue hair.

" Looks like you've been busy with more then Guild lectures." Said Ronfar, elbowing Hiro in the stomach playfully.

" Can we see her?" asked Monfar and Rauri. (BTW, They're both around 5, Ali's a few months old.)

" Sure." Said Lucia, she bent down. Monfar and Rauri leaned in to see Ali and she playfully grabbed their horns.

" Let's get going, don't want to miss the show do we?" said Hiro.

" NO!" said Monfar and Rauri. At the tent's entrance they Ruby and Nall. Ruby was a little large around the middle.

" Ruby you said you weren't doing …that during the reunion." Hiro said.

" Not then, later." Said Ruby blushing.

" I told you we were supposed to go through the Mountain pass, but you said the forest was quicker! Then you got us lost and refused to ask any of the hermits for directions!" yelled a female voice.

" Those hermits didn't know left from right, besides, we weren't lost I just had trouble finding the right route." Yelled a male voice.

" What Route? There was nothing but tress and…" The female voice was cut off. The group ran towards the voices to see Drake and Emily in each other's arms kissing.

"They always end their arguments that way, sometimes they argue just for the point of ending it." Said Lemina. She and Emily were also a little round in the middle.

" Grown-ups are so slow. We're going to miss the beginning." Said Monfar. They all entered the tent and their mouths dropped open.

" You need a spanking!" Mystre was chasing some mock criminals in a prop town. He shot beams of energy at them, but they missed and instead cut some ropes that caused a water bucket to fall on Mystre, drenching him and covering his head. The audience howled with laughter.

" Leo, what are you doing?" asked Ronfar.

" I don't know anyone named Leo! I am the Amazing Mystre the Super Hero!" He declared. Then he got run over by a team of mock horses. The Audience laughed louder. Eventually, Mystre caught the pretend criminals.

" Thanks for your help Mystre." Said a pretend Police chief.

" No Thanks necessary sir, all in a day's work for Mystre The Defender of Justice and the Protector of ….uh….TRUTH!" He turned to jump away dramatically but tripped on his cape and fell flat on his face. By now the Audience was clutching their sides they were laughing so hard. The group went back stage to see Jean, who was getting ready for her dance.

" Jean, why was Leo in the show?" asked Lemina.

" He does the comedy skits. He's been working with us for a year."


"Hold on a minute." Said Jean, she went into another tent and came back with two babies in her arms, one boy, one girl, each had a little green hair and the beginnings of a horn.

" Jean are these your kids?" asked Ronfar.

" Yeah." She said.

" I was right." Leo walked in.

" Dear, could you hold them for me? I have to go perform." Jean passed the twins to Leo and left the tent.

" Uncle Leo, Did you and Auntie Jean elope? Dad said you did." Said Monfar. Leo glared at Ronfar.

" No, I left to live with her and the Caravan, but we did get married." Said Leo.

" When I grow up, I'm going to be a graceful, beautiful dancer like Auntie Jean and travel all over Lunar." Said Rauri. The others watched Jean dance as well. When the show was over, The Heroes went home, and lived happily ever after.

For a couple years that is.

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