It had been four months since Sesshomaru had gone home through the well. Sota was of course, happy for him. He knew how much Sesshomaru had wanted to go home, how much he missed it. But now that he was gone, Sota was sad. His new friend was gone. Of course Inuyasha came by with Kagome when she came home for a few days. He played games with him and such, but it really wasn't the same. Inuyasha was mostly just interested in Kagome hurrying up with her school, so they could go back and search for this Naraku guy and the jewel shards.

Sota sighed as he shot a powerful fire spell at a dragon in his game. The dragon roaring and breathed its frosty breath at him. Sesshomaru would have loved this. The door bell rung and mamas voice came from the kitchen.

"Sota dear can you get that?"

"Can't right now mama, killing a dragon!"

"Siiigh, of course you are."

Mama emerged from the kitchen drying her hands, and approached the front door. Sota just frowned as the dragon crash landed into the ground. He brought out his sword and began slashing away at the grounded dragon, wildling its health away until the bar reached zero, and the dragon blew away in embers as Sota absorbed its soul. He heard mama open the door, and he heard her gasp. Sota froze up as he paused his game, what was wrong, mama gasped, who was at the door. He heard soft talking, and he strained to hear what was being said. Then he heard footsteps.

"Sota dear, there's someone at the door for you."

Sota turned around and saw his mother absolutely beaming with a big happy smile. He got up from the couch and slowly walked towards the door, who could it possibly be? He walked to the doorway, and his eyes widened. Standing at the doorway, was a very tall man, with long black hair. He wore a white long sleeve shirt, dark blue jeans, and black sneakers. He had an all knowing smirk, and golden eyes, Sota knew those eyes.


"Hey Sota, its been like, 500 years, how are you?"


Sota ran at the very human looking demon and grabbed him in a hug. Sesshomaru chuckled and ruffled up the boys hair with his hand.

"Sesshomaru your alive! You didn't disappear with the other demons!"

"Technically I did. We are all hiding among the humans."

"Your doing a great job then! Look at you! You look like a human, well except for your gold eyes."

"You mean, contacts, right?"

Sota laughed and Sesshomaru chuckled as well.

"Riiight, contacts. Hah! I'm so glad you came back to see me!"

"Well, I made a promise didn't I? Also, I couldn't help but notice that you didn't have a Nintendo Switch yet."

Sesshomaru leaned down and picked up a box that he had hidden behind the door. It was a brand new Nintendo Switch box set that came with two controllers, and had a Smash Bros themed skin. Sotas eyes lit up as he took the box that was handed to him.

"Oh Wooooooow!"

"Christmas is only a few months away, so I figured I would get you an early gift. Oh, these too."

Sesshomaru set down two games on the box, and Sota nearly leapt for joy.

"Whoooaaa, the new Smash bros and Mario kart!"

"Yep. What do you say we go set up your new system and get you the DLC for your new games?"

"Oh my goooosh the DLC too!? Your the best! Mama can Sesshomaru come in and play with me!?"

"Haha, hes already asked me dear, you two have fun. Sesshomaru, don't spoil him too much."

"I will try my best not to, Ms. Higurashi"

Sota cheered and ran inside to connect his new system to the TV, and Sesshomaru followed, closing the front door behind him. The sound of laughing and cheering from both boys rang throughout the house, and could be heard from outside. They both had their friend back, and they couldn't have been happier.

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