After the sleep

Chapter one

David lifted one eyelid slowly. The other opened not long after. He felt gentle breathing in his ear, "mummy?" he whispered to the sleeping lady. She opened her eyes peacefully and answered "yes David?" "Mummy, it is you." David said with a soft smile on his face. She smiled at her son. David's mother rose from the bed where they had been sleeping for a century. Everyone else was forgotten about it was just her and David together and of coarse the loveable Teddy.

It seemed as if David's years in front of the blue fairy had paid off.

"Now what do you want for breakfast? David?" his mummy said to him as she rapped her robe around her body. "Mummy I cant eat food I'll break" David said sadly "David don't be silly all little boys must eat something for breakfast she told him whilst wrapping him up in his robe.