Chapter one


Everything was just white, that was all. Spyro could clearly remember what he had just done; he and Cynder had just defeated Malefor, but the Earth was crumbling around them, so Spyro decided to use his own life force to pull the earth back together, he had tried to convince Cynder to leave, but she refused and stayed with him till the end. Spyro guessed that this white that he was seeing was actually heaven. But as he opened his eyes, he saw that he was actually just staring into the sun, he rolled over and rubbed his now watering eyes with one purple scaled paw, before looking around at his surroundings; he was in some form of meadow that reminded him slightly of Avalar, he then saw an unconscious figure next to him, it was definitely a dragon, with a slender figure and dark violet scales, it was also wearing silver spiked jewellery around each leg and its neck. Spyro recognised this dragon instantly as Cynder! He nudged her to check if she was ok,

"Get off!" She snarled as she got to her feet, she then saw that it was only Spyro, "Oh, sorry,"

"Don't worry, I was just making sure you were alive." Spyro responded,

"Where are we, and how are we alive at all?" Cynder asked in curiosity, "I thought we would have died" but it was true, they were both alive and well, and as Spyro looked around again, he saw something unusual. It looked like one of the Apes, except way thinner and it only had hair on its head which was a vibrant ginger colour, like fresh fire, and it was wearing an odd sort of garment that looked like a robe. The Ape was also holding in its hand a small, slender, wooden stick. Cynder noticed what Spyro was looking at and instantly got ready for a fight! And as the Ape saw this, it flicked its stick at Cynder and out of nowhere came a red bolt of energy that just skimmed Cynder's wing! And seeing that this Ape was just like any other, Spyro too got into a battle stance. But as soon as he did, the Ape flicked its stick again and sent two more bolts that actually hit the dragons this time, Cynder on the head, and Spyro in the chest! And as he felt the bolt hit him, Spyro could feel nothing but dizziness and he could feel himself blacking out! Cynder was already unconscious, and there was little Spyro could do except slump down to the ground, completely dead to the world. Meanwhile, the Ape looked at the two unconscious dragons at his feet and ran a hand through his hair,

"Now what in Merlin's name are you two?" He asked as he pointed his stick up into the air and shouted "Periculum!" And as the word left his mouth, red flare-like sparks flew out of the stick into the air. Soon he saw a group of figures flying towards him on what seemed like broomsticks, it was time to bring these new dragons in.

Cynder was the first to wake up, but it wasn't unexpected as what she saw was a whole group of Apes surrounding her and one of them was trying to take off her spiked jewellery! Now this was no ordinary jewellery, Malefor had placed them onto her on the day she hatched and, by some powerful dark magic, had fused the jewellery onto her own flesh! And so they were literally part of her! So she wasn't happy for the rude awakening, she was even more unhappy for them kidnapping her, and she was LIVID that they would just try to YANK OFF HER JEWELLERY! So as soon as she was up, she was fighting! She saw the Apes drawing more of those powerful sticks, but she was ready for them this time! There were five of them and one of her, the two in front she slashed at their hands causing them to drop the weapons, and with a single swipe of her pointed tail, she had also disarmed the three behind her as well. As the Apes were scrabbling for their sticks, she took flight, except she didn't get further than a foot off the ground before something pulled her back, it was like there was a rope tied around her neck and wings and tail and legs!

No matter she thought I can easily bite through any rope, these Apes must be new and she started looking for the rope that bound her, but there was none! As she was considering using her Shadow power to slip out of these unseeable bonds, she saw one of the Apes pointing its stick straight at her before yelling an unusual word,

"CRUCIO!" And without any warning, Cynder's whole body erupted in a huge spasm of pain! She had never felt such a pain in her life, it was like her scales were being carved off with a sword and another sword was cutting her wings off! This pain was so strong that it caused Cynder to do something she had never done in her life… she screamed in pain! Just as she thought that she would welcome death as a mercy, the ginger ape burst into the room! And it was clear on his face that he was mad! He drew his own stick and pointed it, not at Cynder, but at the Ape causing her pain!

"Expelliarmus!" And with that, the bad Ape's stick flew out of its hand and slammed against the wall! The ginger Ape then grabbed the bad Ape by its robes and said in a furious tone,

"You may be new here, Grimmel, but you were told on day ONE that we NEVER TORTURE THE DRAGONS!" He then threw the Ape to the ground before looking at Cynder, who was panting in exhaustion from the pain the other Ape had caused. He then gently ran the tip of his index finger over her head, from her snout to her spine, and Cynder knew normally she would have attacked the Ape for touching her, but the way this ape was acting and that he had saved her made her relax slightly, and clearly seeing this, the Ginger Ape whispered softly, "it's alright, you are safe here," Cynder could feel as if she was being enchanted but without the use of magic, this Ape was clearly well used to dragons, but that made him a threat! Cynder's head snapped back up in alarm! She just realised that Spyro was nowhere to be seen! She jerked left and right but he wasn't there! But this Ginger Ape must understand dragons better than any of the others, because he instantly called out to one of the other robe wearing Apes "I think you should bring the other one in here!" And with a nod, the Ape left the room, only to return a minute later, stick aloft, and there behind him, unconscious and floating, was Spyro! The ape flicked its stick and Spyro was floated to the same table that Cynder was stuck to, and with another flick, Spyro woke up.

As Spyro looked around, he saw the Ginger Ape as well as about four others and they also had Cynder next to him, who clearly saw that Spyro was ready to beat the living daylights out of the Apes around them, and shook her head. Spyro knew that Cynder was extremely smart, so as she had clearly shown that they shouldn't talk and that he shouldn't attack, he held back. And as he was, the Ginger one smiled and whispered in a soothing voice,

"Is that better? I just hope that no one else will resort to an Unforgivable Curse to prevent riots!" He then glared at one of the Apes Before telling the rest to leave him and the dragons alone. Spyro knew from experience that if anything bad was planned in that ginger head of his, then he would do it now! And Spyro was about to think that he was correct as the Ape now drew out that powerful stick from his robe, but he just waved it in the air behind him, and created a chair out of the air! He sat down and flicked the stick at the doors, causing them to slam shut, and as soon as this was done, the Ape brought out a weird black box-like contraption with a dish on top. Just as Spyro was wondering what this thing did, the dish flashed brightly with a click, and out of the base of the box came a square pice of shiny paper, and on closer inspection, the paper was showing a picture of Spyro and Cynder! The ape then brought out a long feather and wrote on the back of the picture, saying the words aloud to himself, which was helpful to Spyro and Cynder, he said "Dear Ron, Fred, George, Percy, Mum and Dad, I may not be back for the Quidditch World Cup, we got these two new dragons in today and the female had a bad run in with the Cruciatus Curse by one of the new hires, hope to hear from you soon, Love from Charlie" And with that, he stood up, bowed to the dragons and left the room, shutting the doors as he left.

many thanks to whoever notified me of the text error.