The Manhattan clan had Puck cornered, but he was simply standing there, a smirk on his face as though he already had something planned. The trickster had them lured out by a fake distress phone call they got from Xanatos, luring them into an alleyway far from the castle.

"Puck, why have you lured us here? What do you want with us?" Goliath demanded, hands balled into fists, eyes glowing. Puck still wasn't his favorite magical being.

Puck just had a humorous look on his face, laughing. This was all he wanted. Nothing evil like Demona, just an experiment. He didn't intend to really hurt the gargoyles, unless something went wrong.

"Oh, Goliath! You know that despite my limitations, it doesn't prevent me from having a little fun with you gargoyles! I called you all here for a small experiment I want to show to one day teach Alex."

The Second, a red beaked gargoyle named Brooklyn, narrowed his eyes. He never really liked Puck. "Uh, no. We won't be a part of any new magic experiments. You go overboard sometimes!" He growled.

The trickster gave Brooklyn a playful smile. "Okay then, I won't try out this new possible helpful spell… not!" he said.

Brooklyn felt his anger growing as he suddenly charged. "Brooklyn!" Lexington yelled out in fear for his rookery brother, but he was too full of rage to listen and ran right at the laughing wizard.

"Guess you're good enough to start with!" Puck then declared since Brooklyn was the first to try to stop him, speaking the spell words and raising his hands, that lit up.

Brooklyn halted in his tracks from that, eyes rounding, before suddenly being struck with it. He screeched and collapsed to the ground, lights swirling around his body.

"No! Brooklyn!" Angela shouted out, going to help, but Goliath held her back, while Brook struggled to get to his feet. He knew this spell wasn't through yet, worry spiking his heart.

Brooklyn winced as he held his stomach, kneeling, the swirling lights making him dizzy, eyes glowing from the spell's power over him.

Lexington could only watch in horror as the magic began to make Brooklyn disappear.

Brook knew now he was helpless to the spell, looking up at his clan, who were all staring in fear at what was going on; feeling his vision going on him, and scared out of his mind. Then there was just darkness as he lost all sense of his surroundings completely.


Puck smiled triumphantly at the spot where Brooklyn vanished. His spell worked! Years of study and experimenting had paid off!

Broadway and Hudson were just staring in numb shock. Where did Brooklyn go?

This made Goliath very mad, eyes glowing in rage, as he lifted Puck up by his shirt, who was still feeling satisfied with his new experiment.

"WHERE IS OUR SECOND?! WHAT KIND OF NEW SORCERY DID YOU PUT ON HIM?!" He roared, shaking Puck. Goliath knew inside that Puck only wanted to use the spell to ensure it worked to teach Alex later on, but sending their Second to who knows where… that wasn't right.

Puck just smiled more. "You know I won't hand my spells to everyone, Goliath. But since you're in a demanding mood, I'll give you highlights: Brooklyn has been given a gift. He can now be flesh and blood by day without the need of transforming into a human. I ensure you my intentions are good this time. And as where he had been sent to; I don't know. Plus, I have yet to come up with a counter spell to bring him back. And good luck trying to get this spell from me, I will never say what it is!"

Goliath growled. There were times that Puck drove his patience and anger. He still didn't completely forgive him for that false future imagery to try and steal the Phoenix Gate.

"I'm sure Xanatos would love to try and talk to you about all this. You will help us get Brooklyn back!" he growled, as Hudson pulled out cuffs and put them onto Puck's wrists. Puck paled just a bit; hating discussing things with Xanatos, who would want to get his secret spell meant just for Alex and him. Whatever happens, he wouldn't let his spell go into the wrong hands, no matter who it was, even somebody good like Goliath. It could be consequential!

Meanwhile, Lexington was in a worrisome state, still staring at the spot where Brooklyn was, hoping his red brother was okay. Hudson came up to him.

"It'll be okay, Lexington. Brooklyn is a fighter, and he will be determined to find his own way back to us," Hudson assured him gently. But Lex kept shaking slightly.

"But I'm worried he is… is…" he croaked, imagining Brooklyn dead or worse, and injured terribly. Angela smiled comfortingly.

"Just trust Hudson about Brooklyn, Lex. He'll be alright, and we will find him," she said. Broadway nodded. "Yeah. He's tough, nothing can take him down!" He said, folding his arms. This cheered Lex a bit, giving a little smile. Bronx woofed comfortingly, and he petted the gar-dog gently.

The group then made their way back to the Eyrie Building to get Xanatos to help them with finding Brooklyn. Goliath carried Puck. As Lex glided, he kept thinking of where in the world or universe Brooklyn could be at this moment.

Please be safe, Brook. And I hope you will be able to come home or we can find you!

This takes place after the season two finale a month later. There's no Quarrymen or Goliath Chronicles.