It had always been this way.

She had always been alone. At least in this lifetime. It suited her. The solitude agreed with her lifestyle. Fast-paced and never ending. No one she had to protect. No one she had to worry about.

Sure, loneliness crept in on a few dark nights, but the comfort of a mans arms had never been difficult to find, and they always tasted so much sweeter after she had kissed them.

She was reading a tattered harlequin novel, with a mild sense of distaste. She would have much preferred something more refined, but she had few options when it came to reading materials anymore.

Not many bookstores would so forgiving as to allow entrance despite a clear breach of the "No Shirt, No Shoes, No Service" policy.

So she sat, only half reading the collection of smut in front of her, something about the billionaire with mommy issues put her off the book immediately. She simply couldn't understand how the heroine would allow such... crude things to occur.

If a man laid hand on me in this fashion...

Her mind was filled with the very same violent fantasies that in her past life had been the reason for her strife.

She shoved the book off her lap and began running through songs in her head that could perhaps entertain her until it was either time to hunt again or she found a halfway decent piece of literature.

Seattle was lovely, and she was sad to leave the city, but so is the life of a nomad. Always moving, always travelling. To her the life had always been an excitement, the travel, the beautiful places she had seen, people she had met, music she had heard.

But recently the moving has been quite the chore for her, she senses herself growing tired, mentally, though she can never sleep.

Just then, a thunderous crack could be heard, loud and clear from her place in the grass.

Never once did the thought of the storm raging in the small town nearby cross her mind as reason for the sound. She knew that sound though she had had few chances to hear it in her lonesome existence. It was hard to mistake the sound of vampires at play.

I wonder if-

A catalog of the nomads she had met in the past flirted through her head, and one or two she immediately had to forgo the possibility of, Garrett would never travel this far west, or Sophia travelled to Europe about a year ago I doubt she's had her fill yet.

But she would hate to leave without seeing her friends if they were indeed in the area, Could be Peter and Charlotte, I haven't seen them in at least a decade.

Regardless, her guard was up, and she raised her shield protectively with it.

Can never be to careful, She thought to herself as she ran towards the clearing.

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